Conan the Barbarian

Visible crew/equipment: After Conan is set free from slavery he finds a cave where he removes a sword. When he climbs out of the cave you'll notice someone's hands near his feet pushing up his shackles. (00:29:25)

Continuity mistake: When Valeria climbs down the ropes of the serpent tower she is twisted in the ropes. When it cuts she is climbing properly down.

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Continuity mistake: In the first match we see Conan fight he kills his opponent and drops him on the ground with his back first. When it cuts he lands on his stomach. (00:18:45)

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Trivia: Arnie actually had to modify his workout because he was unable to wield a broadsword properly.


Trivia: In the scene where Conan is wrapped in a blanket and being painted to ward of the spirits, Arnold Schwarzenegger actually fell asleep while filming this.


Trivia: Arnold Schwarzenegger did his own stunts, as a believable stunt double could not be found.

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Thulsa Doom: Infidel Defilers. They shall all drown in lakes of blood.

King Osric: What daring! What outrageousness! What insolence! What arrogance... I salute you.

Valeria: All my life I've been alone. Many times I've faced death with no-one to know. I would look into the huts and the tents of others in the coldest dark and I would see figures holding each other in the night. But I always passed by.

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Question: Is it ever explained why Conan was released from slavery?

Chosen answer: Not in the movies, but in the original books. He escaped by grinding his chain between two millstones until it broke.


Answer: Conan was an undefeated fighter in the pit, who made his owner very wealthy and powerful. The look on his owner's face was of sadness and gratitude. He earned his freedom.

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