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Question: Who drops Lee and Carter off after the fight at Heaven on Earth?

Answer: Although it's never shown, it was probably Ricky Tan's henchmen. Lee and Carter were outnumbered and decided to give up. After the fight, they were dropped off in the middle of a busy highway with no clothes on as a way to add insult to injury.

Answer: Hu li is in the front passenger side of the car so it is Ricky Tan's gang.

Question: In the making of the movie, there's this song being sung by one of the slaves girl's at Jabba's Palace, that's also featured in the original "Star Wars Battlefront II" in the assault mode. What is the song in question?

Answer: The song is called "Lapti Nek." It was the song Max Rebo Band performs in the original theatrical cut of the film, and was replaced by "Jedi Rocks" in the special editions.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: Perhaps a weird question but why did Patty call the cops when she found out Dewey was posing as Ned? Wasn't that ridiculous since it didn't really seem like too much of a crime - as Dewey said to Patty "it's not like I murdered anybody"?

Answer: It's fraud at the end of the day. And in doing so he has put the kids at risk, and possibly ruined Ned's reputation.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: Donald Menken, the Vice President of Oscorp, framed Harry for covering up Max Dillon's accident and has him removed so he could take over the company. By the end of the movie, Oscorp would now be under his control.

Casual Person

But he was killed in a deleted scene.

Deleted scenes don't make for canon content - it has to involve a degree of guesswork. Some deleted scenes happen, we just didn't see them in the movie, others are movie ideas that were cut out precisely because they don't fit the movie as released, so didn't happen. No way to know which is which, and this is just a thought exercise anyway.

Jon Sandys Premium member

So this is possible that, at the end of this movie, Menken is still alive, right?

Question: What made Cooper think that Amelia was in love with Edmunds? Cooper asks Amelia about Edmunds, she tells him about him but she never says anything to indicate that she's in love with him.

Answer: Cooper was able to read more into Brand's comments and her emotions than she openly stated. When he questioned T.A.R.S. (the robot) about any relationship between Brand and Edmund, T.A.R.S. declined to answer, citing a discretionary protocol, leading Cooper to believe there was something. Brand also pushed for the team to land on Edmund's planet even though evidence showed that Mann's was the better prospect. Cooper strung different clues together and was guessing, but when he questioned Brand, she answered honestly.

raywest Premium member

Question: Just because Cobb knows how Mal's totem works, how does this mean her totem no longer works for her? Is it because Mal doesn't trust Cobb not to manipulate the spinning of her totem when they're in the same dream together? Or is it because somebody could manipulate somebody else's totem in a dream by accident just because they know how it works?

Answer: Cobb placed a thought in her head that her world isn't real. He intended for this thought to be applied to the limbo world they created, but instead it was applied to the real world. She simply cannot get the idea out of her head that she is still dreaming when in reality, she is awake. Nothing Cobb can say or do can convince her she is wrong, because the one safeguard they have (totems) has been broken because Cobb knows how it works. She simply thinks Cobb is the one with the problem, can't or refuses to wake up, and thinks Cobb is manipulating her totem to make her think she is awake when she is not. We never actually find out if she was wrong or right either :).


Answer: In order for a totem to work a person has to be 100% sure it wasn't manipulated by anyone else. If someone else knew what made the totem special you could never be completely sure someone else wasn't manipulating it. The spinning top itself is a bad choice for a totem anyway, since anyone who sees it being used should instantly tell what makes it special. Think about it like this: if you had to keep valuable information locked away in a safe and had to be sure that nobody could ever sneak into the safe, even someone you know and love, you would want a secure combination for that safe that nobody else could guess. If your combination was your birthday, how could you ever be 100% sure that nobody would ever guess the combination? Could you ever be 100% certain that nobody has looked in the safe?


Question: What happened to the time machine prop used for filming?

Answer: I read several years ago that it is in storage on the Warner Bros. lot.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: How would the train have been able to go back the same way with the ice on the lake cracking?

Answer: Because it's a magic train.

Question: How was Elijah getting out of his room in the first place? I know he has free roam of the facility after killing the guard and taking his keycard, but I don't recall the movie explaining how he was getting out earlier in the movie?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: He's picking the locks on the doors, bypassing the keycards.

Answer: At one point, Elijah's mother mentions that he caught a glimpse of and instantly memorized a blueprint of the psychiatric hospital when he was first committed, and he used that knowledge to short-out the hospital's electrical system one time (before they started heavily sedating him). It seems likely that Elijah was able to somehow hotwire electronic door locks, using his knowledge of the hospital's electrical system. Later, he used a master keycard taken from the guard.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: Not only that but, it was shown in the first movie that Elijah was very good at manipulating people so he could have convinced somebody to let him out.

