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Question: Why did the new convicts arrive at the prison wearing prison pants but civilian shirts?

Question: Who was the African-American man with Laura Rose who punched Lionel and why did he punch him?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: I believe it's morphine.

Answer: After Lou was hit in the head by the trumpet player, it's unclear what happened to him. Moses is supposed to kill Lieberman, so presumably he was eventually murdered.


Question: Was there an explanation in-film, or perhaps in the comics, why Thanos (and even Hulk and Iron Man) had to physically snap his finger to get rid of half the population? He seemed to be powerful enough to be able to wield the power of the stones with just his mind. I don't remember him having to snap any fingers to instantly change reality, etc. Shouldn't he have just been able to think about wiping out half the population?


Answer: The gems are so powerful together nobody could wield all of them directly, not even Thanos. The glove is especially made that they can be worked in unison. But there are limitations, since they are being operated indirectly. It's like the staff Loki was using with the mind gem inside. He had to physically touch people with the staff to take control of them. Same goes with Ronin using the Power gem to destroy Xandar, he had to physically touch the ground with his hammer to use it. Same goes for the glove, you have to physically use it to use the gems inside it. He has to do this to to use any of the powers of the gems, he closes his hand into a fist to use one of the powers. The snap is for using all of them at once.


Answer: In the comics, the Infinity Stones (where they are known as the Infinity Gems) do not require gestures such as snapping to carry out of the desires of the wielder. They simply respond to that person's will. In the comics, Thanos does indeed snap his fingers in order to wipe out half of all life in the universe, but that was more of a visual gesture for the readers. The Stones in the films are significantly less powerful, as it would no doubt make Thanos virtually unstoppable if all he had to do to use the power of the Stones was think about what he wanted them to do. In the comics, Thanos is defeated by his own notion of being unworthy of omnipotence. The Gems in the comics also do not kill their wielder from an overwhelming amount of power.


Question: This question might be more for the book, but Mad Eye said they would have to transport in ways the trace can't detect. But the trace would only detect magic used near an underage person. Harry is the only one who is underage. So they could have used a portkey. I understand that they need to cast a spell to make a portkey but they could have cast the spell before they were near Harry and then transported to the burrow. Or have I made a mistake?


Answer: The trace detects when an underaged wizard casts a magic spell whenever they are away from Hogwarts. It doesn't detect adult wizards using magic near a minor. If a portkey was used to transport Harry, it could have been detected when he touched it because he would be using magic. The safest and least detectable way to move him from point A to B, was to fly him there.


Answer: Two things. 1. You are not allowed to create an unauthorized portkey. The ministry must be aware of it. I think the incantation (portus) is traced. 2. Using a portkey is magical use, so the moment Harry touches it, the ministry would be alerted and possibly know where the portkey transported to.


Then how did Dumbledore get away with it in Order of the Phoenix when he made a portkey to get the children to Grimmauld Place?

Well he is an extremely powerful wizard and the headmaster of Hogwarts. I think he made it at Hogwarts yes? He could have had a trick up his sleeve to do it. Might be a bit more tricky for Mad-Eye and the rest whilst the Ministry is under control of deatheaters. Just too risky.


Also, using magic near an underage wizard isn't traced. Just when it is used by an underage wizard.

No, the trace is meant to detect magic used near an underaged wizard.


No, the trace is to detect if any underage wizard is using magic outside of school.


The wiki specifically says it's a trace of magic in the vicinity of an underage wizard, not the underage wizard him/herself. It's mentioned working like that by Alastair Moody in the books too.


When Harry used magic to repel the dementors that attacked him and Dudley in Order of the Phoenix, the Ministry of Magic instantly detected that he cast a patronus spell. He was immediately "charged" for using underage magic. What would happen when a young wizard was at home for the summer and holidays and is around adult wizards using magic all the time? The trace would be going off continually for every underaged magic person. It was mentioned in the books that if an underaged wizard did use magic at home, it could be confused with the adults who were casting spells.


Harry once got a warning from the "improper use of magic office" for casting a hover charm, even though it was Dobby who did it. I don't know where you get your information from, but it is wrong. The trace can only detect magic has been used, not who used it. This is explained by Alastair Moody in Deathly Hallows Chapter 4.


