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A Devil of My Word - S3-E24

Question: What is the red stuff on Lucifer's wings? I first thought it was Chloe's blood, but there was too much and she wasn't bleeding anyway. Lucifer had his wings out to stop the bullets, so he wasn't hit. So, what was on his wings?


Answer: It's Lucifer's blood from when his wings got hit by the bullets. As Lucifer spreads his wings, they're white, and before he wraps them around Chloe, you see a bullet hit his wing above his right shoulder, and the spot turns red. After that, he continues to get shot in the wings before fleeing.


Agreed. His wings take damage and "bleed" similar to how he bleeds when Decker is around.


Infection, Part III - S7-E4

Question: In the wake of the bioterror attacks, how come we didn't see the FBI get involved with the investigation and subsequent manhunt? Also, with the bioterrorist finally located, how come the SWAT team wasn't called in to spearhead the takedown? In real life, the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team would most likely be the ones to go in after a terrorist.

Question: When the bus enters the airport and drives over the spike strip, the tyres should have been shredded. Why did the bus not lose speed and therefore blow up?


Answer: Also, when the bus runs over the spikes, the camera is more close-up on it, and possibly some of the tires may have just missed hitting the spikes out of view of the camera. So, that would keep it speeding OK with just SOME of the tires shredded (but not all).

Answer: You wouldn't necessarily lose speed just because you've got a deflating tyre. It would become harder to control as the tyre deflated, but with an engine that can produce a lot of torque, there is no reason why it should slow down much, if at all. Also, as a heavy vehicle, it featured dual tyres on the rear which would've aided the drivability of the bus.

Answer: To add to the other answers, larger trucks and buses use different types of tires. Regular cars and light trucks usually have tires lined with two steel belts. Heavier vehicles use tires with four steel belts, making them more durable.


Answer: Spike strips are designed to deflate a tyre over a short time, not instantly, so as to avoid a blowout and possible accident. The tyres are going down over time as they should. That's why Jack has to tie the steering wheel in place, as it's harder to control the bus with the tyre shredding.


Question: When Special Agent Frawley hurried around a parked car to escape from Coughlin shooting at him, was Coughlin actually trying to kill him or just get him flustered and disoriented so he can make his escape? It looked like he had a clear line of sight at him.

Question: Why did the daughter's boyfriend, Henry, want to kill her father, James? It just seemed to come out of nowhere, and to me, it seemed like he didn't have any real motive.

Answer: He didn't like Henry, so Henry wanted him out of the way, so they could be together.


The Way We Was - S2-E12

Question: In this episode, there is a song playing on the record player that starts off with someone singing "Don't be a baby, lady - just be a lady, baby" and then suddenly the classic 70's song "The Hustle" plays. The Hustle never had this intro in the real song that I'm aware of. My question is - was there ACTUALLY a version of "The Hustle" that included that start with those words or was it just made up for this episode on the show?

Question: McPherson broke the grandfather clock and nothing was in there. But then, the next time he opened it with Laura there, nothing was broken, and there was a gun in there. How did it get fixed? What did I miss?

Answer: It's a different clock. The first one is in Lydecker's flat, and there's an identical one in Laura's. McPherson finds the secret compartment in Lydecker's clock, and since Laura's is the same, he checks that one, too. The shotgun is in Laura's clock.

Question: Who and why was the highboy moved to cover the linen closet?

Answer: Mrs. Gardenia, the elderly previous resident, had moved the highboy dresser there to block the closet passageway connecting her apartment to the Castevette's. She was involved in the coven, but after realizing how sinister it was, tried to disassociate herself. The coven later cast a spell causing her fatal coma.


Question: Why was the "I'm Gonna Wash That Man" number severely hacked about for the film and is not the same as in the soundtrack recording?

Answer: The song was likely shortened to maintain the scene's brisk pace and keep the film's overall length to a certain running time. There were many other musical numbers and sequences in the movie.


Question: By what means did the pirates intend to escape from the ship when they originally boarded it, and before they were told about the lifeboat?


Answer: They intended to sail the ship to Somalia, where they would hold the ship, cargo, and the crew for ransom. The crew managed to power down the ship, rendering it inoperative. This meant their only option was to use the lifeboat.

