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Question: Why does Widow winship have a cut on her belly?

Answer: She was pregnant. The Horseman stabbed her in the belly to also kill her unborn child. This is why Magistrate Phillips tells Ichabod that there are 5 bodies in 4 graves and why Ichabod subsequently performs an autopsy on the widow's corpse.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Since there was no vegetation to support grazing or browsing animals and apparently not enough water to support aquatic life what did the people eat if they weren't cannibals? Eli ate a cat, but what did the cat eat? Eli fed the mouse cat meat, but until then what did it eat?

Answer: In real life feral cats will eat just about anything they can catch: bugs, lizards, rodents etc. Wild mice will also eat about any scraps, grains or small creatures they can find - including each other. You are right though that in the movie it is not clear how large animals like humans will eat enough.

Show generally

Question: Hank sees Luanne watching Monsignor Martinez on TV and asks, "Why is the Pope..." and Luanne corrects him, "That's not the Pope, that's the Monsignor Martinez." What episode is this from?

Answer: That's from season 2 episode 23, Propane Boom, at about 00:08:30.

Super Grover Premium member

Question: Did Obi-Wan at some point in the movie know Anakin and Padme were married? I read in the novel that she let him know about them, concerning Anakin while he was at her apartment.

Answer: When he told Padme that Anakin turned to the dark side.

Question: Why is Del even homeless? I know he's a widower but that alone couldn't explain why he's homeless unless it's supposed to be some sort of cryptic answer like he couldn't live in his house without his wife.


Answer: He's not homeless, he has a house or an apartment somewhere, or lives out of hotels. He just no longer has a 'home', ie, a place where he's happy and someone loves him.

Brian Katcher

Question: How did Owen Lars and Beru physically age by 40 years between the time of this movie and the biologically previous movie when they should've only physically aged 19, and how did Obi-Wan physically age by 30 years when he should've only aged 19 as well?

Answer: There's no "official" answer, as far as I know, but the most common explanation is simply that life on Tatooine takes a greater toll on humans than on more hospitable worlds, especially in the case of those who simply eke out an existence as did Owen, Beru, and Obi-Wan. Tatooine also has two suns, which could also account for the apparent (as opposed to actual) age of its human inhabitants; much as it is on Earth, excessive sun exposure can cause premature aging of the skin.


Answer: There is no explanation other than this is about casting. When George Lucas made the first Star Wars movie in the 1970s, he never expected the phenomena it is today. Alec Guiness was cast as Obi Wan because he was a famous, well-respected actor who was perfect for the part. When Lucas made the prequel trilogy some thirty years later, there were inevitable changes, revisions, and inconsistencies about plot, characters, and so on. Obi Wan was re-imagined as a younger character when he first met Anakin. The younger actors who played Beru and Lars were probably cast because they had a similar appearance to the original actors playing the parts. Actors often play roles where they are older or younger than their actual age. This is quite noticeable in the Harry Potter films, where the actors who played Snape, Sirius, Lupin, James and Lily Potter, etc. were at least 15-20 years older than the characters they played. Audiences are expected to employ a suspension of disbelief.

raywest Premium member

Question: When Ricky King and his bully friends are bullying Mitch and Adam for being shorter, why can't Jenny do something about it rather than standing and watching?


Answer: Maybe she was afraid at the time.

Question: Did Obi-Wan fight alongside the rebels for some time after the Clone Wars?

Answer: Obi-Wan retreated, like Yoda, from public view to avoid being killed. He stayed on Tatooine to keep an eye on Luke. He didn't fight, but did keep contact with them, so to keep an eye on Leia as well.


Question: Before he kills Paul, he goes to the bathroom to take a pill - what pill was it?

Answer: It's a presrciption drug without a name, can't even see the shape or colour of the pill so it's totally unknown. Most likely it's an antipsychotic like Olanzapine.


Question: Why would a gun store have ammo on display? Would it make more sense to have it behind the counter or a hidden place so customers can't take some when the clerk's not looking?

Answer: Things that are sold are on dispay or people wouldn't know you got it for sale now would they? The clerk is alert for shoplifters, its his risk. No difference from a gas station.


I think the question is referring to why would they have the ammo on the counter and not on a shelf behind the counter or in a display counter? Having live ammunition on the counter is, as you say the clerks risk. But it does seem rather foolish.

Ssiscool Premium member

I think inexpensive things are common to be put on counters to sell. Like cigarette lighters, candy and lottery tickets. Bullets seem a bit dubious as this scene shows someone can load their gun on the spot, but I don't think in reality anyone would do that.


