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Question: Charlie complains that he can't tell anyone his dad is Santa, and he tells Lucy she can't reveal that either. Why though? In the third movie Scott tried to keep Carol's parents from finding out the truth, but he eventually relents as they are his family, and he doesn't want to keep secrets from them. Can't Charlie be allowed to do the same with Danielle if it makes him feel better? Sure she might not believe him at first, but he could show her the snow globe like he did with Carol.

Answer: This falls in with the theme of believing is seeing. Santa's Christmas magic works because children do not need to see him in order to believe there is a Santa. By telling people, it defeats that purpose. If people know something is real, there is no need for belief as it is a fact. The Christmas magic will disappear. By the third movie, Carol is Scott's wife and Mrs. Claus. Her parents share a much greater bond than Danielle has to Charlie. Carol may fight with her parents, but they stay her parents and part of Scott's extended family. Danielle is a just a friend/girlfriend. A fight/break up could have catastrophic consequences. Telling her isn't worth risking the secret of Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas.


True, but then that logic completely falls apart with the third movie as Jack Frost decided to just open the north pole to the public to profit from Christmas and the magic didn't disappear then. And like you said, it does fall in the theme of believing is seeing, but Charlie also tells Lucy that most people stop believing when they get older but people like him, Lucy, and the rest of the family get to believe forever since they know he exists. Not so much fact, but more people can believe.

Question: Curious on why the surgical equipment doesn't melt when removing the Queen chest burster from Ripley when she has acidic blood?

Answer: This is just speculation (and I haven't watched the movie for ages) but the operation is done with medical equipment in a facility designed for studying Aliens, which the military knows a little about. Maybe it is made of futuristic acid proof material.

Question: Why didn't Nick and his cop buddy lock down the warehouse after they discovered the tunnel to the prison? They could have waited for Clyde to return to nab him and shut him down.

Answer: Clyde was already in the process of bombing City Hall when they discovered his warehouse. They deduced that if Clyde realises they are onto him, then he will detonate the bomb early, so they decide to let Clyde return to his cell and trap him while he is under the impression that his plan is going to go off without a hitch.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: After Harry and Marv are taken away, how would Kevin have been able to get the tar off the steps in the basement? The other traps are quite easy but to remove tar would be nearly impossible.

Answer: There's no reason that Kevin would be the one removing this, not could he. At some point, his family would know about him protecting the house. His parents would have the steps professionally cleaned or replaced.

raywest Premium member

There is no evidence to suggest that Kevin ever told his family about the wet bandits.

Considering the police were involved at the end, as well as the next-door-neighbor, and the two burglars were arrested in the house across the street, it's highly unlikely the parents would not, at some point, know what happened and Kevin's involvement. Kevin is a witness to the criminal activity. Also, the parents would also question why the steps were covered in tar.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Remember his neighbour takes him home so maybe he helped with the cleaning. He may have also helped with the tar on the steps as well, but they just didn't show it.

Answer: They are indeed brothers, as is revealed in the episode Orphan's End. They were separated in their youth after their parents were abducted, which is why neither is aware of the other.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: This may sound like a silly question, but who are the pirates who don't do anything?

Answer: Exactly what they call themselves. Pirates who don't do anything, they just stay home and lay around. It's from a veggie tales silly song from an older release.

Would they be genuine pirates if they didn't do anything? A pirate is basically a person who attacks, and robs ships at sea.

Question: In Cell Block Tango, why does the 3rd woman say 'squish' when that has nothing to do with her story?

Answer: It's the "squish" sound her knife made while stabbing her husband.


Question: Why did the Baroness kill Estella's adoptive mother? Why not just give her money and whatever help she needed?


Answer: The Baroness probably thought that if she gave Estella's adoptive mother money and help that time, she would keep asking for more and more money under threat of revealing the secret that the Baroness was the girl's real mother. Killing her meant one less person who knew her secret and could hold it over her.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: After hunting party attacks the first time, Hawkeye is questioned about going to Kentucky - his reply face north and turn slightly west. I thought they were in NY area?

Question: Why are Czechoslovak border guards speaking Russian? The Soviet Red Army would not be guarding the border with West Germany.

Answer: In 1981 Czechoslovakia was part of the Warsaw Pact and thus under the Iron Curtain. The Soviet Union would not fully allow the satellite states to do their own border security, so Soviet guards were placed.