Question: What does the Predator say when he is in the slaughterhouse and looking at his hands in the gray/red vision?

Answer: Now you will die.

Question: Given the design of the rooms within the Cube, how do the rooms actually move? If you look closely, where 2 rooms meet, there is a zigzag pattern along the entrances/exits of each room which doesn't seem able to allow any shifting.

Question: When Frank travels into the future and sees an older Calvin sitting on the floor, Calvin glances up. Did Calvin see Frank?

Question: The ending of Back to the Future, Marty says he's not going to the lake as the car is 'wrecked'. All the family react as if he's talking about the BMW. They rush out and see it is fine. But they know Marty has the Toyota truck - why would they not think he meant his car is wrecked'? I know he says car not "truck" but he's talking about going up to the lake - he wouldn't be going in his Dad's BMW. So is this a mistake or bad script writing? (01:49:00 - 01:51:00)

Answer: Why wouldn't he go in the BMW? Going to the lake doesn't mean off-road driving, it might be a nice paved road all the way to a touristy spot. I don't think it's a mistake or bad writing.

Actually, Biff comes up to him with the keys to his truck, saying it is ready for his trip. So he was going with his truck.


Answer: It would've simply been down to the pure shock of what Marty was saying. The second he said "The car's wrecked", they dropped what they were doing and went to check. They didn't even care about the first part of Marty's sentence at this point, as all that was going through their heads would've been "Has something happened to the car?"

Answer: Marty didn't know about the truck at that point. He was surprised when Biff handed him the keys, so it's not wrong that the family thought he meant the BMW.

Correct, but the family all knew he had the Toyota.

Question: How does Ted have so much time on his hands when he is a solo dad? He is able to attend his son's karate class, no problem. He has the time to shop for his son and make Howard look like a bad father. Also, he lives in a rather nice house, something that wouldn't be affordable if you were just working part-time, so Ted probably works full time. Howard, on the other hand, looks to be working hard to get ahead in life. He has the support of his wife, who also appears to be a stay-at-home mum.

Blair Howden

Answer: Since it's never explained in the film, everything would be speculation. There's a number of things Ted could do to have the type of lifestyle seen in the film. For example, he could be getting child support from his ex-wife if he has primary custody. He could even be getting alimony from his ex-wife. Ted could also be earning passive income (e.g. rental property or other types of investments). It also seem Howard is working a lot of overtime where Ted may have a regular full time job, but has hours set that make it look like he has a lot more free time.


Answer: As Bishop73 basically said, people have different circumstances and situations. It doesn't make sense to say that one single parent should, or should not, be able to do something, judging by the life of another single parent. Life happens to everyone differently. My husband and his five siblings had a single mother. She still attended some school events, worked part-time or temporary jobs, went shopping, and went on dates.

Question: Did Thomas know that he was allergic to bees?

Answer: I believe so. He was allergic to multiple substances, so he would have been thoroughly tested for just about everything.


Question: If Hermione doesn't believe, and thinks the Grim is rubbish, why is she scared when she sees the dog after Ron calls it the Grim?

Answer: She is scared of a big, snarling dog looking at them.


Question: When Todd Parker comes up with his plan to rob the drug dealer, how was he so certain about where the dealer's safe was in the house and what it held?

Question: Why were the people walking towards the ferry so desperate to get Ray's car? Considering the power was on in that area, the ferry was operating, and the army were driving round in humvees, tanks, and trucks a few scenes earlier, then surely Ray wouldn't have been the only person with a car?

Answer: He may not be the only person with a car, but you can imagine there are fewer cars than people around, since a lot of the people there came from areas where the cars had stopped working. Or else they wouldn't be walking. That's why they were going on the ferry, for transport to anywhere.


Answer: Agree with the other answer, but would add that Ray had figured out that cars were not working because the starter solenoids were knocked out by the alien's technology. He and his friend fixed Ray's car. Unlike military mechanics or marine engineers, most people were likely clueless about what caused the problem, didn't know how to fix a vehicle, or lacked the means, particularly in a crisis. People were desperate to acquire any car they could.


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