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Question: How did the big, black vampire die? I know that he melted after Harvey Keitel ran him through with the shotgun, but I didn't see anything used that would actually "kill" a vampire. There was no holy water, crosses, etc. used on him.

Answer: Well Keitel turned the shotgun into a cross. So he touched the cross and melted.


Question: Do any of the villains ever realise that Conan is the kid from the village that they raided in the beginning?

Answer: When Conan is captured after failing to kill Thulsa Doom, They ask why he wanted to kill him. Conan shouts, "You killed my mother! You killed my father! You killed my people, you took my father's sword!" Doom replied, "It must have been when I was younger." It meant nothing to him, a forgotten memory, completely meaningless to him.

Question: If Tommy and Lindsey both had babysitters why couldn't they go trick or treating?


Answer: Tommy was in an astronaut costume so it kind of implies he went trick or treating earlier.

My friends and I dressed up a lot to get into the spirit of Halloween and not go trick or treating so doesn't really imply anything.


Answer: Who said they weren't allowed to go trick or treating? They both seemed more interested in the movies than anything else.


Question: Is it just me or is Jimmy shown driving 2 different scooters in the final scene at the cliffs? One has a window shield; the other doesn't.

Answer: Yes, you're right! The last scene shows a scooter with no windscreen.

Question: How did the diamond get inside of the skull?

Answer: The pirate was most likely holding it when he died. As centuries past and the body decomposed, it most likely fell into the body.

Question: Why doesn't Ed go to school like Dexter?

Answer: We don't know that he doesn't. He could simply go to a different school where the school year ends slightly earlier. It's also possible that he's already graduated or dropped out.


Question: When McClane gets out of the dump truck to try to lift the ramp up, he closes the door and then gives the door a push and stares at it briefly before running to the ramp. Does he recognise the logo on the door or something?

Answer: If you listen closely, just as he closes the door there is a slight "boom" sound which is more than likely Simon blowing the dam up with the bomb. He more than likely heard that noise and thought it was the trucks door when he closed it.

Answer: He appears to just be inspecting the damage he did to the door when he shot it up a few scenes earlier.


How to Stop an Exploding Man - S1-E23

Question: I'm watching the show on Peacock, the streaming service. But this episode is not available, even though it seems all the others are. Is there any reason why they would leave out the season 1 finale or why they wouldn't be allowed to air it?


Answer: As of right now, I do see the episode available on Peacock.


Question: The scene where Greg calls his parents to tell them they are arriving earlier than expected before entering the RV looks like he is "green screen." Does anyone else see it?

Question: Was any Super Sentai footage used in this movie?

Answer: No. All footage in this film is original to this production.


Question: What's with the hole in the wall that Leland and his men made at the Manhattan? Is he building something there?


Question: Sour Bill imprisons Felix in the dungeon to make up for not doing so with Ralph. Why did he want to lock Ralph in there in the first place?

Answer: There are numerous reasons. Mainly, because Sour Bill works for King Candy and King Candy didn't want Ralph to "go Turbo" and take over Sugar Rush, especially after he had already gone through the trouble of reprogramming the game. (Being Turbo himself, King Candy was playing along, embodying his Sugar Rush character for appearances-sake) Secondly, Ralph had just trashed the audience stands. Later, he busted into the bakery and helped Vanellope make a cart.

Answer: Both because he has sickened his body from changing time so much and out of the shock and stress of how he is now an amputee.

The One With Ross's Tan - S10-E3

Question: I occasionally perform spray tans as a side gig, and the solution usually takes around 8 hours to set. Is there any reason aside from creating a comedy situation that the spray tan salon wouldn't just tell Ross to immediately go home and shower so that his tan won't look so ridiculous?


Answer: None at all. It's played for laughs and that's all. If we really wanted to give it a real-world explanation, we can speculate that maybe Ross stormed out of the tanning salon without giving the staff a chance to recommend a shower.

Question: When Odie gets sent the picture of a blue moon, why didn't Patrick simply inform her that the wrong file was sent and send her the right file?

Answer: He tried to, but she interrupted him when she say how everyone liked it at the party.

Question: Why go through the extremely time-consuming work of digging through a concrete floor, when they could have just brought along a portable toilet with a hermetically sealed disposal system?

Answer: There is no reason for the hole, it's just wasted time and energy. They brought in enough materials to build a fake wall, bringing a little more would be easy. No need for a fancy portable toilet either, a bucket with a lid and some chemicals to neutralise the smell and destroy DNA would be enough, literally less weight than the tools to dig the hole. I think the hole was just there to be a red herring for the audience. Personally I thought he was hiding in the hole and it was covered up by something, but it turns out they built a fake wall for that, same result but it made the movie seem dumber than it needed to be.

Answer: We can only speculate, but a bulky portable toilet would be problematic - both carrying it into the bank and when exiting the building. It appears Dalton removed everything from the hiding space in a duffel bag and a backpack, leaving nothing incriminating behind. The escape plan was to simply blend in with other people while walking out. Eventually, the hiding space would be found. Using the hole as a toilet and refilling it with the excavated dirt could help eliminate DNA evidence traceable to him. He may have removed some waste in plastic bags. Unpleasant, but necessary.


Question: I used to work in a prison as an intake nurse, and I am wondering how in the hell did the warden and guards who were watching the food go through the X-ray scanner not see that the bone in the T-bone steak could be used as a shank? It could be seen on the monitor, so it was obvious. Either sloppy writing of the movie or it just wanted to show the jailers were just inept.

Answer: I think you have given two good answers to your own question. Unless someone knows more about the writing of the movie, it's either a plot convenience or a subtle suggestion that the prison isn't well run.

Question: The only animal surviving is a roach. It survives on wrapped food and shelter that Wall-e provides. There is little to no water in sight but if and when there is water it seems to be very toxic with sludge and acid rain. So how does the roach manage to live with no fresh water?

Answer: There's an old trope that if all humanity was destroyed in some cataclysmic event, only cockroaches could survive. It's meant as a joke, and this is just a play on that. It's unlikely anything could survive under those conditions.


Question: How is it possible that David, as a fugitive, was able to get on a plane to Oregon without getting caught?

Answer: At that point, David's school friend, Jennifer, had met up with him. She could purchase their plane tickets under her name. Air travel security then was less stringent than in the post-9/11 era though it was after the D.B. Cooper hijacking when tighter rules had been implemented. Being a movie, facts and reality are often skewed to serve the storyline though it begs the question of how a minor, even in this era, could buy tickets without proper I.D. for David and where did she get that much money.


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