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Question: What did the Über-Morlock mean when he said to Alexander that the Morlocks would not exist without those like Alexander in their quest for science and technology?


Chosen answer: It was a metaphor for their life. He meant had it not been for the destruction of the planet due to scientists (their creations of bombs, germ warfare, etc), the Morlocks could not have existed because they were a result of the same scientists. Had the scientists attempted to do good for mankind, the world would not have turned out like it did when Alexander visited it.


Question: The ending of this film seems rather vague on the actual outcome of destroying Skynet's HQ. Does that mean the humans have won the war or is Skynet still a threat? The ending of Terminator 3 would suggest the latter since there it was confirmed that Skynet is capable of moving from transferring itself from one installation to another when needed, yet here everyone seems to believe they accomplished a significant victory. So which is it?

Answer: It's suggested that they've succeeding in destroying a major node in the Skynet network, possibly the key node in that region of North America, but, no, Skynet is still a functioning entity.


Question: Why wasn't Optimus Prime, or any other Autobot for that matter, surprised to see Megatron? Especially since none of them knew about his resurrection.

Answer: An aircraft carrier was sunk. A submarine was destroyed. Surely information was passed on regarding the reasons behind it. Megatron had enough time to travel to the Fallen ship. Plenty of time for information to be passed on.


Question: The Jets and Sharks are supposedly in their 'teens, from broken homes, no jobs, and living in poverty. Where then, did they get the money to buy the fancy clothes they wear to the dance at the gym?

Answer: You're making unnecessary assumptions. They are teens so they live with their parents. Tony works at the drugstore. Maria and Anita work at the bridal shop. The others may have jobs that are not shown. Their parents may provide for them. Even if their parents are poor, the mothers and the girls could make the clothes. They could buy the clothes used, etc. Plus of course they're gang members who presumably are capable of stealing money.


Question: In the alternate opening of this movie, there have been many rumors of Captain America's cameo frozen in the ice as the Hulk smashes it and a big wave of ice shatters. If you look at it very carefully it does seem that it is him. So does anyone know if there has been any confirmation that it is him?


Answer: Yes. In the alternate opening, after Bruce turns into the Hulk and causes the ice to collapse, a huge chunk of ice is broken free from the ground. In this ice is a figure dressed in blue holding a round shield with circular red and white stripes. The best way to see this is waiting until the huge ice wall breaks and then slowly advance frame-by-frame and eventually Captain America and his shield will be seen.

Chosen answer: No, none whatsoever. It's something thrown in by the effects department and that fact that it only exists in a deleted scene makes it a mere curiosity and not any sort of canonical representation of the movie version of the character. With a dedicated Captain America film in production, intended to be released in 2011, they would not have thrown in anything definitive regarding the character into an earlier film, to avoid placing constraints on those making the character's own film. While, yes, Steve Rogers will almost certainly end up frozen in ice at some point, that will be dealt with by his film without worrying about an Easter Egg thrown into a previous movie.


Chosen answer: Her agent/manager negotiated a special billing as part of her contract. It distinguishes her from the rest of the cast, probably when she became a producer on the show.

JC Fernandez

Answer: She became a producer.

Incorrect. Her billing changed in season 4 but she didn't become a producer until season 5.


Logopolis - S18-E7

Question: If The Master had closed the CVE it would have resulted in the total destruction of the universe. Would he have really closed the CVE if the peoples of the universe hadn't responded to him? Isn't that the complete opposite of what The Master wants, i.e. complete control of the universe? Also, if the universe had been destroyed, who and what would he have left to control?


Chosen answer: The Master is insane. If he can't control the universe, he'd rather see it destroyed.

Captain Defenestrator

Show generally

Question: If Davros created The Daleks from his own cells then why don't they fully trust him? He's been shown to manipulate The Daleks on the genetic level, so couldn't he use that to some way make them more obedient?


Chosen answer: When Davros created the Daleks, he conditioned them to hate everything that was not a Dalek. They decided that although he was their creator, he was not one of them.

Captain Defenestrator

Question: World War 3 may have been the reason for the nuclear war, but what caused World War 3?


Chosen answer: It's never stated what caused it (in this movie, at least). So much time has passed that historical records have been lost or destroyed, and the remaining humans are no longer literate, nor do they have any inkling about their species' past. The apes also do not appear to know the reason, only that mankind somehow destroyed their own civilization.


