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Answer: Miranda didn't assign anyone to work with Holt. She used her considerable power and leverage to essentially blackmail Irv Ravitz, who had planned to replace Miranda with Jacqueline Follet. When Miranda found out what Irv was intending to do, she showed him the list of all the designers, photographers, writers, etc. who had promised they would follow her should she ever leave Runway for another magazine. It would have been a huge blow to Runway if Miranda took those people with her. To compensate Follet, Miranda used her influence to get Jacqueline the position with James Holt's new company that was supposed to go to Nigel, though it's not explained exactly how she did that.

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Answer: Bourne was supposed to assassinate a man aboard a yacht. Because the man was with his family, Bourne found he was unable to carry out his mission. An unknown shooter then shot him twice in the back, causing him to fall into the sea. The trauma triggered amnesia to where he completely lost his identity. As part of Bourne's CIA assassination training, he had been tortured and undergone extreme mental conditioning to breakdown and remake his personality. This may have had been why his dissociative amnesia was so extreme and long-term.

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Answer: There have been several conflicting reasons given as to why this movie is called "Movie 43." Some people claim it's a reference to "rule 43 of the internet." (Although there are also several different conflicting versions of the 43rd rule of the internet, so this explanation is pretty shaky.) Some claim it's an inside joke between the main producer and his kids about a fictional "banned film" they heard about called "Movie 43" that didn't really exist. And some people claim it's just a random title they attached to the film with no actual meaning.


Question: In one of the earlier lightsaber fights, I am sure that I saw either Chewy or some other wookie type creature crossing the set in the background. No one else with me saw it, but I am sure that I did...anyone else?

Answer: Which lightsaber fight? Can you please be more specific?

Answer: I saw that also. It looked more like someone that was caught on camera trying to stay low and get off the set.

Question: Why would they tape a match between Mimi and Jean Kirkland in a studio instead of selling tickets and making money off it?


Answer: If by your question you are referring to all the complicated math formulas in the film, if Affleck and Damon themselves aren't well-versed in that area, then they would have hired an advisor for the film.

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Answer: The answer is not necessarily one or the other-geniuses sometimes do extensive research. The answer also depends on how "genius" is defined/measured. I have read several online articles asserting that Matt's [and Ben's] IQ is "as high as 160." One definition of genius is having an IQ over 160, suggesting that maybe he is and maybe he isn't! (Real helpful, huh?) But there are different tests to measure IQ and IQ scores are only based on certain factors. Many experts assert that the really high IQ scores don't exist and/or there is no known test that can accurately measure very high IQs. I wondered about the math questions/proofs in the movie and don't know if they are real examples or if they are just a bunch of symbols slapped together to give the appearance of advanced mathematics. High IQ people tend to be eccentric, socially awkward, and/or loners who "do their own thing"; Matt does not appear to fit this profile. Psychologists, such as Matt's mom, have access to IQ tests.


Question: I'm a huge Spider Man fan, but I've never understood Venom's weaknesses. Why would he be affected by sonics and fire?


Answer: It's from the comics and much like Superman's weakness to kyptonite, it was just written that way. Venom is part of a species of extraterrestrial symbiotes that were forged in the head of a dead Celestial (which would later be known as "Knowhere") by an evil deity known as Knull. One of the unintentional effects of the forging in the head is weakness to sound and fire.


Question: Given how Ann is, why would she let the symbiote briefly bond with her unless it told her about Eddie?


Answer: Ann let Venom briefly inhabit her because it was quite obvious to him that she still had feelings for Eddie. This is most noticeable when Ann takes Eddie to the hospital and Eddie apologizes to Ann for making her lose her job.

Question: Jen was impaled which means she should have a front wound and a back wound. Where is her back wound? (01:07:08)

Question: Did Stone have a motive for all that she did or was she nuts and doing it all for fun?


Answer: She is portrayed as a psychopath with an uncontrollable urge to kill.

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Question: The T birds were talking about "jugs and nets" what are they referring to?

Answer: The line is, "Nobody's jugs are bigger than Annette's." He is referring to actress Annette Funicello, one of the original Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers during the 1950s. She was known for her voluptuous figure.

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Question: How does Rey get Luke's original (Anakin's) lightsaber? Twice, no less. The first time when Maz Kanada says "a story for another time", a time which never came, apparently. Then it's destroyed in TLJ in the fight with Kylo Ren, then she gets it back again...somehow, in this movie.

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Answer: In TLJ you see her pick up both halves. It was then repaired between movies, with the prop showing modifications where it was fixed.

Chosen answer: According to Rey took the broken pieces with her to Crait. The lightsaber's shattered pieces reunited themselves as she continued down the Jedi path.

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If you look closely, the lightsaber has been repaired after being broken in Last Jedi. There is a new middle piece joining the two broken pieces together.


