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Question: Why did her mother spare Carrie after giving birth? When they made eye contact was she suddenly sane and filled with love for her new daughter?


Answer: It's doubtful she became momentarily "sane" but the mother/child bond is incredibly strong, and apparently was stronger than Margaret's initial desire to kill her infant.

raywest Premium member

Thank you, happy new year. I found this to be a touching scene, they just love having Julianne Moore hold babies as she's done this in four or five movies now, latest being Still Alice, took them forever to give her an Academy Award, should've won at least for The Hours prior to this win.


Answer: At the end of the movie, Margaret tells Carrie that she wanted to keep her, and asked God to let her. There's also a small implication that Carrie's powers may have stopped the scissors blades right as they were about to stab her (remember that Carrie doesn't always have control of her powers, and the deleted scenes reveal that she's had the powers since she was very little. They aren't new). This may have led her mother to believe that God himself was stopping the scissors and allowing her to keep the child.

Question: Why did Christof not get rid of Sylvia earlier when it's seen that Truman fancies her? He could just have taken her off the set and had the other actors tell Truman she "transferred" to another school, so as not to have her be alone with Truman and attempt to tell him what was going on. Also how could Sylvia predict that Truman would fancy her, thereby making it easier for her to tell him about Seahaven being fake?

Answer: They fell for each other, the feelings were hidden enough for the show makers not to notice until it was already "too late." I don't think they minded Truman looking at other women or female actors flirting with Truman, as long as they held to the script and understood who Truman was supposed to end up with. Sylvia broke those rules, because of her feelings and only made the decision to tell him the truth after she realised she was going to be removed and never see him again (in person I mean). It wasn't her plan to fall in love with him, nor to tell him his life was a lie (although that could theoretically be true, but not the falling in love part).


Question: Why doesn't Arthur's doctor recommend a new doctor after their sessions end so he can keep getting his meds?


Answer: Arthur's therapy and medication are paid for by the city government. The entire program was cut and Arthur can't afford it on his own.

Brian Katcher

Drafted - S1-E9

Question: Why would Ethel think Fred's enlisted? He wouldn't be allowed in due to his age right? I know the plot yet this thinking makes no sense.


Answer: There is no reason. It's a just a silly plot device, typical of the era. Women characters were often portrayed as making uninformed assumptions or decisions.

raywest Premium member

Season 1 generally

Question: The eels eat the fuel in all the Jupiters, other than the one in the desert. Somehow, the eels get in all the fuel tanks. We know that the Robinson's ship got them when their ship sank and flooded, so how did they get into all the other ships' tanks, and why wouldn't more eels suck down the fuel later added from the desert ship?

Answer: It's unknown how the eels got into all the fuel tanks. Once they were discovered, the colonists could flush them out of the tanks and keep them out before adding the fuel from the Jupiter that crashed in the desert.

raywest Premium member

Answer: The real world answer is poor storytelling. In the film, he's trying to find a way to destroy Nuclear Man, who is genetically the same as himself.

Question: I never got the scene in the flat with Wanda and Archie when he strips naked and a family walks into the flat. He tells them to leave because they are obviously in the wrong flat and some friend gave him the key and then the man says they leased the flat from the agents last weekend and that immediately changes Archie's tone. Why? What was the confusion about? Were he and Wanda in the wrong flat?


Answer: My impression is that (possibly through Wendy) Archie has friends who are rich enough to happily let each other use their London flats while they are overseas or in their country homes. But in his haste he hasn't checked what the owner is actually doing with the place. He realises he has been too impulsive and won't be able to bluster his way out. Since these are strangers he goes to politeness instead. (This doesn't explain why a flat for rent still has family pictures on display but that's the setup for the comedy).

The Best of Both Worlds (1) - S3-E26

Question: I can't tell if this was a mistake or if there's an explanation. When the Borg are on the Enterprise's bridge, the first two are covered in the green light indicating they're being transported back to the Borg ship, but the 3rd one (the one successfully shot by Worf) has no lights, he just fades away. Why?


Answer: The Borg use technology to cause the dead to disintegrate, presumably as a security measure to prevent their technology from being captured.

But in s05e23, "I, Borg", Riker says "the Borg collect their dead" when they encounter the injured Borg. Worf says to kill it and leave no evidence they were there so that when the Borg return to collect the dead member. Plus, there were 4 dead Borg and none of them disintegrated.


