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Answer: Most likely from Juno Skinner. When Harry approached her in Washington, he gave a business card, his cover identity, which most likely contained his phone and address numbers.

Question: Toward the end of the movie, while wearing Shooter's hat, Mort looks into the mirror but his back is reflected and not his face. What does that mean?

Answer: It's a reflection (literally) of his insanity. He no longer sees reality.

raywest Premium member

Question: Did Cullen really kill the people he was accused of murdering?

Answer: Yes. Kevin realises this when he finds out the secretary is lying about sleeping with her boss. He even considers dropping the case, knowing he was defending a murderer.


Question: When Cutter says, "Have you ever played roulette?", how did Cutter know Charles' and Vincent's names? On the phone with Charles, he mentions both names.

Answer: I just rewatched it this morning. When Rane is trying to persuade Sheriff Biggs that he means business, one body (presumably The Captain) is thrown out of the plane. Just before the passengers are released, we see a quick shot of yo ambulances. One has 3 full occupied body bags in it. Therefore, it's implied the other two are in the other ambulance. This takes place before the FBI guy gets there. The fact that he tells Rane, those guys you killed were my friends" means that at some point they were identified by name. He could've found out numerous ways (Washington told him, briefing, the paramedics, Biggs, etc).

Answer: Everyone knows Charles Bane as the world's most dangerous terrorist. Plus, flight attendant Marti kept him informed of what was happening and who was involved. When they went below, Vincent introduced himself and explained he was not one of the terrorists.

Answer: As he is the author who created the Jack Ryan character that was adapted into a successful movie franchise, he could be credited as an executive producer for any TV or movie projects both before and after he died. It was announced in 2015 that the series would be produced for Amazon. Clancy died in late 2013, and he probably was involved in the series' earliest stages or discussions just prior to his death, and therefore would be credited posthumously. The title of TV or movie "executive producer" is fairly broad and can include one or more function, including securing financing, production oversight, creative input, script consultation, story concept, and more. Clancy's estate would likely continue to be involved under his name following his passing and receive profits and royalties.

raywest Premium member

While his estate would receive the profits, it's not automatic that Clancy would receive credit as a executive producer just because he wrote the novels. Authors like Michael Crichton, Douglas Adams haven't been credited as an executive producer after their death for use of their characters and works. Clancy's estate must be involved in the production in some way and rather than credit the estate, they credit the man.


Most likely his estate would be involved, through surviving family members, lawyers, etc. to act on his behalf in his name. No one said it was "automatic." It would have been a contract arrangement made while he was alive and that would continue posthumously. Whatever Michael Crichton or Douglas Adams did was a different arrangement for whatever reason they chose.

raywest Premium member

Nothing in your answer suggested anything about a contract arrangement (which if true would be the reason). You implied it was automatic. You said "as the author...he would be credited...for any...projects", but that simply is not true.


Question: When Matt Damon and his girlfriend are talking about erectile dysfunction from the night before, she is eating a banana. Is this a deliberate easter egg Martin Scorsese threw in? (00:50:50)


Answer: Probably deliberate. It's a rather common (and overused) film trope to insert some phallic-shaped object into a scene as a sexual reference.

raywest Premium member

Everything's Okay - S4-E1

Question: Can somebody explain to me how in Season 4, it's stated that Chloe disappeared after seeing Lucifer's devil face. Apparently the cops rushed into the shootout scene with Cain and took her away, and she hasn't seen Lucifer since. What about in season 3 episode 25 Boo Normal when she worked a case with Lucifer and Ella. Ella confided in Chloe that she sees a ghost and Chloe believed her, and she said she's seen some crazy stuff herself lately. So what's up with her vanishing when she seen him.

