The Firm

Harvard Law School grad, Mitch McDeere, is made an offer he can’t refuse. To recruit Mitch, a prestigious Memphis law firm dangles a lucrative salary, a Mercedes, and paying off his college loans as incentives. Haunted by his humble beginnings and a family secret, Mitch seizes the opportunity. His wife, Abby, is reluctant, however. Mitch soon discovers things seem a bit peculiar. The firm takes an abnormal interest in their employees’ private lives, and Mitch leans that no one ever quits. In fact, the only ones who left the firm died shortly after.

Mitch is contacted by an FBI agent who tells him that the majority of the firm’s clients are Mafia whose money is laundered into offshore accounts. New lawyers at the firm are unaware of the Mafia connection, but they are gradually coerced into the illegal activities and forced to stay. Anyone attempting to leave is murdered. The FBI wants Mitch’s help.

Mitch wants out, but he is being squeezed by the firm, who suspect he may know their secret, and also the FBI, who blackmail him for his assistance. Mitch is unknowingly tied to illegal activities at the firm, and the FBI threatens to have him disbarred if he doesn’t cooperate. To save his law career and escape the firm, Mitch agrees to help the FBI, but he insists that his brother, Ray, who was convicted on trumped-up charges, be released from prison.

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Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Tom Cruise is crossing over to Mud Island, you can see the reflection of the rotor blades on the monorail from the helicopter which is filming.

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Wayne Tarrance: Get me a map of Louisiana. GET ME A MAP of louisiana.

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Trivia: Holly Hunter's role is one of the shortest Oscar nominated performances. She only appears on screen for about six minutes total.

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Question: How does the security boss of the firm listen to the conversation between the wife of Cruise and the secretary of the private detective, in the last scene of the hotel in the Bahamas? Why did he have any reason to suspect anything in the first place?


Chosen answer: At first the security guy doesn't suspect Mitch any more than any other new associate hired by the firm. His job is to keep a close watch on all new associates to see if they realize the firm has mafia ties. He starts watching Mitch (Tom Cruise) more closely after he was approached by the government agents who wanted him to spy on the firm. He knows that Mitch now suspects there are illegal activities going on and may decide to aid the government. It is also shown that Mitch's house was being bugged, and it can be assumed the resort cabana regularly used by the firm in the Bahamas would also be bugged.

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