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Question: If there are no emotions, how do they fall in love? Preston shows signs with his wife while on the drug.

Answer: I think in Libria marriages only exist to keep the human species going. There is no "love" per se. It was Viviana Preston who really showed emotion (because she was not dosing) during the scenes that we see through Preston's memories. I believe Preston attacked the men who burst into their apartment out of a sense of preserving his family unit, nor necessarily out of a sense of loving his wife. His inaction after he found out she was a sense offender (and not returning her kiss before she was dragged off him) and the fact that he coldly attended her incineration without a single emotion visible on his face show that he probably didn't feel grief at the time at all. On the other hand, Preston WAS set up because "Father" was looking for a man who had "the capacity to feel, without yet knowing it," (even with the Proseum) and so some minor displays of emotions towards his wife and children would make sense.

Question: Why didn't Hermione cast immobilus on the Whomping willow when they were running after Ron after Sirius drags him into the shrieking shack? Or after it hit them back and they tried to get in themselves?


Answer: They didn't know a simple magic spell would work on it. Students were forbidden to approach the tree because it was so dangerous. In the book, the Willow was turned "on" and "off" with a secret switch located at the base of the trunk. Only the Hogwarts teachers and some staff knew about it.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Because they were confused and surprised by Sirius' sudden appearance while he was in his dog form. It took them a few moments to collect themselves and react to the situation.

raywest Premium member

Question: Between the first two films Gru had hundreds of minions but in this film he's barely got a handful left. What happened to the rest of them?


Answer: I'm going to assume you haven't watched the entire movie. There is a scene in the movie when all minions abandon Gru due to Gru not being willing to return to his prior lifestyle of being evil and committing crimes.


Question: When the two cops find Catwoman in the department store, she uses her whip to disarm them. They put their hands up and one says, "Don't hurt us, lady, or take homes lesson 300?" To which she replies, "You've overpaid. Hit the road." What exactly is homes lesson 300?

Answer: He says "our take home is less than 300", meaning their paycheck (or what they "take home") is less than $300. Her reply is that the store is still paying them too much (i.e. they're worthless as security officers).


Answer: The cop actually says "Our take home is less than 300," presumably meaning they make less than $300 per week.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: He says "our take home's less than 300". As in their net pay is less than $300 a week.

Question: Why did Maya give up in the end? I know she was bitten in the leg, but she can still walk around on the other 3 legs?

Answer: She may be able to walk on three legs, but traveling a long distance and keeping up with the other dogs in such extreme circumstances would be too much and would be extremely painful. Also, seal bites often cause a serious bacterial infection which would quickly sicken and incapacitate Maya.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Mya did survive because max wouldn't leave her behind.

Question: Why did He Who Walks Behind The Rows attack Isaac? He was very faithful and followed his orders.

Answer: For letting the two adults into the town and disrupting the pact they made.

Question: Given Margaret admits to committing fraud even though they do dig each other by the end wouldn't they still get in trouble?


Question: During the scene with "live it up" playing in the background, what was it and where were they? With Simone being there it is obviously full of hookers but was it a party, and if so, whose and why? The whole scene just feels weird.


Answer: It is a party thrown by one of Sue's socialite friends, presumably the husky-voiced woman whose crotch Mick grabs. The party is not "full of hookers", Simone is there as the hired escort of the old man she is dancing with, who Mick naively believes to be her father. We can assume the old man paid for Simone to be his date to the party and likely for some time alone with her afterwards. There is no stated reason for why the party is being thrown.


Question: Why do so many people consider this movie to be anti-semitic? There have been many movies made about Jesus' life but, no-one says anything about them being as such.

Answer: Professor John T. Pawlikowski wrote a paper explaining in more detail about why he and others thought the script was heavily anti-Semitic ("Christian Anti-Semitism: Past History, Present Challenges Reflections in Light of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ") In part, the story line presented, Jesus being pursued by an evil cabal of Jews, has been previously rejected by the Vatican and other mainstream Christian churches. And some took offense to the way the film portrayed "evil" Jews compared to "good" Jews. Others felt that the film falsified some of the history. On top of that, many found the film to be too violent which left them "spiritually drained" compared to other films of depicting the passion of Christ that left audiences uplifted. Those that felt the film was anti-Semitic felt that the violence portrayed would fuel hatred towards the Jewish people.


Not to mention the fact that Mel Gibson has his own anti-Semitic rants in real life and many felt the film's message must reflect Gibson's personal rants.