Answer: Boo Normal and Once Upon a Time were going to be part of season 4, then the show got cancelled (before being picked up elsewhere). As such they were added on to the end of season three as "bonus" episodes, hence the continuity being off. But not really a mistake, just a quirk of broadcasting. Boo Normal was originally going to be between the episodes "High School Poppycock" and "Infernal Guinea Pig" in season 3 before being slated for season 4, presumably because aside from the point you've raised, it was fairly flexible, continuity-wise.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Question: How is Peter Pettigrew, aka Scabbers, even able to enter Hogwarts under the guise of a pet rat? Surely with all the enchantments protecting the school, one couldn't simply turn into an animal to sneak in? If it's that easy to sneak in, wouldn't the other death eaters turn into cats and owls to do the same?

immortal eskimo

Answer: Pettigrew didn't sneak in. He arrived with Ron in the first film as his "pet" rat, Scabbers, and returned with him each year up until "Prisoner of Azkaban," when his identity was revealed. "Scabbers" (Pettigrew) was previously Percy's rat and lived with the Weasley family for twelve years. Every student could bring a small pet to Hogwarts, so there was nothing unusual about Scabbers being there. Every pet was accounted for and any outside animals suspect. Death Eaters probably could have sneaked in as a Slytherin student's pet, though few witches or wizards were capable of becoming an Animagus (changing into an animal), nor could they choose or change the animal form - it reflected their personality. All legal Animagus were registered with the Ministry of Magic and their animal forms documented. (Like Pettigrew, Sirius Black was an illegal Animagus, and he entered Hogwarts via the secret tunnel.) There was little reason for Death Eaters to sneak into Hogwarts as Harry wasn't a specific target until much later, and his mother's death magically protected him from harm until he was legal age. (Many consider the Weasley twins having never noticed Pettigrew's name on the Marauder's Map to be a huge plot hole).

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The Broken Man - S6-E7

Question: Some of the Free Folk are reluctant to join Jon's fight against Boltons in Winterfell. Jon tries to convince them. And suddenly, Wun, the sole giant stands up and says "Snow." then leaves. What does he mean?

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: The giants in general spoke little English and seem to generally speak very little at all and in a slow, lumbered manner, much the same as how they physically move. Wun Wun is acknowledging that he is supporting Jon's plan by simply stating his name of "Snow."

raywest Premium member

Answer: He's affirming his support for Jon Snow's cause.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Giants only really speak the Old Tongue (in the book one of the Night's Watch, Leathers translates for Wun). So he just grunts out "Snow" as his pledge.

Question: When Peggy Sue looks at the children in the locket, what does this mean: "Your mother gave me those. It's you and me. You know that. So are they." Doesn't seem to make sense.

Answer: It's them to his kids and when they have kids she replaces it, and they just look alike. 9 months after he gives it to her the locket the boy will be born.

Question: How would Bruce be able to get Calcutta? He's made it a habit of never using anything that could be used to track him, so going anywhere, even to another country, would seem impossible.

Answer: People have been smuggled in and out of countries for decades, grease the right palms and talk to certain people, if you don't get in under the radar, phony papers could.

Question: After deciding not to race Needles, Jennifer looks at the fax that she took from 2015 and sees that the words "YOU'RE FIRED!" were erased. Why didn't the name of the company also get erased?

Answer: The company would still be in the future, Marty wouldn't be working for it. His career as a musician would have taken off.

Christmas - S3-E7

Question: What does "du kaya mischna" mean? Ida says it when falling asleep during the Christmas episode with Francis.

Answer: It is made up - although it is implied she is Croatian, she never mentions it herself.

Question: Why did the bus do a 180? You never saw the semi truck in that shot, so why did it make an insane turn like that when the truck had nothing at all to do with it?

Answer: There might be a deleted scene showing an extended chase scene, but as it is, it seems out of place. From what I can tell, the road was slick, like something oily was spilt on the road during the chase. I don't think it's from the fruit and vegetable truck either. The bus looks like it's breaking suddenly (perhaps to avoid an unseen wreck) and skidded out and the driver over compensated, spinning the bus out. In fairness, a licensed bus driver would probably be able to control the bus in that situation, so it was exaggerated for the film. It probably should have been cut, but I'm guessing someone liked it and kept it in for more action.


