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Question: When Chloe is looking out the window in Koulter's apartment it shows the city and right there in the skyline are the Twin Towers which went down Sept 11, 2001, but this was filmed in 2015? Was that not New York city or am I wrong about what I saw?

Answer: No, those are not the twin towers. What you are seeing is the Deutsche Bank Center (formerly Time Warner Center) on Columbus Circle. These two towers are at the southwestern corner of Central Park as you might see, whilst the World Trade Center twin towers were located much more south in Manhattan, in the financial district, and wouldn't be viewable from there. The two towers on Columbus Circle were constructed and finished between 2000 and 2004.


Answer: Just to add to the first answer, the Deutsche Bank Center towers are each 55 stories tall. The World Trade Center's North Tower and South Tower each had 110 stories. As for Chloe's "nice view" outside the window, some of the buildings are as follows. The first building on the left is The Plaza, its Central Park South side. The next tall building is the Park Lane Hotel. The very tall glass building near the center is a condominium tower, nicknamed One57.

Super Grover

Question: I was wondering, if John Whitney's human soul and body is trapped inside the Kothoga's body, is there a way to help him return back into a human again?

Answer: John was given a brew from the tribe's "witch doctor." It was the plants that kept him from changing into the Kothoga. He killed for the human hypothalams as a supplement for the plants but it was a temporary fix.

Answer: John's soul and body was not trapped in the Kothoga's body. John's body was transformed into the Kothoga. Since John knew what he was going to turn into, he began killing most likely as soon as he began transforming. The only thing that was discovered was that what he was given is what caused his transformation but, since the Zenzera would use the plants to kill their enemies when they felt threatened and then let the Kothoga die after their enemies were dead, chances are no cure was ever created.

Question: What happened to Dack to take him out of commission during the assault on Hoth? He was rendered unconscious or dead before being able to fire the tow cable.

Answer: The back of their ship was struck by a laser-blast, which killed Dak. You hear the sound of a laser blast, see it for a split-second through the window, and then Dak's console explodes and he slumps over. (It's slightly unclear what exactly killed him, but it appears that either some of the energy from the blast hit him and/or he was killed by his equipment shorting out).


Question: How could Batman be infected if he cured himself of the Joker's poisoned blood in Arkham City?

Answer: He was exposed to a toxin bomb, so he probably got a bigger dose of the fear toxin.

The fear toxin only makes a person see their worst fear. It doesn't make them physically transform into it.

Answer: He was exposed to the fear toxin when it was unleashed on Gotham City.

How does that explain him being still being infected? The four people he had at Panessa studios were infected by a blood transfusion but Batman cured himself of his. Plus, the fear toxin only makes a person see their worst fear.

Answer: He was infected through a blood transfusion.

The Joker infected Batman with a blood infusion in Arkham City but Batman cured himself so, it would make no sense for him to still be infected.

Question: Why is Ron so shocked by Scabbers running away after Buckbeak's execution? He's run away before.

Answer: Don't disagree with the other answer, but would add that Ron was initially confused about why Scabbers had previously disappeared and was now struggling so hard to escape while he held him. He was shocked that Scabbers bit his hand to get loose and run off again. After so many years as a contented "family pet" it was uncharacteristic behavior. Of course, it's soon learned why Scabbers (Pettigrew) was so desperate to get away.


Answer: I think he was upset rather than shocked. He is frustrated any time that his pet runs away. Also, he, Harry, and Hermione were already upset by the situation with Hagrid and Buckbeak. Scabbers running away again, on top of everything else, was extra trouble.

Question: Who exactly was it that called Nell and told her to look up the ad about the insomnia program?

Answer: Another possibility is the spirits of the children. As long as Hugh Crain was inside the house, the children were trapped inside too. They could have called Nell because they needed her help in being set free.

Answer: Hugh Crain. He knew Nell was a descendent of his second wife, Carolyn.

Question: Is it common to be committed like Pat was to avoid a jail sentence? Is this up to the judge?

Answer: It's not exactly common, but yes, it would be up to the judge, and establishing that a person is a "clear and present danger to themselves or others" can result in involuntary commitment in Pennsylvania, where the film takes place. In this case, it would not be hard to argue that, "the person has inflicted or attempted to inflict serious bodily harm on another and that there is a reasonable probability that such conduct will be repeated" (50 PA. CONS. STAT. ANN. ยง 7301 (b) (1)), as he had just physically assaulted his wife's lover and she'd obtained a restraining order. His mental health problems would have been well-documented, so it would have been easy for a judge to order him to undergo psychiatric evaluation, which could (and, in the film, does) lead to extended involuntary commitment at the discretion of a mental health professional.

