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Question: How did Quicksilver manage to get the arcade game, the table tennis and what looks like a sound system in the basement? They are very heavy and even with his speed would be impossible to move.

Answer: There could be a basement door, so he wouldn't need the stairs, and with a hand truck, even the heavier objects would be easy to move.

Brian Katcher

He's able to move several people out of the Mansion when it is destroyed, so perhaps his powers allow him to move things that big quickly. He can also push a cart or trolley at speed, remember.

Answer: He doesn't have to steal the actual heavy items, he can steal money and buy the heavy items and have them delivered. His mother is a single parent so it wouldn't be very difficult for him to arrange delivery of items while she is working. Mom also appears to be completely aware of Peter's crimes and doesn't really seem all that concerned.


Answer: He could have just hired a moving company to do it all for him.

Phaneron Premium member

And his mother wouldn't have found that suspicious? Or the movers? He's a teenager.

Brian Katcher

His mother seemingly already knows that he steals stuff. It's her house after all. She thinks the heroes are the police when they first show up to talk to him, and she visits him in the basement in the next film, and would have seen all the stuff he has down there. As for the movers, I used to work for a moving company, and not once did we ever ask a customer where they acquired something we were moving. They would be there to do a job.

Phaneron Premium member

That totally doesn't make any sense. The idea is that he stole these items. Would he call a moving company to steal an arcade game out of an arcade hall? How does he get the arcade game in the first place? Does he leave it on the curb of the arcade hall (or shop) so they can pick it up and drop it off at his house?


He most likely stole money and legit bought all those things. He likely helps his mother with the bills and stuff, so she doesn't ask him how he does it. Pietro is not known to be some master criminal with bad character, so he likely doesn't steal from ordinary people. The way he broke Magneto out of the prison, it seems he knows his way around a vault.

How he gets the arcade game is another question entirely. Maybe he stole it from a gas station or a restaurant that was near an apartment complex, but was still far from his home, and arranged to have it picked up at the apartment complex, so it would look like he lived there and was moving it to a new place. Alternatively, he could have had friends help him load it onto a truck.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Why did the survivors ignore the poor animals they pass by before they found the house to safety? didn't they even realised they needed to be saved from starvation?


Answer: As noted elsewhere here Jeannie is speaking Farsi.

Answer: Regarding the three wishes, there was never any set-in-stone rule or belief. This appears to originate from "The Ridiculous Wishes" or "The Three Ridiculous Wishes" that is a French literary fairy tale written by Charles Perrault and was published in 1697. It sort of set the standard for genie rules that later appeared in other folk tales and then in movies and TV shows. Like vampire lore, common details can be changed by any author to suit their story.

raywest Premium member

Answer: She's speaking Persian. And there was never a 3 wish rule. When Tony freed her, he became her master, and she'd do anything for him (i.e. grant his every wish).


Question: Why did the shuttle craft only have room for two crew members when there are seven of them? The shuttle is mainly an escape vessel if the ship was in danger and their lives were at risk hence the stasis capsules, so there should have been accommodation for seven.

Answer: Considering "The Company" that owned the mining space ship was notoriously cheap (and corrupt) about providing their crew with necessities, it is hardly surprising they had inadequate safety equipment, like enough stasis capsules. Also, the company's real mission (known only to Ash) was to collect the alien creature at any cost while the crew was deemed "expendable," so no need to provide them with a viable escape method.

raywest Premium member

Question: Hannibal tricks three, "DNA-modified" dogs to chase him, dodging the dog's attack to send them crashing through the building's high-rise window. The result is the three dogs falling to their death on the street below (you hear terrified screams as the dogs make impact). Why did the dogs die though? Wouldn't a vampire, however infected or changed, survive a fall from a great height?

Answer: Vampires may be very resistant to a lot of trauma, but they aren't indestructible. If they fall from such a height the entire body will just explode and though they could theoretically regenerate (very far fetched) if their head is still attached, the dogs would be dead not much later anyway.


Question: How does Cassandra manage to find Brett's home address and track him down there? There's no suggestion he gives her any other information than his mobile number, which isn't enough to find an address.


Chosen answer: It's possible to find someone's address using a reverse directory (using a cell or landline phone number to link to an address). I've found people's addresses by putting their name and/or phone number into a search engine.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why would Cliff and Ronnie just let themselves die killing zombies when they could've driven off to seek refuge?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: It was in the script that they would die. Ronnie stated he knew it would end badly because the director gave him the full script ahead of time.


Question: What spills onto the floor in the hotel fight when the toilet is broken? It looks like some form of insulation.

Answer: From what I could tell, at the beginning you see a smoky glass partition (or glass-like) by the toilets. I couldn't really tell what for, maybe a changing area. Before the toilet gets broken, this partition gets shot and shatters. That's what's on the floor. But I can't see how it could get around the toilet like it does without some mistake.


Answer: Ray Park's film work has mostly been as a stunt double and not as a speaking actor. Peter Serafinowicz has extensive experience as both an actor and doing voice-over work. He was better able to vocalize the Darth Maul character. It's fairly common in films (particularly sci-fi and fantasy) for minor character's voices to be dubbed over by other actors. Many movie scenes are filmed without sound and the dialogue and sound effects are added in post-production. Many actors dub over their own voices for better sound quality.

raywest Premium member

Question: In the rainy scene outside of Steven's apartment building: Chip appears and Steven seems to be surprised that Chip helped him get together with Robin again. He asks, "How did you know we're back together?" But Robin already called Steven to thank him for the free cable upgrade. Shouldn't he already know that Chip was involved? Who else would upgrade Robin's cable and pretend that Steven paid for it?

