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Question: Why did they replace Shredder and Karai's actors?


Answer: Per Lily Nicksay told Entertainment Weekly her leaving the show "was a mutual decision between her parents and the producers." At Wizard World Comic Con, Rider Strong provided more insight into the situation by stating Nicksay "was not very happy... At that time, she was a little girl who did not want to be on the show." She was four years old when she filmed the pilot and most likely six years old when they filmed season 2.


Question: Why do we see belisha beacons (striped black and white poles topped with orange light to show pedestrian crossings in UK) during the car chase? Are they seen on USA streets?

Answer: Those were just lamps that had a yellowish globe. The poles aren't black and white striped, they're solid black. They have a sign attached to them, probably a no parking sign, though that may make it look like a white stripe.


Answer: I don't see what you've described. Timestamp? But since the movie was all filmed in Massachusetts, I'd say that everything you see is either typical for the area or was added by the filmmakers intentionally.

Garlonuss Premium member

Season 1 generally

Question: What is the name of the china pattern used at the breakfast table? It is black and gold trimmed. Not the Royal Doulton and not the Royal Worster Avignon.

Answer: I have asked myself the same question for a long time. It is Rosina-Queen's fine bone china, pattern "Olde England." It's the china that appears most of the time in the series. The Royal Worchester double-glazed Avignon (for candle light suppers) is really Royal Doulton Avignon, pattern "The Moselle Collection." And the Royal Doulton with the hand painted periwinkles is in reality of course Royal Doulton Colclough, pattern "Braganza."

Question: Why did Professor Quirrell really have the garlic in his classroom? I know that some people thought he was afraid of a vampire who wanted revenge. Since he was serving Voldemort, however, it seems that a vampire would not be a serious concern for him.

Answer: At that point, Voldemort had little to no power and was reliant on Quirrell to protect him, not the other way around. No one knew Voldemort still existed, and Quirrell wanted to ensure his safety until he was restored to corporeal form. He may have believed garlic would be an added protection but more likely it was just for show and to create a sense of drama to enhance his phony persona.

raywest Premium member

Show generally

Question: At the end of some of the openings we see the family having a picnic. It shows Michelle taking something out of the picnic basket and placing it on the blanket before going to eat. Just what does Michelle take out of the picnic basket?

Answer: Bun cake.

Question: What kind of sleigh did the Grinch build?

Question: When Darcy bursts into the rectory at Rosings, Elizabeth tells him her aunt and uncle have gone on business to the village. Am I right in thinking that she went alone to visit Charlotte in this adaptation?

Answer: Elizabeth traveled to Rosings alone to visit her friend, Charlotte, who married Elizabeth's cousin, Mr. Collins. When Mr. Darcy arrived to see Elizabeth, she tells him that Mr. And Mrs. Collins went to the village. Her aunt and uncle are the Gardiners.

raywest Premium member

Question: Minutes after Elsa freezes, Olaf flurries away, and turns into a pile of ordinary snow. Why? Is it because he can't exist without Elsa?

Answer: When Elsa was frozen solid, her power, which animated Olaf, was cut off from the surrounding environment. That caused him to disintegrate into ordinary snow.

raywest Premium member

Question: How was Serone able to get Gary to his side so quickly?

Answer: He played into his greed. Told him there can be a lot of money made if you capture an anaconda like that one.


Question: Nick was supposed to be watching Fanny sing at Keany's, but I just don't see him in the audience shots. Error?

Season 1 generally

Question: Would it actually be possible for someone as young as Harrison was to remember seeing his mother being murdered? I think he was around a year old at the time.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Around 1 year old is very unlikely. However, there are numerous reports and articles online of kids as young as 4 telling people "daddy hurt mummy" or vice versa when witnessing a murder.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Something I'm confused about... every home-video and streaming version of the movie available is in full-frame. But I've read it was released in theaters in some countries. So was the movie initially released in widescreen? It seems odd that the DVD editions are only in full-frame, especially as at the time they were released, widescreen was pretty much taking over as widescreen TV's were becoming more popular and full-frame was being phased out.


Answer: There are two times when this happens the first time he is holding his guns. The second time he is holding a frog.

Show generally

Question: During the first three seasons, all the main cast appeared in every episode (except one without Joyce Dewitt by season 3), but it seems once Suzanne Somers left the show, episodes had some cast members absent on a regular basis (mainly Richard Kline and Don Knotts who both only appeared in selected episodes in the later seasons). Was it a sudden budget cut or another reason for this?

Question: When Caparzo hands Melish the knife, why did he get upset?


Answer: The situation from before, an intense firefight, got to him, the stress and anxiety taking over for a moment. It's likely this is his first moment of rest and reflection since landing on the beach. Plus, it's a Hitler Youth knife, revealing they just killed a bunch of minors.


Question: I know that Sam Elliott, who played General Ross in 2003 Hulk, wanted to play him again in this movie. Why was he rejected and replaced with William Hurt?

Answer: Presumably because this movie was retooled into a reboot that wasn't meant to connect with the 2003 film. So bringing back main cast members might have been seen as being potentially too confusing at the time. (This was nearly 10 years prior to JK Simmons being cast again as J. Jonah Jameson, which proved audiences can go with the same actors being in reboots. But in 2008, it probably would have been viewed as being too risky).


I do think you're right, although it's worth pointing out that Judi Dench was recast as M in the rebooted 2006 Casino Royale after playing her in the Brosnan Bond films. Not sure if that was the first time that's happened.

That is true, although I'd consider it a slightly different circumstance because the Bond films are basically a singular linear film series following one main character, and it was made clear that "Casino Royale" was essentially a full-on reboot. Comparatively, the MCU is multiple different stand-alone "series" (Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, etc.) that all tie together via crossovers, cameos and team-up films. They were probably worried that people would assume the 2003 movie was retroactively part of the MCU. (Which you could probably argue is now true given the establishment of the multiverse, and the implication that previous non-MCU Marvel movies are all canonical as part of the multiverse... but that wasn't part of the plan at the time this movie was made).


Question: I know that Jeremy Bulloch played both Boba Fett and Sheckil, but I read that someone else was supposed to play Sheckil before Bulloch replaced him. Who was initially supposed to play Sheckil before Bulloch took his place?

Question: Was there an intention by the writer or director to make an allusion to the Japanese cartoon "8th Man", as he was the 8th experiment and first success? Or is it coincidence that the similarity exists?

Question: I don't understand Georgina's fondness for the "Wizard of Oz" series. Was it somehow connected to her being a pathological liar?

Answer: I got the impression that she was presented as a "bookworm" (or bibliophile). When Susanna first entered her room, Georgina was reading "The Patchwork of Oz" and had four other books on her bed, plus a notebook with a pen (apparently to take notes for comparison/contrast purposes and/or remember passages). Soon after their introduction, Georgina returned to reading (and ignored her new roommate, for a while). Georgina probably found comfort in reading what might have been her favorite books and reading may have been a way to deal with loneliness, fear, distress, etc. in such an institution. Whether she was obsessed with or fixated on "The Wizard of Oz" series is questionable; having favorite books is not necessarily pathological! But, no, I don't think it was related to pathological lying.


Answer: I think it does play a part. She prefers the fantasy worlds to real life. Look when real life happens, or they hear about something... She looks so distraught and unable to really cope. Telling lies lets her create her own reality that she CAN deal with and be happy in with a sense of control.

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