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A Normal Amount of Rage - S1-E1

Question: Jen has concerns about Steve Rogers dying a virgin, and Bruce eventually caves in the credits sequence and says he lost his virginity in 1943 on the USO tour. But why doesn't he tell Jen that Steve had many happy years with Peggy Carter, courtesy of their timeline-jumping? Presumably that involved sex too. Does Bruce not know, or is that meant to be kept secret?

Answer: He probably knew and kept Steve's secret.


Answer: 1. David probably lied to get Jen off his back. 2. She wanted to know if Steve ever had sex, not about his true love. 3. If he told her about Steve's time travel, it would open a can of worms. She would probably be curious and seek him out, the government might want him back for disobeying orders and not resuming his Captain America duties. 4. The government would want the secrets of time travel to change history or to go back and forced him to resume his Captain America duties to prevent the infiltration of Hydra into S.H.I.E.L.D.

Question: How did Jo and her mercenaries know what cove to go to in the Philippines if Drake had just discovered it using the crosses that Chloe had brought with her from the helicopter? If Chloe didn't know about using the crosses and was faked out by the false coordinates then wouldn't we assume the mercenaries hadn't found the location yet either?

Answer: Jo and her mercenaries were at the wrong island, It's when they saw Drake go past them in a speed boat, and not to the island they were on, that's when they realised they had been tricked.

A Normal Amount of Rage - S1-E1

Question: When talking about "geniuses in the family" at the start, Bruce says "there's also Ched", at least according to the subtitles. Is this another Banner cousin with Marvel ties, or just a random throwaway line?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: This is answered in the second episode, where we meet Ched who's clearly not a genius. Given this first episode was originally written as the penultimate one of the series, and tweaked as the premiere later, it makes more sense why that line might be a throwaway by Bruce, given if it was episode 8 as intended the audience would already have met Ched and understand how he's not being remotely serious.

Chosen answer: According to Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ched is a relative of Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters. There is a character profile but with no additional information provided yet, nor is there much info online available elsewhere. This appears to be a new character that has yet to appear.

raywest Premium member

Question: How could Ethan really trust Luther to hold on to the NOC list, as Stickell was a disavowed agent himself?

Ethan Hunt

Answer: Frankly, in working with him over the prior few days he just got to know him well enough to make that judgement. That and he could hear Luther react audibly over the earpiece when he saw what it was that they were downloading. He was surprised and had clear fear in his voice. Yes he could have been putting on an act, but this is where getting to know him over the prior days comes into play. As a secret agent himself, frequently sent under cover and surrounded by hostile or unknown players, he would have to become a good judge of character to identify threats and allies.

Garlonuss Premium member

Question: What phone was used by Nicolas Cage while in the car towards the end? (01:47:10 - 01:49:31)

Question: Did Sonny and Marty become a couple at the end? You see them both dancing together during the finale but for the rest of the film, there's no suggestion that they are a couple, so I was a bit confused.

Gavin Jackson

Answer: It's hinted throughout the movie that they were dating already. The Pink Ladies are the T-Birds counterparts and therefore they date within the groups. Putzie/Jan, Doody/Frenchy, Kenickie/Rizzo, Sonny/Marty. Zuko is the only one not with a Pink Lady.

Question: What exactly is the crowd chanting at the fighting match? It's sounds like "Go Rumba" or something but I can't make it out.

Gavin Jackson

Answer: In the comics he was a tall, thin man with a large hook nose, sort of like "Sherlock Holmes." When the movie was cast, they thought of altering Alec Baldwin's face for the role, but decided that all those prosthetics would make him unrecognizable, so it was decided he would morph into the original character, when using his "Shadow" power. The same thing was decided when Warren Beatty was cast as "Dick Tracy."

Answer: Unlike most comic book superheroes, the Shadow character evolved from a series of pulp novels, and later a radio program, starting in the 1930s. The Shadow's true identity was initially unknown, and he had multiple aliases and many alter egos. Only later was he permanently known as rich playboy Lamont Cranston. As the Shadow, he used different disguises when combating villains. While in Asia, Lamont learned how to read minds and use hypnosis to cloud peoples' vision. The movie reflected his ability to alter his appearance when transforming into the crime-fighting Shadow.

raywest Premium member

Question: What makes Ethan really trust Luther to hold on to the NOC list? I mean he's a disavowed agent, right?

Answer: When Ethan was at Langley making a copy of the NOC list. Listen carefully and you'll hear Luther say "Holy mother of God. The NOC List." He had no idea that's what they were there to get. He knew how sacred that was. Job had made a deal to get the list and sell it. If Luther was in on it, he would not have been so shocked by it. Later, Ethan says if Luther knew what they were going to do, he never would have agreed to be a part of it. Probably because if they got caught the punishment would be severe and Luther was not a bad person. He would not willingly risk lives just for a few dollars.

