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Question: In the opening scene in the bedroom, after Doug wakes up, there's a poster over the bed. Where is it from? Or what does it mean? It looks like 160+ eggs with small markings on them, and some with no markings.


Answer: It's not a poster. It looks to be an original abstract piece of sculptural art. I tried to find out who the artist was, but couldn't find any online information. The piece may have been created for the movie. Artists usually convey some theme or concept in their work, but whatever it is in this piece is unknown. Of course, non-objective abstract art is also subjective to the viewer's own interpretation. I'm going to keep looking for more info, as I'm curious.


Question: In the last scene what is the phrase that Ardeth Bay says to the O'Connells?

Question: How did the pilot get poisoned if no-one entered/left the cockpit?

Question: What was on top of the tortillas that the boys ate in the morning?

Answer: Honey and peanut butter.

Question: What exactly happened to the first pilot? Who killed him?

Answer: He was poisoned.

Question: What happened to Nightcrawler? Why isn't he in this film?

Answer: Short answer, the actor, Alan Cumming didn't want to reprise his role as the process of transforming him into Kurt/Nightcrawler was long and tedious, uncomfortable and unpleasant. His role would have been a minor one, and then with Bryan Singer not returning as director, it made it easy for Cummings not to do it. In a later video game, Nightcrawler is a playable character, which Cummings voiced, and he says he didn't want to be an X-Men anymore, because of the violent nature of their lives, and he left to live in Germany.


Question: What time period is the dress Fatso is wearing from? (00:47:28)

Answer: 1995.

That's when the movie was released. I'm wondering what time the dress is from.

Answer: She considered it to be a badly written and poorly made movie, stating that it was "dreadful." Critics panned the movie as being "predictable," though its special effects were praised. The movie received a 12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was a huge commercial flop that made about half of its production costs. Curtis said she tried to get director John Bruno fired during the filming because she thought the movie was so bad.


Answer: This may be a plot inconsistency but probably a scene was shortened or edited out completely from the original episode that explained this. This is typical for syndicated reruns so that cable stations can air more commercials. The result is plot inconsistencies. Most likely Aunt Clara or another relative was summoned to watch Tabitha.


Question: I see this in nearly all post apocalyptic movies, and in spades in the Book of Eli. The dystopian world they live in is so devoid of necessities that things like chapstick and even water are extremely valuable. OK, fair enough. 30 years ago a nuclear war destroyed society. So how is it that in this world of extreme scarcity, that they are able to keep multiple vehicles running? Beyond gasoline, a car requires a working battery and multiple other fluids, not to mention parts.


Answer: Like you said, society collapsed so the survivors scrounge for food, water, basic needs. Vehicles, their parts, and oil are not basic needs however and are only required when new, primitive, societies start up again. Sure individuals might use a vehicle, but plenty of cars lying around to use until they rust and then you go on to the next. But, these societies can, though crudely, create parts and collect fluids, based on their needs, from whatever they can scavenge. The technology and knowledge is still there, as is the skill to keep cars running. They'd go great lengths to keep them operational, sometimes moreso than food production.


I can appreciate your answer, but 30-year-old gasoline? It just doesn't work. But then it dawned on me that an engine can run on other substances, like grain alcohol. Probably still hard to come by, but nowhere as difficult to create as gasoline would be. So, yep, you're right. Thanks.


Answer: Scavenge and cannibalize from all the derelict cars, and loot abandoned stores?


Question: What is the highest note Maria sings? I'm auditioning for this musical on Friday.

Answer: According to this website (, the song with the highest pitch is "The Lonely Goatherd", with a range between C4-A5. All those yodels, I suspect. Good luck with the audition.

Question: When the other tribe comes in to get their tribute, the camera is on the horses' riders and pans to the right and around and the top of a vehicle of some sort is visible driving behind the standing soldiers. I have rerun this scene several time and looks like the top of a gas or electric vehicle, not a wagon. Does anyone else see this?

Answer: I saw it too! It's at 38:40. Definitely an overlooked editing error.

Answer: It took me all this time (January 22, 2024) to catch it, but that's what brought me here! Great catch! I told my grandson watching with me that it looked like a motorized wheelchair!

What Lies Below - S2-E13

Question: Does Dr. Bishop mistakenly refer to Astrid by her actual name "Jasika" when they are in his lab with the CDC technician?

Question: Why doesn't Fatso dress like Amelia when he pretends to be her?

Answer: The Ghostly Trio were, at the time, playfully teasing James, so Fatso wearing something else instead of what Amelia was seen wearing in the photo, was just a way for them to have some fun at James' expense. At the end of the movie however, they did keep their promise and let James have one final chance to speak to his wife.

Why that specific outfit, though?

Again, to playfully tease James.

Answer: You remembered that episode incorrectly. Stan asks the guys who Sally Struthers is, as they watch her in a TV commercial. Kyle tells him "Sally Struthers, dude. She used to be on Full House." I think it's a joke about her no longer being successful and popular - the kids are totally unfamiliar with her work.

Answer: No she wasn't. Either it was a joke or a mistake. If it was a joke, I never figured it out or read an explanation about it.


It's a joke about how Sally Struthers isn't popular anymore.

It's probably the show's private "in-joke" rather than one the audience is supposed to understand.


Question: How come Ron needed a walking stick when he was out of the hospital wing at the end if Madam Pomfrey can mend bones in a heartbeat?

Answer: Madam Pomfrey may be able to mend bones, but that doesn't mean there isn't some residual healing and treatment needed for a full recovery. The fact that there is a school infirmary and also St. Mungo's Hospital shows that witches and wizards are not always instantly healed. From a filmmaking perspective, Ron using a cane reminds the audience his injuries were serious, so it's partly for dramatic effect.


Yes, it's like Harry needing to wear glasses. Wizards have many abilities that Muggles do not, but they are not all-powerful.

Another example from the book, after George lost his ear during the attack on Harry, it could never be fully healed because it was injured with dark magic.


Question: When Frank and Will first came face-to-face with the runaway train, they moved their train onto a side track. Their last 1 or 2 cars did not clear the main track, and the other train hit them. But the end of the last car that was not knocked away must have incurred some damage. When Frank and Will later reversed their train to catch up to the runaway train, how could they connect to a bent coupler?

Answer: Will and Frank disconnect all the cars from their locomotive to allow them to go faster and catch up with 777. As a result, the coupler at both the rear of their locomotive and the rear couple of the grain car on 777 were undamaged.

Question: Near the end, when Ned drives his truck alongside the train, why have Will (with an injured foot) jump to the truck and then carry him to jump back to the runaway train? No town has such a long stretch of parallel road. Why not save time and carry some other railroad worker directly to the engine of the runaway train?

Answer: Ned was already moving. He wouldn't have time to stop his truck, wait for someone to get in then gun it back up to speed to get in front of 777.

Question: What did Philby mean when he told George to destroy his time machine before it destroyed him?

Answer: He was worried about George's obsession with it and where he could end up and the unknown dangers in the future that could possibly be fatal.


Answer: I've never seen a scene with Jack and Danny in the real world at a video rental store. The video rental store scene takes places in the Jack Slater movie world. Since Slater is Schwarzenegger, Schwarzenegger doesn't exist in the movie world. So the Terminator is played by Stallone, who does exist in the movie world.


Answer: It's not the real world. Danny's in Slater's world and trying to find evidence of Arnold Schwarzenegger existing, but instead finds that Stallone has taken that role in this version of reality.

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