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Question: What was the purpose of the government officials arriving at Elliot's house in astronaut suits? I never really understood the purpose behind that.

Answer: They are not space suits. They're protective hazmat suits. They are dealing with an unknown extraterrestrial being, and would take every possible precaution to ensure they are not exposed to some potentially lethal alien infection.


Answer: Forgive my ignorance they just looked like space suits to me.

Question: At the end of the movie, how did Kevin's decision to not represent Getty's make him lose his case and how could he possibly be disbarred for making such a decision?

Answer: In short, a lawyer may not withdraw from a case if doing so will adversely affect the interest of client. At this point in the trial, if he withdrew, it could prejudice Getty in the eyes of the jury (i.e. they might think he's guilty because his lawyer doesn't want to defend him anymore). Source: Florida RPC 4-1.16 Declining or Terminating Representation.


But, could his refusal to represent Getty any longer allow Getty to get him disbarred?

The State Bar Association would be the entity that would determine if Kevin will be disbarred. All Getty could do is bring grievances to the Association, but it would be a matter of public record that Kevin withdrew in the middle of trial that and it would be more likely that the Judge reports Kevin to the Bar. Getty's recourse of action would be to sue Kevin, but that wouldn't result in disbarment.


Question: Is it true that Marshall lost more football games in the 70s than any other program in the nation?

Answer: Not quite, at least for Division 1 schools. Marshall had a record of 22-84 from '70-'79. UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso) had a record of 23-87 during the same time. So, while UTEP did lose more games, they had a slightly higher win percentage.


Well, the narration says that Marshall lost more football games in the 70s than any other program in the nation.

I was only giving both perspectives to answer the question. The statement made is not quite true since UTEP did lose more. When comparing teams win-loss records, you generally take into account the number of games played.


Question: The Leaderboard shows the top 5 gunters. 1) Why would zeroing out cause the board to go blank? They were still the first 5 to get the keys. If zeroing out does it, Aech and Saito (?) should have left the board earlier (dying earlier on Planet Doom). 2) Others had to be collecting keys too, including dozens/hundreds of IOI players, and hundreds of other players. Surely someone on the planet was a gunter and was sleeping during this excitement? Unaffected by the Cataclyst, they should have moved to the top of the board.


Answer: The idea was that anyone who had anything to do with the game was there, in sector 10, certainly all IOI and Gunters. The Cataclyst is specifically meant to zero out anything it reaches, unlike a death on planet doom, which only lets you lose what you currently have on you and not your entire avatar.


Chosen answer: Considering the film shows Jason emerging from under the water, yes, it's clear that Jason swam the rest of the way after leaving the ship. (He was presumably following the lifeboat).


Question: After Jason kills Jim and Suzi on Crystal Lake, how does Jim's boat end up being at the harbor next morning? Crystal Lake is not connected to the sea. It's just surrounded by land, right?

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: To the best of my knowledge, this is just a bit of a continuity mistake. While previous films have not indicated Crystal Lake is connected to the ocean, this film portrays it as being connected. You just kinda gotta go with it for the movie to work.


Answer: For one, Jedi are not allowed to marry or father children. More importantly, it would have been a rather obvious and predictable plot device.


They are allowed to have children, just not be in a serious relationship. To be honest, it baffles me.

Dangerous Game - S8-E4

Question: Two questions and apology if I have the wrong Deputy Sheriff. 1. Why did Sheriff Denton want Deputy Gault out on that particular road? 2. Why would Lt. Reynolds still be charged with negligent homicide after it was revealed that the sheriff purposely had Gault stationed out there? Reynolds even stood by that he thought it was another part of the training exercise and wasn't aware that he was being chased by an actual law enforcement officer.

Question: There is something about wizards I don't understand. Why do they keep their magic a secret?

Answer: Many reasons. Muggles (non-magic people) would have a variety of reactions to them. Many would fear their power, others would want wizards to solve all their problems with magic, others would want to eradicate them. From the wizards' point of view, they live a certain way, and that would be disrupted by humans knowing about them.


I thought the reason wizards kept their magic a secret was fear of discrimination.

That is one additional reason among the variety of others listed.


In the first book Hagrid explains that muggles would want magical solutions to all their problems and that the wizards are best left alone.