Question: When Bastion asks about the book Mr. Koreander is reading, he responds that the books Bastion reads are safe and to forget about the book he's reading, because it's not for Bastion. As Mr. Koreander takes a phone call in the next room, Bastion takes the book and leaves the store. After noticing that Bastion has left, Mr. Koreander also notices that the book is missing. Was it Mr. Koreander's intention to let Bastion take the book? If so, why?

Answer: He has read the book himself many times, being drawn into the adventure himself, he knows someone like Bastian would really enjoy the book, and knows he would take it regardless of his warnings. He leaves it unattended intentionally. He wants to share the experience of reading that book.


Question: Did I miss something? How did it only take 1 day for the cargo ship to get from Isla Nublar to Northern California?

Answer: The timeline was purposely vague and compressed to expedite the plot. A movie has a limited amount of time to tell the story and there was no reason to show the audience any more activity that was happening on the ship.

raywest Premium member

Question: Harris flies away from the island with the two FBI agents/pilots. 1. How could he return? 2. How did the killer know that and find him? 3. How could he and the agents/pilots be killed, as the group of profilers was always together?

Question: Why did Kevin's mother take him to the third floor instead of his own room?


Answer: Possibly because with so many family members staying in the same house, in order to all fly to France together, one or more of his relatives were sleeping in his room and he was relegated to the attic; it's likely a sacrifice forced on him rather than one offered to him. As is common with young children, they often get the short end of the stick compared to their older, more mature siblings and are given a lesser degree of latitude and independence.

Cubs Fan Premium member

Answer: Earlier in the film it's mentioned that Kevin is sleeping in the hide-a-bed with Fuller. So it was pre-arranged where everyone was going to be sleeping. The hide-a-bed was on the 3rd floor. I don't think they mentioned who was sleeping in Kevin's room. I've been in similar situations (where several families are staying in one house) and kids' rooms are either given to an adult couple, or girls in one room, boys in another, etc.


Question: Who is running the power plants so that they can turn the lights on? I work at a power plant and it is not quiet.

Answer: If you look closely at the background in one scene, you can see solar panels attached to the roof of the home, providing them with energy. Additionally, the original script also mentioned that the family also used generators that were located underground so the noise would be muffled, though I don't believe it's mentioned in the film itself.


Question: Did Alice tell Dan the truth at the end? Did she really stop loving him that moment and for what? It wasn't the fact he played her, not telling that she new, because she told him it was over before he told her he knew.

Answer: Earlier in the movie, Alice said, "I'm the one who leaves. I'm supposed to leave you. I'm the one who leaves." To me, this implies that she likes to control relationships. Dan has begun asking questions about Larry. She realises that he will not leave the issue alone. Even though he insists that the truth does not matter to him, he will not stop questioning her. Therefore, she ends the relationship before *he* can possibly end it someday. She wants to leave him before he can possibly change his mind and leave her. Over time, her encounter with Larry might have bothered him more and more.

Answer: Niles did love Maris, but he was very much a pushover who let Maris control his life. He accepted that because of Maris' money and connections, which gave him a very good life.


Answer: I forget exactly, but I believe it's along the lines that Niles enjoyed the social status that being married to her brought him, despite her flaws; it's somewhat akin to someone staying in a bad relationship because the sex is good. As for the second part of your question, the producers were planning to cast someone, but as the show wore on, the writers found they enjoyed writing Maris as an unseen character, and as the descriptions of her became more outlandish and contradictory, it was felt that finding the right actress for the part would next to impossible.

Cubs Fan Premium member

Answer: The other answers accurately explain Niles and Maris' relationship. As to her never being seen, Maris is a version of Norm's wife Vera in "Cheers." Vera remained unseen throughout the entire series, but was often talked about and incorporated into various episodes. It was left to viewers' imagination regarding what she looked like and guessing if she'd ever appear. Vera sort of appeared in one Cheers episode when she was hit by a pie that entirely covered her face. Her voice was also occasionally heard. This same plot device was used in "Frasier."

raywest Premium member

Question: What was Wesley's problem with the Geek House female bodybuilder?


Question: When both Mater and McQueen were running away from Frank how was Frank able to catch up with McQueen, a race car?

Answer: McQueen's engine and wheels are designed to be fast on a racetrack. In a bumpy grassy field, he's not going to be able to go nearly as fast.


Answer: It's a derogatory slang term made up for the show.

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