The Firm

Question: How does the security boss of the firm listen to the conversation between the wife of Cruise and the secretary of the private detective, in the last scene of the hotel in the Bahamas? Why did he have any reason to suspect anything in the first place?


Chosen answer: At first the security guy doesn't suspect Mitch any more than any other new associate hired by the firm. His job is to keep a close watch on all new associates to see if they realize the firm has mafia ties. He starts watching Mitch (Tom Cruise) more closely after he was approached by the government agents who wanted him to spy on the firm. He knows that Mitch now suspects there are illegal activities going on and may decide to aid the government. It is also shown that Mitch's house was being bugged, and it can be assumed the resort cabana regularly used by the firm in the Bahamas would also be bugged.


Question: Storing incriminating mafia files in a "kitchen pantry" at the Firm's Cayman Island bungalow with nothing but a standard door and key lock (instead of a steel vault) to secure them seems risky, inept, and downright unbelievable. Is this how it happened in the book or was it changed for the movie?


Chosen answer: In the book there were indeed incriminating files stored in the firm's condos in the Cayman Islands. There were two adjoining condos, one for senior partners (where incriminating files were stored) and one for junior partners who weren't yet aware of the firm's organized crime connections.


Question: Every time I watch this movie I wonder what happened to the beer that Tom spilled while discovering the boxes of files in the Grand Caymen condo?

Answer: I've wondered about that, too. Avery appears to have somehow overlooked it, though it was in a highly visible and in a sensitive place (the locked closet). He probably returned late that night, and by the next day, the maid could have cleaned most of it up before he noticed anything. Also, on that particular trip, Avery may have had no reason to look inside the locked closet, so he would not have seen the broken glass. The spilled liquid outside the door would have dried quickly.


Question: I just want to know the name of a song. When Cruise goes into his house to tell his wife it's bugged there's a jazz song playing. You know, the one where he turns up the volume and whispers in her ear. Then she takes off running. Who sings that song? I can't find it anywhere!


Chosen answer: M-O-N-E-Y by Lyle Lovett.

Question: In the shot where the albino is traveling in the plane to the Mud Islands, then suddenly he's back in Memphis chasing Tom Cruise. How does he travel or get there so fast? Being one shot in the Mud Islands and the next shot in Memphis, it's not possible.

Answer: Mud Island is in Memphis. You either walk across a covered walkway or take a monorail to it. He didn't take plane to get there to chase Tom Cruise.


Question: Why did Mitch tell his firm about being contacted by the FBI in D.C.? What purpose does it serve him? It probably only attracted more attention to him.

Answer: He's not sure if he believes the FBI, and if they're telling the truth he doesn't want the Mafia discovering he'd been talking to law enforcement behind their back. This way he can avoid taking sides just yet.

Brian Katcher

Answer: He knew the Firm was watching him and would probably learn about the meeting. To head off suspicion that he may be cooperating with the FBI, he voluntarily tells his superiors about it, all while acting naive and showing he has nothing to hide. He may also be displaying a (false) willingness to be drawn into any nefarious Firm activities, allowing him to learn more about it.


Question: What happened at the end of the movie to the man who had been shot in the leg by the private detective?

Answer: When Mitch McDeere gets off the elevated train, when he's leaving Mud Island, a guy with a limp, wearing an overcoat (with faux fur), follows him. That's the guy. Mitch had never seen him before, so he gives him a weird look when he accidentally bumps into him. The guy with the limp was likely in the hospital while the security staff were doing their shakedown of Mitch.


Answer: It's not shown, but presumably he received medical attention and recovered from his injuries.


Factual error: American law schools graduate students in mid-May. Tom Cruise and his wife drive from Boston, Mass. to Memphis, Tenn. to take the new job pending the bar exam, which is given in late July. So why during that late Spring/early Summer are autumn leaves falling?

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McKnight: He lied about his brother.
Avery Tolar: Wouldn't you lie about having a felon in the family to get a job like this?
Bill DeVasher: He ought to be kept on a short leash.
Avery Tolar: Why? You've got nothing to be suspicious about.
Bill DeVasher: I get paid to be suspicious when I've got nothing to be suspicious about.

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Trivia: The bench where Denton Voyles is sitting exists, but has been taken from the area under the trees near the Lincoln Memorial and moved out about ten yards; I suppose to provide maximum privacy when Voyles asks Mitch to rat on the mafia.


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