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Question: Spoiler! Does this movie actually end with Dominic and his son Brian about to die and the bad guy Dante winning?

Answer: It does - it's a massive cliffhanger leading directly into the next (and apparently final) film. The team's plane has been shot down and crashed, seemingly killing them all (but let's be honest, that's unlikely...). Dom and Little B survive the drive off the dam and crash into the river. Dante looks down on them and arms massive bombs along the length of the dam, they apparently have nowhere to run to... End of film.

Jon Sandys

Show generally

Question: Which episode is it where the characters visit either a museum or an archaeological dig of the 20th century, and come across a voiceover/narrator/scientist making wild and wrong assumptions about the use of common objects? I've got a quote in my mind that's something like "here's where people would maybe do [something] perhaps."

Jon Sandys

Chosen answer: In s02e06, "The Lesser of Two Evils", they go to "Past-o-Rama" amusement park. There's a hologram of an Old New York traffic and the voice over guy says something like "it was a forum for a free exchange of opinions", followed by New Yorkers yelling.


Thanks! I think what I was remembering was that combined with the Bigfoot video where the narrator says "In the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest dwells the strange and beautiful creature known as Bigfoot, perhaps."

Jon Sandys

Question: If Wadsworth threw away the key to the cupboard (as we saw), how could Col. Mustard open it to get the wrench to do away with the motorist?

Answer: As Wadsworth explained to everybody, when he saw the motorist at the door, he didn't throw the key away but put it back in his coat pocket. While everyone's attention was on the motorist, Col. Mustard took the key from Wadsworth pocket and replaced it with a different key.

Question: What did Professor Trelawney mean by "innocent blood shall be spilt" in her prediction?

Answer: My interpretation was that Trelawney's prediction referred to Sirius Black and the Dementors, who were going to suck out his soul. While his blood would not literally be spilled, it was still a death of an innocent person. It was more of a dramatic colloquial expression, like saying someone has "blood on their hands" for causing innocent people's deaths. The prediction could also include Buckbeak, who was being wrongly executed that same night. Her prediction was regarding events that would have occurred if Harry and Hermione had not traveled back in time and changed the outcome.


Question: Why does Hermione seem to hate Scabbers throughout this movie? I'm talking about before they find out the truth?

Answer: Hermione doesn't hate Scabbers. A rift had been ongoing between her and Ron. Hermione resented him constantly blaming her cat, Crookshanks, for chasing Scabbers. Ron was angry that Hermione never took responsibility for her cat's behavior. Even though Ron was justified, Hermione was being unreasonably protective and resentful. She didn't realise that Crookshanks sensed something odd about Scabbers. Also Ron and Hermione had other issues with each other, and the pets were merely an excuse to express their disagreements. It's also supposed to show the growing romantic tension between them.


Episode #1.8 - S1-E8

Question: As we know Gene died in 1953 so how did he save Alex in 1981 from the car bomb, he was already dead and in the purgatory world?

Answer: Have you finished watching the entire series? I don't think it's fair to answer this for someone who hasn't.


Answer: Agree with the other answer. This is not the place for spoilers. I suggest checking the series' entry on Wikipedia. There is a synopsis of each season's episodes that may have the answer you seek. Check here:


Question: The older sister seems to hate Uncle Buck. Why does she hate him?

Answer: She doesn't seem to really hate him, per se. She's a rebellious teenager going through a hard time in her life, pretty much giving all adults/authority figures a hard time (including her parents). Like a lot of teenagers, she doesn't like being told what to do and thinks herself far more mature than she is. She starts off on the wrong foot with Buck before he even shows up, since she resents her parents for having him come in the first place; she thinks she's old enough to a) be left alone, and b) look after her two younger siblings. So, when he shows up, she immediately defies him and refuses to acknowledge that he is "in charge", since she is, in her mind, not a child anymore. Her relationship with him eventually thaws as she realises that he genuinely cares about her (something she doesn't think her parents do).

Question: It didn't look that late when Buckbeak was executed, even though Fudge said it was at sundown, so how come it's really dark when they get out of the shrieking shack?

Answer: That is a too literal interpretation. Sundown (or dusk) can mean near the end of day when there is still full sunlight. The sun then sets fairly rapidly. Enough time had elapsed while everyone was in the Shrieking Shack that it would be quite dark by the time they emerged.


