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Question: What was the purpose of Samantha at the end saying "she fell" before turning back into the church? It's obvious her sister fell, but Samantha acted all surprised over it.


Answer: She actually said "The VEIL" after remembering her sister tossing it away (when bugged she couldn't see with it on). Sam simply went back in the church to pick it up.

Question: Why had Cheng snatched Mei Ying's practice sheet and thrown it on the ground, and why did he push Dre when he kept on trying to return the sheet to her?

Question: I read on Wikipedia that 5 alternative endings were shot for Unfaithful. Does anyone know what they were?

Answer: You can look it up at, List the movie and go to the Trivia or Alternate Versions section. I looked at it and only one different ending was listed.

Question: Lois tells Clark just before the helicopter accident, that her sister has three kids, two cats, and one mortgage. She would go bananas in a week. Her only sister is Lucy, who we see in Supergirl, and she's in school. So who is she referring to?

Answer: You're thinking of today's Lucy Lane. When the character was first introduced she was a teenage girl. She has gone through several incarnations. Delinquent, punk rocker, snotty teen, college major and in the revised 1980's version she was an airline stewardess. On the Lois and Clark TV show she was a diner waitress, who falls for the bad boys. In the Smallville TV series, she was the bratty girl who causes trouble.

Answer: Once they discovered there were no drugs on the ship and it harboured a sole witness set to testify in federal court, they needed to be disposed of.

Question: What song is playing when Frank accidentally activates the player piano?

Answer: Nicolas Cage or as he's credited in the cast, Nicholas Coppola.

Question: Archbishop Gilday is smoking in multiple scenes - was this meant to be a hint of his corruption/less-than-pious nature?

Answer: It was to show that no-one is infallible. Everyone has a secret vice.

Question: How does Neil get into the shower without noticing the mess Dell left?

Answer: Del may have quickly put his mess in there while Neil was showering. After a long flight, and the travel to the hotel, Neil most likely showered an extra long time.

Question: Why was Burke's arm bleeding when he was hiding on the vents near the ceiling of the record room?

Question: When Chuck sees the ship and starts waving the torch around, is he really doing SOS by moving his hand in front of it repeatedly?

Answer: No, morse code would be three short flashes (dots = S) followed by three long ones (dashes = O).

Question: Based on the ending, when Veronica invites Marsha to hang out, I have the impression that she doesn't intend to confess her involvement in the fake "suicides." People will continue to think that Heather was depressed, and Kurt and Ram were secretly gay. Is there some reason, other than jail, for her to let everyone keep believing the lies?

Answer: People who were bullied by Heather, Kurt, and Ram might feel better because of the faked suicides: they believe that the bullies were actually struggling with issues. As one boy says, he now thinks that Heather quit dating him because she was dissatisfied with her own life, not because he wasn't good enough. In the locker rooms, a girl tells Veronica that she thought Heather was just a bitch, but "guess I was wrong."

Question: At 12:07 is it the shower or the toilet that makes a weird draining noise? Almost what does he look at that makes him vomit? (00:12:07)

Answer: The "draining noises" are Big Momma taking a dump. Big Momma didn't flush either so I'm assuming he took a look at her stools and what he saw made him feel sick.

Question: What were Doc Holiday's last words?

Answer: "This is funny." It's rumored he said that when he saw his bare feet. He thought he would die with his boots on.

Question: What was the point of Mort accusing himself as Shooter for stealing the story? Did Mort write the story the first time during a breakdown also contributing why the story is written under Shooter's name; so, he didn't even realise originally wrote the story? How did Mort just find a copy of the manifesto lying around his house? And why would Morts alter ego want reconciliation years after Morts copy was published? Was it because of Amy's affair triggering the breakdown thus releasing Shooter?

Question: Did Melissa not trust Bill? He told her to take the truck and head home, but she was adamant she wanted to tag along.

Answer: It's unknown what Melissa's motive was, but probably a combination of factors. She may have felt uncomfortable about Bill being with Jo, but also wanted to show her loyalty and commitment by staying, and proving she is as strong as Jo and can tough it out. Mostly it's a plot device to drive the story and sets up a conflict for Bill between his relationship with Melissa, who he does not truly love, and with Jo, who he still cares deeply for.

raywest Premium member

Question: When we first see Jonas and his army of storm chasers, what did the guy mean by telling Joe "I think we've got fleas" (at least that's what the subtitles say!).

Answer: He's making a wisecrack about Bill and Jo's team being scruffy, ill-funded, and not as "slick" as Jonas'. Basically comparing them to stray dogs, and joking that by being around them, they've picked up fleas from Jo's crew.

Question: When John comes into Will's office, he explains that he wants to try an experimental procedure to help cure his cancer. It also has a very high success. But Mr. Easton denies him, claiming the cost would be substantial. He crumples up the paper and throws it away like he has run out of choices. Since John is a very wealthy man, why doesn't he just pay for it himself?

Answer: It's an experimental treatment and his insurance won't cover any of it, so it's possible that the out-of-pocket cost is too much for even him to afford. It's also possible his cancer progressed too far before he could begin the treatment.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Why didn't they go and wait in the APC whilst Bishop piloted the drop ship down? I know Ripley destroyed the transmission so it could no longer move, but it'd be a hell of a lot easier to defend than a giant complex.

Answer: One of the drop ships crashed into the APC and destroyed it. That's why Bishop had to crawl down the pipe to the transmitter, as their portable transmitter was on the APC when it got destroyed.

Answer: The Aliens were everywhere, they couldn't make it out of the room, much less the complex.

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