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Question: Why didn't they go and wait in the APC whilst Bishop piloted the drop ship down? I know Ripley destroyed the transmission so it could no longer move, but it'd be a hell of a lot easier to defend than a giant complex.

Answer: One of the drop ships crashed into the APC and destroyed it. That's why Bishop had to crawl down the pipe to the transmitter, as their portable transmitter was on the APC when it got destroyed.

Answer: The Aliens were everywhere, they couldn't make it out of the room, much less the complex.

Question: Does anyone know the names of the music videos that were playing on the TV screens in the Korean nightclub during the nightclub shootout scene?

Answer: One is Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go.

Question: After Percy kills Wild Bill, how would Paul and the others explain to Hal and Percy's aunt what happened? Even though Hal witnessed John healing Melinda, he probably wouldn't believe what happened and Percy's aunt would probably refuse to accept that Percy just snapped and went catatonic without a full explanation.

Answer: The explanation is set out in the scenes after the incident. They surmised that Percy had such hatred for Bill because he has humiliated him earlier, and he just lost his marbles. He's catatonic so who could question he just had a devastating episode.

MovieFan612 Premium member

Question: Why did Quint attach himself to the fishing rod? If the reel had run out wouldn't he have been pulled into the water? Also, is it ever revealed whether it was the shark that he had snagged?

Answer: He also wrapped a belt around him and positioned his feet, so he wouldn't go overboard. To this day sports fishermen do it to tackle the "big ones." Being an experienced fisherman, he was fairly certain it was the shark, since they used large bait and reel that only a large predator could pull.

Question: How is this possible that Ahsoka became Anakin's apprentice? It makes no sense at all. Only Jedi Masters can have apprentices but Anakin was never given the title of the Master. In Revenge of the Sith he even lamented over the fact that he became a member of Jedi Council without receiving the title of the Master. So how could Ahsoka be his apprentice?

Answer: It's not just Jedi Masters than can have Padawans (apprentice), Jedi Knights can also have them. And at the time Luke was the rank of Knight. In fact, the reference book "The Star Wars Book", it says once a Jedi Knight trains a Padawan to knighthood then they could become a Jedi Master.


Question: Is this true that young Han Solo was originally supposed to appear in this movie?

Answer: There was strong talk of that happening. Lucas envisioned a ten-year-old Solo scrounging on Chewbacca's home planet. He was given only one line "I found part of a transmitter droid near the east bay. I think it's still sending and receiving signals." It would be revealed that Chewbacca raised Solo and taught how to fly ships. He was also to have met Yoda, but the idea got out of hand so it was scrapped.

Question: When the character was at the cafe and the truck was there, but he didn't know who the driver was, why didn't he just go and wait by the truck, smash the windshield, fill the gas tank with sugar or water, slash the tyres?

Answer: At that point in the film, the protagonist David Mann is ready to confront the truck driver. When he sees the old Peterbilt truck outside, David mistakenly assumes the truck driver has already entered the diner, so he confronts a likely suspect that he sees at the counter (but he has misidentified the man). The misidentified man takes offense and punches David out. By the time he recovers his senses, David sees the old Peterbilt truck leaving the parking lot. Which means the actual homicidal truck driver never entered the diner in the first place and was waiting outside the whole time. If David had first gone outside to the Peterbilt, there was a good chance the waiting homicidal truck driver would have killed him right there, and the story would have abruptly ended. So, David's misidentification of the truck driver allowed the film to move ahead into its next act.

Charles Austin Miller

Yes, I get why the filmmakers did that, but I still think it is a plot hole. If the Dennis Weaver character was afraid of getting killed by the truck driver, I doubt he would have confronted him in the cafe.

Question: Why didn't Harry Manfredini compose a soundtrack for this movie?