Question: When Jason Nesmith travels through outer space in the gelatin spacesuit, he is in a very special room with a retracting ceiling so that he may travel at great speed directly into space. However, later on the remainder of the crew is also set to launch in what we are led to believe is the same fashion, however they are set to launch inside of an indoor space with a ceiling and roof. If this mode of transport can travel through solid matter, why would Nesmith's chamber bother to retract the roof?

Answer: In the theatrical release that scene was made even more spectacular by widening the aspect ratio, so in reality it only exists to cause the audience the same overwhelming emotion Nesmith must have felt with the reality of actual alien space technology crashing in on him. As for the fiction. Maybe the Thermians were showing off? Then again, since that technology also is based on "historical documents" (there barely is any generic thermian technology in the movie) maybe opening the ceiling was a "better safe than sorry" approach?

Question: If all this happens on the 21-12-2012 why do we not see one Christmas decoration throughout whole film?

Question: I know that Susan was originally supposed to survive and kill the last shark but the test audience greatly disapproved of this. Why did the test audience hate the original ending? And why is this ending unavailable to watch?

Answer: Audiences viewed Susan as a villain of sorts, because all the mayhem and deaths in the film are a direct result of her breaching protocol, so they decided to rewrite the ending to have her die. As for why it's unavailable to view, perhaps the filmmakers didn't think people would be interested in seeing it.

Phaneron Premium member

Grease - S9-E6

Question: When this episode first aired, Sam torments Rebecca about her incarcerated boyfriend by constantly playing Bobby Fuller's 'I Fought the Law.' When I watched the rerun on Hulu, however, the song was replaced with another song, and a lyric search shows it doesn't even seem to be an actual song ever recorded by anyone. Why is this?

Answer: Various films / shows have run into licensing issues in the streaming era for songs they used when first broadcast. I think it's even happened with DVDs, but less often. The license expires or didn't cover non-broadcast use, and it's easier / cheaper to use different music. The Charmed theme tune is a famous example - Netflix's version is completely different from the original.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Question: After the failed robbery scheme at Jim's house, Edward reveals to Kim that he already knew it was Jim's house. Before, however, he seemed genuinely concerned when Jim pretended that someone had stolen things from him. He even suggested that Jim talk to the person's parents about it. Why did he act that way if he knew all along that they were at Jim's house?

Answer: It's been a while since I've seen it, but if memory services, Edward is helplessly in love with Kim, and is playing along with Jim's scheme because Kim is there with them and is a part of it. Edward wants to do "nice things" for her and her friends, so he basically plays dumb. When he later tells her that he knew it was Jim's house, he also explains that the reason he did it was because she "asked him to."


Question: When Fletcher gets pulled over, he admits to the various offences he committed while driving. When the cop asks if that was all, Fletcher says no, that he had unpaid parking tickets and suddenly his hand shoots to the glove apartment, opening it and numerous tickets fall out. How could Fletcher have got away with not paying all of those tickets, since cops keep copies of the tickets they write out and even give a person until a certain date to pay them?

Answer: Plenty of people don't pay, or forget to pay, their parking tickets, and depending on how fast Fletcher accumulated them, they can definitely pile up before he had his license suspended or otherwise faced consequences. It's not the police's responsibility to track down or receive the fines, so each successive cop leaving a ticket would have no reason to do anything (until it reached the point where Fletcher's license was revoked, which would show up in the system).

Question: After the probe goes through the stargate General West discusses the possibility of a reconnaissance team but one officer says to get back they need to dial home. My query is, couldn't they just open the stargate again from their end? Instead of having to dial home to activate the stargate? Also, while on the alien planet, presumably they use satellite phones to communicate, how are they get the satellite signals for the phones to work without satellites?

Answer: The wormhole is a one way gate. So when the gate is opened from one side, you can't go through from the other side. You have to open the stargate from your own location in order to travel.


Question: In the first movie, Kevin's mom says there are 15 people in the house. In the 2nd movie, the two moms count 7 each which is 14. Who was removed in the 2nd movie?

Answer: Heather McCallister wasn't in Home Alone 2. She's the daughter of Rob McCallister whom everyone was visiting in Paris. Heather was in college in the US and tagged along with everyone. When everyone is going to Miami, Rob's family is still in Paris (Heather is either with them in Paris or still at school).


IApril Fools - S6-E1

Question: Why did Carley make up the part about Minke being there when he wasn't there?

The Triangle - S1-E5

Question: Who is the designer of Blanche's dress when she was confronting Dorothy?

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