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Question: If Sandra is at the scene of the accident, what is the purpose of the police officer showing up at the door to tell her Jim is dead?

Answer: It's fairly obvious that this film's theme is that knowing the future changes it. I.e. knowing there would be an accident, she travelled there and caused an accident.

Answer: Possibly she left the scene before the police arrived, so they did not know she had been there.

Question: How did the FBI agent know that the two FBI agents on the plane were killed earlier?

Answer: It's been a while since I've watched this movie, but he obviously knows the plane is hijacked. It's a pretty safe assumption that the agents are dead as they're escorting a dangerous, high profile prisoner. Pretty easy to connect the dots. Alternatively, they could've failed to check in, and he assumed the worst.

Question: When John is telling Lawrence about the argument with Ben, John says that Ben would have taken Gwen away from him. Does this mean that John was secretly in love with Gwen?

Question: Why didn't Chloe tell Miranda that the sheriff was abusing her, and only said "the devil"?

Answer: She was a patient at a psychiatric hospital. She could tell anybody she wanted but nobody would believe her. Miranda's job was treating Chloe for what she thought was a delusion.

Question: Why didn't the teacher get fired after being caught sleeping with a student? In most cases a teacher wouldn't be able to be at that school whether he is of age or not, I don't think parents would like the thought of a teacher sleeping with students is still teaching at that same school and her husband is a teacher as well.

Answer: I don't believe she was ever officially caught seducing a student, her husband found but never told. He wants a divorce, and he knew she would agree to any settlement to keep it quiet.

Question: How in the world were Nicky and the models able to slip past the guard dogs?


Answer: As shown in Nicky's office, him and the models are professionals, judging from the different tools that they are using and a map of the Mallory Gallery. All they would have to do is watch and wait for the dogs to leave a specific area, and they would be able to get in because of how quiet they were while Kermit and friends were caught because of how much noise Animal made while trying to eat through the bars.

Question: Why was this filmed in Canada and not in Salt Lake City like the first movie was?

Answer: Likely for a variety of reasons but probably mostly for cost reasons. It is cheaper to film movies in Canada due to the currency exchange rate.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why was Solomon in the attic at the end of the film? They sacked him, so he wouldn't have known to have been there at that specific time or anything.

Answer: He figured something was wrong pretty quickly and being framed for messing with children only hastened his suspicions. He would have heard about Marlene dying in the greenhouse on the news and may have even seen an ambulance turn up when Claire collapsed due to being unable to find an inhaler. He was a very kind and caring person so probably kept an eye on the house to make sure the kids were safe. He probably saw Payton break into the house and snuck inside the same way she did.

Question: Is it a mistake that the firearm that Rambo uses against his pursuers is different from the one that Sgt Gault uses against Rambo? He did take Sgt Gault's rifle after his fall from the helicopter.

Answer: The rifle Rambo used was a run-of-the-mill M16 rifle, not a hunting rifle.


Question: Regarding the scene with the highly offended customer, is the actor deliberately hamming it up, or is he just a bad actor?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: I think it's a combination of both of those. He's played by Walt Flanagan, who also plays three other characters in the movie. Flanagan was a friend of Kevin Smith who filled in for several roles. He's definitely playing the part a little hammy... but I also think some of his reactions are a little off because it was (obviously) his first film, and he was inexperienced. (Though to be fair, he appeared in similar small roles in several other Smith films, and his acting improved over time).


Question: Since Neeson is no longer in the assassin corps at the end of the movie, how does he so ably secure fake passports?

Examination Day - S1-E14

Question: At the end of the episode, Dicky's parents are called and informed that the government has killed him? Why did they do this?

Answer: They live in a totalitarian state where people who are deemed too smart (and therefore a threat to the authorities) are done away with. That's the point of the test, to eliminate potential troublemakers.

Brian Katcher

Answer: It's the opposite - not smart but dumb. The voice said he failed to get a perfect score, less than one hundred percent.

Quote: "We regret to inform you that your son's intelligence quotient has EXCEEDED the government standard, according to section blah blah blah of the New Code." As in the original short story, they were eliminating intelligent people.

Brian Katcher

Where can I find the short story?

It's in the compilation "100 Great Science Fiction Short Stories" edited by Isaac Asimov.

Brian Katcher

It's by Henry Slesar and a quick Google search will show you some online copies. It's only two pages.

Brian Katcher

According to Wikipedia, it was first published in the February 1958 issue of Playboy magazine; it may have been reprinted elsewhere since then.


Show generally

Question: Given how long it ran and its popularity, was there ever talk of a crossover with Dynasty regardless of different networks?


Answer: No, back then such things were unheard of. Too much politics, contract disputes and what would the characters do if they met.

Question: Why did Chris insist on the group stealing the cannibals' truck? Wouldn't it have made more sense to hide out somewhere until they leave, then try to get one of the other cars running? Looks like most of them only had flat tires, could have taken 1 tire off 4 cars to get one functioning car. I doubt very much they drained the fuel out of them, older ones could have been hotwired and if they had flat batteries, nothing a bump start couldn't solve.

Answer: They were planning to try to get one of the cars started. Chris says "Maybe one of them still runs, look for keys". But of course the cannibals turn up, meaning they don't have time to look for a working car.

Answer: How long would it take you to change four tires? Now how long would it take you if you had no tools, if you didn't have the key to the trunk to get the jack, if you had to do it under the cover of dark, and if anyone found you, you'd be killed?

Brian Katcher

Question: I've noticed a few times in the film they mention "Phase 2." For example, when Fury is talking to the council they bring it up and Fury says "Phase 2 isn't ready." Given that the MCU was broken up into phases, with this being the last film in Phase One (with Iron Man 3 released a year later as the first film in Phase Two), was this an inside joke or nod about the MCU phases, or just coincidence and I'm reading too much into it?


Answer: Phase 2 in the movie refers to the plan executed in Captain America: Winter Soldier, Project Insight which is their next phase for total security of Earth (along with Stark's Ultron program). It is coincidental that it is the same term used for the MCU itself.


Question: There is a major plot point which doesn't make sense to me. When Selene killed Viktor, who turned her into a vampire, why didn't it kill her too? I thought that when one vampire dies, all the vampires that were turned by them died too. That's why Viktor never killed Marcus. Is there something I'm missing?


Answer: Marcus told Viktor that if either of the Corvinus brothers were to die, it would also kill the whole Immortal bloodline (Vampires and Lycans), but this was a lie to prevent Viktor from killing his brother William.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: Before Paxton escapes he sees guards talking to the police outside the building. I'm confused to why he says "oh shit" - is it because they pay the police to keep it quiet and that is why he doesn't shout for help to the police?

Answer: Exactly, yes. This interaction tells him that the police are in on the operation, and will not help him.

Question: Why is Pappas ridiculed by the other agents for his theory that the ex-presidents surf when they're not robbing banks? Is it really that outlandish?

Answer: Because he's regarded as a burned out hippie.


Question: Why didn't they go back to the 3rd or 4th locomotive where they could access the brake hoses and disconnect one of those, instead of trying to get to the hoses between the 1st and 2nd engines?

Answer: That's what they were doing, going car to freight car break the hoses. They knew it would slow the train down but not stop it. Slow enough so they could jump off without getting injured. That's why they were desperate to get to the first engine not only to break the hose but disconnect from it.

Question: How could whoever made Rita a ranger not tell she was evil? Did she become corrupt over time like those who possess the ring in Lord of the Rings?


Answer: Rita was a part of Zordon's original team, but she betrayed them in her search for the Zeo crystals. She even killed the original members of Zordon's team until only Zordon's remained.

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