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Question: Why did Daisy tell Georgina she had two tubs in the apartment but we only saw one, and only heard of one? (00:53:00 - 01:24:10)

Answer: She tells Georgiana, "One bedroom, two baths." In the USA, we typically say "bathroom" even if the room only has a toilet (odd, I know). When talking about buying/renting property, people often shorten the word to "bath," as Daisy does. When talking to Georgiana, she referred to both of the bathrooms/toilets in general - regardless of one not actually having a bathtub in it.

In the US, a bathroom without a tub/shower is called a half-bath. I think it's meant to show she gets things mixed up. She was talking to Susanna when she mentioned one bedroom, two baths, and an eat-in chicken. It's more likely her dad got her a two-bedroom, one-bath apartment (or a "one and a half bathroom") and she switched them around.


Good point. I think she badly wanted to feel superior to the other women, thinking she was different than them and could "get better." She was probably so eager to rave about the apartment and her new chapter in life that she did get the details confused.

The Substitute Spanish Prisoner - S6-E2

Question: Why did Dr. Vayzosa tell Peggy to make the check out to cash, instead of his name? She was about to hand it directly to him anyway. (I would understand him not wanting to have a "cash" check go through the mail.) Does it have something to do with his scam?

Answer: It has everything to do with his scam. While I don't think the episode reveals it, it's highly unlikely his real name is Robert Vayzosa, and even less likely he's actually a doctor of any type. By making it out to "cash," he doesn't have to give his real name and could probably cash it at any bank without having an account there or even ID, depending on where he went. Think of the scene in "Black Sheep" where the reporter is blackmailing Tracy and she agrees to write him a check. She says, "you'll have to tell me your name so I know who to make the check out to." And he replies, "My best friends call me Cash," even though she was going to hand him the check.


Question: During the crew's joyride in a stolen Cadillac, Preacher isn't paying attention while driving, so he accidentally bumps into the rear of another car. Everyone falls out of the car, yelling "whiplash, whiplash". The crew runs. Fast forward, detectives appear at Cooley High to question the crew. How did they know to arrive at Cooley High to question the crew? They didn't leave a trail. Did they drop their school IDs or something?

Father of the Bribe - S6-E6

Question: Dale only pretended to be installing the radio antenna on Hank's roof, so Hank would allow Dale to have it on his own roof. How could Hank stop Dale from installing what he wants on his property?

Answer: The neighbourhood seems to have a Homeowners Association (HOA). Other episodes mention the neighbourhood having a block charter. Hank is the Block Captain. The antenna might be breaking a rule, or people could complain to Hank.

Question: When the typist realizes that three Ryan brothers have died, they eventually take the information to an officer with one arm. Would someone with such a permanent disability be allowed to stay in the service, even in a non-combat role? Was it a wartime measure?

Brian Katcher

Answer: There would be absolutely no reason for him not to remain in the service; he's a colonel, an important officer, and as you say, he's not in combat, so how would it disqualify him? As it's not a disability that would (significantly) affect his ability to discharge his duties, it would be strange to not allow a high-ranking officer to continue in his role, wartime or not.

Question: How old is Mayday supposed to be in this movie? It's supposed to take place 16 months (one year and four months) after Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which makes no sense. Peter would've had to re-marry MJ in his universe just like that and nine months later, their daughter is born, so Mayday is three months old?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: Who's saying they got married first? They reconciled, she got pregnant at some point, and they got married whenever. Do we even know if they are married? Mayday could be as old as 7 months. She's crawling and seems to have basic motor functions like pulling her hat down, so she's likely at the older end of that scale. While she's big-ish, she's not talking or anything, so she can't be that old. Plenty of younger babies still have a lot of hair, plus we can't be 100% sure how his universe works, in terms of child development or indeed be sure that time passes at exactly the same rate as Miles'.

Okay, you made a fair point on the whole marriage thing.

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: She is an infant; she appears to be around 3 or 4 months old.


Question: This question pertains to all of the Harry Potter movies: What's to keep even one rogue wizard (from the academies) from taking over the world, ruining economies, or blackmailing individual countries? (Voldemort and his allies seem to concentrate on attacking Potter and Hogwarts, not the world, and anyway, the Ministry doesn't seem to stop him.)

Answer: One rogue wizard would be incapable of such a feat. For one thing, most wizards had little interest in, or understanding of, how the Muggle world worked - including technology, financial systems, military functions, infrastructure, and so on. Destroying the Muggle world would only result in the wizarding world collapsing, so there would be no benefit whatsoever. Even other dark wizards would think this was insane and would likely prevent one crazed wizard from attempting it. Gellert Grindelwald wanted to enslave Muggles in the mid-20th century but was defeated.