Chosen answer: The Doctor left Susan because she fell in love with a human who had asked her to marry him. The Doctor probably thought that it was better for Susan to stay in one place rather than travelling all over the cosmos with him.

Agent Angel

He does explain if you listen to the speech he gives that the end of the episode as he leaves.


Question: How could The Masters' trial and execution take place on Skaro when it was destroyed in "Remembrance of the Daleks"?


Chosen answer: They don't specify at what point in Skaro's history it took place. Only the passage of time on Gallifrey is absolute.

Captain Defenestrator

Chosen answer: You are no doubt referring to the old "urban legend" that a Munchkin actor who, despondent over a failed love affair with a Munchkin actress, committed suicide on the movie set, and his lifeless body can be seen hanging in the background trees. This never happened, of course, but there have been countless rumors as to just what people think they are seeing. The most plausible explanation is that this is probably one of the many live birds that were used to add realism to the set, and it may have been one of the larger birds, such as an emu or a crane, that was standing in the background. It has also been pointed out (see that this particular scene was filmed "before" any of the Munchkin actors were working on the sound stage, and it would be impossible for there to have been a dead body on a movie set without the many crew noticing it. Also, the idea that the filmmakers would use a scene in which a dead body appeared in their finished film or that a suspended body could go undetected while filming is underway is beyond belief.


School Reunion - S2-E6

Question: The Doctor says he's regenerated half a dozen times since last seeing Sarah Jane. This would mean he last saw her in his fourth regeneration. But surely this is wrong? They last saw each other when The Doctor was in his fifth regeneration, during "The Five Doctors."


Chosen answer: The phrase "half a dozen" is often used as a round number, i.e. "half a dozen" is a little more than "a few." He didn't want to pause and figure it out as it's been a long time in his time line so he just estimated. That said, with the 50th anniversary reveal of the War Doctor, making the 10th Doctor actually the 11th, it's now exactly 6 regenerations since the 5 Doctors, making his statement accurate.


Chosen answer: The Master knows that deep down, he deserves death for the crimes that he's committed throughout his life, and since he regards The Doctor as his arch-foe, he expects it to be at his hands. The fact that The Doctor is still willing to forgive him for all of his crimes hurts him more deeply than death would.

Captain Defenestrator

Chosen answer: In the mockumentary "Whatever happened to Susan Foreman?" it is sugested that some Daleks may have survived the events of "The Daleks," rebuilt the race and gone back in time to take revenge on Ian and Barbra by invading 20th century Earth, but suffered a fuel shortage which left them stranded in the 22nd century. Presumably that would also leave them incapable of interstellar travel.


They wanted to remove the plants core - once removed, they can replace it with a power system that will enable them to pilot the planet anywhere in the universe. I don't know if anyone has mentioned why The Daleks would want to move the Earth anywhere else in the cosmos.


Chosen answer: A Drill Instructor is always mad at the recruits in order to forge discipline. Private Pyle was the biggest screwup in the unit, thus creating more work for him.

Captain Defenestrator

Answer: It also promotes unity and brotherhood against a common enemy, the drill instructor.

Chosen answer: Seraph previously worked for the Merovingian, but left him to protect the Oracle, thus the Merovingian considers that Seraph has betrayed him.


Question: What is the film called that B-Rabbit's mum is watching on the telly when her son comes in?


Chosen answer: Imitation of Life.

Question: Why exactly does Obi-wan go have a drink at the bar in the club, while Anakin is looking for the person that tried to kill Padmé? It seems strange that he would do that in a serious situation.

Answer: He's giving the impression that he's letting his guard down, relaxing while Anakin does all the work. He's hoping, correctly, as it turns out, that their quarry will take advantage of his apparent lack of caution to try to take him out, giving herself away.


Question: It is stated that Optimus is a descendant of the last remaining Primes which sacrificed themselves to stop The Fallen from destroying the sun. If the Primes were all dead, how could he be 'descended' from them and how can he himself be a Prime?


Chosen answer: We don't actually know how "descended" works in Transformer terms, but presumably the original Primes created descendants in some manner before their sacrifice. The original Primes all gave their lives to stop the Fallen, but that doesn't mean that there couldn't have been descendant Primes created prior to that point.


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