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Answer: Because Nuclear Man is made from pure radioactivity, he only used Superman's DNA as a construct into a human form. Like a horse and a donkey mating and creating a mule.

Question: What does the bad guy mean when he says "How the hell do they know that I've got gas"?

Answer: The idiots left a note for the 'gas man', explaining why they were running out on their delinquent heating bill. The hit man, who suffers from chronic stomach gas, thinks the note is for him, and that Lloyd and Harry are highly skilled professionals who have him under surveillance and know even minute details about his health.

Brian Katcher

Question: What happened at the end of the movie to the man who had been shot in the leg by the private detective?

Answer: When Mitch McDeere gets off the elevated train, when he's leaving Mud Island, a guy with a limp, wearing an overcoat (with faux fur), follows him. That's the guy. Mitch had never seen him before, so he gives him a weird look when he accidentally bumps into him. The guy with the limp was likely in the hospital while the security staff were doing their shakedown of Mitch.


Answer: It's not shown, but presumably he received medical attention and recovered from his injuries.


Harry and the Madam - S2-E8

Question: At the end of the episode, the military shows up and asks for all the evidence as it was a matter of national security. It's quite obvious that Harry called the military and was stalling for time until they could show up and get the evidence. Why did Harry call the military? I seriously doubt that it had anything to do with national security. I believe it was because he was actually trying to let Irene off the hook.

Answer: It's possible when Harry called the military, he implied that the book contained sensitive information, seeing as how many government and military officials were part of the client list.

I thought it was because he developed feelings for the madam and couldn't bring himself to turn her in.

Answer: He wasn't necessarily trying to let Irene off the hook. He still found her guilty. He was trying to get the diary out of evidence, but he had no legal standing to do so. It had nothing to do with military officials listed, but the fact that at least one of them talked about the military's equipment (the bombers). Harry called the military in hopes they could remove the diary from evidence. The major briefly reviewed the diary and classified it temporarily as "Secret", meaning that the court could no longer introduce the diary as evidence, which would have made the contents public (since there's no confidentiality laws between prostitutes and their clients).


Star-Crossed - June 15, 1972 - S1-E3

Question: Al tells Sam that he's there to prevent the professor and his undergraduate student from having a shotgun wedding and ruining both their lives. That implies she got pregnant. Sam succeeds in keeping them apart. Um, does that mean he prevented someone from being born?

Brian Katcher

Answer: He means he's there to prevent there ever being the need for a shotgun wedding-that is, to stop the affair before there is a possibility of the girl getting pregnant.


Which would erase the child from history. That's my point.

Brian Katcher

Not if there was never any pregnancy to begin with. There was only the chance of one.


Answer: Not necessarily; it could also mean that someone such as Jamie Lee's (the student) father discovered that the professor was having a sexual relationship with her and coerced the two into getting married.


This doesn't answer the question. You just described what a shotgun wedding is.


I think their point is that the "shotgun" aspect might not be due to a pregnancy, simply a forced attempt to legitimise an otherwise scandalous relationship.

My point was that a "shotgun wedding" doesn't always happen because an unmarried girl becomes pregnant; it can also happen because someone "stole her virtue", i.e had sex with her without being married or at least engaged to her. There's no reason to believe that Jamie Lee was, or would become, pregnant as a result of the affair or subsequent marriage.


The term "shotgun wedding" means a forced marriage due to unexpected pregnancy. It's sometimes even used when the woman is pregnant but it's planned or the wedding isn't "forced." In common colloquialism (especially in the 80's when the script was written), it doesn't refer to a force marriage just because of premarital sex (which the term "make an honest woman" is used for).


No, in the 1926 Sinclair Lewis novel 'Elmer Gantry', they talk about shotgun weddings, when a groom is forced to marry a woman because he took her virginity. Obviously, the term usually refers to a pregnant bride, but I see zendaddys point.

Brian Katcher

Question: I'm looking for the name of an actor - near the end of the film his character brings Dirk and Dirk's friend to the house of a drug dealer who he tries to rob and gets killed in the process.

Answer: If you mean "Todd Parker", it's Thomas Jane (The Punisher). If it's "Reed Rothchild", John C. Reilly (Chicago).

It's Todd - Reed gets away with his life and later on is in some racy magic act.

Question: When the helicopter lands and the fake parents run out of the car, is it Nash who jumps?

Answer: Nash.

Question: As usual, Tokyo being destroyed - this time by the Neptune Men in their flying saucers. Buildings exploding...but one particular building has a large picture of Adolf Hitler giving the Nazi salute and with the wrong wording of Mine Kampf (instead of the correct Mein Kampf)...why was this particular building model constructed? (01:03:27)

Loves Old Movies

Answer: Your question was intriguing, so I did a little Internet research. While there's plenty of conjecture, nobody seems to know what this is about. There is some reference to Hitler's "Mein Kampf" being published in Japan for the first time in the early 1960s, around the time the film was made. Some speculate it was some type of advertising for the book (early product placement?) while others believe it could be a symbolic act of blowing up Hitler's ideals and could explain why it was misspelled.


