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Question: How come it takes so long for the alien in Ripley to burst out? Every other movie the alien comes out within a day and here it seems to take way too long.

Answer: It was most likely just been implanted when the ship landed or being a Queen Mother would take longer to incubate.

Question: Through the movie we always see The Jackal interacting with his victims in a detached and efficient manner. But during his interaction with Valentina he's more impassioned and provocative. He even lifts off the mask he used during his assault, so she can see his face. Why did Valentina cause such a reaction in him?

Answer: He wanted her to see the expression on his face, smiling and gloating that he won. Using all her vast resources and knowledge, but she became the hunted.

Answer: I agree with the other answers but would add that the Jackal interacts with Valentina the same way he was shown to treat other women differently from men, acting softer, gentler, and even sexual. He also wants to keep her calm so she understands the message he wants her to convey to Mulqueen.


I agree, and Valentina seems unable to resist him. She appears equally terrified and smitten by him.

Answer: I think he thought of her as a kindred spirit. Tough, ruthless and fearless. She didn't get those scars sitting behind a desk.

Question: When Alice goes to find Jerry in the mental institution and pays the guard to help her find him, she tells the guard to call the cops to tell them where she is as she gets closer to finding him. Why does she want them to know what she's doing? If she hadn't, Jerry would not have been shot.

Answer: Alice, being a lawyer and not a police officer or law enforcement officer, would need back up and or firepower to aid her in her rescuing of Jerry. If she had not had bothered with the authorities then she'd likely end up dead as well as Jerry getting shot. Remember that it was Jonas who shot Jerry and this would have happened whether the authorities had been called or not. (I think) also Alice is just one lone figure. Against a whole army of baddies.


Question: Considering what happened with Old Biff and the Almanac in 2015, why did Doc not bother to ask Marty about the whereabouts of the DeLorean upon returning to 1985 in the train? Wouldn't he want to make sure it wouldn't fall into the wrong hands again? I mean he can see a bit of debris when he leans out the window, but that could have fallen off a passing scrap metal train or anything.

Answer: He's already been to the future, so it's possible (probable, even) that he spoke to Marty then and found out that the DeLorean had been destroyed in 1985.

Answer: Many people theorized that since Doc technically was the one that told Marty what time enter on the keypad as when they would arrive in 1985. It's plausible that Doc had planned the DeLorean to be destroyed by the train when they arrived. Remember the original plan was for Doc and Marty to go back together but then Clara showed up and complicated the plan (again). It's quite possible that when they arrived together in 1985 Doc would have warned Marty what was about to happen and they would exited the car long beforehand then to witness the DeLorean's destruction.

Answer: There was actually much debris (the entire car) around the track that Doc surveys as soon as he arrives with the time-travel train. He'd know better than anyone that it was the DeLorean, particularly as he planned his arrival for just a few minutes behind when Marty arrived back in 1985. Marty couldn't have done anything with the DeLorean in such a short amount of time.


Question: Have there been two different endings made to this film? I'm sure I've seen him turn up at her flat after she's left, and he ends up with Kate's assistant.

Answer: Someone else asked the same question, There were rumors of a second ending. One where he arrives at the airport and misses her and watches the plane leave. The other he arrives talks to her, but she says too much time had passed, they could never recapture the past and had a career, then watches her plane leave.

Question: Who is the pipe smoking man in the black and white photo taped to Nedry's computer monitor? Some computing pioneer?

Brian Katcher

Answer: After the explosion of the first Atomic Bomb, Oppeheimer was quoted as saying, "I'm not an evil man, but I have done evil things."

Answer: Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer. One of the fathers of the atomic bomb. I don't know why Nedry would have his picture up and you can draw your own conclusion, but it does seem to be a reference to how good science can lead to destruction.


Answer: He also said, "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

Question: Did Needles know that Marty would get fired if he swiped his card? He seemed to have a huge smirk on his face as he hung up?

Answer: No, he was just happy that he'd goaded Marty into participating in his scheme.

Brian Katcher

Answer: When Marty is talking to Needles, he mentions that what Needles is asking from him is illegal and that he could get fired especially if the boss was monitoring. This causes Needles to call Marty a chicken, something he hates, and he swipes his card. Needle smirks because of how easy it was for him to push Marty.

Answer: I believe, it's because that Needles made the phone call from "The Jits'" Office and knew that he goaded Marty into doing something that would lead to his termination, which explains why Marty's boss called him immediately afterward and fired him for making the illegal transaction.

Question: Is the lawyer who brought the will to the apartment in the beginning the same guy who died in the cube when they were capturing the 12th spirit?

Answer: No. The lawyer was played by actor JR Bourne. The victim in the box was played by actor Charles Andre.


There is confusion about this movie, made in 1960, and the later 2001 version, "Thirteen Ghosts." In the 1960 version, Martin Milner played Benjamin Rush, the lawyer who was killed by the bed. JR Bourne was in the 2001 film. He played lawyer Ben Moss, who was killed by the sliding glass panels. Charles Andrew played a team member who was also killed.


