24th Jun 2022

Constantine (2005)

Question: In the movie the ritual to bring Mammon into the world requires the spear of destiny and a powerful psychic. The psychic chosen is Angela who can only be used after a ritual that she and Constantine preform. This can only happen if the two meet so Gabriel chooses Angela's sister for Mammon to posses and kill, to get Angela involved in the occult world. My question is why didn't Gabriel and Mammon just use Angela's sister?


Answer: According to the plot on Wikipedia, Isabel killed herself to prevent Mammon from using her, so she was chosen first. Angela and Constantine meet because Isabel brought them together to stop Mammon, should he find another psychic. But with Angela reawakening her powers, she is chosen. It's not a quite clear plot as it is mentioned Mammon needed not just a psychic, but twin psychics.


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