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Question: Did Jim Morrison really go around falsely telling reporters that both his parents were dead? Or was that just an Oliver Stone embellishment?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: That is actually true. Morrison grew up in a military family and his stern parents harshly disciplined their two sons by verbally assaulting them until they broke down in tears, were utterly humiliated and admitted to wrong-doing. Morrison broke off almost all contact with his family after graduating from college.


Question: In the Ministry of Magic when they try to get to Umbridge's locket, how does she knows that it's Harry? Did she use some magic?


Chosen answer: Umbridge did not know that it was Harry. During the interrogation scene when they are trying to retrieve the locket, Harry is still disguised as Albert Runcorn by the Polyjuice potion. The only thing that Umbridge noticed was that Harry suddenly produced his wand from his coat sleeve. This made Umbridge suspicious and she asked "Albert" what he was doing. That is when the polyjuice potion started to wear off and Harry was transforming back to himself, but he "stupified" Umbridge before she knew exactly what was happening.


Question: At the end of the movie, what was the light seen at the castle and where does it lead?

Chosen answer: Lucifer was also known as the morning star. Depending on your view he passed the trial and was granted entrance through the ninth gate.

Question: Maybe I haven't watched this film properly, but I never got why the Krypton Council don't believe Jor-el when he says Krypton is going to explode. Why would they question someone as powerful as him, someone who was shown to be in charge of the punishment of Zod and Co.?

Heather Benton

Chosen answer: The Council believed that Jor-El was being an alarmist, that the changes in Krypton's core would only result in the planet's shifting orbit rather than the beginnings of a chain reaction that would destroy the world.

Captain Defenestrator

Question: Ralph is only the bad guy of the video game during the hours when the arcade is open, just like the other villains. In fact, when he is not playing his role, he acts like a good guy which he prefers, though some other video characters, including the Nicelanders, fear him, knowing he is supposed to be a villain. Particularly, Gene mistreats Ralph since he doesn't approve of Ralph's behavior of wrecking the building. Why is Ralph still treated like an enemy by Gene and the Nicelanders despite the fact that being the bad guy is only his role? Even if the Nicelanders know their game will be unplugged without Ralph being present?

Chosen answer: Because it's easier for them to simply tell themselves that that's what he is. Especially since he can still accidentally destroy an entire apartment without intending to. And they simply wouldn't imagine that Ralph would leave, because he'd end up just as homeless as them if he did.


The Shakespeare Code - S3-E2

Question: In this episode, at the end Queen Elizabeth comes in shocked and demands "Off with his head" showing she hates him or he has done wrong by her. But the episode where he does do wrong by her was never shown before his regeneration. I know he could have done it in his spare time but Matt Smith's Doctor says some things about her too (for example he says "Liz the first is still waiting in a glade to elope with me") showing that he has seen her since he regenerated. Basically I'm very confused and wondering why they didn't make the episode showing why she was so despised with him and then later explaining why she wanted to elope with him.


Chosen answer: In "The Day of the Doctor" (set between "The Waters of Mars" and "The End of Time, Part One"), the 10th Doctor marries her and never comes back. That'll make a good enough reason.

My Sister, Benedict Arnold - S3-E5

Question: In this episode Marcia dates Greg's rival Warren Mulany. I noticed in the credits the actor's name was Gary Rist, is he related to Robbie Rist who played Oliver?


Chosen answer: Since Robbie Rist has no brothers, the answer would have to be no.

Gavin Jackson

Question: Shortly after Leo enters a pod to try and save Pericles, the crew of the Oberon receive a distress signal from an old man. Who exactly was that guy?

Chosen answer: It's Lt. General Vasich. It's a message from the future--or from the past depending on how you read the timeline--made after they attempt to rescue Captain Davidson and get thrown in time to well before Leo arrives on the other side. That's why Vasich looks so confused after seeing the message.


Question: The whole point of the ending is that if it was revealed that Dent was a murderer, the criminals that he locked up would be released. Same thing with the fake cop he was threatening. I get all this, but here's the problem: Dent falsely proclaimed that he was Batman in front of the press. Yes, he was lying and the real Batman later showed up, clearing his name, but wouldn't it be just as damaging to Dent's image to show him as a vigilante thug that half of Gotham hates for being responsible for the deaths of innocent people? Surely, at least for a brief time, the locked up criminals would have sufficient grounds for appeal.


Chosen answer: It might, had the story lasted more than a few hours. Immediately after the Joker's capture, which occurs on the same evening as Dent's press conference, reporters are already asking Dent about working with the Batman, indicating that they're already aware that the story is false. From the public point of view, Dent told a lie in order to set himself up as bait to draw out a dangerous criminal. This can only enhance his reputation, and, given that the story lasted, at most, a few hours, there could be no possibility of any criminals managing to get an appeal in.


