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Question: Why did the ROARs congratulate Sully and invite him to join them after seemingly losing the Scare Games to Oozma Kappa?


Question: In the final race, Lightning stops at the finish line and gives up the win to help The King. I don't get why. If he wanted the win and the Dinoco sponsorship, then why not win, then go help him. Sure, he was being a good sportsman, but even in football, you can win, cheer, and then go congratulate the team and say good game. He would have been praised either way.

Answer: It was about choosing personal character and integrity over fame and monetary reward. Lightning McQueen knew that if he won, the ensuing glory and adulation could be shallow and fleeting, as it had been for Doc. McQueen was already selfish and arrogant, and he realised winning the championship would have made him worse. He instead makes a sacrifice to help someone else, stays loyal to his less-glamorous Rust-Eze sponsor, who always supported him, and knows who his true friends are so that, moving forward, he can build a more meaningful life.

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Question: Why wasn't Jason recovered after Tommy drowned him at the end of part 6?

Answer: Jason was dead at the end of Part 6, the girl used her E.S.P. powers to bring him back to life.

Answer: Any answer is pure speculation, but my personal theory is that people just decided to turn their heads and look the other way. It seemed like Jason was finally dead at the end of part six, so authorities just decided to leave him where he was to rot. At least that's my theory.


Question: How did the T-800 figure out that John's foster parents were dead?

Answer: He tested the T-1000 by asking him about the barking dog. The dog's actual name is Max, so the T-800 asks "What's wrong with Wolfie? I can hear him barking." When the T-1000 answers that "Wolfie is just fine", The T-800 knows that the T-1000 has killed Todd and Janelle. There's actually a deleted scene (reincorporated into the Director's Cut) where the T-1000 then goes outside, kills the dog, and checks the tag to find out if he was duped.


Answer: Depending on how old the scan picture is, it's possible for a "hidden twin" to exist. If the scan is from early in the pregnancy then its more likely. (I will add it's been about 10 years since I watched the last season of Friends so I could be wrong).

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Question: When Miranda was confined in her cell and Rachel was throwing her from wall-to-wall, the guards found out through the camera monitor thinking she was trying to kill herself. But the time when Miranda escaped and went to Chloe's cell, looked through the glass and noticed the Anima Sola tattoo (sheriff Ryan's chest tattoo) was that not captured on tape? I know Chloe was not the main character/story, but that bothered me since she was supposedly getting abused by "the devil" in the institution. Either a security cam inside the cell like Miranda's, or a security cam out in the hall to see the sheriff walking in and out of Chloe's cell.

Answer: The Sheriff either had another accomplice or bribed someone to look the other way. Miranda's husband was his partner, he may have given him access codes or cards to get in and out without being seen.

Answer: Grant is secretly investigating the case and already knows that Carson Dyle is not dead, and has probably figured out how Reggie (Hepburn) knew that fact or else it doesn't matter overall to his investigation.

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Question: I understand that Sullivan killed Barrigan at the end of the movie because there needed to be someone dead other than Costigan that Sullivan could pin as the mole in order to evade being caught. But why couldn't Sullivan keep Barrigan alive and then both of them pin Trooper Brown, who Barrigan had killed just a second beforehand, as the mole?

Answer: At this point, Costello is dead, Queenan is dead, Billy is dead and so is Officer Brown. The only person who could tie Sullivan to Costello is Barrigan. I believe it was a matter of tying loose ends and ensuring his "fresh" start.

Answer: It is unlikely that Trooper Brown would be believable as a member of the Irish Mob, considering the fact that he is African American.


Question: When Costigan finds out that Costello is an FBI informant, why doesn't Costigan speak privately with Costello and reveal to him (Costello) about being an undercover cop in order to get Costello to tell him (Costigan) who the moles are in the police department? Then he (Costigan) can inform Dignam and Queenan, so they can have the moles (Sullivan (and Barrigan)) arrested. If Costello is an FBI informant and Costigan is an undercover cop then they are on the same side, so theoretically they can trust each other.

Answer: Just because Costello is an FBI informant does not mean he is a nice guy. Costello would probably kill Costigan if he knew he was a cop. They are not on the same side at all. Costello also benefits greatly from having Sullivan as a police officer that is loyal to him, so he would never roll over on him.


They aren't FBI informants either. They are Boston State Trooper undercover agents.

Question: Jack's past was left very vague and inconsistent, in the film. Like who was the "last" pirate Captain who died and gave the compass to Jack, and why did he give it to Jack, he wasn't anybody special at the time? Salazar said he killed all the pirates, and Jack's ship was the last, how would that leave the world to be as it is, in the future, with all the pirate lords, and amounts of pirates still existing?