Question: How did Bourne get out of Russia with a bullet wound and the Russian cops looking for him?

Answer: His elite training gave him the advantage over his pursuers and his skill, cunning and guile helped with his evasion of the authorities. Also, his extensive training in counter manoeuvres would have afforded him this such luxury. Remember Bourne was a professional.


Answer: Earlier Chandler asked to borrow Joey's shoes, as his were too slippery to dance in, and he discovered that Joey's feet were much smaller than his. Ross then noticed the same thing at the end of the episode. Like a lot of TV show contrivances, it's a reveal which multiple characters conveniently discover around the same time for the sake of a gag.

Answer: Because she is an old lady, the last of the Romanov line. She was no threat to him, when she died, it would be over.

Answer: As I recall it, Anastasia and her grandmother escaped through a secret passageway when revolutionaries invaded the palace. After the two got separated, the grandmother lived in exile in Paris, where she and Anastasia are eventually reunited. If the grandmother had not escaped, she likely would have been executed. Rasputin probably realised her being a prominent Romanov, as well as a grieving mother/grandmother, could garner public sympathy and outrage over the royal family's brutal deaths.


Question: What does the piercer say to Tracy/Evie right before piercing Tracy's tongue? (04:30:22 - 04:59:43)

Answer: He says something in Spanish that roughly translates to "if you only knew a woman with a big butt" and then in English says "I only put it in when I need to" (regarding his tongue piercing). Then says "stick it out." (referring to her tongue).


Question: Who was the actress who played Hubbel's wife/girlfriend at The Plaza?

Answer: Suzanne Zenor. She was a working actress during the 1970's and 80's. She was always the sexy blonde.

Answer: Season 3, when they received the Ninja powers, the glasses didn't work with the ninja hood and mask.

Answer: Presumably, because his eyesight has improved.

This answers the question of why, but not the original question of when.


Question: The "girl in the purple sweater" is a stone-cold beauty. She overacts madly when on-screen. Does anyone know who she is?

Answer: You might be referring to Stockard Channing, who played "Rizzo." She wore a purple sweater in some scenes.


Question: Why is Sherman Klump still eating if he wants to lose weight so bad? It would gain a lot more weight if he keeps eating even though he was upset after being embarrassed and humiliated by Reggie at the club that night.


Answer: Sherman is having a binge-eating episode due to being sad and embarrassed about what happened. Often, when people have unhealthy relationships with certain substances (whether it be food, alcohol, drugs, etc.), they will rely on those substances to feel better when they're down, and may go on binges where they consume large portions of them. Especially if something bad has happened to them. I myself have struggled with multiple addiction issues in the past, and I've done exactly the same with food, alcohol and drugs. (Eating an entire pizza, downing an entire bottle of rum in a short span of time, etc. when I was feeling down.) It may not seem logical... Because it's not. You just want the bad feelings to go away, so you binge the things that make you feel better. That's exactly what Sherman is doing after being insulted by Reggie... Notice how over-the-top his eating is. He's literally pouring candy into his mouth and eating ice cream in a sloppy way. It's played for comedy, but it's actually not unrealistic at all.


Answer: We never see this on camera, so it's possible they didn't. Of course, it's possible they did and this has been a tradition for so long that the adults all laughed it off, as they don't see it as a big deal since it may have happened to them too. Not unheard of for school bullying situations for an adult to think of it as blown out of proportion, as in their own memory, it wasn't so bad.

Question: How did Joe and Jensen manage to plot the escape? The guards watched their every move.

Answer: There were a few times throughout the film where they were able to talk to each other in the pits before the guards showed up, chances are they discussed it during one of the pit times off-screen. They couldn't be sure the guards weren't listening to their radios during the race after the stunt they pulled with the juggernaut so it's the only chance they would've got.

Question: How did Rocky die? Was it because of his condition?

Answer: His official cause of death was listed as "sudden arrhythmic death syndrome," which is basically just when someone dies unexpectedly, usually during sleep. It's widely believed that it was caused by his disorder, as his disorder often causes early death, but to my knowledge it was never definitively proven.


Question: What is the bacteria they sprinkled on the Five Diamond guy's stuff that gave him the rash? (00:56:00)

Answer: It wasn't bacteria - they seeded his belongings with bedbugs. The "rash" is the bites/scratches of the insects. Very nasty, hence all the PPE they wore throughout the process.

Answer: Because in that episode, they had to use his small scale model to interact with Thomas and Percy.

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