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Question: Why is the original, Japanese version of Indigo League and Orange Islands episodes extremely difficult and almost impossible to find on the internet?

Answer: The reason for this is uncertain.

Question: Is David Thewlis still banned from entering the China for his role in this movie? I know that Brad Pitt's ban was lifted in 2014, but was Thewlis' ban lifted too?

Answer: Brad Pitt's ban was lifted in 2014, but David Thewlis is still banned from entering China to this day.

Question: If Jack and Katherine were a couple, how is it that Jack doesn't recognize Katherine's office when he goes there to confirm him and Tess to start working on the Trask deal?

Answer: It is also stated in the movie that Katherine just transferred down from Boston, and she is staying at her parents house. She also mentions in another scene that her and Jack are now in the same city. Plus Tess helps plan her welcome party to get to know others in her department indicating that she is new there. Maybe Jack had not got a chance to visit her office yet, which would explain why he would not have known.

Answer: Unless Katherine had recently moved to a new office, which it does not appear that she did, then Jack should know this was her office. However, it is also possible that he had just never been there before and they only saw each other outside of work. When Jack went to see Tess, he had a specific business reason for going there.


Question: Matt Hooper shows up to check in on Brody, bringing two bottles of wine (one bottle of both red and white). Can anyone identify what brand wine is it? They look to both be the same brand, but I've never quite been able to make out the brand. Looks like "ABC", or something like that. I assume it's a real brand, though wonder if the company is still in business.

Answer: The red wine's brand is Barton and Guestier. The label has the initials, BG, on it. It's one of the oldest wine companies and it's still around. I can't tell what the white wine is, so I don't know if it's the same brand.


Answer: Probably, with her other powers, she didn't need to. This was a family show, and the producers may have been concerned about how violence was portrayed on TV and toned it down for young viewers. They may have also felt that audiences of that time period would object to seeing a woman use physical force, lessening her femininity and sex appeal. Sounds silly, but that was how women were once portrayed.


Question: Why was Gandalf so afraid of Moria that he even refused to reveal why?

Answer: Because he had guessed the nature of Durin's Bane, that it was a Balrog. And it was still lurking there along with a lot of goblins and orcs.


Question: How did Lauren know what hotel Pacino was in? Pacino never told her or her mom where he was going, as far as I remember.

Answer: When Pacino is comforting his wife at the hospital, she says "She chose you. She picked your place." Guess the implication is he had been staying there for a long time and both Justine and Lauren knew where that was. Best explanation I have been able to find.

Question: Does anyone understand the looks on Michael's face at the beginning after his father unmasks him, he looks shocked, later on, after Laurie unmasks him he stares at her with a mix of shock and anger. Does anyone understand what these looks mean?


Answer: When we see him unmasked as a child, he looks sort of shocked but also vacant - he's staring off into nothingness... this was the moment when he lost his mind and became evil. I think the look on his face was meant to convey that he had simply snapped and was no longer "there." When he's unmasked as an adult, he didn't really look angry to me... he simply looked empty and expressionless. I think it's meant to show that he's no longer really a person... he's totally gone. There's nothing left but almost instinctive evil.


Answer: Yes, he is on the verge of tears. His voice cracks as well. This is a joke, telling a boy they play like a girl is insulting and the film exaggerates this for a good laugh.


Question: After Sidney and billy have sex, and she asks him who did he call, he asks "what do I have to do to prove to you that I am not a killer?" She looks at him strangely as if she figured something out, and then she sees ghost face and he stabs Billy. What is that look about?

Answer: You answered your own question, she was becoming suspicious about him, when he was supposedly stabbed, it all went away. That's why it was done, to divert.

Answer: She's not satisfied with his answer/demeanour, and further suspects that he might be the killer, only to quickly have this thought subverted as Ghostface enters the room and apparently kills him.

Question: Was there ever anything wrong with Colin? He seems to be in bed all the time and doesn't really do anything. Was he disabled or just kept in bed all the time for no reason?

Answer: Mary is told by Dickon that Colin was born early, and Martha even says that he was born very small and weak and no-one thought that he would survive. I think his premature birth made them believe that he was going to be a sickly child.

