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Question: The awkward delivery Kitty makes when she says "Who's hiding... d**khead?!" to Juggernaut always struck me as really strange. Is it just poor delivery of a generic insult? Or is she trying to make a (bad) one-liner about the fact his helmet is maybe, kinda-sorta vaguely shaped like a man's glans? The weird pause and emphasis on the word "d**k" in "d**khead" made me think it was the latter, but I'm not sure.


Answer: She was scared, going into battle for the first time and going up against a very powerful mutant. It was the best one-liner she could think of at that moment. She purposely said it to agitate him, to put him in such a blinding rage, he wouldn't notice his powers were gone because of "LEECH."

Question: What did Arcane believe he was going to turn into after drinking the formula?

Answer: He believed he would turn into a being of Supreme Intelligence, the next step in human evolution, like Professor X. An advanced mutant.

Question: Is there any indication how much of this film was unscripted or how much Amy and Will improvised their lines. I can't tell if it's just the acting style the actors chose, or if it was the way the director wanted it, but a lot (especially the opening scenes) comes across as bad improv. Or am I the only one that gets that vibe?


Answer: A lot of the time with modern comedies, they'll usually do a scene as written, then do a number of improv takes where the actors and director come up with jokes on the fly. Then in editing, they'll pick the (presumably) best bits from both the scripted and improv takes to put into the finished film. And Will Ferrell confirmed that there was indeed a lot of improvising on-set of "The House." Unfortunately, without a copy of the shooting script, it's basically impossible to tell exactly how much of the finished film is made up of the unscripted improv. But it's fair to say that at least a decent chunk of the movie was made up of improv comedy. So chances are it's not just you.


Question: After Frank fell to his death, Jack and Jason stay in the tent for the night. Jason has things dropped from his bag, and he puts something (looks like a tin can maybe?) into the bag right away and Jack notices it and stares at him with some kind of betrayed looks on his face. Does it imply Jason was keeping food or water for himself behind Jack's back? Please explain the scene.

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: It's their last can of Sterno...basically, canned jellied alcohol (or ethanol) that can be lit on fire and used as a localized heat source. It's common amongst campers, as it can be used as a burner or to heat a small tent, which is how they've been using it. The look they exchange is an unspoken acknowledgement that if they don't get more fuel, or find somewhere warm, they will freeze to death soon.

Season 1 generally

Question: Why did Eobard believe that pretending to be crippled would divert any suspicion away from him? He could simply walk around even after the accelerator exploded and people could just say that he was lucky that he didn't get injured, mutilated or even killed.

Question: How come from the whole time from when Hagrid gives Scabbers to Ron, until he bites him and runs away after the execution, Ron keeps holding him instead of putting him in his pocket?

Answer: To start with, Ron recently believed that Scabbers was dead, and is relieved to have him back. So Ron is probably not in the mood to shove him into a pocket again. And why shouldn't anyone be holding their pet?

Question: Whatever happened to Scott, Donna's boyfriend? Donna and everybody else returned after Tangina left with Kane, but did he?

Answer: At the end of the movie, it was a different actress who played Carol Ann as the actress had already died by that point. Rumor has it that the actor who played Scott was so distraught over her death that he couldn't come back to film the scene.


Question: Darnell stated that he knew a guy that had a car like Christine once and that he killed himself in it. Are the guy he knew and LeBay's brother the same person?

Answer: Yes.

Question: I have two questions. 1) If Christine can fix herself, why was she in such a state when Arnie first bought her? 2) Did Arnie do all the repairs on Christine or did Christine fix herself bit by bit to give the illusion that Arnie was doing it?

Answer: She is influenced by the person owning her. It's love. The love was gone when Arnie bought her, since her last owner died. But Arnie was in love with her and Christine fell in love with him overtime because of his dedication to fixing her. Because of the love for each other, the magic that powers Christine becomes more powerful, until she is eventually able to fix herself. During his time fixing her, she eventually takes over the repairs, but at first he was the one doing the fixing. It's possible her state contributed to her fixing herself, so the more she is repaired, the more she is able to do herself as well.


Question: I know it's just a movie, but how were Gus Polinski and his wife unable to even realise they left their own son behind at a funeral home, let alone leaving him there all day, as Gus was explaining to Kate near the end of the movie (especially under the assumption that it began the night before during a typical service or even during calling hours)? Surely, any parent with common sense would know not to leave their children unsupervised in an event like that.


Answer: It can be any number of things. High stress. Forgetfulness. Just being tired. Maybe they got hyper focused and it simply slipped their mind. Etc. (And since it's a funeral home in his case, it could be all of those things, plus more.) And it's really not all that uncommon. One survey I found online showed that over 10% of parents admitted to accidentally forgetting their child was in their car with them and leaving them in the back seat. And in another survey, 9% of parents have admitted to accidentally either losing track of or leaving a child behind somwhere while they were out. It just... happens.


