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Question: Trying to remember the episode where Peggy damn near kills herself competing with Minh over who donates the most blood.

Question: Why did Adam leave his dog Hawkins behind in the damaged house after fighting with Sorian's soldiers? Can't he just bring it with him to protect him from getting hurt or running away? Besides he didn't even talk or worry about him afterwards.


Question: At the end, in the wrecks, we see a little tabletop air fan still running. Where was it before? We never saw it in the car. (01:27:10)

Answer: It was in the truck, not the car.


Question: Why did Ahmanet look scared when Nick stabbed himself with the dagger?

Question: If Imhotep was buried alive, how did his organs end up in the jars?

Answer: It was actually Anck-su-namun's organs that were in the jars.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: How come Perry lets Lois call him Chief but won't let Jimmy do it?

Answer: Because Jimmy was a teenage freelance photographer, like Peter Parker. Everyone earned their right to call him, "Chief."

Question: Where were the cans for fuel for the automobiles?

Question: I thought the movie was supposed to take place in Oregon? In several scenes, specifically when NOVA shows up to collect number 5 the first time, multiple vehicles can be seen with Washington state license plates. Also, you can see a ferry in the background in what appears to be the Puget Sound. (00:43:50 - 00:49:20)

Answer: Astoria, Oregon is literally just across from Washington state on the Columbia River. The Highway 101 bridge connects Washington to Astoria, and it takes mere minutes to cross. Many Washington cars would regularly be seen in Astoria. Unlike Washington, Oregon does not have a sales tax, so it is cheaper for Washingtonians to shop there. There are several vintage paddlewheel river boats belonging to a river cruise company based in Astoria. From a distance, they are a similar size, color, and shape as a Puget Sound ferry, and is probably what you saw.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Johnny 5 finds himself in Astoria, Oregon after escaping. However, NOVA Laboratories is located in Washington State. I'm not sure about Puget Sound though since filming in Washington took place in Stevenson, where NOVA is supposed to be located.


Question: How come Hermione didn't say something comforting to Hagrid as they we're leaving before the execution like Harry did? It seems a bit out of character for her.

Answer: Hagrid wants them to leave quickly, before the executioner and the Minister of Magic arrive. Also, Hermione may not have known what to say. One of Hagrid's beloved pets is about to be executed - what could anyone say to make him feel better about it?

Answer: It's not about Hermione. This has to do with filmmaking. The scene was constructed to maintain the pacing, timing, and the mood, which quickly changes when the execution party suddenly arrives at the hut and the Trio rushes out. Harry expressed what all three were thinking. Having each character say something to Hagrid, would just slow the action with unnecessary dialogue. There may have been more to the scene when it was originally filmed, but editing often deletes excess details, for the reasons stated above. Movies, in particular, have details eliminated during post-production editing.

raywest Premium member

Question: At the end of the movie Alice fights the Licker. The licker falls through the hatch, is dragged across the tracks and begins to burn. How is that possible?

Answer: Per Wikipedia, the third rail is a metal railway track that is placed on either side of a train track to provide electrical power to trains traveling along the tracks. The third rail is extremely dangerous as they provide hundreds of volts in a current that contains very high amps. Thus, the licker falls onto the tracks, is dragged along the third rail creating sparks, and then ignites when enough heat and sparks are generated.


Question: Do Julie and Fern not realise when they expose Courtney, she'll probably expose Julie for having been there when Liz died and Fern for knowing about it but accepting their bribe?


Question: I know Evan wanted to take responsibility for lying about being friends with Connor, but wouldn't everyone hating him and giving him nasty looks make him more suicidal?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Question: What did Biff's matchbook say before it switched back to auto detailing once Marty burned the almanac?

Answer: Biff's Pleasure Paradise, which was the name of his hotel and casino.

ctown28 Premium member

Question: How is it that Old Buzz doesn't know who Izzy is? Since Buzz knows everything and everyone, shouldn't Old Buzz also have the same knowledge?

Question: Why did Julien and Maurice save Marty when wild Alex was about to bite him? Why did they throw a coconut at Alex? It was none of their business so why did they interfere?

Tomorrow - S7-E22

Question: Whose portrait is hanging behind Santo's desk in the newly redecorated Oval Office? (to the right of the desk from the viewer's perspective).

Brian Katcher

Answer: The painting hanging on the wall to the right of Santos' desk is a portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

Super Grover Premium member

Mad Dog - S7-E18

Question: Surely McCoy would be in a lot of trouble, maybe even get disbarred, for using the power of his office to harass a former convict when he can't prove the guy did something else wrong?


Question: Why is Han still wanted by Jabba in this movie? I'd got the impression that at the end of the first movie he'd been paid adequately by the Rebel Alliance for delivering Princess Leia and the Death Star plans and that he was going to use it to pay Jabba back. Why didn't Han pay Jabba back after the destruction of the Death Star?

Answer: He may have got his reward, but he never went back to pay off Jabba. If you recall everyone referred to him as General Solo, which means he stayed with them, especially for Princess Leia. Being gone for so long, Jabba put the bounty on him. If you recall, in Return of the Jedi, after he was thawed, Solo said, "I was on my way to pay you Jabba, but got sidetracked."

Answer: It could just be that he was irresponsible. I know people who will owe a debt or bill, but when they somehow get money that could pay it off, they spend the money on other things instead. Maybe he felt more secure by being with the Rebels, and became careless.

Answer: Han was paid by the Rebel Alliance, so he had the money. Why he never paid off Jabba is never explained in the movie. There's much Internet discussion about this, such as he became dedicated to the rebellion, didn't want to leave Leia, somehow lost the money, and so on, but it's mere speculation. This is a plot hole.

raywest Premium member

Question: What was the actor's name who played Gerard's cellmate?

Answer: Vaughn Goland most likely. There are a few different actors' names randomly that come up as "inmate", but Goland's name is credited as "tattooed inmate" and some pics of him look pretty close if you google him. So best bet is Vaughn Goland.

Question: Could you please tell me the names of the extras whom are sitting on the bleachers by Danny's at Those Magic Changes scene? I guess that the first girl at Danny's left side is Wendy Jo Sperber but I'd love to know the name of the second and the third. Thank you ever so much.

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