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Question: After the probe goes through the stargate General West discusses the possibility of a reconnaissance team but one officer says to get back they need to dial home. My query is, couldn't they just open the stargate again from their end? Instead of having to dial home to activate the stargate? Also, while on the alien planet, presumably they use satellite phones to communicate, how are they get the satellite signals for the phones to work without satellites?

Answer: The wormhole is a one way gate. So when the gate is opened from one side, you can't go through from the other side. You have to open the stargate from your own location in order to travel.


Question: In the first movie, Kevin's mom says there are 15 people in the house. In the 2nd movie, the two moms count 7 each which is 14. Who was removed in the 2nd movie?

Answer: Heather McCallister wasn't in Home Alone 2. She's the daughter of Rob McCallister whom everyone was visiting in Paris. Heather was in college in the US and tagged along with everyone. When everyone is going to Miami, Rob's family is still in Paris (Heather is either with them in Paris or still at school).


IApril Fools - S6-E1

Question: Why did Carley make up the part about Minke being there when he wasn't there?

The Triangle - S1-E5

Question: Who is the designer of Blanche's dress when she was confronting Dorothy?

Answer: I don't think she is aware that they travel to dragon land she just thinks that they are playing in their playroom the whole time.

If she was aware that they travel to dragon land, they'd probably lose her trust.

I think Emmy, and Max's mother is unaware of the fact that they travel dragon land I believe because Emmy, and max keep it a secret. After all It's unlikely that a mother would trust children at Emmy, and Max's ages to travel to a place like dragon land all by themselves.

Answer: Why wouldn't Santa Claus visit the same house and the same children each Christmas season? Little Sarah obviously believed in Santa Claus and expects him every year, like many children do. Sarah believed in Santa so much she left him food for the reindeer, and cookies and milk for him, and later, soy milk because she remembered that Santa told her he was watching his fats. Santa will visit each Christmas as often as he can, provided people believe in him.


Question: Why drive into Juarez? Why not extradite the criminal by air?

Answer: Megatron is a cruel, violent, evil despot and there is absolutely no chance he would follow through on his word. There is no doubt he would betray Optimus (or anyone else, for that matter) the moment the opportunity arose. All of this is exasperated by the fact that Megatron is also extremely powerful and an immensely skilled fighter. He is, in short, much too dangerous to be kept alive.


Answer: Because Dory asked for his help to get to Sydney. Although Marlin doesn't believe her, Dory can in fact speak Whale quite well which is proven in the sequel.


Answer: When Aaron and Dana are killed at the truck stop, at one point Aaron spots a dead body - a man wearing nothing but an undershirt and underwear. The fact he's only wearing undergarments implies that he was wearing the boiler suit and that Michael killed him and took it.


Question: What happened to Clyde's daughter after Darby took her? (02:42:00 - 02:44:00)

Answer: He killed her.

Answer: How does anyone know how to read any language? He learned it, at some point in his millennia-long existence and long association with the Elves.

Question: What does Nick tell Danny at the party?

Question: Surely 'curing' the villains and sending them back to their own universes will have severe implications on the timeline. For example if Norman Osborn never dies in Spider-Man, then Harry never finds out, never becomes the new goblin and wouldn't be able to save Peter in Spider-Man 3?

Answer: Potentially, but there are way too many variables. Changes to the original Spider-Man timeline might have such ramifications that the events of the third film never come to pass at all! Or indeed the Norman Osborn that we see might be a variant of the one in the Spider-Man film, with his own timeline, or indeed making changes to the original timeline might split off multiple alternate timelines. There's just no definitive answer.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Question: Why can't Kevin just call the police that Harry and Marv is about to rob Duncan's toy chest at midnight instead of stopping them himself?


Answer: There is no reason other than it would be an incredibly boring movie if he did that. Obviously that's what one would do in real life, but if one buys that Marv and Harry can survive the multiple fatal traps they encounter, then one can suspend disbelief enough to accept a questionable decision to advance the plot.

Answer: I think it's the same reason he didn't call the cops in the first film, he was afraid of the cops because he committed a crime himself. While it could be considered a stretch, it's not really explained in the films. In the first film he is chased by the cop for stealing a toothbrush and in the second film the hotel has found out Kevin was using a stolen credit card, so he flees. Of course, he ends up calling the cops in the first film and makes a recording of their confession for the cops in the second film.


Answer: What cop would believe a little boy that he knows that two escaped convicts, he single handedly captured before, we're going to rob a store.

Police are required to follow up on reports. They can't just disregard a report because they think it's unlikely.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: What if in the middle of the robbery, while Sonny was outside, he suddenly decided he wanted to surrender, while Sal was still in the bank, and didn't want to surrender? What would the police have done? Arresting him would've likely got the hostages killed, but they couldn't force him to go back in the bank.


Question: What would've happened if Sonny drove the limo himself, refused to tell the police where they were going, and told the police not to follow them? Also, if Sal had hostages sitting behind him as well, making it impossible for the police to get a clean shot? How could the police have stopped them, without getting any hostages killed?


Answer: He's a chemist who develops food additives for a food company.

Brian Katcher

Roast Chicken - S3-E2

Question: When Doug is telling jokes at the dinner, he asks the audience if they all received a number-two pencil. Then he tells a red-haired woman that he is just kidding. Would someone explain this joke?

Answer: A number-two pencil has long been standard for filling in the little boxes or circles on various paper evaluation forms, tests, and ballots. Doug didn't think he was funny enough to tell jokes at the roast and seems to be implying that his performance will be rated on a scale. For example, the audience would fill in a box somewhere between five for "excellent" to a one for "poor." He quickly clarifies he is kidding.

raywest Premium member

Answer: It's nothing more than him saying her red hair looks like the red eraser on top of a pencil. He's asking did every table get a redhead.


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