Question: How did Turbo turn himself into King Kandy? Also, why did he choose Sugar Rush as his game to take over compared to any other game in the arcade?

Chosen answer: Turbo is shown to be able to manipulate a game's bits and codes, as seen when he enters through the safe to retrieve Ralph's medal; he probably tweaked his image while disconnecting Vanellope and locking away the citizens' memories. He most likely picked Sugar Rush because he was already a racer, and was determined to become the best in the arcade, without facing any possible competition from other games or racing characters. His goal to completely take over was incited when he became fused with the virus cy-bug.

Question: When Ralph sees Vanellope's picture on the side of the cabinet for Sugar Rush, how come she is not wearing her princess gown?

Chosen answer: There could well have been multiple outfits planned for Vanellope from the beginning. The gown could be just for making announcements between levels, while the tracksuit could be what Vanellope changes into when she actually joins the races.

Bag of Magic Food

Question: What exactly is a chafing dish?


Chosen answer: A chafing dish is a large metal pan or glass container (either is called a "dish") that is used to serve hot food at a buffet. The dish fits into an elevated metal stand that has one or more holders on the bottom for small sterno containers. The heat from the lit sterno keeps food warm


Question: Right after WALL-E introduces himself to Mary and goes off to find EVE, Mary is surprised to find that the Axiom has a pool. First of all, how could she not have noticed that after living her whole life there? She must be at least 20 years old, and the pool, or Lido Deck, is obviously a very popular place for people to hang out at. And second, how does she even know what a pool is? If she's never been to Earth and she never knew the Axiom had a pool, then she's never been in one. And we can see that the captain is very uneducated about things on Earth. So how does Mary know what a pool is if she's never seen one before?


Chosen answer: She never noticed the pool because she's always had her face buried in that 'screen' displayed by her chair. She knows what a pool is because the entertainment programs she views on that screen undoubtedly contained a swimming pool at least a time or two.


Question: What song is playing when Jonathan is showing his scooter skills to the monsters?

Chosen answer: LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It.

Question: Is there a process of how King Kandy transforms into a cy-bug once he is eaten?

Chosen answer: Calhoun states that the cy-bugs turn into whatever they eat as it shows them gaining weapons and changing to candy colored when eating some candy. So when the cy-bug ate King Candy he basically became a mutant version of one.

Question: On Disney Wiki, there is a suggestion that Felix had fixed Calhoun's broken heart. Did he do that by kissing her cheek, or how else did he do it?

Chosen answer: He fixed her heart by showing her love again, but this time with a happy ending. Her back story was made so that her previous lover was eaten and killed on their wedding day. Felix is supposedly able to fix anything - not necessarily just with his special hammer. He fixed her heart with himself. He gave her a new back story.

Quantom X

Question: When King Kandy returns Ralph his medal, King Kandy also convinces him that if Vanellope wins the race, she will become a popular player for the children that play in the arcade. Yet, with her glitching making the game seem like it is malfunctioning, the game will be unplugged while Vanellope stays in the game and dies. He even mentions that he is trying to protect her. Ralph knew that King Kandy and his minions where chasing him and Vanellope because she was like a wanted criminal as a glitch. Why does Ralph believe him anyway?

Chosen answer: Ralph knew Vanellope was a glitch. His choice was either let Vanellope win the race but let the players think she was malfunctioning and have the game unplugged or stop her from racing and the game wouldn't be unplugged. Ralph wasn't going to take the risk of the game getting unplugged and have Vanellope die so Ralph had no choice but to believe King Candy so Vanellope would stay safe no matter what.

Casual Person

Question: The human race has lived on the Axiom for 700 years, with no trips to Earth during that time. So how do they keep making food after all that time? Especially with no plants or animals on the ship.


Chosen answer: You are assuming that there are no animals on board. The Axiom is a massive ship so plenty of room to put animals. Even if there are no animals on the ship there could be processing facilities that might be creating chemical based food products.

Question: When Auto shows the captain the video about the president saying life is unsustainable on Earth, you can see the president putting on a helmet before going outside. The air is obviously toxic. So how, 700 years later, are the humans able to breathe when they go back to Earth? The air would be even worse by then.


Chosen answer: After 700 years the toxins were all filtered away through the plants that eventually started to grow. with oxygen being the obvious aftermath.


Question: Where exactly does Felix and Calhoun's wedding take place?

Chosen answer: It takes place in Hero's Duty. We know that from the earlier flashback where Calhoun and her previous fiance we going to get married and the fiance was killed by a cy-bug. Since the cy-bugs were only ever in Hero's Duty, then it would have to have been in Hero's Duty.

Casual Person



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