Question: What did stone hopper do to deserve a metal?

Answer: Considering the CO/XO of the John Paul Jones didn't receive any medals it seems to be a plot hole. The only thing I can think of is because Hopper was there to accept the award on behalf of his brother.

Answer: He was in command of a ship on a training mission during an alien invasion and was able to, albeit briefly, engage the enemy against near insurmountable odds, which ultimately cost him his life.


Question: Why does Violet keep changing hair and clothes color? This is supposed to help her hide?


Answer: Because she has a superpower when her hair is violet.

Question: How is Gretl (youngest child) 5 years old if her mother died 7 years ago? Shouldn't the children all be at least 7?

Answer: Their mother didn't die "seven years ago", she died "several years ago."


Question: If Skynet was prevented from coming online, how did Legion develop the idea for creating terminators?

Darth Crucible

Answer: Skynet and Legion were both developed for identical purposes: defense network artificial intelligence. It stands to reason they would both evolve in similar ways. Since both Skynet and Legion were fighting a similar human resistance, they both developed similar infiltration units.


Answer: Yes. Reese explains that the terminators used to have rubber skin and were easy to spot. The T-800 has living human skin so it's impossible to tell by simply looking at them. That is why the resistance starts using dogs to spot terminators. The terminator that attacks the base looks entirely human and only the dogs know anything is out of the ordinary.


Question: In the initial chase scene when Max secured the Semi for pulling the tanker, the driver of the car with the man in back firing the triple arrow cannon gets the snake dropped on him and fires the arrows into the back of the driver's seat. The arrows stop because of the padding. Am I mistaken, or did the arrows not go through enough to reach the driver?

Movie Nut

Answer: From what I saw in that scene, the arrows did penetrate through the padding into the driver, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle.


Question: What did Phillips mean when he said 5 bodies in 4 graves?

Answer: The widow Winship was pregnant. The Horseman killed her unborn child with a sword-thrust to her belly and then killed her, therefore, there are two bodies in her grave. Along with the other three victims, that makes five victims in four graves.


Question: Towards the end, it's revealed that Owen's men captured Mia before he got captured after the tank fiasco-presumably as leverage, seeing how things played out with Owen. But if the team lets Owen go, how does that make it any harder to rescue Mia? Sure, they could threaten to kill Mia if they don't let Owen go, but what about the rescuing itself?

Answer: Owen Shaw is a dangerous terrorist and may have a plan to make it difficult to rescue Mia.

Question: In the final sequence, Buffalo Bill turns off the lights. After agent Starling shots Buff Bill, the lights come back on immediately. How are they turned on?

Answer: She empties her revolver to kill Bill. As she does, she also shoots out of the window behind him. This is shown in the film.

I had the same question. The lighting doesn't look like coming from a window – a basement window.

I mean, obviously it's probably too much light to be coming out of the window realistically. But in the context of the movie, Clarice has just conquered the villain and saved the day, so having the light be bright is likely also a bit of a stylistic thematic choice. Light is associated with "good," and she has moved "out of the darkness," so to speak. So, they had the scene lit nice and brightly.


Question: How do the three Mexicans get into Llewyn's room right after Anton kills them?

Answer: Anton kills them in Llewelyn's room. The Mexicans were waiting for Llewelyn to return to his room (138) but he saw their truck and the curtains open so went to another motel, then returns and books another room (38) in the original motel so he can get the money from the vent. Anton enters the room to get the money (and kill Llewelyn if he's there), but finds the Mexicans there so he kills them, by which time Llewelyn has retrieved the money and escaped.


Question: Who did Spiderlegs belong too? Paul told Terry to put the E.L.F back on before NASA finds out. But then Terry claims they paid $450,000 for it and Paul says "Harry's masterpiece is a piece of junk." Was it owned by NASA? Did NASA build it for them?

Answer: It is probably the same arrangement as the DANTE I and II robots that Spiderlegs was based on. The real robots were built and operated by Carnegie Mellon University for NASA, so NASA paid for them but they were used by CMU. Terry says that they (USGS) put $450,000 "into this beast" - he didn't say it was their money and he was probably referring to NASA's money which was why NASA had such a stake in the robot and would not be happy about a risky move like removing the ELF beacon.


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