Answer: It was a bribe for a city councilman.

Show generally

Question: How does the city of Townsville get put back together each time after it gets destroyed? Does it magically repair itself?

Answer: This show is a highly stylized satire of superhero tales, and as such there is never an explanation how Townsville is repaired after all the destruction. There is similarly never any real explanation how Metropolis is put back together after Superman fights a bad guy. Powerpuff Girls takes this concept to the extreme to point out the absurdity of mainstream superhero stories.


Question: At the end of the movie why does Charlie go to live with the older couple on the farm?

Answer: Charlie had nowhere else to go and trusted no-one. The Manders had previously taken in Charlie and her father, were kind, and, knowing the truth, did not exploit them and tried to protect them. Charlie needs a home and knows they will care for her.


Question: Dr Grant makes an SOS call to Ellie via the Sat phone. I think I have the sequence correct: There was such a delay in her getting to the phone that they got disconnected. She then dials 3 digits on the phone and then hears Dr Grants cryptic cry for help. She calls him back. Did she dial *69 to reconnect with him, which I don't think you can do with a Sat phone, or dial a code that immediately connected them? Anybody know about Sat phones or have any clues or answers to this scene?

Answer: I think you are right that *69 does not work on a SAT phone, but I can't offer anything else. You may have pointed out a plot hole.


We see Ellie immediately start dialling numbers. We don't know she stopped at 3, but she was likely calling her husband or whatever connections she had in order to send the military after the group. Calling him back would've been a waste of time.

Answer: I don't think it's meant to be anything. To start with, the keypad is 4x4, so too big to be a 0-9 keypad and not big enough for all the English letters. Plus, some of the buttons look like they have letters, some look like shapes, and some are blank.


Question: Why did Koba pat Ash on the back before killing him by throwing him off a high balcony?

Answer: It was a ruse. He wanted to fool him into thinking that he doesn't mind Ash defying his order, as well as to calm him down, so he could violently grab him without any trouble.

Tomorrow is Yesterday - S1-E20

Question: When Christopher is beamed back into his fighter jet, he doesn't see the Enterprise in the sky any more. The slingshot effect returned him to the instant before first viewing the Enterprise. He may not have any physical evidence to report now, but he would still have his "memory" of all the events that happened after he was first beamed aboard. If that's the case, he would now have to remain utterly silent about his adventures so as not to risk any change to the future birth of his son. Right?

Answer: He beamed back into himself, He jumped into a point in time before he was on the Enterprise. So When he didn't see the starship he had no memory because he never left.

Question: How come when Joaquin wore the Medal of Everlasting Life, making him invulnerable and immortal, he still ages through his training?

Answer: The medal doesn't affect his age, it makes it so that he lives for a really long time and doesn't die.

Question: Spock stops a volcano from erupting by detonating a cold fusion device that causes ice to form over the volcano. I have problem with that because where would all the pressure inside the volcano go? All that pressure would have gone somewhere.

Answer: Unless the cold fusion went directly into the volcano, all the way to the source of the pressure.

Question: Something I've always been confused about is the layout of Zavits' apartment. When his neighbor knocks on his door asking if she can use his phone, Zavits goes to answer it, but the door he opens is looking down from above at his own front door where he also notices Reynolds' men waiting in the stairwell below. Does he live in a duplex unit or something like that?

Answer: The men are downstairs, his neighbor is on the same floor at the 2nd entrance to the unit. Many apartments / condos have 2 entrances to meet code.

Question: At the end of the movie, the villain says that a carjacking will take place that night of a young couple who went the wrong way. Is he implying that he in fact had Ritter's carjacking staged so that he would join the Colony?


Question: Cyrus wanted Arthur to take the leap and become the thirteenth ghost. But, wouldn't that short-circuit the system, negating everything the Cyrus was trying to do in the first place? It's like he decided to go through all that trouble just to have his device shut down as soon as it was activated.

Answer: It would not short-circuit the system because Arthur's sacrifice would have completed the ritual, therefore giving Cyrus the power he desired. Unbeknownst to Arthur, Kalina was working with Cyrus when she lied to him about there being a fail-safe that would turn off the machine. She hoped it would convince him to sacrifice himself to prevent hell on Earth from becoming a reality. Cyrus did not believe it was enough and placed Arthur's kids in the center to ensure he would be willing to make the jump. However, Cyrus did not plan on Maggie being there to tinker with the controls of the machine. It was her actions that overloaded the machine, which allowed the ghosts to go free, and cause it to have a catastrophic meltdown as she pushed it beyond its limitations. It can be safe to assume if Maggie was not there, the machine would have never broken down.


Answer: Kalina had lied to Arthur about the thirteenth ghost being the failsafe that would shut down the machine. In actuality, if he had sacrificed himself and died, he would have completed the ritual and activate the device.

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