Question: When Gordon and his mother are in Tulley's office, how does Tulley see a resemblance between Gordon and Fester? I thought he had not been seen for 25 years.

Answer: He's seen pictures and paintings of young Fester and notices a resemblance. Like you said, no-one had seen him in 25 years, so all that was required was a passing similarity.

Brian Katcher

Question: When you see the shot of Milo peeing on the long-haired thug, what are the other things sticking out Milo's body? It's in the first shot when he's peeing, but they're gone when the thug shoots at him, and he runs off.

Answer: I've looked at this scene very closely, and I don't see anything different about Milo between shots. Nothing is sticking out of him. He has a collar on with spikes on and maybe you are confusing the background with something that is coming out of him, but that is no different from the next shot.


Question: Stu asks Randy, "What are you saying, that I killed her?", referring to Casey. Randy says, "It would certainly improve your high school Q." What is a "high school Q"? (I Googled this but did not find an answer).

Answer: I don't know if the letter "Q" was used or if you just heard what sounded like "Q", but "Queue" - pronounced like "Q" - is British for "line." People can be said to stand in queue [line], meaning in a row. Where one falls on the queue, in this case, would indicate his/her ranking in terms of popularity.


Answer: I believe it's a reference to "Q scores," which is a marketing industry term used to measure the familiarity and general appeal of a subject. The higher the Q score, the more familiar people are with it and have a positive opinion of it. It was a catch-all term that could be used for individuals (such as celebrities), brands, products, movies/shows, etc. The term "Q score" seems to be used less now than it was in the 90's, so I understand it being confusing.


Answer: He means his status, Stu is considered the outcast. The school weirdo.

Was Stu really an outcast? He had a girlfriend, Tatum, and he hung out with Billy, Sidney, and Randy. He also hosted a party, and I got the impression that it was not the first party at his house. I think he was the "cool slacker dude" type, before being revealed as a killer.

Answer: Yes he did. I think principal filming was finished in November of 2007. However, it should be noted he did not finish filming all his scenes for "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" (2009).


Answer: Yes, he died a few months after principal photography ended.

Question: How did Dudley get out of the snake exhibit after falling in?

Answer: Petunia or Vernon would have ran to a zoo employee and told them what happened. The employee would then open the door to the snake exhibit letting Dudley out.

Answer: Most likely to kill Shredder and make sure that there would be no way to come back but, as seen in the sequel, Shredder does return.

Answer: Mr. Sheffield needed someone to manage the kids, not necessarily babysit them. Brighton was a Bart Simpson type, Maggie was shy and awkward and Gracie had personality issues.

Answer: It's a bit of a stretch plot wise, but she is supposed to be more than just a "nanny." She oversees the kid's activities, manages the household, and generally keeps the family running smoothly in the absence of a mother. She is more like a family member rather than an employee.


Answer: It's never explained why but, judging from the numerous license plates from other vehicles attached to his truck, the truck driver is a serial killer and was just targeting people at random and decided to make David his next target.

Trucks used to have to be registered in multiple states if they were going to operate in them. It was very common to see semi trucks with a half dozen or so license plates on them, each from a different state.

Answer: According to director Steven Spielberg, the trucker was a serial killer, and each of the license plates were trophies from previous victims.

Answer: David pulled ahead of the truck not once but twice. He got to the gas station first, and got served before the trucker. For any normal person this would not be cause to try to murder someone, however the truck driver is an unhinged psychopath who doesn't need much reason to go into an obsessive rage. Add to that the fact that David is driving a much smaller car, and the fact that they're out in the middle of nowhere with nary a cop around, and the truck driver probably saw David as easy prey.

Answer: "It was very common to see semi trucks with a half dozen or so license plates on them, each from a different state." And that's how the psycho trucker got away with it. He could have those 'trophy' plates on the front of the truck in plain sight, and to anyone who saw it, the truck would look like just another big rig with multiple license plates. Nothing out of the ordinary or suspicious about it.

Answer: Jackie Vernon, the voice actor, known for "Frosty The Snowman." He started out as a comedian, appearing on Ed Sullivan and Jack Parr Shows. That line was written by Arnie Kogen, who wrote most of his material.

Answer: "I seemed to have lost my Congressional Medal of Honor." It was an inept attempt at a pick-up line.

There was a comedian in the 1960's did that line.

Question: What are Toxel and Toxtricity based off?

Answer: They look kind of like lizards.

Question: If Eli was blind, why did he get startled by the hanging dead body?

Answer: As he opens the doors one of the doors falls off, that startled him. Next to that the body probably smells extremely bad.


Question: Sean claims that "the state paid for" Angela's gender reassignment surgery, during her treatment. Considering that Peter was forced, by his aunt, to live as a female, why would an institution do this? Seeing how Peter did not make his own decision to become Angela.

Answer: Maybe he'd grown used to it.The way some places are, they may have done this in hopes of curing him.


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