Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Continuity mistake: When Miles is crossing the street to get to Uncle Aaron's apartment, in the close up shot of him a bus and Malibu stop, a car behind the Malibu and a taxi also stop, and a red Prius can be seen speeding off in front of the bus. Right after in a far shot of Miles the bus and Malibu are still there, but the opposing traffic cars have been randomly switched, with the taxi now being 4th in the line and the red Prius can no longer be seen, replaced by a line of cars never seen before, and a giant boxtruck.

Continuity mistake: When Aunt May first answers her front door it opens outward. Every other time the door is shown it opens to the interior as it should - front doors always open inwards.


Spider-Ham: That's all, folks.
Peter B. Parker: Is he allowed to say that? Legally?

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Trivia: Stan Lee has a cameo as the store clerk who sells the Spiderman suit to Miles.


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Question: Shouldn't Peter's spider sense work when he meets Dr Octopus?


Answer: She wasn't a danger to him in the moment they met. The Doc Oc from his universe was likely still the male version we all know and his senses were attuned to recognize him. At the moment they met and she started geeking out over him, she wasn't immediately trying to harm or threaten him so his senses had no reason to be triggered by a strange woman who, at that moment, seemed normal.

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