Answer: The movie doesn't explain. But given what we know about Elijah from "Unbreakable" and this film, it's really no surprise he managed to find a way out - he's psychotic, but he's also a genius.


Question: Why did Tom drive himself and Danny into the lake in the end?

Show generally

Question: Since it takes two people (usually the captain and first officer) to arm and disarm the self-destruct sequence what would happen if one were killed and couldn't concur to disarm? I am supposing it would go to the next ranking officer but if they are the only ones on the ship (like in "11001001") what would happen then?

Answer: If one or both commanding officers were incapacitated in some way and unable to disarm the self-destruct, then presumably the ship would explode and they would be killed. That is the inherent risk in such a system. However, being as its a TV series, there is always some technical loophole that saves the ship.

raywest Premium member

Question: During one scene in 1955, Marty mentions John F. Kennedy, and nobody has any idea who he's talking about. Would Kennedy really have been a totally unfamiliar name to most Americans in 1955? True, he wasn't President yet, but he was a popular Democratic senator from a prominent family.

Answer: He was both a war hero and a senator, but unless Lorraine's father followed politics closely he might not have recognized the name, especially since Kennedy wasn't a senator for their state.

Plus it would be unheard of to name a street after a living politician from across the country.


Answer: Keep in mind, there was no TV news in that house (they just got a TV). And I don't see the dad being one to read any further than the sports page, or listen to anything but comedy on the radio.

They didn't just get a TV, he just made it possible to watch it whilst eating.


They did just get the TV. When they were sitting at the table Lorraine said to Marty "It's our first television set, dad just picked it up today."

If I remember correctly, Mrs. Baines said that they just got the TV.

That is their first TV. Lorraine says to Marty, "It's our first television set. Dad just bought it today."

Question: This follows on from the continuity mistake about Sister Ruth wearing makeup. Sister Ruth has been a nun, living under religious vows for many years. After the nuns start their mission in the Himalayas she becomes infatuated with English expatriate, Mr. Dean. Eventually she puts on a fashionable dress, assumes an attractive hairstyle, and even applies lipstick (at the time it was somewhat controversial for any woman to wear lipstick). She then tries to seduce Mr. Dean. Could a woman who has lived a life of religious self denial change into a convincingly steaming seductress?

Rob Halliday

Answer: There's no way of knowing. For the purpose of the movie's plot and to heighten the drama and underlying sensual passion, the Sister Ruth character was probably portrayed as being more sexually savvy than a lapsed nun normally would be. She may also have dated a lot as a teenager, watched many romantic movies, or read romance novels before becoming a nun. Also, not all nuns are sexually inexperienced before joining the church. Some enter when they're older, have previously been engaged, married, and so on.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why wasn't the Consul concerned with Lee's whereabouts after the explosion and before the Foo Chow incident?

Answer: He knew that Lee was very resourceful and could take care of himself. Consul Han's main concern was the safety and return of his daughter Soo-Yung.

Question: What happened to the boy Jay pushed into the pool?

Answer: He is rescued and receives first aid. This is not shown but since none of them end up in serious trouble it's safe to assume he wasn't harmed.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Does the movie take place during autumn?

Answer: It's been a while since I've seen the movie but I seem to recall scenes with the air being cold. Since it's light pretty late I would guess September time.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: How did Chester Copperpot expect to find the treasure without the map with its clues?

Answer: He was a professional treasure hunter who'd probably done years of research. He was on the right track, after all.

Brian Katcher

Question: What happened to Horatio Quaxton? After D.J. Mulroney hangs him on the wall by his blazer and then they leave and he's left sobbing, we never see him again.

Answer: I think Mulrooney probably called the freak show folks anonymously and got them to rescue him after a short while, since he only hung Quaxton on the antlers to prevent him from stopping them leaving with the gnomes.

Question: If Count Dooku took over with ordering the clone army for Dyas, did he ask for the clones to have the biochip that would turn against the Jedi? If so, why wouldn't the Kaminoians inform Obi-Wan of this?

Answer: Order 66 was an extra implaced by Dooku later on to the clone army. It was a secret order and the Kaminoans are very loyal to the customers. The fact Obi-Wan came there to inspect the army doesn't mean they should reveal the secret order, they had no reason to do so as they thought Obi-Wan already knew.


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