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Question: What animal power did Newt have, bursting into flames, and what animal power did the girl that turned into ice have?

Answer: Their power is thermoregulation. I don't think it's stated which animal it came from, but any animal that thermal regulates (i.e. warm blooded animal).


Answer: It's ambiguous. Most likely both were targeted to be killed.

raywest Premium member

Answer: She is an Obeah woman, a type of sorceress. In this movie's universe, an Obeah woman's power is supposedly tied to being a virgin.

raywest Premium member

Question: Right before they do the name-calling they take blood from the kids' fingers. Why do they do this?

Answer: They use the blood as an additional means to verify a person's identity, matching their blood type to what's on record.

raywest Premium member

Question: Whenever we see Sauron aka the Necromancer, he appears to be shadowy. Did he have a physical form during the events of the Hobbit or not?

Josh West

Answer: Sauron did not have a full physical form at this time. He cannot completely reform his physical body until the One Ring is returned to him. The Necromancer is portrayed as "shadowy" in the films to represent the fact that he is not an entirely corporeal being. Sauron at this point was only able to use a fraction of his power, so he was easily cast out of Dol Guldur.


Question: Why are Riley's memories not seen from her perspective?

Answer: This is a common movie trick that is done for the audience.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: What's his motivation for going after Laurie after all these years? That and why transfer him?


Answer: You could argue that Laurie is "unfinished business" for Michael, since she escaped him years ago. But it's important to note that in the movie, Michael doesn't seem to be going after her specifically at first. He arrives in town and just begins to start randomly killing people again. He doesn't really go after Laurie until the doctor specifically drives him to her neck of the woods, because he (the doctor) is obsessed with the idea of Michael and Laurie encountering each other again. So there is also the chance that she wasn't really Michael's target at all. I think it's kind of purposely left ambiguous what Michael's "goals" are in the film. As for the second question, it's answered in the opening scene - he's been at the hospital to be studied. But the state has lost interest in the case since no real developments have occurred. So rather than wasting more time/resources on him, they're instead dumping him into a maximum security facility where he'll basically be left to rot.


Question: At Lucy's birthday party one of the kids says that Lucy said that she was adopted. Did Lucy really say this or was the boy lying?

Answer: But when Lucy is put under oath and talks to the judge she tells him that she never said that she was adopted and even says that kids lie about stuff.

Exactly! She told a lie - and then admitted that kids (including herself in her previous statement) lie.


Answer: Based on Lucy's reaction to and disbelief over the boy saying that she said she was adopted, it appears that Lucy did tell the boy she was adopted. Lucy was shocked and embarrassed over her father being informed of what she said. Lucy loves her father but has reached the age where she sees that he is "different from the other fathers." She is sensitive over her friend calling her father a "retard" and mocking him by repeating some things he says, such as "Sorry Mr. Egg."


Question: Why do the weasels go to heaven after they died laughing? They wouldn't have because they're villains.


Answer: Who knows how Toon afterlife works? Cartoons are for children, and hell would be frightening, unless played for comedy.

Brian Katcher

Question: How did Bruce actually find Barry? It says they have someone at the prison who will get the address, but when Barry visits all he does is sign, the guard touches the paper then calls Bruce, how does that help Bruce track him?

Answer: He tracks him from the prison. The same way Lex caught him: cameras. He just needed to know when Barry would be at the prison and track from there. Barry maybe fast but that isn't his only form of transportation. He uses up a lot of energy doing that.


Answer: The guard is letting Bruce know that Barry is there. He's nearly impossible to track because of his speed.

Question: When Peggy comes home, her mom is talking to a strange man. Mom says that was nobody. Who was it, and why does mom say nobody?

Answer: He was a pawn shop owner or jeweler. She was getting quotes to sell her jewelry.

I assume that her father is made bad financial decisions because of the car. It doesn't show mom is bad but it shows mom has a lot of hidden secrets the cigarettes in the basement. Awesome mom didn't sit down at the table and Peggy pushes her to sit. One time her mother says to her even though she wants her to go on the date she weirdly says stand up to him stand up to him now. Do we assume that is abusive?

Question: Manny replaces the starter motor on the car Ray steals, and it works fine. Once the engine is running it doesn't need the starter motor, so how did all the cars suddenly stop if all the aliens did was fry the starters? Any cars already running wouldn't have been affected. Yes you could argue that it affected their ECU's, but not all cars have ECU's and some still rely on good old mechanical engineering.

