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Question: At the beginning, what was the old nun trying to do with the cross key in the dark room with the door that says "God ends here"?

Bunch Son

Answer: Are you talking about before she opens the door? She's just making the sign of the cross, but using the same hand she's holding the key in.


I'm asking about what she was going to do in the dark room, what her plan was, what the cross key was for.

Bunch Son

It was to open the chamber that kept the vial of the blood of Christ so they could try to send Valak back to Hell.


The gateway to the relic was near the state of Mary, and it wasn't located inside the chamber seeing that Burke and Irene found the relic before crossing the passage leading to the chamber with the sign "God ends here." If there's someone who must have known where the relic was, it has to be the abbess. Then, why didn't she take it if she was going to?

Bunch Son

From everything I understood, the cross key opened the chamber that had the blood of Christ. The room with the sign "God ends here" was not the chamber I was speaking about. I was only addressing the question about what the key was for.


Question: Completely ignoring the fact that the road assist thing in the car wouldn't work due to the networks being down, why did Matt go through all that trouble? Wouldn't it have been much faster for John to speak to them and say something like "This is officer John McClane, badge number ***** I need to use this vehicle for a police emergency" or something like that?

Answer: There was no guarantee the operator would believe John was really a cop, even if he gave his badge number. Also, for the purpose of the movie, Justin Long's bit as a scared little boy, is just funnier, and meant to inject humor into the plot.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why did they keep holding signs up to the camera? Burnham's company builds the rooms and security systems, wouldn't he have known he can speak to them using one of the security panels like Meg does later in the film?

Answer: Meg was using the P.A. from inside the panic room and it only works one way; everywhere else would have a room-to-room intercom system. If there was another P.A. system working the other way, it would have been too loud, as the cop mentioned when he spoke to Meg at the front door. The neighbors heard Meg broadcasting on it. Burnham would know that it would draw unwanted attention and, if heard, could be incriminating.

raywest Premium member

There are two possible reasons that I can think of 1) Burnham probably simply forgot that he could do it, the same as none of them thought to smash the cameras until Raoul saw Meg doing it. They were under a lot of pressure as the plan had changed so it probably just slipped his mind. 2) Burnham knew he could do it but didn't want the other two to know. The other two seemed like loose cannons and Burnham seemed to be the only one who didn't want to hurt anyone. He might have been worried that they'd use the intercom to send threats or something.

Question: Why didn't Meg quietly leave the room with her cell phone and go somewhere else in the house to phone the police? She had plenty of opportunities, like when they were running around trying to disable the phone lines, when Raoul killed Junior, etc.

Answer: It was too risky that she would get caught and she would not leave her diabetic daughter unattended. Even with the security cameras, she could not know where each guy was all the time. As she had already left the panic room to retrieve the phone (and was nearly caught), they would be aware she might try it again. Burnham would know that the cell phone would not work inside the room.

raywest Premium member

Question: After "sucking" Henderson, he's almost fully regenerated. Why does his mouth become decayed again when he kisses Evie?

Answer: You answered it, he was almost fully regenerated, just some minor skin aliments.

The Trade-Ins - S3-E31

Question: Who portrayed the female 'new model' alongside the male 'new model' (Edson Stroll)? She did not have a speaking part.

Question: What was wrong with Marco Flint's daughter? She is laying in bed and is connected to oxygen and numerous bottles of prescription drugs are and she is also seen leaning on a crutch. I have always been curious as to what was wrong with her to begin with. Does anyone know?

Answer: It's never revealed other than a terminal illness. Her character doesn't exist in the comics, so there's nothing to reference either.


Home - S4-E22

Question: Why would Angel and his friends agree to work with Wolfram and Hart considering that the law firm has been committing atrocities and also been butting heads with Angel Investigations?

Answer: They figured they could root out of the real evil that infects the place and do some good with it. Like an undercover cop that joins the mob underworld.

Question: At the beginning it's seen that the autopilot knew about the whole "meteor field" in front of Avalon, as the rocks are visible on the projection of the ship right before the autopilot converts energy to main shield. It even "saw" the big meteor that hit Avalon. So why didn't the autopilot fly around and then return to the original heading? (00:02:27 - 00:03:00)


Answer: The ship was designed to fly through meteor fields and had protective energy shields to repel them (shown at the beginning of the movie). Meteor fields are large and flying around them would add decades (if not centuries) to the journey. As Jim Preston noted, one meteor somehow broke through the shield and damaged the ship.

raywest Premium member

Answer: The ship was traveling far too fast surely to change course in time, at half the speed of light.

Question: Is "Dick" Tracy's first name, or his occupational designation?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: His full name was Richard Tracy, but it was used seldomly.