Answer: If we're to assume it to be an intentional addition to their dialogue, and not just a minor continuity error, maybe it was just Steven's way of handling Chip's uncomfortable initiation of the topic? I can buy Steven not understanding what Chip was talking about when he said "I set em up, you knock em down" without much context to set up that convo. But once Chip says he juiced her up and helped get her back, it seems like Steven gets what he's hinting at. The way he turns away and sort of flees while asking "how did you know we're back together?" (to me) seems a little more like an effort to avoid acknowledging what Chip did, and a little less like him genuinely not knowing Chip's involvement. As if he was in denial and didn't want to openly accept the situation for what it was. That's just my guess anyway. I hope it sounds like a fair enough point and not like something I'm looking too deeply into. Never really gave that moment in the film a second thought until reading the question.

Question: Without any actual eyes to study, how would anyone know that a T-Rex couldn't see anything unless it moves?

Answer: The notion that tyrannosauruses' vision was based on movement, or was otherwise poor, is a complete fabrication of the film (and possibly the book it is based upon). They were apex predators and thus likely had excellent vision, as do apex predators of today. But just for the sake of argument, studying the brain cases of extant skeletons and comparing them to those of living species, as well as extrapolating knowledge of the brain functions and visual acuity of comparable species, could allow for the hypothesis that the vision of the T-Rex was movement-based. (And in reality, it was by this method that scientists came to the exact opposite consensus).

Question: What does Netty say when Wilma calls her after she discovered the turkey **** all over her sheets? Wilma says "I'm gonna get you and your stupid mutt" and Netty replies with something that sounds like a foreign language before finally talking English again and saying "He's a good dog".

Answer: She says "You don't dare. You stop bothering me and my Raider." (Raider being her dog).


Question: The record shop girl gives Ethan a record. Where does it come from? The way her arm moves it's like she receives it from someone at her right.

Answer: She gets it from under the counter. It's hard to see the way the shot is framed, but you can just see her arm movements as she reaches under the counter, slides the record out, then rotates her arm (out of frame) to hand the record to Ethan.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: Why didn't Scully believe Mulder when he told her that he found the bomb and was trapped in the room?

Answer: She's used to Mulder's rather droll, off-beat sense of humor and thought he was just making a glib jest.

raywest Premium member

Question: What exactly is the curse that the leprechaun places on the well? He only says that he curses the well until he finds his magic that breaks the spell, but never specifies what the curse is.

Question: During the opening scene, where it explains the creation of the ring, Sméagol finding and Bilbo taking it, was the entire scene animated or were live actors used before switching to animation?

Answer: This is from Wikipedia: The (1978) film is notable for its extensive use of rotoscoping, a technique in which scenes are first shot in live-action (human actors), then traced onto animation cels. It uses a hybrid of traditional cel animation and rotoscoped live action footage.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why did Uncle Ben chastise Peter for standing up to Flash? Considering that Flash constantly bullied Peter, shouldn't Ben have been pleased that Peter finally stood up for himself?

Answer: If you're talking about after the dunk scene, Ben didn't see it as Peter standing up for himself. Instead, he says Peter humiliated Flash and then finds out he's the same one that punched Peter earlier. So in Ben's mind, this was retaliation or retribution, which is not OK.


Question: The beginning of the film shows that Clint is still on house arrest. Ant-Man and the Wasp showed that Scott's house arrest ended well before the Snap. Aside from being sentenced at a later time than Scott, is there any reason why Clint would be given a longer house arrest than Scott? Wouldn't his time working for S.H.I.E.L.D. make it more likely that he would have got a more lenient sentence?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Nothing was said about what Clint's sentence was, but we do know Scott took a plea bargain and therefore may have got a lighter sentence. And the fact that Clint worked with S.H.I.E.L.D. might have given him a longer sentence since he should have known the importance of following the Sokovia Accords. The out-of-universe answer is because the writers needed to show why Clint wasn't in Infinity Wars.


Question: It seems that going after the grail diary in Berlin was just a plot point. Henry obviously knew about the trials in the cave by heart. The search for the holy grail has been a hobby of his for 40 years or so. Am I right?

Answer: Henry says, in response to Indy asking if he remembered the details of the trials: "I wrote them down in my diary so that I wouldn't have to remember." So, obviously he did NOT know them by heart. Also, as the other answer says, they didn't want the diary to either be in the Nazis' possession or be burned.

Answer: Neither Henry or Indiana would want the diary to remain in German hands. The Nazis wanted the Grail to exploit its power. As Elsa was a German scientist, she'd already gleaned enough knowledge from Henry and Indy to utilize the information contained within the diary. The diary also contained considerable data about the Grail and its history that Henry had researched over the years and would not have memorized and wanted to retain. He would also want to pass it on to Indy.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why was Will starting to become a "fish person"? Davy Jones and his crew only turned into "fishes" because he neglected his duties. If Will is still undertaking his duties then he shouldn't start having growths such as the algae and the starfish (seen when Henry summons the Dutchman at the start of the film).

Answer: There was never an explanation and it was just glossed over. The first Pirates film was meant as a stand-alone movie. Due to its phenomenal success, the story line was reversed-engineered into a trilogy, with many implausible and/or inconsistent plot elements added. When the fourth and fifth films were made, there were even more inconsistencies, including that Will, who once broke the Dutchman curse, is now inexplicably cursed, along with the Flying Dutchman ship and crew. One explanation is that the curse was reactivated after Davy Jones was somehow resurrected. Then it was supposed to be that the only way to break all sea curses was by destroying Poseidon's trident. It was all badly muddled.

raywest Premium member

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