Answer: While Gus doesn't state many of the particulars of the event, I've attended numerous funerals where kids are constantly on the move. Going in and out of family rooms, going outside, etc. It's possible to lose track or think they're with another relative. Gus is used to being on the road and isn't always in "Dad mode." My own parents forgot me at school numerous times.

Answer: Gleaned from the Internet: Much of the negative reaction was due to the poor, simplistic, and outdated quality of the animation where the characters moved stiffly and clumsily through scenes. There were also some obvious animation compositing gaffs. The animation colors were also criticized as being overly bright and cheery and out of character to the established story's darker tone. The broad humor of the first season was replaced by a more mature narrative between the characters.


Answer: Gleaned from the Internet: Some critics criticized the premise of so many one-off battles that were introduced and concluded within one or two episodes. Others felt the first-season plot lines were overly simplistic and never progressed or developed through the season. Also, the rivalry between Iron Man and the Mandarin also failed to capture viewer's attention.


Answer: From Wikipedia: Eight episodes were written for the second season before production was shut down. According to series creator Larry Brody, the cancellation was the result of a legal dispute between Marvel and Saban Entertainment.


Answer: If you're referring to near the end, after Ryan leaves, there's a recess in the wall with shelves that has vases and decorations on it (next to the clock on the wall). There are light on the underside of one of the shelves and the plates on the shelves are reflecting those lights.


Question: Whose band is shown early in the story playing "I've Got That Old Feeling"? Sounds like Les Elgart.

Answer: Missy doesn't hate Sheldon per se. She resents all the attention that he gets and all the special treatment due to his intellect.


Question: What triggered the attack on Frank? I understand why he was attacked, but why did they decide to do it at that moment? Was it because they heard him tell Sarah he was going to be in Kansas City, so they decided to move in on him that night? Or did he suspect he was going to be attacked and that's why he was planning on going to Kansas City? Or was he never really planning on actually going to Kansas and was just gauging her reaction and then went knowing she was in danger after the attack?


Answer: The talk of Frank going to Kansas City was flirting on his part, he wanted to get Sarah's reaction, would she like it or would she be uncomfortable. The talk on the phone was so far friendly, not serious. The attack on Frank's house was just a coincidence. They were killing off the members of a black ops job, remember, when they investigated the reporter's death, her notes, said, that on a list of names only one was not crossed off. The C.I. A. Didn't know about Sarah, Frank knew once he escaped they would check every aspect of his life. When they checked his phone bill, they say the constant calls to Sarah's number.

Question: How is it that everybody except Bob mistook Peter for Luke? Luke was well-known by the whole town so it seems kind of strange that they would mistake a complete stranger with amnesia for someone they've actually known for a long time.

Answer: The father showed a picture of Luke. Peter and Luke were identical twins.

I'm hoping that this answer is implying that Peter and Luke are spitting images, and not actual identical twins, as there is no relation between the two men. Adele had her theories that Peter was not Luke, and Emmett stated that he knew at the reunion party. The town is fooled for a couple of reasons, mainly because he looks just like him. But also because they wanted to believe it was him. The town had suffered a lot of heartbreak after the war, and this was some good news, while it lasted.


Question: If she thought Adrian was dead, why didn't she immediately go back for their dog? She seemed to care for it at the beginning of the movie. When she goes back to the house, the dog is there, obviously in good health, who did she assume was taking care of him?


Answer: It's unknown, but having been so traumatized and terrified by what happened, Cecelia wasn't thinking logically and it probably didn't immediately occur to her. Returning to where one was mistreated and was essentially a prison would be difficult. Considering Adrian's wealth, position, and his large estate, she would know if there were others there, particularly after his supposed death-Adrian's brother, company employees, lawyers, security personnel, servants, etc. that would care for the dog. Cecelia didn't seem particularly attached to dog and she was mostly keeping it calm and quiet while attempting to escape. Also, Cecilia believed Adrian faked his death and she wouldn't risk returning.


Question: Why didn't Edward get the medication instead of letting Ivy go? I understand elders shouldn't be seen to go because they are trying to stop young people thinking it's safer to go now that an elder has. But this is his daughter! She is blind! And he knows the route, and it would have been much quicker for him, meaning less chance of the guy dying. Instead, he wants to put going through the woods, blind, onto his daughter when he could have done it in double time.

Answer: As his wife says, "You have made an oath, Edward, as all have, never to go back." In other words, when they founded the Village, the adults all swore never to go back to our world, and this is a promise they take very seriously. So Edward can't go, and neither can any other founding adult. Ivy, however, never took such an oath (she was born in the village and doesn't know anything about the outside world), so she can go.


Answer: In addition to the other answer that I agree with, Edward never intended for Ivy to go alone. She was supposed to be escorted through the woods by the two boys. They became scared and ran off. Ivy, knowing the truth, was determined to continue on to get the medicine to save Lucius, who she loved.


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