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Question: With all those unpaid parking tickets, wouldn't Vincent's car be towed, instead of just getting another ticket for handicap parking with no handicap tag?

Answer: It most likely was towed while Vince was being handcuffed and put in the police car.

Question: What were Frank and Ed eating in the car before Frank went into Ludwig's office, and what parts were they throwing out the window (which got piled up outside Frank's door)?

Answer: Red pistachios. Which are regular pistachios that have been dyed red, so that eating a lot of them would stain your fingers and mouth, especially once your fingers got wet.


Question: Forrest's mother doesn't want him at a "special school", where he would learn "how to re-tread tires." What does that mean? Would a school for mentally disabled children also be a vocational/trade school?

Answer: In the past, (perceived) "dumb" students were more likely to be placed into vocational rather than academic programs because it was assumed they had limited ability and would not "amount to much" in life (make much of themselves). Therefore, they could at least be trained to perform something almost anyone could do with little or no training. Once someone is trained how to re-tread tires, for example, he should be able to repeatedly do the same thing everyday for years and be "productive." A variation of re-treading tires was learning how to make "birdhouses and ashtrays" - non-essential products in society that some people still might want to buy.


More recently, the trend has been to "mainstream" such students - keep them in classes with their peers.


Question: Why did Hedwig go in a homeless people's hideout to make the beast go out when this one's supposed to be attracted by the girls in the factory?

Question: This might be a stupid question, but why did Roxy not show up the town? Was it really just "circumstances beyond her control"?

Answer: My interpretation is that Roxy had always been determined to get away from the town, and pursue a life of wealth and fame. Attending the event would mean visiting the past that she wanted to forget. She was too afraid to go through with it.

Question: How is Ben able to enter his brother's old apartment, now occupied by a single young woman, and still be able to shave off his beard and find a change of clothes?

Answer: When Ben is walking to the apartment door, he has a huge case with him which is big enough to hold clothes and even shaving equipment. Ben entered the door code into the keypad which unlocked the door so the code was never changed.

Question: Why do the investigators not check the CCTV footage just before the intruders' arrival and find them out, as they wouldn't be there in that footage? Couldn't they easily identify the people who were there before the intruders came?


Answer: In the movie, the investigators do look at the CCTV feed, but there is a gap between when the cameras are knocked out and when the other robbers enter the bank. The investigators wanted to make sure that no-one else in the bank was in on the crime.

Question: Is there an artist and title of the steamy mellow song played when Lewis and Betty start to have sex on the "moon" in the funhouse? Is it a real song or was it just made for the movie only?

Answer: First, Lewis and Betty are not "having sex" - he is raping her, and the writer and director later described it as "not excusable" ( Second, the song you hear is "Right Time for Love" by Jill Michaels and Pat Robinson. It was not written for the film.

Question: How come that Miles and Gwen meet each other before the accident at the alchemax? Theoretically Gwen shouldn't be there since Spider-Man hasn't been "put" in the collider yet.

Answer: She explains that she arrived in his dimension a week ago: "I was blown into last week, literally". Clearly dimension-jumping can affect time too.

Question: Why did the captain first start loving Maria when she sat on the pinecone? I always assumed it was because she chose to sit on it rather than tell him and get his children punished for putting it there, but I'm not sure.

Answer: Probably a mixture of knowing his children put the pine cone there and Maria protected them, and probably because Maria is so ridiculous (in a good way) and he finds her likeable.

Question: What are the girls doing when they throw Grace's son onto the kitchen floor? Why are they harassing him, and why is their grandmother enjoying it so much?

Answer: They are blowing a 'raspberry' on his bare belly, just good-natured teasing of a younger sibling.

Brian Katcher

Question: What is the book Colin is reading Matt when they are in bed together?


Show generally

Question: Have the comics ever given any information as to why Jennifer is able to retain her own consciousness when she turns into She-Hulk but Bruce loses his and becomes a destructive force when he becomes the Hulk?

