Answer: Yes it ran away because Layla hurt its feelings.

Answer: There are a lot of fan theories around this, but the most common theme is that Pikachu had another trainer before Prof. Oak, who gave him to Ash. Pikachu didn't appreciate being handed over.


Answer: Well he had just caught him in the wild. Didn't even catch him with a traditional poke ball but like tied him up with a rope. So I would imagine so, yes.

Quantom X

You would imagine yes what? What are you talking about).

Sorry, I misread the question. I thought you were asking "DOES" he dislike Ash, not Why. It's been a while since I've seen the full episode. But from what I recall, Pikachu was wild, and Ash caught him through unconventional means without a pokeball. Tying him up with rope and stuff. So that's a good reason for any animal to not like someone when forced into a captive state in such a way.

Quantom X

That doesn't answer my question.

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Question: Why is the original, Japanese version of Indigo League and Orange Islands episodes extremely difficult and almost impossible to find on the internet?

Answer: The reason for this is uncertain.

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Question: This is a question for the XYZ series. I can't figure out if Alain is a good guy or a bad guy. He acts like he is good but I am not so sure if he really is. Can anyone tell me if he is good or bad?

Answer: He is a good guy but just found himself in a bad situation when he worked for Lysander. He didn't want him to harm Ash and his Pokémon when he was trying to get the special bond between Ash and his Greninja to work. He does leave Lysander and go back to being a good person.

Answer: It starts with when Charizard was Charmeleon. Charmeleon did listen to Ash briefly but after Ash made him purposely lose to a weak Pokémon, Chameleon felt betrayed and decided not to listen to Ash because of what he did to him. When Chameleon turned into Charizard he still was mad at Ash for making him lose to a weak Pokémon. But he kind of listened to him but not that much since he was still mad at Ash. In Charizard Chills Charizard is hit by an ice beam which makes him ice. Ash, Misty and Tracy, decide to melt the ice and try to warm him up then Ash decides to do it, Charizard now realises that Ash did everything for him and finally decides to fight for him.


Hogwash. Right after Charmander evolved into Charmeleon, he blasted fire at Ash's ear, which was supposed to suggest/hint/foreshadow his disobedience. The main reason for Charmeleon's disobedience is the fact that Charmeleon are much more aggressive than Charmander in nature. Charmeleon didn't feel betrayed after Ash ordered him to lose. He never held a grudge against Ash but, even after evolving into Charizard, despised him for quite a long time. After Ash took care of Charizard after he got frozen by ice beam, Charizard understood that Ash never gave up on him. His disobedience was nothing personal. After Charmander evolved into Charmeleon, he instantly grew much more aggressive and prideful, even before his encounter with Paras. After evolving into Charizard he retained this attitude. Only after Ash unfroze him and helped him warm up, he regained his respect towards him and decided not to disobey him anymore.

Answer: When Pokemon evolve sometimes their personality changes. If a pokemon's will is strong enough they can keep their original personality but in most cases some traits of the personality become stronger, like stubbornness. I think the joke is that he has a short fuse, since he has a burning tail.


Or it could be that Charmeleon's skill level exceeded that of Ash and thus did not respect him.

There is also another reason. Namely, Charmeleon are much more aggressive than Charmander in nature.

Answer: Ash can understand Pikachu from his gestures and movements and from his imitations as well. He pretty much can understand because he has had Pikachu the longest and has a really strong bond with Pikachu.

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Question: What happened to Arbok and Weezing? They haven't appeared on the show since season 6.

Answer: They are released by Jessie and James to defend a group of young Ekans and Koffings from a poacher.


I don't think anyone knows where they are now since they haven't been seen since or heard from since they were released.

Answer: Because there was a very strong bond between them. Ash and Pikachu were emotionally attached to each other.

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Question: How can they fit inside those balls and why do they fight each other? Why listen to those who captured them? Why doesn't Pikachu ever evolve?


