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Question: When Oliver takes the handkerchief from Fagin's pocket, did he really not notice that Oliver took it or did he realise that he did and pretended not to know? If it was the latter, why?

Answer: If you mean the scene where he is teaching Oliver how to be a pickpocket, then yes, Fagin knew. He is role-playing the part of a "victim," showing Oliver what it is like to steal an item from someone's pocket without it being noticed. He is employing some criminal "positive reinforcement."

raywest Premium member

Question: 1. Did Luthor kill Miss Tessmacher after going to the North Pole? 2. How do Clark and Lois get back from the North Pole without freezing to death? 3. Why does he go back to that diner since Superman should be above petty revenge? 4. If the villains have Superman's powers then how could Ursa be affected by the snake bite? She shows irritation from being bitten.


Answer: 1. No. 2. It's unclear, but can assume Clark had that part planned. 3. Agreed, this is out of character, but Clark isn't perfect. 4. Exactly, she shows irritation. There's no indication the bite actually hurt her or broke her skin. But as someone who is only now realizing the extent of her powers, she reacted as though she thought it might have.

Jason Hoffman

Question: Did the OC2 gauge really drop to zero after fuel cells 1 and 3 were closed, as shown in the movie?

Answer: Yes it's absolutely true. The crew didn't realise that the REAC valves had already been damaged by the explosion which is why shutting the valves achieves nothing.


Question: Would it really be possible to trick someone's brain, the way they did with the number 55?


Answer: Absolutely. There are many people (especially people who work on high commissions and con men) who are well practiced in subtle cues with body language. The elaborate process they went through in the movie greatly increased the chances he would make such a pick, but there was no guarantee. However, it was constructed with personal knowledge of the target. Even more strange was the fact that a string of some of his reasonable bets went bad (the missed extra point, the pick of the card, etc). Had they all not gone bad, it would have disrupted his faked desperation to the multi-million dollar bet.

Question: What did Day-Day mean when he told Mrs. Pearly that she needed to get something lined up?

Answer: He's insulting Mrs. Pearly by insinuating she has a mustache and that she needs to trim it to look neat.


Show generally

Question: Just how effective can Dr. Kroger be if Monk's been seeing him for ten or more years?


Answer: Given Monk's state of mental health and that Monk's been able to continue to function as well as he does, pretty effective. Therapy isn't about "fixing" someone, it's often about helping the person be able to accept themselves. Some people need regular therapy as part of their life. Even a regular person who doesn't get into all the antics Monk does can be in therapy for decades. A few years ago, TV host Billy Bush revealed he had been seeing the same therapist for 30 years.


Answer: Imagine how much worse Monk would be *without* regularly seeing a good therapist.

Question: What were the papers the gun salesman told Van Pelt he would have to fill out?

Answer: It's Form 4473, the federal form that is sent to the ATF for an NICS background check.


I get it. The form is used to make sure you have no criminal history.

If you don't fill out the form the you can't buy a gun.

The One That Got Away - S2-E24

Question: Exactly how could Claire have uncorked the wine bottle with a shoe?


Answer: There are videos on YouTube on how to uncork a wine bottle using a shoe.

raywest Premium member

Question: Did Phillips really lie to the pirates by telling them the ship was broken?

Answer: I researched this on the "History vs Hollywood" web site, and that is a true fact.

raywest Premium member

Question: What did Paul mean when he said "we know people too"?


Answer: He's saying that while Percy may have high government connections to be able to get them fired, he and the other guards have lower connections that could hurt Percy physically and make his cowardice in the face of Wild Bill public, humiliating him and also likely costing him his job.


Show generally

Question: Why would House only tell Foreman he was alive?


Answer: Perhaps just to screw with Foreman some more, perhaps to give him hope that he might be able to come back someday after Wilson is dead.


Show generally

Question: Why didn't Gus try to kill Hector much earlier?