Answer: In the book, Colin suffered from an unidentified spinal condition that prevented him from walking. The 1993 film seems to imply there was nothing physically wrong, it being a psychosomatic condition nurtured by others and which he was able to overcome.


Question: After informing Egon of the incident with Oscar in the stroller, why did Dana ask him not to tell Peter about it?

Answer: Because she knew Peter would want to get involved. They didn't part on good terms and she hadn't spoken to him since her marriage. She just thought it would be awkward to see him again.


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Question: Is it true that this show was originally supposed to have only two seasons but its popularity was so big that they created a third season?

Answer: That is true.


Question: How come the end credits don't mention Robert Zemeckis as the director?

Answer: They do. I just loaded the movie up on HBO Max, and it's literally the first credit to pop up in the end credits.


Question: How did the sword get in the stone in the first place?

Answer: It's never revealed, it just appeared after the death of King Uther and forgotten about. In some stories it's suggested that Merlin placed it there to help convince people of Arthur being the rightful heir to the kingdom as he has knowledge of Arthur's destiny.


Answer: While not explicitly stated, the film's prologue implies that the sword appears via divine intervention. The opening song mentions that only a miracle could save war-torn England and then "that miracle appeared in London Town; the sword in the stone."

Answer: Disney pursued the image of a finely-finished longsword imbedded point-first into a boulder, which would be an impossible scenario outside of magical or divine intervention. However, there may be a grain of truth to the original Arthurian legend. Most ancient swords were not crafted by master swordsmiths, and military swords were quickly mass-produced in ancient times. The mass-produced swords were not conscientiously hammered and folded and shaped and tempered by a smith, but were simply smelted metal poured into open-faced molds. The metal casts were then extracted and finished with grinding and abrasives. Sometimes such a fast-food blade hardened and became stuck in the mold (in which case, in a primitive mass-production setting, they discarded the mold along with the sword, as they couldn't extract it without breaking the mold and/or the brittle sword. Both the sword and the mold were equally useless). Those discarded molds with blades locked in situ, recovered long decades or even centuries afterward, are likely the origin of Sword in the Stone legend.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: This particular depiction of the Arthurian legend doesn't address it. Other tellings have various theories such as Merlin placing it there intentionally, Uther driving it into the stone as he was dying, or it simply appearing magically. As this is a children's movie, it isn't considered important to the plot.

Question: Did the children originally sing "So Long Farewell" sitting on the steps in the original rather than standing in front of everyone?

Answer: If by "the original" you mean the 1959 stage musical upon which the film is based, then, no. The stage directions read, "The children line up near the stairs."

Question: In the scene near the end, fighting in the super structure, Picard doesn't seem to have a com device (no jacket). How would that work when Riker contacted him?

Answer: The station itself has a communication system. The Enterprise can use that to communicate with Picard.


Question: When things are normal again how do they cover up Principal Drake's death? And when we see Zeke at football practice, Ms Burke's watching him and smiling. So is she interested in him for real or what?


Answer: They don't need to cover up Principal Drake's death, the local paper reveals that the alien invasion is known to the public. Drake was infected so Zeke shooting her didn't even kill her. It wasn't until Marybeth threw the drugs in her face that Drake died. Since Marybeth is actually the alien queen in disguise, the murder is her fault. Ms. Burke is definitely interested in Zeke. She flirts with him earlier in the film. Since Zeke is repeating his senior year, he is at least 18 years old. Though she would still lose her job for dating him, it isn't illegal if he is an adult.


Question: Why would the brides lay out in the open when they slept? After 400 years wouldn't they know better? Also, Are they falling in love with Harker?

Answer: It's unlikely they were falling in love with Harker: they are sadistic, baby-eating monsters who regarded Harker as food and a temporary plaything. As for them sleeping in the open, the local populace dreads and avoids Dracula's castle, so there's hardly any fear of intruders. Van Helsing did enter and kill them, but they reckoned, mistakenly, that he too would be too afraid to do so, especially after their horse-mauling escapades the previous night.

Jukka Nurmi

Answer: They are lesser vampires whose power is tied to Dracula, who in turn is entirely preoccupied with Mina. And as Van Helsing noted, vampires are weak at daytime, further reducing their ability to sense unwanted visitors. And a decapitated vampire, in this universe and most others, is dead and cannot be resurrected, ever.

Jukka Nurmi

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