Answer: In the comics, similar to the show, Jen gets her powers after Bruce gives her a blood transfusion. Because just some of her blood is gamma-irradiated, she has a milder version of Bruce's power. In the original Savage She-Hulk comics, she gains the ability to control her transformations after Dr. Morbius cures her of a deadly blood disease. In other versions, she's able to learn to control her powers and retains her personality as She-Hulk because she has a milder version of her cousin's powers. However, in the comics, overwhelming anger and fear cause her to lose control of her powers, and she's more like Hulk; loss of personality and intelligence and more monstrous. Exposure to gamma radiation will also cause her to lose control of her powers.


Question: In part 1, when Mr. Myagi was explaining the crane technique, he said that if it was done right, there was no defense. But in part 2, when Daniel was fighting Chozen, he used the crane technique, and Chosen was able to counter it. How was he able to do that if there was no defense? And also, why didn't Chozen know about the drum technique if his uncle and Mr. Myagi had the same teacher?

Answer: Chozen was trained in the same style as Daniel, so he recognized the stance. He faked Daniel out making him throw the kick to empty air and then had enough time to grab his leg. In the tournament from the first film, Johnny walked right into the kick since he didn't know what was coming.

Answer: Chozen was born and raised to know karate, Daniel was still a student with more to learn. Myagi had been living in the United Staes since the 1940s, new moves and techniques change constantly, especially after 40 years away from home.

Question: Did I miss something in the film? It seems that the artificial blood's effect is slowly losing its ability, implying Morbius will have to drink human blood. But he'd rather die than turn into a murderous monster. So why doesn't he just drink donated human blood? He doesn't have to murder anyone for that. Did he try drinking animal blood, such as pig's blood? Or is he suggesting when he drinks human blood, that makes him murderous? And drinking artificial blood keeps him from wanting to kill?


Answer: He still had a compassionate side, the donated blood was for people who had blood diseases. The reason he did all this in the first place. As for animal blood, that's only for undead vampires, he was a living vampire, who needed specific fresh blood to combat his disease. Plus, vampires drinking animal blood was made up in movies and TV shows.

Answer: As a threat that he would tear him apart unless he goes back in the box.


Question: Whenever Tim goes back in time, his clothes change to whatever he was wearing at the time, but he always appears in the same spot that he left from. Both times he goes back to the NYE party he appears in the upstairs wardrobe. So what happened to the version of him that was already walking around at the party? Did that version of him just vanish?

Answer: This is one of the (many) time travel plot holes in the film, and unfortunately your question doesn't really have a definitive, or satisfying, answer. Richard Curtis has said he was less concerned with making an airtight time travel film than with the human story at its core, so he let things like this slide without explanation. However, since we don't see any "second" Tims around when he goes back in time, and no-one else seems to think of him as an "extra" Tim, we can safely assume that, yes, he replaces himself in the timeline when he travels back. (Of course, this doesn't explain what happens when he then returns FROM the past).

Question: How was Alonzo going to square his $1M debt to the Russians when his take from Roger's robbery/arrest was only $250,000? I believe that they split the $1M from Roger 4 ways.


Answer: They seized $4M and Alonzo's cut was $1M.


I believe you are mistaken. The box held $4M originally. Alonzo hands out a bundle of cash that he says is $250,000. And the dialog is Alonzo: there's over $4M dollars in here! You lucky prick! First day on the job you hit a three million dollar seizure" Jake: " Wait, you said Four..." Alonzo: "Aha, taxation without representation, brotha. Nothing's free in this world. Buy your wife a mini van, put the kids through college"

Answer: From Wikipedia plot summary: Four million dollars was taken from Roger's house. That would make Alonzo's share $1 million.


Please see other reply. If you actually watch the movie, that isn't correct.

The Santa in the Slush - S3-E9

Question: So from my understanding the Santa that died caught and confronted the Santa that is the pick pocket? They fought and the nice Santa does but then, how does the money from the pick pocket end up in dead Santa's apartment?

Answer: It's a made up song for the show. It's a synth version of what the kids sang in Mr. Frond's video at the beginning of the episode. "Let's Swap Eyes."


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