Question: Is it implied that Sissy and Brandon had an incestuous relationship at one stage? Or were they victims of sexual abuse?

Question: Is it me, or does Doc's car in 1955 look like the one that Mr. Miyagi gave Daniel for his birthday in the first Karate Kid? It's best noticed as Marty is backing up the time machine at the drive-in.

Answer: Nah, Doc's car in this movie is a 1949 Packard Super Eight Convertible. The car gifted to Daniel in Karate Kid is a 1947 Ford Super Deluxe. Biff's car is a Ford Super Deluxe too though, although a 1946. Maybe you are confusing it with that.


Question: Why didn't Leia keep the bomb she'd had earlier when she turned Chewbacca over to Jabba, when she unfroze Han?


Answer: She likely wasn't allowed to keep it, as it would be considered a continued threat to Jabba and his minions. To claim the reward, she probably had to relinquish it. Voluntarily surrendering it would be a show of "good faith" once Leia (posing as a bounty hunter) got the payment for Chewbacca. Wanting to keep it would be suspicious.


Question: What happened to Alex's journals and equations when he left on his trip?

Answer: When Alexander is travelling through time, he sees everything in his lab being removed very quickly, so the equations on his board were most likely erased and his journals were probably thrown away.

Question: When Sue Ellen is shown heading to work, wouldn't she be headed into the city, since Kenny says they live in "the boonies"? But she is shown leaving the city, envying the group of teens in the car next to her, who appear to be headed to the beach (also leaving the city).

Answer: People in LA commute in all sorts of directions for work. And the freeway you see is the 405 in West LA (not the "city" - or Downtown where she worked). This freeway would not even be her direct route anyway. All just made up in the film.

Question: Why exactly does Brick Top hate Tommy so much? What does he have against him? Is it because Tommy reminds Brick Top of someone from his past who he found annoying and insufferable? Or did Brick Top straight up not like Tommy from the start? I've seen this film many times and I've never been able to figure out why this is the case.

Question: If time travel was banned throughout the universe and they imprisoned Obadiah Price as the inventor (time 1), why didn't MIB confiscate the devices and continually make sure his son Jeffrey never has the devices or lets others use them? He has a log book and Boris the Animal's entry is more than a few pages in (time 2). (00:30:21 - 00:32:00)


Answer: They did, but the son had the knowledge in his head, so he did it in secret. The son dealt in black market devices.

Question: Why doesn't Boris the Animal kill Jeffrey Price after he gets the Time Jump Device? He doesn't seem to have problems killing anyone else who gets in his way or helps him. (I don't think saying that if he killed Jeffrey, there's no way J can go into the past is sufficient as that's a plot device.) (00:11:25)


Answer: He may not have known about the son when he killed Obadiah in the space prison. He thought no one else had a time device. Besides, he was completely focused on his mission. He thought of nothing else.

Question: Umbopa's people wear colorful, patterned clothes, use metal weapons and bells. Yet there is no evidence of cotton fields, weaving equipment, mines or forges. Where did they get/make these items?

Answer: It's possible all these goods were traded for. Realistically, everything came from the MGM costume and prop department. Movies from this era seldom strove for historical or cultural accuracy. Native costumes and other possessions were often the embellished invention of imaginative costume and set designers, with little thought or regard to authenticity. The intent was to produce an exciting, colorful, entertaining movie.


Question: Why didn't Finn put cameras in the house to prove that he was right?

Question: In the scene at the House of Blue Leaves, (right after the Bride kills GoGo), O-Ren is holding Gogo's small sword. She begins to unsheathe it before stabbing it into the railing. What was the point of it? Was she upset because Gogo died, or was she contemplating suicide in lieu of facing the Bride?

Answer: To be honest, it's a mix of both. O-ren and B were close in the hit squad. B knew O-ren's backstory, suggesting a shared past. They had common interests, spoke Japanese, and used samurai swords. O-ren confided in B and may have been her squad member. O-ren shared her shame with GoGo, indicating a deep bond. Bill supported O-ren's Tokyo takeover, indicating their closeness. Their shared dialogue suggests an inside joke. O-ren contemplates suicide for betraying her friend and killing her child. She feels remorse for failing to defeat Beatrix and cares for GoGo, who died protecting her. When the 88's arrive, O-ren resolves to fight for honor and avenge GoGo. She knows Beatrix will defeat the 88's, so she prepares for their upcoming battle.

Question: When the team is inside the 'laser room', there is a sizable space between the door on either end and the mirrored corridor itself. Why didn't they simply hide in that safe zone to avoid the lasers? (00:30:25 - 00:33:35)


Question: Why are the new recruits not wearing their dog tags? Dog tags are issued at boot camp.

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