Chosen answer: It's a bit ambiguous. Tracy's creator, Chester Gould, originally named his character, "Plainclothes Tracy," until an editor suggested changing it to Dick Tracy. A "dick" is a dated slang term for a cop or a private detective. Dick appears to be Tracy's first name, but it is also descriptive of his profession. This is called a "double entendre." It's typical for authors to contrive a name that reflects their characters.

raywest Premium member

Question: What does Buster mean that he'll be put in a foster home with people who don't love him? What's gonna happen to him if he lives with them?


Answer: He was just saying it pessimistically. Although, depending on which reports you read, 1 in 3 children are abused by their foster parents. In addition, many children in the system also get placed into several different homes during their childhood (since fostering children is not the same as adopting them), leaving the children to feel unloved by their foster parents.


I don't know the frequency with which it actually happens, but there are also neglectful foster parents whose sole motivation is the monthly stipend from the state, rather than a genuine interest in their wards' well-being.

Cubs Fan

Answer: Foster homes are meant to be temporary. While, hopefully, foster parents will be kind and caring to the children in their charge, they cannot form overly strong attachments that would only cause emotional trauma for a child when they transition to another living situation.

raywest Premium member

Question: Who is the actor playing Billy that was shot by Travis in the police station interrogation room?

Answer: Billy was played by Mark Pellegrino.


Question: How does Mrs. Smith get to know that her husband is the shooter?

Answer: She notices that he shakes his right leg twice after peeing, just like her husband.

Answer: From the way he stands and moves, height, weight and general mannerisms.

Answer: They worked for different agencies and were unaware that they had been given the same target (Diaz?) to kill in the desert. Mrs Smith initially thought that Mr Smith was a civilian that just happened to interfere with her assignment. She was given 48 hours to identify and eliminate (kill) the "witness." While reviewing the videotape of the scene, all Mrs Smith could see was the back side of the "civilian." While still looking at him, a secretary or similar employee yelled from outside the room that Mrs Smith's husband was on the phone and was back from his trip to Atlanta. By the secretary saying, "It's your husband" during the time Mrs Smith was looking at his back side on the tape, plus the information that he was back from Atlanta, it became obvious to her... and she wondered how she could have been so stupid to not know before this time.


Question: I read that Stan Lee greatly approved black Johnny. Is this true?

Answer: According to Entertainment Weekly, it's true. Unlike characters like Black Panther, Storm, Thunderbird or Shang-Chi, Johnny Storm's race has really nothing to do with what defines him as a character, which is why Stan Lee had no issue with it.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: In the final scenes where they are trapped by the Bolivian police in that little room, they're guessing how many men are out there when Butch says, "maybe its only one guy?" Suddenly 3 shots, too quick to be one gunman rings out. Sundance looks at Butch and says. "don't you ever get sick of being right?" Isn't Butch wrong? There's an army out there.

Answer: Sundance is being sarcastic. Butch is a know-it-all, and he's been frequently proven wrong throughout the film, usually to their detriment, but continues to think he's the "smart one" of the duo. Sundance is just ribbing him.

Question: How did rivers fly those space ships while they are just zombies. How did they managed the whole rivers community?

Answer: The "reavers" are not just zombies, they reacted to the drug in a way that caused them to become insane. They are angry, cannibalistic, violent, hysterical. You can't communicate with them, but they can still think. They do have a society, a community. Their community is based on pillage and plunder however, finding new victims to cannibalise.


Kevin Jensen - S1-E2

Question: Scottie says she lost her son when he was four, but wasn't it when he was three years old? (00:12:01)

Cathrine R

Answer: Yes, in the "Blacklist" series, it's said Christopher was 3 when he disappeared.


Question: How did Eddie find out about Peter and Mary Jane's relationship? He never saw them together and, when he kidnapped her, she and Peter were somewhat estranged.

Answer: The symbiote, traditionally, knows all of Peter's secrets including his identity. This is how Eddie knows who he is, as well as his relationship with Mary Jane.


Question: How did Kirill know Bourne was in India?

Answer: In the script, Kirill shows a photo of Marie when he poses as her brother and says there has been a death in the family. He does this at a specific telegraph office, and says that they know Marie called from there. Kirill was a Russian FSB agent, so presumably he used that agency's resources to tap the phone of Marie's brother and traced her call to the telegraph office in Goa. This is not clear in the actual film, where Kirill shows a photo of Bourne and says he is a friend.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: What mental disorder did Tiffany have?

Answer: Her mental disorder is never identified. She exhibits extreme emotions, impulsiveness, promiscuity, difficulty with relationships, among other symptoms, which can indicate a Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

raywest Premium member

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