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Question: What was the point of court martialling Doss? They said he couldn't go to war if he didn't use a gun, and they gave him the option to quit. So why wouldn't they just kick him out?


Answer: Doss faced a court-martial because he refused the direct order of handling a rifle from camp commander Colonel Sangston. If the Army simply kicked him out, it could inspire other men to follow in his footsteps and refuse to carry a rifle. While Doss could not live with that shame, it can be assumed many others would not have that same problem.


Question: What was in Cosmo's fish tank? They look almost like barracudas. If not, what are they?

Question: I know that in the original script Aragorn was supposed to fight against Sauron at the Black Gate. Why was this idea abandoned? Why were filmmakers against this idea?

Answer: Jackson and his team wanted Frodo and Sam's scene in Mt. Doom to be the emotional/dramatic climax, and ultimately decided that an epic battle between the Dark Lord and Aragorn would have drawn too much script (and audience) attention and weakened that moment.

Question: At the very end we see several surfers and in the wave is a dinosaur (mosasaurus?) about to attack. How did it get there? Was it a foreshadowing?

Answer: It's the same mosasaurus from the Jurassic World park. The mercenaries in the mini-sub that collected the Indoraptor bone at the bottom of the mosasaurus tank, entered through an underwater gate connected to the ocean. The sub team, who were killed, had left the gate open and the mososaurus just swam through, free to roam wherever it wanted.

raywest Premium member

Question: At the end after the dinosaurs had escaped it was stated that it would become a 'Jurassic world'. There were no more dinosaurs than the US military could handle. So why so dramatic?

Answer: The dinosaurs were scattering all over the country and could nest a dozen eggs at a time. They're not dumb they know how to fight, hide and protect themselves. "Life finds a way."

The relatively small number of escaped dinosaurs could not scatter all over the country quickly, if at all. Dinosaurs have small brains and are incapable of understanding the modern world. Their size makes it impossible to hide while roaming. The military could easily find and destroy them. They are also females, and many are only one individual of their own species, and unable to breed. Although in 'Jurassic Park' it showed one species had supposedly changed sex and laid fertile eggs, that was an exception, was spurious science, would be rare, and it would take time to produce any significant numbers. There is also the lysine contingency plan. In Jurassic Park it was explained the dinos were genetically engineered to lack the enzyme lysine. If not added to their diet, they die. Actually, the dinos left on the other island should all be dead.

raywest Premium member

Answer: It's strictly to set up as excitement and anticipation for the movie's sequel. You're right that it's overly dramatic, deliberately so, and that there were not enough escaped dinos to pose a permanent threat. The military could indeed hunt them down and eradicate them.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why the fear of extinction because of the volcanic eruption? Weren't there still dinosaurs on Isla Sorna?

Answer: It wasn't about saving species from extinction as there was the technology to create more dinosaurs. It was a humanitarian effort to save the animals' lives. However, there were divided opinions on whether it was morally right to expend the money and resources to save and house animals that nature had already selected to become extinct and no longer had a place in the modern world.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why is there is such an absence of love in this film? Two birthdays are observed. Dr. Haywood Floyd calls his little 5-year-old daughter on Earth, wishes her happy birthday, but never once says "I love you," which seems only a natural thing for a father to tell his child. Later, astronaut Frank Poole's parents wish him happy birthday, but never once say "I love you"; rather, his father says, "Give our love to Dave (Bowman). " Nobody ever says "I love you," despite the dire circumstances.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: I love this question, and I think the answer will vary, perhaps wildly, depending on who answers it. Here's mine: one of the themes of the film is that, despite these amazing leaps in technology, colonising the moon, and manned travel to distant planets, humanity has gradually become more and more like the machines we create: cold, emotionless, unfeeling. In other words, we've lost our capacity for human connection. This is why Kubrick shoots these scenes you mention in such a cold, distant way. It asks us to consider the cost that comes with technological advances that outpace our emotional development.

Good reply. Yeah, all the human dialogue in this film seems purely information-driven, if not outright expository. Cold, humorless, oddly devoid of emotion. Especially the dialogue and character of Frank Poole (played by Gary Lockwood); he shows no emotion or affection for his parents, as if only just tolerating their birthday greetings. For me, this made it difficult to feel any sense of loss when Frank Poole was later murdered by HAL. Maybe most oddly, the computer HAL seems to speak with the most emotion (desperation and fear) when Dave Bowman finally disconnects HAL's higher brain functions. I mean, that's the most poignant dialogue in the film, when the computer pleads for its life.

