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Other mistake: In the private conversation scene with Bill Murray and "Sarge" in the latrine at basic (Sarge's office) the toilet bowl in the back left corner is installed backwards. (00:43:03 - 00:45:10)

Continuity mistake: At the bus station, both MPs are wearing Specialist-5 rank on their uniforms. Later in the movie they seem to have been demoted to Specialist-4.


Factual error: At the graduation, the MP's are wearing the National Defense Service Medal. This is authorized for active duty during times when "national emergency" has been declared during times of conflict. It was awarded for service during the Vietnam war, ending in 1974, and not awarded again until the Gulf War in 1990. To wear it, the women would have had to been in the service in 1974, which would mean they've got at least 6 years of service by the time the movie came out. On their class A uniforms, they aren't wearing any service stripes, meaning they've been in for less than 3 years.


Other mistake: During the graduation scene, if you watch as the platoons are marching by, you can see that several members are not in cadence as they should be. This also includes the men walking between the platoons that are supposed to be setting the cadence and they are out of step with the platoon in front and behind them.

Factual error: During basic training, civilian clothes are locked up in a storage room; therefore, none of the troops would have access to them.


Revealing mistake: The couple make love in the General's bedroom in the US. Later they make love in a German hotel room. The same set is used for both scenes.

Factual error: Stillman's aide is wearing his hat indoors. Soldiers do not wear head gear indoors unless they are armed.

Factual error: Francis "Psycho" points a knife at Winger. Weapons of any kind are absolutely prohibited in basic training. Granted he could've smuggled it in, but it most likely wouldn't make it past the shakedown part when arriving at basic. The Army and Marines prohibit weapons of any kind in basic training.


Factual error: A couple of issues with military awards as seen in the film: First, Sergeant Hulka is wearing the WWII Victory Medal, which he would not be eligible for according to his self-stated time in service (28 years, making his date of enlistment sometime in the early 1950s since the film is set in the early 1980s). Second, Captain Stillman wears the United Nations Service Medal for Korea, even though he is obviously far too young to have fought in the Korean War. (01:15:43)

Continuity mistake: When Bill Murray finishes the 5 pushups and wins the bet, in one shot there are 3 singles on his chest, in the next shot there are about 7, then back to 3. (00:11:30)

Factual error: The mortar round which injures Sergeant Hulka isn't realistic. If it was a training round, its explosive would not have been sufficient to knock down the tower (based on where it lands - near the base of the tower) ; if it was an actual high explosive round, everyone within a 25-meter radius (basically all the recruits) would have been killed or seriously wounded by shrapnel.

Continuity mistake: When they're fighting and the two girls (MP's) drive up in the Jeep, you can see the shadow of one of the girls walking in front of the Jeep's headlights, but in the next shot they're just getting out of the Jeep.


John Winger: We are Americans with a capital A, huh? You know what that means? Do you? That means that our forefathers were kicked out of every decent country in the world. We are the wretched refuge. We're the underdogs. We're the mutts.

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Trivia: The "kitchen utensil" scene between Bill Murray and PJ Soles was completely improvised.

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Question: When the guys are in that bar, the police raid it. Why do they do this? The place not have a license to operate or something?


Answer: The mud wrestling is a form of gambling, betting money on winning. The bar probably didn't have a gambling permit.


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