Answer: I got the impression that all the cars had dead batteries. There are even some people who have their vehicle's hood raised and appear to be checking their batteries. Ray asked Manny, "What is it? They dead?" Manny replied, "All of them. Everything. Look at this. The starter's fried." Having dead batteries does not mean that all the cars had fried starters or bad solenoids. Conversely, having a fried starter does not necessarily mean that the battery is bad/dead. Since Manny was working on the vehicle, the vehicle was not running - this may have prevented the vehicle from also having a dead battery. Maybe the bad solenoid was not at all related to the attack - it was just the reason it was at the garage to get fixed. Once the solenoid was replaced, the car would now start because the battery was spared because the motor was not running during the attack. (I'm not sure if my answer makes sense; I never heard the word solenoid until I watched this movie!).


Question: When Ross Webster is talking to his accountant Simpson, he wonders how $85,000 disappeared. Wouldn't Simpson be able to see all the payroll checks to see that Gus had two of them if he dug deeper in his investigation vs. both him and Ross seeing Gus pull up in a shiny new Lamborghini and outing himself as the thief? I realise Simpson isn't a fan of computers as this scene has established, but all he would have had to do was talk to the payroll clerk about the two checks that were presented to Gus when they were handed out, assuming no-one else had two checks with two vastly different amounts in them. (00:28:39 - 00:30:42)


Answer: It probably wasn't a check issued at the company. He could have transferred the money to a bank account.

Question: How does Roman find Sidney's info for the crisis hotline? We never see him use Dewey's phone and I don't think it's possible he attacked Neil because Sidney would've found out about it.

Answer: Just because we never see Roman use Dewey's phone does not mean that Roman could not have used it to trace Sid. Also just because we never see Roman attack Neil does not mean he didn't. Though the phone way is more likely.


Question: There's talk of Rachel having to cancel her date with Brady. Why couldn't he just go along with her taking Jamie trick or treating?


Answer: Rachel probably doesn't want to ruin his whole Halloween night by making him a third wheel. She likely figures they can just reschedule and he can find other stuff to do since it's a holiday. There's also the chance they had other certain "things" planned that they couldn't do around Jamie.


Question: Why transfer him at night in bad weather? That and given his past why not have him cuffed to the gurney and have armed guards there regardless of his comatose state?


Answer: The best in-universe answer I could give you to your first question is that Michael just happened to be scheduled to be transferred at night and the weather ended up being crummy. I've been transferred between hospitals at night before. (Albeit, I'm not a homicidal maniac.) But honestly, the real answer is simply... "because movie." It's a horror movie - it's just more dramatic for the scene to be set at night during lousy weather. It wouldn't be nearly as effective a scene if it was during the day in nice weather. A dark, stormy night is sort-of a convention of the genre. As for the second question, he was severely burned in a fire and has been in a comatose state for years and years. Realistically, it was safe to assume he wouldn't wake up, and even if he did, a normal person's muscles would have likely softened into jelly in the meantime. They assumed they'd be safe... but they were wrong.


The question would be why did the characters transfer him at night in bad weather, not why did the film makers set it up like that. The viewer may thought he or she missed the in-film explanation or was looking for someone with expertise in transferring patients to provide an answer. And again, was there any in-film explanation given or persons with experience in transporting patients like Michael (albeit without supernatural powers). Pointing out the caveat of character's actions isn't realistic because it was scripted that way is fine, but pointing out that a movie is a movie isn't a valid answer (or correction).


I did amend my answer slightly before I saw your response. I really don't think my initial answer was that invalid though. That's honestly the truth - it was done that way for dramatic purposes, and any other answer would be pure speculation.


If no in-film explanation is given, speculation is OK as long as it aligns with something that would happen in real life (although I would suggest saying it's speculation). Sometimes people do ask question about why film makers would do something, and an answer like "to make it more dramatic" would be acceptable.


Question: Just who all are all those other Sawyers in the opening scene? I saw The Cook and Grandpa but who were the rest and why were they there?


Answer: We are to presume they are extended family members and/or associates of the family that we simply didn't see in the original film.


The Brockton College Killer (No. 92) - S6-E18

Question: When reviewing the cold case, Elizabeth describes the death of 3 women in 2013 or which Tobias confessed and was sent to prison. Soon after, in the podcast, it's said there were 5 women that went missing in 2013, and 2 more in the present. Is this a mistake or am I misunderstanding something? (00:07:42 - 00:11:15)

Cathrine R

Question: Why didn't Royal Pain use the pacifier on Will when he comes to confront her at the end of the movie?

jon snow

Answer: She is holding Will's father, The Commander, in her arms. She didn't have the Pacifier, besides he was a high school student superhero, with no real combat experience. She thought he would be a pushover in battle.

But she had the Pacifier before. She could have gave Will's father to Lash (The evil guy who works with her) and got the Pacifier and shoot at Will. Why fight with Will if she can turn him into a baby like the others?

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