Charles Austin Miller

Question: After the inevitable disaster had begun, Owen, Claire and Maisie became hunted by the indoraptor. Why did Owen turn off all the lights when making their escape?

Answer: It makes it harder for the Indoraptor to navigate and to see them as they attempt to hide and escape.

raywest Premium member

Question: After Rex finds out the key to the Judge is missing, he goes back home on a motorbike. He pulls up the garage door and finds the Judge is not there. He snaps and begins to punch, kick and swear. Breaks down the door, has stuff sprawled out all over the ground, and smokes a cigarette. In both versions of the movie including the deleted scenes, it never shows how Rex was able to find Ian at the motel. How was Rex able to find Ian at a motel in Knoxville, Tennessee?

Question: Was Jack talking to himself in the past as well? When Jack attacks John he says "Watch me steal your life away" and then young Jack attacks Frank. Young Jack also knows John by name as he says hello to him when he walks in to find his mom being attacked.

Answer: During that scene the radio was like an" open 2 way line" that everyone could hear. Frank heard John and future Jack fighting. John heard his dad fighting Jack. Jack heard Frank yelling John's name. The shot gun blast was echoed in both times. It is filmed in a way that the sounds from each time could be heard.

Question: Why did the driver flip the hillbillies off after saying "Nice wheels"?


Answer: He was being sarcastic. A beat up, broken down old truck driving through Beverly Hills. The guy considered it an insult.

Question: Why does Angelique curse Barnabas and kill his parents and Josette?

Answer: In the 1700s, Angelique, a witch, was romantically spurned by Barnabas. Out of jealousy, spite, and revenge, Angelique cursed him, killed his parents, and caused Barnabas' betrothed, Josette, to fall off a cliff to her death.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why is Peter smiling when Sarah was crying and frightening after Alan tricked her to roll the dice?


Answer: He found the trick amusing. It caused her to continue playing the game and that means finishing the game so their problems would go away. Or so he thought at that time.


Answer: Earlier in the film Peter uses "reserve psychology" to trick Alan into continuing the game. He then finds it funny when Alan pulls a similar trick on Sarah to force her to play.

Prints Charming - S5-E14

Question: When Carrie points out the photo of Mr. Hofferman playing guitar on a mountain, Doug jokes about him being gay. I don't understand - is this a reference to something?

Answer: While Disney did buy the rights to Star Wars before this episode aired, Kylo Ren was introduced after this episode, so it can't be intentional he looked like Ren. Siths often wore helmets and his helmet bears more resemblance to something a Sith Acolyte would wear, or even Darth Revan's helmet. Which were introduced before Kylo Ren.


Question: What is Brock doing with those guys in the banquet hall before Kara tries to kill Einon?

Question: Why weren't scenes of this movie filmed in chronological order? It is evident when Vernon grabs Harry who wanted to escape into his cupboard with his letter. When Harry shouted at Vernon, his voice sounded much deeper than in all other scenes, indicating that Daniel Radcliffe's voice started changing, thus confirming it to be one of the last, possibly the last scene to be shot. But this scene happens early in the movie, it is one of the first scenes. So why was it shot as one of the last scenes?

Answer: Because almost every film is shot entirely out of order, depending on schedules, availability, efficiency, etc. No point setting up a classroom set for one scene, then taking it all down, then a week later setting it all up again. All related scenes will likely be filmed at the same time. No doubt the likelihood of voices changes wasn't deemed as important as other factors, not least because lines could always be re-recorded and dubbed later.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Question: I'm just curious but is it possible to actually kill a member of the Addams family? Fester survives both the bathtub electrocution and the bomb explosion, Pubert can stop the guillotine blade with his bare hand, and in the first film Pugsley willingly lets Wednesday electrocute him with no apparent ill-effects.

Answer: They can be killed. In the first movie, Morticia talks about several relatives who were murdered, and the whole family seems pretty scared when they're strapped in the electric chairs. They're hard core and lucky, but not immortal.

Brian Katcher

Answer: They originate as a cartoon (1938). So they are basically immortal cartoon characters like the Looney Tunes.


Answer: I believe it was mentioned in an issue of Wizard Magazine that the show was cancelled because of low ratings, and reportedly the show's creative shift in the second season had a part to play in the low ratings, as the changes alienated fans.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: When Eli pushes his sword into the main hijacker in the road (the one whose hand he cut off), it looks like he whispers something into his ear. The hijacker had just asked Eli who he was. Anyone have any ideas?

Answer: He prays for him.

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