Pokemon (1998)

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Primeape Goes Bananas - S1-E25

Corrected entry: When Ash is talking to Professor Oak, the latter tells him that Gary has already caught 30 pokemon. But in the episode Mystery at the Lighthouse (Season 1, Episode 13), Oak said that Gary had already caught 45 pokemon.


Correction: The episode aired out of order due to controversy caused by an earlier episode. Not a mistake due to the Pokemon being correct in the order it is supposed to be in. On DVD releases, the episode is placed correctly.

The Fourth Round Rumble - S1-E77

Corrected entry: Oak says that Ash knew that Muk has an advantage over Grass type pokemon, but Muk is a Poison type, which does not do any extra damage to Grass types.


Correction: Poison type is effective against Grass type.

Pokemon, I Choose You! - S1-E1

Corrected entry: Misty manages to pull Ash and Pikachu out of the water with a fishing rod. I know there's some suspension of belief required, but that's just a little too unbelievable. She's never known to be particularly strong, so pulling out something weighing roughly 120% of her own body weight so easily, causing them to literally fly through the air, is just crazy.


Correction: It's a visual gag in an action/comedy children's cartoon. It's no more a mistake than is the old bug-eyes gag in the classic Tex Avery cartoons.

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