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Flower Power - S3-E6

Continuity mistake: When the person giving flyers says, "It's a giant outdoor Pokémon entertainment festival!" there is a man in the background with a blue shirt, but in the next shot, he has a yellow one. (00:01:58)


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The Battling Eevee Brothers - S1-E38

Continuity mistake: When Pikachu and Eevee are first talking, the beam closest to the screen is smaller than the others, but in the next shot, it is larger. Also, there is a tree to the left of Pikachu, but in the next shot, there is not. Additionally, Pikachu is next to the plate of food while Eevee is one centimetre away from it, but in the next shot, he is two centimetres away from it while Eevee is three centimetres away. (00:09:48)


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A Shipful of Shivers - S2-E14

Other mistake: When Team Rocket is running away with the trophy, James falls flat on the ground, and an indentation of his body as well as the trophy is made. The indentation shows a perfect match to the trophy, but James' arms were partially covering it, so there shouldn't be a perfect indent of the trophy in the ground. (00:05:18)


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Pokemon, I Choose You! - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Ash begins leaving Pallet Town, his gloves are short and green, and his right hand is by his right side, but in the next shot, his gloves are long and red, and his right hand is next to his collar. (00:09:25)


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Suggested correction: It's because these episodes were aired out of order.

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Trivia: Jessie and James' Japanese names, Musashi and Kojirō, are a reference to two actual samurais, Musashi Miyamoto and Sasaki Kojirō.

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Answer: Yes it ran away because Layla hurt its feelings.

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