Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Trivia: Stay for a scene after the credits.

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Trivia: The animators created many small flaws in the film in order to emulate the looks of old comics. This includes color separation and a slight double-image effect in certain scenes to replicate imperfect comic-printing techniques. While the effect was intentional, many film-goers who saw the movie in 2D actually complained about these effects, thinking they were accidentally sold tickets to a 3D movie. (Especially due to the double-image effects).


Trivia: In Miles' room you can see the Amazing Fantasy #15 comic book where Spidey was introduced.


Trivia: Stan Lee makes a cameo as they guy who sells the Spiderman suit to Miles.


Continuity mistake: When Aunt May first answers her front door it opens outward. Every other time the door is shown it opens to the interior as it should - front doors always open inwards.

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Spider-Ham: Do animals talk in this dimension? Cause I don't wanna freak anyone out.

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