Conan the Barbarian

Question: After Conan falls down into the pit where he finds his sword, there's a shot of a shadow in the hole and it looks like someone walked up to it, but then walked away. Is there a deleted scene or something that can explain this?

Question: When Conan is at one of the gatherings wearing a follower's robes, why did another follower attempt to stop Conan from sitting in until Conan showed him the medallion that was the symbol of Set?

Answer: That he was one of Thulsa Doom's entourage, not one of the followers who worship him.

Question: Is it ever explained why Conan was released from slavery?

Answer: Not in the movies, but in the original books. He escaped by grinding his chain between two millstones until it broke.


Answer: Conan was an undefeated fighter in the pit, who made his owner very wealthy and powerful. The look on his owner's face was of sadness and gratitude. He earned his freedom.

That...and Redbeard was growing fearful of Conan.

Question: When Conan is learning how to use a sword, why did the teacher slap Conan in the face and then kick the other student in the chest?

Answer: Like an Army Drill Sargent, he was berating them for not doing it better. Toughening them to become the best they could be.

Also, the other student laughs at Conan's punishment, so the teacher kicks him to teach him some humility.

Question: Do any of the villains ever realise that Conan is the kid from the village that they raided in the beginning?

Answer: When Conan is captured after failing to kill Thulsa Doom, They ask why he wanted to kill him. Conan shouts, "You killed my mother! You killed my father! You killed my people, you took my father's sword!" Doom replied, "It must have been when I was younger." It meant nothing to him, a forgotten memory, completely meaningless to him.

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Thulsa Doom: Infidel Defilers. They shall all drown in lakes of blood.

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Trivia: Arnie actually had to modify his workout because he was unable to wield a broadsword properly.


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