The Firm

Continuity mistake: When Tom Cruise first encounters Gene Hackman, Gene is nonchalantly leaning in a doorway with both hands in his pockets. In the next shot, Gene is holding a briefcase that wasn't there before. It's a good thing the briefcase arrived, since Gene makes mention of it immediately after. (00:17:00)


Continuity mistake: Mitch and Abby are on a rooftop overlooking the Memphis skyline. The setting sun is brightly shining at the top of the screen. After only 45 seconds of dialogue, the sun is almost completely set. The sun would have needed at least 15 minutes to travel that far. (00:10:55)


Continuity mistake: As Tom Cruise is leaving Mud Island on a monorail car he passes another car with a Firm henchman in it. They see each other and the man gets out and runs across the bridge to catch Tom as his car stops. This is impossible since there are really only two cars which end up on both sides at the same time.

Continuity mistake: The bench where Denton Voyles is sitting has been taken from the area under the trees near the Lincoln Memorial and moved out about ten yards; I suppose to provide maximum privacy when Voyles asks Mitch to rat on the mafia.


Continuity mistake: 3/4 of the way through, Tom's boss is talking to Tom's wife at the school through a chain-link, and every time the scene switches between the two, the position of his fingers in the fence changes.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Abigail and Mitch part. Abigail gets into the car and starts the engine but doesn't reach for the seatbelt. The camera switches to Mitch, he says "Take care of yourself" and then it cuts back to Abigail driving away but this time wearing a seatbelt. The time between the two cuts is too short for putting the seatbelt on, especially because Abigail didn't even make a move to reach for it before the first cut.

Continuity mistake: After Mitch records Wayne Tarrance's rant at the racetrack, when the rant is played back to Tarrance over the phone, the recording doesn't match what Tarrance originally said.

Factual error: American law schools graduate students in mid-May. Tom Cruise and his wife drive from Boston, Mass. to Memphis, Tenn. to take the new job pending the bar exam, which is given in late July. So why during that late Spring/early Summer are autumn leaves falling?

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Wayne Tarrance: Get me a map of Louisiana. GET ME A MAP of louisiana.

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Trivia: Director Sydney Pollack provides the voice of the prison warden on the phone informing Terrance that a prison guard sent an unauthorised fax regarding Mitch's brother Ray.

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Question: Storing incriminating mafia files in a "kitchen pantry" at the Firm's Cayman Island bungalow with nothing but a standard door and key lock (instead of a steel vault) to secure them seems risky, inept, and downright unbelievable. Is this how it happened in the book or was it changed for the movie?

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Chosen answer: In the book there were indeed incriminating files stored in the firm's condos in the Cayman Islands. There were two adjoining condos, one for senior partners (where incriminating files were stored) and one for junior partners who weren't yet aware of the firm's organized crime connections.

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