Answer: In an episode of Better Call Saul, we see Gus prevent someone from murdering Hector, and even pay for some of his treatment after Hector has a stroke. He wants Hector to remain alive in the state that we see him: bound to a wheelchair, unable to speak, unable to take care of himself. It's Gus' way of making Hector suffer. He felt a quick death would be letting Hector off too easy.


Answer: Gus considered killing Hector as being "too good for him." He wanted Hector to suffer in the same way he had suffered. Hector killed Gus' partner, so Gus worked to destroy Hector's family before gloating and killing him. Gus even prevented Mike from killing Hector for this very reason.

Answer: Because for as long as Hector was alive Gus could gloat over his enemy.

Ssiscool Premium member

Ain't No Love - S15-E13

Question: Why did Arthur fire Serena?

Answer: He believed that she had become too empathetic towards the defendant they had been prosecuting, and that her actions were driven by her emotions instead of facts. While empathy is a good quality in general, a certain degree of detachment is required in order for a prosecutor to do one's job effectively.

Cubs Fan

Go Fund Yourself - S18-E1

Question: Is there a name for the piece of music that plays after Cartman rejects the Washington Redskins' owner's request to stop using their name, or is it music that was created for the episode?

Phaneron Premium member

This - S11-E2

Question: Why is "This" the name of this episode?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: "This" happens to be used in computer programming language to refer to an entity that is part of a currently running code. But that is just a guess, or at least a starting point for a discussion.


Question: When the disbelieving assistant puts her hand on the markings that Mark Strong draws on the door, why does she dissolve into ashes?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: Because she is not worthy to open the door (not champion material), or even to touch it. But Silvana is, since he already crossed it as a child.


As you can recall Sivana reached for the eye of sin and the old wizard told him he would never be worthy.

He is a champion candidate. That's good enough to at least enter.


Question: After stealing the list from Langley they use smoke grenades to escape the building in the chaos of the evacuation. In one scene, Claire is coughing and leaving the building through a revolving door, using her red dress. And in the following scene the whole team is back in the firetruck going away. As everyone else, Claire is back in her firefighting suit. Was it really necessary to disguise themselves again as firefighters? Or is this a continuity mistake?


Answer: The fire engine was their escape vehicle. It allowed them to get away from the site quickly and without question. Otherwise Claire would either be left behind, or get into the fire engine wearing office clothes. Both would cause issues.

Answer: Arguably it was necessary for her to quickly throw on the firefighting gear over the top of her clothes, because if someone saw a civilian getting into a fire truck it might have raised suspicions.

Look After Annie - S1-E12

Question: Is Annie's white dress in the last attack scenes the same as Princess Leia's in Star Wars? It looks very similar.

Answer: It's similar, but not the same, particularly the neck and sleeves are quite different.

raywest Premium member

Question: There is a fanfic that I am looking for that is a version of Prisoner of Azkaban. I've been looking for it for a long time. The only helpful thing I can say is the 6th chapter is called "Harry protects Hermione." Does anyone know where I can find it?


Answer: You could try It has fictional stories written by many people.

I have. That's where I first found it years ago.

Question: After Ripley discovered that an alien queen was inside of her, why didn't she just kill herself immediately?

Answer: She didn't have the nerve to do it herself, especially since she doesn't have something like a gun where it can be done instantly. Even when backed into a corner by the Company, she still hesitates, she doesn't jump to her death immediately. The survival instinct is very powerful.


Answer: Early on, Ripley wanted Dillon to kill her after she learned she was carrying an alien embryo. He agreed he would, but only if she helped the inmates kill the other alien.

raywest Premium member

But the question is why didn't she kill herself as soon as she found out. As in on the spot? As soon as she discovered that an alien queen was growing inside of her, she went to find the xenomorph in hopes it would kill her but it didn't. It would have made more sense for her to take her life immediately as soon as she discovered a xenomorph queen was growing inside of her rather then wanting the xenomorph on the loose to do it or asking Dillon to.

I agree. It would have made more sense for her to just end her life right there rather going to Dillon after the fact and ask him to do it.

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