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Question: Why can Liv McKenzie not go to see Tara Carpenter, her co-worker/close friend after her near-murder attack? Her absence is done to draw suspicion on her, but as she is later revealed to not be the killer, the question is left unanswered in the film. (00:15:45)


Question: Has it ever been established that Gotham City is some sort of separate district similar to Washington D.C.? In the Dark Knight films it was pointed out that the license plates said "Gotham" on them rather than whatever State Gotham is located in. Here, we see Edward's drivers licenses and they also say "Gotham" on them, rather than a State name. Also, has there ever been a distinction made between "Gotham" and "Gotham City"? Because why wouldn't the licenses have the word "City" too?


Answer: In "The Dark Knight," we see Gotham State Police setting up barriers. In short, Gotham has never been shown to be anything akin to the District of Columbia, probably because Gotham is never meant to be the capital of the country.

Answer: It's also been referred to as its own separate state. The city, county and state of Gotham.

Answer: Gotham City is in Gotham County, New Jersey.

Not always. In some comics or shows it's in New York, Chicago, or Connecticut. So the question remains, has there ever been a version where it's a separate district or city state?


Question: In the bar, Jack walks up to the guy named Jimbo who played rodeo clown and offers to pay for his beer. Did Jack hit on him?

Bunch Son

Answer: Not exactly, just kind of feeling out the situation to see if Jimbo might be amenable. Jimbo seems to sense what's going on and lets Jack know he's not interested.

Question: After a storm, Jack and Ennis see the sheep all mixed up with someone else's sheep and Jack says "Get on in there and untangle 'em Chilean sheep out of ours." What does he mean by Chilean sheep? They are not in Chile. The sheep all looked the same. I'm curious.

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: The sheep are not Chilean, but the shepherds are. In the original script, Jack tries to talk to them, but they do not speak English and neither he nor Ennis speaks Spanish. This was cut, but we can still hear the Chilean shepherds speaking Spanish to one another while they try to separate the herds.

Question: When the Penguin kills the Ice Princess, he then tries to kill Catwoman with his umbrella and crosses the crowd to his press van. Why doesn't the mob kill him after the murder and attempted murder?

Erik M.

Answer: The public believes Batman killed the Ice Princess, and they don't know about Penguin trying to kill Catwoman. The crowd that is surrounding his van are his supporters, not an angry mob.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Vernon and Petunia take Dudley to the hospital after the Dementor incident. And in the first book, they took him to the hospital after Hagrid gave him a pig tail. Shouldn't people from the Ministry of Magic be dispatched? As they were after the incident with Marge, in the third book. Dudley would not need to have the memories erased, as Marge did, because he already knows about the wizard world. But what about the Muggle hospital staff?

Answer: There is a department in the ministry that dispatches a specialized team called the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. Likely this team was sent to correct the issues caused by those people. It may just not have ever been specifically cited to those events.

Answer: It was never explained about what happened at the hospital, so any answer is speculation. With the first incident, it may have been considered an unexplainable anomaly. Hagrid was barred from using magic at that time and he may have cast a temporary spell that had mostly worn off before the Dursleys reached the hospital. There's a lot of magical things that are witnessed by the Muggle world (like the flying car) that just seem to get overlooked or are left unexplained.

raywest Premium member

Question: Planet Spaceballs intends to steal all the air on Planet Druidia. Spaceball city and Planet Druidia are neighbors. When Megamaid explodes, her head lands on a beach on a planet that presumably has air. Why not steal the air on the planet inhabitated by apes? There's apparently no air shield. Additionally, the desert planet where Yogurt lives also has air and no air shield. Two other planets, in addition to Planet Druidia, that have breathable air.

Answer: The Spaceballs are a race of bullies, they only pick on planets they know have no defense, like Druidia. Yogart, like Yoda, was a very powerful being with mystic powers, While the planet of the Apes were highly intelligent and were most likely able to out smart a race of idiots.

Answer: In the context of the movie, the Spaceballs seem to hate Planet Druidia. So why not steal air from the planet they hate? In a more meta behind-the-scenes context... it's just better for the plot for them to target Druidia since it makes more sense dramatically and creates stakes for the story.


I would also add that the characters know they are in a movie, and thus they need to service the plot.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: When Sandy is watching the race, she takes her shoes off. Why? It makes no sense, because it's a dirty place. And she's wearing very white socks.

Answer: She was wearing regular shoes, not sandals or sneakers, not made for walking on concrete.