Question: Were the "four horsemen" fakes? If not, how did they get the nukes inside them in the first place?

Answer: They were most likely fakes, they just built the statues around the nukes. Like making a parade float containing a small motor for it to move.

Answer: It was probably a matter of public record or a big company she worked for would have some connections to find out.

Question: Claire, with her head covered, is spared from getting her fingers cut off. But in the unaltered timeline, Doug does not appear, thus Claire would have her fingers cut off and burned and would later be found washed up on shore. So shouldn't Claire on the autopsy table be wearing the same dress as when Doug saves her, and not the dress she changes into after she is saved?

Answer: In the movie Doug time travelled only once but if you look closely Doug travelled more than once and failed. Also present Doug sees Claire fridge sign (U can save her) and travels again so it's like a loop. We don't know how many times he travels, it could be 5-6 or more than we could count, but this time Doug breaks the loop by saving Claire, because if she dies his former self will go to Claire's house and see fridge sign (U can save her) and the loop resets even though Doug died, but he succeeded in breaking the loop.

Question: Dr. Lull says that she will do as Mr. Mclane says and "cover up any memory (Quaid) has of us or Rekall." However, when Dr. Edgemar comes in Quaid's hotel room on Mars, Edgemar reminds him that his experiences on Mars have been exactly what Quaid requested in his secret agent fantasy at Rekall, to which Quaid agrees. So obviously his memory of Rekall wasn't "covered up"?


Answer: He said, "Erase his memory of ever coming to Rekall," not the idea of going there, and the doctor said she'll do what she can to erase his memory, but it's pretty messy in there.

No he doesn't say that. He said "cover up any memory he has of us or Rekall." But they didn't, because he knows what Edgemar is talking about when he tells him the "demure and sleazy" woman is exactly what Quaid requested at Rekall.


Maybe they tried their best, but didn't succeed. Quite possible if his mind was already that messy.


Well at first the movie implies that they did erase his memory of Rekall, because when Harry told him he went to Rekall he had no idea that he had been there. But later in the movie he remembers that he chose "demure and sleazy" when Edgemar is talking to him. So it's an internal contradiction and plot hole.


Them failing to permanently erase the memory but only temporary is not a plot hole. Doesn't even help the plot along. It's not important at all.


It is indeed a plot hole and contradiction in the script.


Question: When Bruce tracks down Aquaman in the Icelandic village, they have a conversation in which Aquaman calls Bruce "Batman" within earshot of strangers; since Bruce Wayne is highly protective of his secret identity as Batman, isn't this a bit careless on Aquaman's part? Even if the Icelandic villagers didn't understand English (unlikely, since most Icelandic people are at least bilingual), they would still recognize the word "Batman" and be able to put two and two together.


Answer: It is implied that the village is isolated. Bruce says that Arthur helps the villagers survive the winter by bringing them fish, which indicates they are so cut off from the world they would die out without Arthur's help. There is no indication that any of these people have ever heard of either Bruce Wayne or Batman. Neither appears to be particularly famous outside of Gotham, Clark didn't recognize Bruce Wayne in the previous film at the party and Batman had only recently made national news.


Question: I always feel like I'm missing something with the scene where Kirk orders the Enterprise to reverse at the beginning of the battle. It confuses the Klingons and leads to a short respite in taking fire, which I would assume was exactly Kirk's intention, but then Kirk himself expresses confusion that the Klingons had stopped firing. What else could Kirk have been trying to do with that action?

TonyPH Premium member

Chosen answer: Kirk is highly skilled and experienced in combat. He knows the bird of prey must be between the Enterprise and the planet, so he instinctively orders a reverse after they are hit, fearing that they are at point-blank range. Chang is worried that Kirk may have somehow detected him, so he holds fire and repositions, but Kirk is merely being cautious.


Answer: Kirk wants to buy time to find a way to detect Chang's ship. Reversing is an unorthodox tactic so Chang is also thinking.

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