At the end of "The Last Jedi", when the remaining Resistance fighters leave Crait, there is a close-up of Rey's hands holding the broken pieces of the saber, meaning that she took them with her.

Answer: Ron's shoes that were taken off him when he was put into the bed. That's why they disappear when Harry and Hermione go back in time. If you play it in slowmo, you can see it when they disappear.


Why were they taken off him? Pomfrey could still fix his leg if they were on.

Probably because it's simply more comfortable. Odds are good he would be spending the night in the hospital wing, so he wouldn't wear them to sleep.


Question: In the automated car garage, why did Hendricks jump to his death holding the briefcase rather than just dropping it down?

Answer: Knowing he was trapped, he may not have wanted to be taken alive, preferring death over capture.

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Answer: As a way to prevent Ethan from quickly stopping the countdown. It's a big distance Ethan would have to drop in quick amount of time in order to stop the detonation. He was most likely going to die, so he takes his own life in order to (unsuccessfully) prevent Ethan from stopping the detonation.

Question: If Harry's relatives hate him, then why are they against him going to Hogwarts to study magic? Why wouldn't they be excited to be rid of him most of the time?


Answer: Because they know of his wizard heritage and they hate it. They think he and his parents were freaks.


Good answer, but I'd add they also knew it was something Harry would very much want, and they would always deny him simply to be as mean-spirited as possible.

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Not to mention one of Vernon and Petunia's overriding motivations is to appear normal to their neighbors, and the more magic Harry knows, the less likely they are to achieve that. It could presumably also be dangerous for them, as future books/movies confirm.

1. They were constantly being barraged with letters from Hogwarts in an increasingly disruptive manner. Eventually, this would be noticed as something weird by their neighbors, which is something they REALLY don't want: anyone to know about Petunia's magical relations. 2. They were flat out threatened by Hagrid and terrified on both him and Dumbledore Better to let him go there then have to spend their entire lives on the run without it even working.


They were against it long before the barrage of letters or Hagrid showing up. They knew about the school, Petunia's sister went there and she told Vernon. They don't want to seem weird to the neighbors in general, they aren't afraid people around them will think they have a wizard in their family because nobody believes in wizards.


Question: When Obi Wan tells Padme the truth regarding Anakin's turn to the Dark Side, he mentions to the Senator that, "He was deceived by a lie. We all were." I don't know what he means by that sentence. Can someone explain it to me?


Answer: He's referring to the revelation that Palpatine is the Dark Lord of The Sith. Palpatine presented himself as a champion of peace and democracy when in reality, everything he did was a ploy in his quest to rise to power, and everyone fell for it until it was too late.

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Question: Why do the elders of the village want the villagers to stay in the village and not leave? If the monsters are fake, then why do the elders not want anyone to leave their village?

Answer: The elders made a pact to leave the modern world and never to return to it. They adopted a 19th century way of life, rejecting all modernity. If the younger members started leaving, they would be faced with a modern, technical world they had no idea existed or know how to function in. The elders also did not want any of their descendants to be subjected to the violent society they had escaped. The elders created the fake monsters to frighten the younger members from ever wanting to leave the safety of the village.

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Question: When Clark gets the lights to work, Eddie shows up. Eddie calls to Rocky and Ruby Sue to come see what Uncle Clark has done to the house. Then in the scene where Clark's boss is at the house, Clark refers to Eddie as his Cousin-in-law. Is this a mistake or is the word uncle just being used as a pet name for Clark for the kids?

Answer: No mistake or pet name. In America it's common to refer to your cousin's kids as your nephews or nieces and thus you would be their aunt or uncle. Technically, they would be your first cousins once removed, but in the English language there's isn't a specific word for that relationship, so most stick with nephew/niece and aunt/uncle relationship.


Eddie and Catherine are on Ellen's side of the family that is why he calls him cousin in law.

Answer: In this episode I think Monica knew Phoebe had to clean so she asked if she wanted to go to the movies, knowing she would say no, and she had brought her label maker with her so she could help.

Answer: If you mean why didn't Hermione freak out its been proven time and time again that Hermione is a lot more calm and in control of herself than Ron is. She was able to keep cool around him. Plus Ron was pretty hurt and probably in shock. If you mean why she didn't save Pettigrew its because she knows who he is and what he did, she finds him quite repulsive.


What I meant was she didn't seem weirded out when Pettigrew was all "sweet girl, clever girl" and I wondered why.

Answer: Ron's still in a bit of physical and emotional shock. He was dragged into the Shrieking Shack by what he thought was a vicious animal (Sirius Black) that was going to kill him. His leg was injured when he was being pulled through the tunnel and he's in pain. The biggest issue is his learning that his "beloved" pet rat, Scabbers, was actually Pettigrew, who, for the past few years, was constantly with Ron, being held by him, sleeping in his bed... Ron was totally disgusted by finding out of the truth. That's why Hermione's reaction is different.

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