Agreed, non-expensive items are generally kept on counters. But slightly stupid and dangerous to do it with ammo.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: He's using wooden weights, so the goods he buys will register less than their actual weight and he'll pay less than he actually owes.

Brian Katcher

The Royal Train - S6-E3

Question: A set of complicated events mean that Captain Mainwaring and some other members of the platoon have to drive a railway engine. After they leave the railway station it turns out that the railway engine has no brake wheel and cannot stop. The ARP warden, the mayor of Walmington, the vicar and verger take the brake wheel, jump on a handcar and chase after the engine. Catching up with the engine, they throw the brake wheel to Captain Mainwaring. The engine then reverses, so they must pedal the handcar even faster to avoid being run over. Could four men (all obviously in late middle age, and past peak fitness) pedal a handcar to outrun a railway engine at full steam? When the engine reverses, why do they pedal the handcar to stop being run over? Why don't they jump off the handcar, then pull the handcar off the track? (Also it takes the engine less than a minute to reverse. In reality, it would take several minutes to change a moving railway locomotive from forward to reverse).

Rob Halliday

Answer: The show is a comedy, this was played for comedic effect and to show that in times of extreme fear, in this case about to be crushed by a steam train, the men had an adrenaline surge strong enough to pedal fast enough.

Question: When Caleb and his mother are talking about Caleb's father and Caleb's ascension, Evelyn describes his dad/her husband. It shows a picture of an actor other than Stephen McHattie on the side table. By the conversation going it seems as though they intend on it being a picture of James Danvers. Does anyone know who the actor is in the picture? And if this was a mistake or intended to be someone else? Thanks ahead of time for help. (00:11:00 - 00:13:00)

Question: Who shows up after the truck goes through the ground?

Answer: If you mean the men on motorcycles, they are part of the security detail Steve hired to escort the truck.


Question: Did the 1966-67 BBC TV series "Adam Adamant Lives!" inspire Austin Powers? The first episode of AAL! starts in England in 1902. Adam Adamant, a wealthy gentleman adventurer, thwarts a plot to assassinate Edward VII at a royal ball. Adam Adamant is captured by a masked villain, The Face, who subjects him to a 'living death' putting him to sleep in a block of ice. In 1966 Adam is found, frozen in ice. Revived to consciousness, he has daring, swashbuckling adventures in 'swinging sixties' England, although, as an Edwardian gentleman, 1960's pop culture mystifies him. In the second series of AAL! we find that The Face, too, has been cryogenically frozen. The Face is revived and renews his conflict with Adam (like Dr Evil). Aged 10 and 11 I watched AAL! avidly; it remains one of my favourite TV shows. Sadly the BBC dropped AAL! after two series. The Austin Powers franchise openly pays tribute to British 1960's espionage thrillers. How much of an influence, was Adam Adamant Lives!?

Rob Halliday

Answer: While there are many overlaps, and IMDB does list Adam Adamant as a "reference" for Austin Powers, Mike Myers himself has never indicated that that series was part of his inspiration. According to Myers, he created the character as a tribute to his father; more specifically, as a tribute to the comedy/culture of the '60s, which his father had introduced him to and which had influenced his own comedy.

Question: When Mr. Sir was handing the guard a coke from his fridge and Stanley thought it was for him, what does Mr. Sir say to him? After, he says "Thirsty Stanley?" I've watched this movie many many times and I still can't understand what he is saying. It is about 9 minutes into the movie. (00:09:00)

Answer: "Well you're a bag of tricks."

Show generally

Question: What was the episode where Bobby meets Dooley in a line to apply for a job and Dooley says, "I'm building character"?

Question: Why do the German officers in the pub salute a Captain and LT but don't salute a Major when he walks in?

Answer: I agree with the previous answer, and another possibility is that since the Major was already in the pub, they might have already saluted him when he (or they) arrived.

Answer: I can't say specifically for the WW2 German Army but usually in any group of soldiers the one with the highest rank will be expected to pay correct compliments to a commissioned officer (of a higher rank than themself). They do this by calling the group to attention and greeting the officer individually. These soldiers have saluted the junior officers but they would then expect the Captain to formally greet a Major.

Answer: No specific reason is given and any answer is speculation. My take is that it is only about plot timing and pacing to serve the story line. After Harrry and Sirius exit the tunnel, they have a short conversation in which they solidify their godfather/godson bond. Sirius also offers Harry a home, if he wants. If Lupin and Pettigrew had come out sooner, this narrative would have been interrupted. After their conversation, Lupin and Pettigrew then emerge, and the story continues, building up to Pettigrew's escape.

raywest Premium member

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