Question: Blaire was responsible for filming and uploading the embarrassing video of Laura, which led to Laura's suicide. Aside from Blaire, how were Mitch, Adam, Jess, Ken, and Val involved with the humiliating video that made Laura kill them?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: Blair's friends were responsible for some of the online bullying, but she said everyone is doing it, so they did. That's the only thing I can think of anyway.

Question: At the Lunar-Max prison, Boris asks the guard to cut the cake for them. But then the guard proceeds to just shove his finger into the center of it why? Was he going to crudely cut the cake with his finger? Is he further checking it? Is he just being a jerk and trying to ruin the cake?

immortal eskimo

Answer: The last one. He is bullying Boris by ruining his cake.


Question: What's that sound when the witch's broom dives into Far Far Away?

Answer: You have to be more specific, there are a lot of sounds. Do you mean what song or what sound effects?


Answer: It's implied that Steve filed for divorce since in s04e16, "You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em", Marcy says that Steve is suing for alimony. Alimony is something that has to be requested when filing for divorce. Although the show doesn't spend time on the actual legal proceedings of their divorce.


Answer: They may have quit because they experienced lingering fear and anxiety after eating the soup, regardless of whether they remembered anything. As everyone was only limited to one bowl of the soup, Vink fired anyone he caught trying to have more. Some employees may have quit out of frustration over the restriction. It also serves the plot to have different characters experiencing the effects of eating the soup.

raywest Premium member

Question: Maybe I missed something while watching the movie. In a couple of brief scenes, they showed the severely deformed face of a woman. What was that all about?

Answer: It's actually a boy named Ruben. It's alluded to him being disfigured due to being the product of incest. In the context of the movie, Ruben is supposed to be an "oracle" who comes up with sacred scriptures, runes, etc. From what I understand, due to his deformities and cognitive disabilities, he's considered to be less "constrained" by typical mental/emotional limitations, and thus more open-minded spiritually. (Basically, they believe that because he's so simple-minded and childlike, he's open-minded enough to able to communicate with higher powers).


Question: Why would the Sorting Hat want to put Harry into Slytherin? Although Harry has a few traits of a Slytherin, he doesn't have the other traits such as pride, ambition and self-preservation.

Answer: Spoiler alert: Harry has a piece of Voldemort's soul in himself which entered through the scar. The sorting hat was aware of that soul part when going through Harry's mind and Voldemort is typical Slytherin material, so the sorting hat put that into his consideration.


Answer: I TOTALLY agree with lionhead's excellent answer, but dispute the assertions in the question that Harry lacked ambition, pride, or a sense of self-preservation. He would not otherwise have survived Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Apart from Voldemort's soul shard embedded within him, Harry was also naturally resourceful, determined, clever, achievement-oriented, and had a "certain disregard for rules." These were Slytherin traits which many exploited for Dark purposes, though not all Slytherins were evil.

raywest Premium member

The House That Peg Lost - S3-E16

Question: After Al and Peggy snoop through the Rhoades' safe, Al wonders if Steve knows that the house is only in Marcy's name. If Steve thinks the house is also in his name, wouldn't he have signed mortgage paperwork at some point?

Answer: If you recall, Marcy worked in a bank. Perhaps she told Steve she'd taken care of all the paperwork. And the Rhodes were somewhat well-to-do, maybe they paid cash for their home or borrowed money from family.

Brian Katcher

Question: I know there's a few different releases of this film with different scenes. Has it ever been revealed how the Aliens managed to get inside the complex? Ripley states they must have missed an entrance to which Hudson replies they didn't miss anything. Is there a deleted scene, director's cut etc that shows how the aliens got in?

Answer: It's shown in the film (both versions) that the Aliens use the space in the drop ceiling to get into the complex. The drop ceiling doesn't show on the blueprints so Ripley and the Marines didn't think about it. When Ripley wonders if they missed anything Hicks replies "We didn't miss anything." Hicks is technically correct, but Ripley then says "Something not on the blueprints, I don't know." They did not account for the fact the ceiling grates aren't the actual top of the room because they made their plans based on the blueprints.


The aliens used the space above the drop ceilings to move around the complex once inside, but it is never revealed how they actually got in from outside.

Alien: Resurrection shows the aliens are happy to sacrifice one of their own to use their blood to help them escape captivity - possible something similar happened here if they knew it was worth them getting inside.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Question: How would the stranger have known that Jill was going to babysit that night. Did he follow her out there? Or was he just hanging around the area of the house waiting to see if the parents ever went out for a night and left a babysitter with the kids?

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