Answer: Jack was with the Captain as he lay dying, plus he figured Jack showed promise as a pirate. Dead Men Tell No Tales takes place almost 15 to 20 years after the events of World's End. Elizabeth became pregnant at the end of the movie. The end credit scene showed her and 10 year old Henry walking to the coast to see Will arrive The last movie had Henry in his late teens.

Question: Why did the bank people open the safe in the beginning of the movie? I get that they were trying to demonstrate the safety of the vault, but how does opening it do that? Feels like something written just to help the story move on.

Answer: You answered your own question. It was written that way to serve the plot line, even if it was illogical.

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Question: After Alex trades seats with Christa and Blake, Tod complains: "Because of you I have to sit here and watch fucking Stuart Little." What does he mean by this exactly? I know about the movie Stuart Little but I don't see what it has to do with anything.

Answer: Tod was sitting next to Blake and hoping to make some sort of move on her, or at least chat/flirt with her. Since Alex agreed to switch seats, Tod has to sit next to Alex and is saying now he has to watch the in-flight movie, instead of trying to score with Blake.


Question: When the T-1000 is impersonating Janelle, why did he act concerned? When he first meets Janelle and Todd and asks about John, they both look annoyed and even sound angry. Why didn't the T-1000 act this way too after his observation of how they reacted?

Answer: The T-1000 is trying to lure John home, or get him to reveal his location, so why would it act angry? It acts concerned so John will let his guard down. This, of course, backfires, because it acts TOO nice and tips John off.

And is why the T800 confirms his parents are dead by asking about the dog.

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Question: Tommy mentions something about ace degenerate - what was he talking about?

Answer: Tommy was saying Johnny was the number one, or best in the group, degenerate. Meaning if there was something bad or wrong to do or get into, Johnny would have been the first to do it or lead the way. Tommy offered Johnny a beer and Johnny refused. At this point, they're not even seniors in high school, so they're engaging in illegal underaged drinking (degenerate behavior). Tommy says it in an affectionate/positive way though, like he his proud to be degenerate.


Question: How did Cal manage to get into a lifeboat with the child that wasn't his? All the crew seem to know who he is so shouldn't have been fooled into thinking the child was his?

Answer: Not every crew member would have known him. He was in first class, the crew were lower deck officers, and there was so much confusion about, that nobody was paying close attention to who he was, just that he was a man with a baby.

Answer: While they probably did know that to be the case, they had to consider the possibility the child had already lost their parents. By refusing Cal onto the boat, they could easily have been sentencing the child to death. At least with an adult the child stands a chance of survival. Hence the hesitation by the guard. Let Cal in with a child that's not his and save the child or refuse him and the child and let them fight for survival. In that guard's position I know what I would do.

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Question: Would anyone happen to know what song is playing in the background on the radio beside the intelligence officer sitting at the bar when Martin Sheen enters the Generals trailer and is being interviewed by Harrison Ford for the first time?

Answer: It's not any specific song; it's just the kind of generic piano music you'd hear at dinner at a high-class restaurant of the era. Think of scenes in movies, films, etc. set or made in the '50s and '60s, where the characters go to a nice dinner and there's someone at the piano playing unobtrusive music to accompany the food/conversation.

Answer: Because she is no longer a mutant (at least in his eyes) without powers and can be of no further use to him.


Question: Since it was so cold on the return journey to Earth, why didn't the astronauts wear their full space suits they wore on lift-off to keep warm? The just seem to be wearing their lightweight flight overalls.


Answer: Because they need to be able to move quickly through the confined space of the module, and the full suits would be far too bulky in an emergency.

The older Apollo missions all splashed down with full suits and helmet on. Just the launch suits, not the much bulkier EVA (moon walk) suits.


Answer: According to Jim Lovell in a later interview about the mission, the crew considered putting on their space suits but in addition to them being too bulky, there was concern the suits would make them perspire too much, thus making them wet and even colder. It wasn't quite as cold as depicted in the movie, it was always above freezing, and there were no icy windows or frozen hot dogs.

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Answer: In addition, since they have to leave the ship after landing, the suit filling with water would be very dangerous.


The launch abort mode was for an ocean landing, so they would have been just as vulnerable at the start of the mission. I get your line of thinking though.


Answer: If I'm not mistaken, I believe you're referring to his NYC Police Commissioner pin.


Question: Near the end of the film, when everyone is at the pub celebrating, there's a brief shot showing what appears to be an aged man dancing outdoors, in the dark. Is this Ned?


Answer: Yes.

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