Stripes (1981)

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New this month Factual error: At the graduation, the MP's are wearing the National Defense Service Medal. This is authorized for active duty during times when "national emergency" has been declared during times of conflict. It was awarded for service during the Vietnam war, ending in 1974, and not awarded again until the Gulf War in 1990. To wear it, the women would have had to been in the service in 1974, which would mean they've got at least 6 years of service by the time the movie came out. On their class A uniforms, they aren't wearing any service stripes, meaning they've been in for less than 3 years.

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Continuity mistake: When Harold Ramis is fighting Bill Murray to try to keep him from leaving the base, notice when Harold is on top of Bill choking him, there is a duffel bag under Bill's head, and in the cut-aways the bag is a few feet away.

00:47:00 - 00:47:45

Factual error: Then, as now, every recruit reporting to boot camp would be tested for illegal drugs, first by a urine test and then by a broad spectrum blood test in the case of a positive result. There is no reason for Elmo to try to hide his stash when the recruits are told they are to be tested - he is going to come up positive anyway. He may as well just say he has changed his mind and walk away. He is entitled to do that any time up to ten days after he signed on, and it happened a lot in real life!

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Continuity mistake: When Harold Ramis pays off his pushup bet with Bill Murray, he throws the dollar bills onto Bill Murray's chest, and they move around and their number changes.


Continuity mistake: When Bill Murray's girlfriend is leaving him for good, she puts her left boot on twice.


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Suggested correction: The girl is not putting her left boot on twice, you can hear that she is just pulling it up further and pushing her foot into the bottom, which is technically still a mistake, and she pulled the boot up fully the first time.

Continuity mistake: When Harold Ramis is fighting Bill Murray to try to keep him from leaving the base, Murray's knit cap moves on and off his head during the scene.

00:47:00 - 00:47:45

Revealing mistake: When Bill Murray is blowing up the prison door, you see the explosion, but the explosive is still intact.

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Factual error: Even in the '80s obesity was a strict disqualification for military service. John Candy wouldn't have had a chance of passing the required medical.

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Continuity mistake: When the platoon is escaping in the EM50, Sarge is on top and says, "I'm getting too old for this #%&*," he then lowers his head. The next shot, he lowers it again.

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Factual error: When the guys get their haircuts, Ox's and Cruiser's haircuts are the only ones that even come close to basic training regulation.

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William Bergquist

Continuity mistake: During the graduation scene, after the platoon arrives in front of the General's stand, Bill Murray begins running backwards. The shot changes to the girls in the stands laughing, and then back to the platoon. When it gets back to the platoon, you can see that Murray is once again just starting to run backwards.

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Visible crew/equipment: At the prison camp, during the action, watch the green barrels by the side of a building. For a brief second, you can see a camera person.

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Continuity mistake: During the graduation scene, watch the band director closely when the music stops - you will see that his arms are still moving, as if he's conducting the band.


Continuity mistake: When John drives the woman over the bridge in the cab, just before he stops the car there is a shot of the two occupants and behind the cab the bridge is deserted save for one red van. When the shot changes to an overhead and John stops the cab, the bridge behind them is crowded with traffic and the van is gone.


Continuity mistake: When they are escaping from the prison camp, they knock over grungy, drab green 55 gal drums, which are nice and shiny inside.


Factual error: The Czechoslovakian Border Guards are armed with what appears to be an Uzi submachine gun fitted with a stock. Soviet Bloc countries didn't use foreign firearms. The guards would have had Vz 58's which are visually identical to AK-47's.

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Revealing mistake: When Bill Murray and Harold Ramis are whipped into the rope snare traps there are huge gaps in the ropes between Harold Ramis' feet that would make it impossible for the trap to secure him.

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Continuity mistake: During the mud wrestling scene, a patch of mud alternately appears and disappears on the stomach of the woman in the white bikini.

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Other mistake: During the graduation scene, if you watch as the platoons are marching by, you can see that several members are not in cadence as they should be. This also includes the men walking between the platoons that are supposed to be setting the cadence and they are out of step with the platoon in front and behind them.

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Factual error: When the men are practicing for graduation they are using M1 rifles. The army had already switched to the M16 long before the 80s.

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