The X-Files

Irresistible - S2-E13

Continuity mistake: In "Firewalker," Mulder reports that the day is November 11 and that he and Scully ended up in a 30-day quarantine. Scully reports that the date for the autopsy in "Irresistible" is November 14, which conflicts with the quarantine. (00:20:40)

Irresistible - S2-E13

Visible crew/equipment: As Scully rolls down the stairs with the killer at the end of the episode, once they reach the bottom a hand pops out from the left side of the screen.

Irresistible - S2-E13

Visible crew/equipment: Near the beginning, Mulder, Scully, and another man are walking through a graveyard. The camera is following them to the right passing head stones. The crew can be seen reflected in a black shiny head stone as the camera passes.

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