Question: I know the real world reason Bruno Kirby wasn't in this one (horse allergy that had to be kept at bay with daily medicine shots in dosage size and delivery needle fit for a horse), but is there any in-movie explanation for his absence here?

Answer: No in-movie explanation has been given but, at the end of the first movie, Ed said that he was going to get Kim pregnant so, it can be assumed that Ed decided to become a dad and spend time with his family.

Question: After Simon had helped all of the kids out of the bus when it was in the water he was taken to the hospital where he later dies. What did he die from? Was he sick or did his body just shut down?

Answer: I don't know if it was ever stated what Simon died of, but Simon - against the odds - lived much longer than the doctor thought he would. Simon continued to "outgrow his body" (internal organs became too large for his tiny body). It can be assumed that Simon contracted pneumonia or hypothermia from being in the frigid water when he rescued the children from the submerged bus. I think Simon - expected to die at a very young age - was staying alive until he could realise his purpose or "God's Plan" for him. To "believers", Simon was "made small" and practiced holding his breath underwater (seemingly for no apparent reason) so that he'd be able to save the kids on the bus... then, having fulfilled "his purpose", was called "home."


Question: Is the song "The French Mistake" a real song or was it made up for the movie?

Answer: It was made up just for the movie, and I believe we only hear the chorus. Mel Brooks wanted to do an homage to Busby Berkeley's style of choreographed dance number.


Answer: The two agents are not named (their names are listed as "Agent Two" and "Agent One" in the end credits), but it is strongly implied that they work for MI7, as one of them says "Five years ago, he was our top agent", referring to Johnny English, who works for MI7. Their faces are hidden, but the important information is told to us; that they work for MI7.

Casual Person

Question: Why did Becky lead Rafferty and his friends into a trap? They went to Old Town looking for some fun and weren't causing any trouble at the time.

Answer: She wasn't leading them into a trap. He was stalking and harassing her despite the fact that she was repeatedly rebuffing his advances. The girls of Old Town look out for each other, so when Rafferty pulled his gun on Becky and told her to get in his car, he sealed his own fate.


Answer: Because he is a great cop and gets the job done better than anyone.

Answer: Also, if you watch Season 1 of Chicago Fire it gives a little history of Voight before he goes to jail when he was actually a "dirty cop" and Antonio Dawson is actually the one who takes him down. I found it interesting and was surprised by his character back then.

Answer: And cuz he's only dirty to the bad guys. He takes care of the victims.

Question: Is there any reason why Nebula told Mantis over all of the other Guardians to meet her on Titan?

Answer: In a deleted scene, Mantis was sitting in front of the coded message channel for five hours, mesmerized by the flashing light. Perhaps the system told Nebula that Mantis was the closest, or she actually heard her voice.


Answer: In real life, that might happen, but this is a fictional TV show that revolves around the characters and the dynamic interaction between them. Getting rid of JR, a main character that much of the story line revolves around, would make the show far less interesting, less melodramatic, and less intriguing. It's just an entertaining, over-the-top exaggerated soap opera.


Answer: One would assume. The father and everyone at the funeral just watched a video of her poisoning her daughter.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Cole is screaming "Stop!" so you can't hear what the soldier is saying. If you mean all of it, it's in the line of asking what he is doing there, calling the captain to have a look, ask him where his clothes are, and telling him to speak French.


Question: Why does Widow winship have a cut on her belly?

Answer: She was pregnant. The Horseman stabbed her in the belly to also kill her unborn child. This is why Magistrate Phillips tells Ichabod that there are 5 bodies in 4 graves and why Ichabod subsequently performs an autopsy on the widow's corpse.


Question: Since there was no vegetation to support grazing or browsing animals and apparently not enough water to support aquatic life what did the people eat if they weren't cannibals? Eli ate a cat, but what did the cat eat? Eli fed the mouse cat meat, but until then what did it eat?

Answer: In real life feral cats will eat just about anything they can catch: bugs, lizards, rodents etc. Wild mice will also eat about any scraps, grains or small creatures they can find - including each other. You are right though that in the movie it is not clear how large animals like humans will eat enough.

Show generally

Question: Hank sees Luanne watching Monsignor Martinez on TV and asks, "Why is the Pope..." and Luanne corrects him, "That's not the Pope, that's the Monsignor Martinez." What episode is this from?

Answer: That's from S2xE23, Propane Boom (1) at about 00:08:30.

Super Grover

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