Question: There's a scene where they are getting ambushed by the humvee and then Wex is cut in half. Right before that, it shows a soldier pick up a chopped off hand and put it in his bag. Why did he do that and secretly?

Answer: My thought when I saw it was that he just didn't want to leave any comrade behind, even if it was a small body part. It's gruesome but it appears he's being driven by his emotions and loyalty.


If I recall, one of the mottos used in the film was "Leave No Man Behind." So, as the other answer says, by picking it up he is making sure no part of someone is left behind.


Question: What happened to the teddy with the pink bow that O'Connell pilfers from Evelyn's bedroom as their spat ends? Is the teddy ever seen again? Did I miss it?


Question: When Coach Haskins allows players to "play their way" why is the team more effective?

Answer: Because it's a bi-racial team. While he worked to build a unified team, he recognizes that there are many differences between the members. He realises he needs to also allow them to play to their natural abilities and individual strengths, making them more effective players.


Answer: I've read a few comments about this on other websites. Whether the show's creators had a specific reason for making Tammy look like Peggy Bundy, is anyone's guess.

Question: Since I didn't notice it for a long time, I wanna make sure I'm right about this, so am I seeing a real tear roll down Hermione's face as she and everyone claps for Hagrid at the end?

Answer: Yes there is a tear you can see on her face. I think it is meant to be a happy tear because Hagrid is a kind and caring person to her and others at Hogwarts.

De-Kahnstructing Henry - S3-E13

Question: When Minh says that Dale can buy the panda radio, and she tells him to address a check to her, why does he pretend not to know her name?

Answer: Dale probably wasn't serious about buying the radio. He was teasing Kahn by asking what Minh's name is. He is enjoying the fact that Kahn and Minh need to sell stuff at a yard sale, because they are normally arrogant, condescending people.

Question: Why is this movie parodied online?

Answer: The "Hitler in the bunker" scene is iconic for historical reasons, being something most people understand the significance of. Being subtitled in the film means it's very easy for people to keep the original excellent acting while simply replacing the words onscreen to change the context entirely. It also ends up being a bit self-reinforcing, once people get wind of it as a "template", they then start getting their own ideas. And there's the arguable "Streisand Effect", when the film company issued a wave of copyright takedowns in 2010, a lot of people "retaliated" by making and uploading even more.

Answer: Presumably, due to its popularity.

Computer Terror - S6-E9

Question: Does anyone know the name of the actress that plays Thaddeus (the dog's) Mom on season 6's "Computer Terror?" I don't think I've seen her anywhere else. I looked it up on IMDb and it's not listed (uncredited). I even tried google but no luck. Also, does anyone know the name of the actor who played her husband? He does look familiar, but can't place him.


Answer: The husband, Wilbur, is actor Frank Aletter. The wife, Marion, is played by Sandy Balson.

Super Grover

Question: After the end of the 74th Hunger Games, Haymitch and Katniss are having a conversation on a balcony and after Haymitch tells Katniss she showed them up, the camera moves to a wide shot of them and during Katniss' response, something can be seen moving inside of her dress that looks similar to a hand, but both character's hands can be seen resting on the ledge. Do you know what it is? (02:09:36)

Answer: I watched this scene multiple times on YouTube. There is definitely something moving that probably is not supposed to be seen. I'd agree with your assessment that it looks like a hand. Most likely a film crew member is crouched on the floor performing some technical function during the filming. Just what it is impossible to tell. You should submit it as a "movie mistake."


Question: Everyone at the Magic Castle Inn wanted to go and see the abandoned condos that caught on fire, except for Scooty. There are so many people around that tourist area. Anyone could have done it. What makes Ashley (Scooty's mother) think that Scooty was the one that caused the fire?

Question: Excluding plot device, when Lanie goes to see Prophet Jack a second time, why didn't she simply ask him how she was going to die?

Answer: Probably one of many reasons. It could be fear, denial, inevitability, accepting one's fate, and so on. Not many people want to know exactly when and how they will die.


Question: When does Eisenheim give Sophie the liquid that revives her? It had to be after the Chief Inspector examines her, but we don't see him approach the wagon before going to speak with the Chief Inspector, and the wagon had left after the conversation. (01:02:11 - 01:43:09)

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