I believe "collect" refers to the disintegration. We see other Borg remove specific pieces of technology from the dead borg, which causes it to disappear.

Question: If Rey was powerful enough to realise that Chewbacca was still alive on another spaceship (remember that they were in space and the ship was probably a far distance away), why did she have no clue that he wasn't on the cargo ship right in front of her (the one her and Kylo accidentally blew up)?

Gavin Jackson

Answer: At this point Rey had just been involved in a test of power versus Kylo Ren - she was probably far too stressed at the time so couldn't determine whether Chewbacca was onboard or not.

True. However she may have been more baffled by the blue lightning strike that she just cast.

Question: If Countess de Winter's fleur-de-lis brand is on her left shoulder, how did she manage to keep it hidden from Athos during their entire marriage? Were they never intimate?

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: They were most likely intimate, but until modern times, it was typical for men and woman to always maintain their modesty by never being completely nude in front of someone, even their spouse. The Countess was probably always partially clothed whenever they were intimate. Marital relations were usually confined to the bedroom, in the dark, and after retiring for the night. Aristocratic women also dressed privately, assisted by a lady's maid. At one time, people even bathed while partially clothed. The Countess may also have used some cosmetic treatment to help cover the brand.

raywest Premium member

Question: When Kevin is shooting Buzz's Starting Lineup figures down the laundry shoot with the BB gun, who are the two figures left of the spatula? I know the one on the far right is Larry Bird, and I believe next to Bird is Walter Payton.

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: Yes, Walter Payton. The other two are Babe Ruth and Steve Largent.


Answer: It was in Season 10, when the show was rebooted. Roseanne's pain pill abuse is first brought up in Episode 8, "Netflix and Pill." In the spin-off series, "The Conners", Roseanne's death was attributed to an opiate overdose.

raywest Premium member

Having her die like that was so stupid.

Question: What did Daniel's wife die of?

Answer: It's never really specified, but most likely from a long illness. There was no reference to it being unexpected or a tragic accident.

Answer: A tree broke the wall of their enclosure at the zoo and they climbed it to freedom.

Answer: Two dogs, Old Jack and Dewey, do not survive.

raywest Premium member

Question: I remember seeing a scene at Clark's boss' house with lots of people having a big party when Cousin Eddie shows up to kidnap him. What happened to that scene in the version I bought on DVD?

Answer: Are you sure it was this movie? The boss was in his jammies when he was kidnapped and his wife was alone when she called the police.

Brian Katcher

This movie seems to have an awful lot of scenes people randomly remember, that are corroborated by other people, but that the official information on IMDB and other sources disprove. Remember that awesome Nelson Mandela cameo in it?

Sammo Premium member

This does seem unlikely. Having him abducted from a party would change the entire end of the film. As you say, he's in his pajamas, which would make no sense.

Answer: It's a group of Sith cultists known as the Sith Eternal. They have been based on Exegol for many years.

Question: How did Palpatine come back? Cloned? Or somehow survived the Death Star explosion, which seems unlikely.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: According to the novelization, Palpatine sensed Vader's internal conflict and created a clone as a backup in the event that Vader betrayed him. When Vader threw him down the shaft, Palpatine transferred his consciousness into the clone's body.

Answer: It is not said exactly how he came back. He says that he had died before which presumably is him dying in ROTJ. The most we get is the reference to Sith ability that some consider unnatural.

It is not said how he came back, but I get the idea that he was using the Force to keep himself alive. At least that's the message I was getting when I saw that Palpatine's fingers were wilted away. And I thought that the power he was using was urging his life to go on, but his physical appearence was being dragged behind.

Question: How did the monkeys get onto the space ship and why were they so aggressive?

Answer: On the way from the Moon to Mars, the Cepheus interplanetary vessel receives an automated distress signal from a Norwegian bio-medical space station (that studies and conducts experiments on Earth animals in the deep-space environment). Apparently, a couple of very powerful and temperamental adult baboons escaped from their cages and killed everyone aboard the space station, feeding on their bodies. When the Cepheus answers the distress signal and arrives at the space station, the baboons attack and try to eat Captain Tanner and Roy McBride, also.

Charles Austin Miller

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