Question: Why was Mr. Griffiths watching Olive's live webcam if it was meant to be a sex tape?

Answer: It is deliberately never shown on screen, so unless it gets answered in a sequel the audience is left to speculate. Mulligan does come into direct contact with Carnage since Cletus is the person who kidnapped him. In addition, the fight between Venom and Carnage takes place all over the church with the pair constantly stabbing, slashing, and bludgeoning each other. A piece of either symbiote could be somewhere in that building. Again, though this is just speculation since it's never shown how Mulligan is infected.


Question: How did Cletus of all people know of Eddie getting dumped by Anne and being abused by his father? Were those stories publicized?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: Those are things Cletus would have talked about during their interviews. Eddie ignored all that and concentrated on finding the other bodies, so Cletus feels like Eddie didn't tell his side of the story.

Captain Defenestrator

Question: When Angela is looking up information on Constantine, it shows a picture of him being arrested. What did Constantine do to get arrested?

Answer: Constantine constantly does things that are out of line or break the law. It could be as simple as somebody calling the cops on him for doing an exorcism. Take your pick really.


Answer: It was his own personal man cave, he was born and raised there. It was the only place he felt safe and secure. In just about every "Halloween" film he always returned to his home. It belonged to him. I personally believe Karen went there to get a feel for the place, trying to make sense of everything. Why does a normal kid turn into a ruthless killing machine, was it just him or was it the house itself.

Question: What did Pauley say before he shot Bernie sitting on the steps?

Answer: He says the Italian word "cornuto." Basically insulting Bernie for sleeping with Vito's girlfriend, which is why the hit was put on him in the first place.


Question: Does the movie or book provide information who the father of the older daughter is? What is the meaning of Kate saying "MaMa don't let him". Does that refer to the father?

Question: What did Anakin's torpedoes hit that caused the droid control ship to explode?

Answer: It was the main reactor of the ship, according to wookieepedia.


I have a problem with that because realistically would destroying a reactor be enough to cause whatever it powers to explode?

Not sure why you have a problem with that notion. It's a common sci-fi convention/trope that destroying the main reactor of a ship usually causes a chain-reaction that destroys the entire vessel. That's also what destroyed both Death Stars in the original trilogy. (Luke fires a missile into the reactor through an exhaust port/Lando and the others fly into the core and destroy the main reactor.) This is not a documentary... it can operate by nebulous sci-fi rules. Not to mention, none of these things actually exist, so who's to say destroying the main reactor WOULDN'T destroy the ship?


It destroyed the main reactor of the droid control ship itself, not what it powers. Anakin was inside the ship and blew it up from the inside.


Question: Does Frank Darner's father get killed?

Answer: No Nikki is the only one that is killed.

Question: How on earth did any of these hijackers get weapons onto the plane? I know this is 11 years before 9/11 in 1992 and security wasn't that strict back then but there would be no way for them to get through security or anywhere else at the airport carrying weapons or have had them smuggled in.

Answer: Vincent got the weapons on board after killing "Robert" the actual crew member. The hijackers also took the weapons off the dead FBI agents.

Answer: Vincent, in the plane's cargo hold, was the caterer who fixed the meals. He supervised the loading of the food, beverages and weapons. He most likely put the weapons in the storage containers, so they could be loaded and made sure no else suspected anything.

Question: If vampires don't have a sense of smell, then how do they smell blood and how to they know Bella has a floral scent?

Answer: In the "Twilight" series, all the vampires had a supernatural sense of smell, along with superior eyesight, hearing, and taste (for blood). They use smell to hunt prey. General vampire lore varies about what characteristics they possess. Contemporary authors have always adapted or modified these traits to suit their stories.

raywest Premium member

Question: When Marty and Jennifer are sitting in front of the clock tower in the park and Jennifer asks Marty if his mother knows he is taking her up to the lake, during Marty's response, he seems to put something in the inside pocket of his jeans jacket with his left hand. What was he doing or what did he put into his jacket pocket? (00:10:00 - 00:11:00)

Answer: It was the audition tape of Marty's music that Jennifer gave him. She wanted him to send it to a record company.

raywest Premium member

Answer: There's a mistake entry about the scene where Marty is holding the tape in his left hand and then disappears in the next shot, so Marty's hand is empty at the point in question. To me, it honestly looks like Michael J. Fox rehearsed the scene so many times when he was putting the tape into his jacket that he did the same movement without the tape to stay consistent.


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