Answer: To answer the first question, the ball is actually a gateway. They are not exactly inside the ball, but more like it opens up a sort of pocket dimension and kinda stores the creatures as data. In some cases, the balls even teleport the pokemon to the professor. For the second question, it's unclear exactly but there is a lot of "training" that goes into it. And I can't exactly answer the last question other than to say Pikachu doesn't want to. Several times in the series Ash even tries to get him to evolve, but Pikachu refuses. Resulting in over time he's actually a very above average power Pikachu.

Quantom X

It's not any kind of gateway or pocket dimension. When captured by a Pokeball, Pokemon are converted into a form of energy for storage and transfer.


Must be getting my animes mixed up then, lol.

Quantom X

Answer: Most people start their journey at 10 years of age. However the age is 11 in the Alola region.


I believe if we were to be more realistic, 10 would be the age a person could start learning how to use Pokemon, and could be allowed to battle within a controlled environment. But would have to be at least 18 to be allowed to battle outside of a controlled environment.

The reason I believe what the comment is saying is because if my local professor just "hey, here you go, here's your charmander, you can start your journey now" at the age of 10, I can guarantee that I would have accidentally burned down somebody's house.

Answer: Because Ash and Pikachu have been together since the day that Ash received him. They have a strong bond with each other and are kind of like friends.

"And are kind of like friends" that's because they are friends.

It's important to remember Pikachu is Ash's best friend.

Answer: I only know that they wasn't Ash's Pikachu because he is very powerful. I don't think it was ever said as to what Giovanni would do with Pikachu though. He may want the Pokémon for its powers kind of like how he had Mewtwo and used the armour to help him control his powers.

Answer: A quick google brings up a ton of results ranging from keeping Jesse, James and Meowth busy to Pikachu having extra powers. Feel free to read more from this article that provides many detailed answers https://anime.stackexchange.com/questions/23383/why-does-team-rocket-always-try-to-catch-pikachu.


Their goal is basically to capture pikachu so they can present him to their boss. Now I sort of have a problem with that because would their boss want pikachu?

A pikachu is rare.


You really need to be more specific.

No I don't.


Ash's pikachu has more power as a pikachu than a Raichu (his evolved form) as such, this particular Pikachu is of interest to Team Rocket (as stated on the link) However, Rockets reason for NEEDING a Pikachu with all that extra power is unknown.


Team rocket seeks rare valuable, and powerful pokemon. Their objective is to steal rare, valuable, and powerful pokemon, and bring them to their boss so he can use them to take over the world. Pikachu is a rare, valuable, and pokemon. Of course in my opinion, if team rocket managed to steal pikachu and give him to their boss, it would probably make sense for him to sell pikachu for a high price because there would be no way pikachu would ever obey him.

Answer: I don't think so. Pikachu needs a thunderstone to evolve and I think in that episode Pikachu said it was happy the way it was.

Answer: He refused to! He is also not the only Pokemon in the series to have done that, the first time in episode 14 fighting a Raichu, and then other times in the series (episode 540 comes to mind). Pokemon have their own free will (for being a bunch of critters locked in tiny balls...) and some are so happy with themselves that they prefer not to turn into their evolved version. Which usually is way less cute, incidentally.


Isn't there an episode where Pikachu is actively trying not to evolve?


Unlike most Pokemon which evolve as they gain levels, Pikachu can't evolve into Raichu unless it uses a Thunder Stone. In Indigo League episode "Electric Shock Showdown", Pikachu explicitly refuses to evolve, wanting to win its rematch with Lt. Surge's Raichu itself. Pikachu again refused to evolve in the Diamond and Pearl episode "Pika and Goliath!", simply resolving to train harder.


What I heard is that pikachu is the mascot of the franchise, and evolving it into raichu the anime would enrage a lot of pokemon fans.

Even if Pikachu had evolved into raichu, wouldn't there be a risk that it would decrease the number of the show's viewers?

A Jolting Switcheroo! - S17-E16

Question: Lyn mistakenly takes Bonnie's identical satchel containing Dedenne, but shouldn't Lyn's satchel be a different color so the mix-up doesn't happen?

Answer: The girls each had the same bags the only thing that made them different was that they had different buttons sewn onto them.

Answer: It just happened because the girls each had the same colored bag.

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