Answer: From what I understand, he basically did little-to-no work on "Part VII: The New Blood" due to scheduling conflicts. A majority of the score for that film was composed by someone else, although Manfredini was credited since some of his compositions and themes were used. When "Jason Takes Manhattan" rolled around, he simply wasn't asked to return, presumably because they assumed he would be too busy like he was with "Part VII." (Which makes sense, as he had four other credited projects he worked on the same year that "Jason Takes Manhattan" came out).


Question: If the military code breaking was a delusion, why did Alicia converse with and have the door opened by an MP officer where she even said, "wow you must be really important." Why was the MP there then?

Answer: There was always a basis of reality for his delusion. As I recall it, early on, Nash was actually recruited by the Pentagon to study encrypted telecommunications of foreign enemies. Nash's association with the government appears to have been limited, but it became a springboard for his extreme fantasy of working for the U.S. Department of Defense and with the unreal Agent Parcher.

raywest Premium member

Question: The crew of the fishing schooner visits several places on the Grand Banks off the island of Newfoundland. One is an actual fishing location named "The Virgin Rocks." The boat's arrival there is announced by one of the characters, accompanied by location footage. Is the location in the footage actually the Virgin Rocks?


Question: When Paul's curing Ruth's eye condition his eye glows, what does this mean?


Answer: Nothing, it was to show him using his mental powers.

Question: At the end Krista gets pressure from the police, and she tells them something. Then the police show up at the robbery. How did Krista know where and when the last robbery was taking place?

Answer: Her brother Jem helped plan the robbery, so she probably learned about it through him. He might have even told her about it directly since she's in love with Doug, and Doug was intending to leave Boston after the heist.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Maybe she wanted to see her brother and was too young to "understand" the severity of what he did? Maybe her adoptive family thought it would be good for her to try and have some sort of relationship with her brother so they took her to visit him? Etc. Pick your poison. There's any number of valid reasons why the relative of a criminal might go to visit their family member in prison or an asylum.


Answer: She didn't, the movie picks up were the first one left off, on the same night. She went directly to the hospital and stayed there all night.

No I mean when she's in the hospital. She dreams that she's visiting him at Smith's Grove.


Question: When the couple rides horses through a destroyed/emptied village, whose work did they say it was?

Answer: Bond says it's the work of the mujahideen, the Afghan resistance.

Sierra1 Premium member

Tell It to the Frogs - S1-E3

Question: Why does Lori tell Daryl that Rick will show him where his brother is but then 10 minutes later tried to talk Rick out of going?

Answer: No, she actually tries to talk Rick out of it, but he's already made up his mind, minutes later when Daryl asks him about the location of his brother Lori says "he'll show you."

Answer: It's not shown, but I think Lori is suffering from some sort of PTSD due to thinking her husband had died, having an affair with Shane and of course the zombie apocalypse as well! This isn't the only time she contradicts herself so it kinda backs this theory up.

Question: What did Richman hate about the Muppets?

Answer: He was a greedy man who wanted to drill underneath the Muppet Theater for oil. He was Ebenezer Scrooge.

Question: When Kimble goes to the jail before the St Patrick's Day parade, whose license would he have used at the sign in? Not the old man's whose clothes and breakfast he took.

Answer: Security wasn't as tight in the 1990's as it is today. He could have had several I.D.'s made or just lied about his name.

But it sure looked like he was holding an ID in a wallet for her to see when she was writing something and telling him his conversation could be recorded.

In one scene in the movie, Richard is making fake ID's. He was showing a fake ID to the officer.

Question: When they both finally grab their guns and load up and Joe spins the revolver, how's he so sure it's going to load that one live round?

Question: In the segment "The Hitchhiker", why does Annie keep mentioning the prices of things like how much the male gigolo charges and the damage to her car?

Answer: Like Norman, Peter came in late to the thanksgiving dinner and Peter had a wound at the same spot Norman wounded Spiderman.


Answer: When Green Goblin and Spider-Man are fighting during the apartment fire, Goblin is able to cut Spider-Man on the arm. Later, after the fight, when meeting for Thanksgiving dinner, Norman sees Peter has a cut on his arm in the same spot as Spider-Man.


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