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Question: When there's a fight with the German dancers Clark dances with and the Griswolds run away and drive away as fast as they can, why do those German dancers chase after them with ropes? What were they going to do to them?

Answer: They're a lynch mob. Remember what Rusty's date said: Girl: They haven't rang those bells in years! Rusty: What do they mean? Girl: They're going to hang someone! (pause) Rusty: Dad.

Brian Katcher

Question: In the final scenes where the five sheriffs are hunting Clint, one of the sheriffs passes by a barn and in the peak of the roof, what I believe are floodlights. Am I wrong?

David L Christensen

Answer: I was wondering about this, too. C-3PO did not appear in Solo, and I cannot find any Internet reference pertaining to R2-D2 being in it. Curiously, Anthony Daniels, the actor who has played C-3PO in all the other Star Wars movies, makes a cameo appearance in Solo as another character (Chewbacca's friend).


Question: What was that scream at the end? Was that Kate's scream? If so, why did she scream? What happened to her at the end?

Answer: At the end, Kate thinks the mystery of the masked killer has been solved - "Adam" has framed Dorothy. But, of course, the viewers know that the killer is actually Jeremy, who suffers from nosebleeds in times of distress. As Adam's nose starts to bleed (onto Kate's cheek) at the end, it is revealed that he is in fact Jeremy after all. The scream is most likely just added for dramatic effect and not actually Kate since, while we know she's in danger, she remains blissfully unaware.

Answer: Unless he does kill her because his bleeding nose onto her would make her aware of his true Identity and he would kill her to conceal it.


Answer: The killer is Adam who was previously Jason. He has had plastic surgery. Dorothy was framed by him.

Answer: It wasn't a scream at the end, it was the music. I think Adam only killed the three girls, and Dorothy killed the rest.

I don't think Dorothy killed anyone, she was just framed by the killer so Kate would think it was her when it really wasn't.

So which killer is more likely to have killed Scary Gary (the guy trying on Kate's underwear and got beaten to death with an iron)?

Question: At the end of the movie, it shows Benny managing to steal home, being called safe, the catcher arguing that Benny was out and the umpire saying Benny was safe. In slow motion, it shows the catcher catching the ball and tagging Benny as he slides into home so why wasn't Benny called out?

Answer: The umpire got the call wrong in that case. It happens all the time in real life. It wasn't allowed back then, but now Major League Baseball and other sports leagues will use instant replay to make sure they get close calls right.


Answer: The catcher tags Benny on the chest after he touches home plate with his left hand. Safe.


Answer: The film shows Benny beating the tag. Although the ball gets there before Benny, the catcher tags Benny a split second after his hand touches home plate.


Question: Why do Jasper and Horace not appear in this film? Are they still in prison or did Cruella just lose faith in them?

Answer: Most likely both.

Answer: Sebastian could have had a will and left it to her. Plus she was likely either in jail or rehab after being caught with cocaine, leaving her with little power to do anything about it.


Question: Why were they even kidnapping people in the first place? The ransom seemed like it wasn't planned and they only did it when they discovered that Jeff was rich. So if there is no ransom usually, why even kidnap couples to begin with? If it's just to rob them, then that doesn't seem very lucrative for the risk.

Answer: There was always a ransom, or at least that was always the intent. Anyone that didn't have money the kidnappers would just eliminate them. The kidnappers MO was to take a couple and force one of them to empty their bank accounts. Earl makes it clear that the difference in Jeff's case is that they were unable to kidnap the pair at the same time. For whatever reason, Jeff refused to get in the truck with Red, which caused the kidnappers to alter their plans slightly. Earl also gives some insight into how the group chooses their victims. He tells Jeff that he was targeted because he was driving a brand new SUV, which indicated he must have a fair amount of money in the bank. The kidnappers care very little about being caught, they have obviously committed many murders without being found out. They seem to leave very little evidence of their crimes for the police to find. Red is always several steps ahead of the police and is brazen enough to kidnap a man's wife and say directly to him in front of a police officer that the man must have him mistaken for someone else.


Question: How could Roman call Sidney at the moment the police took him with them?

Answer: He was arrested during the day - when Sidney received the call it was nighttime, and Gale told Dewey Roman was released, so he might not have been in custody long and could have been released in the evening.

How did Roman get the number? Kincaid borrowed Dewey's cell phone in front of several witnesses, while also taking Roman to the station for questioning. Even Milton gets nervous about the group (minus Sidney and Roman) that they would call Kincaid if Milton didn't spill the beans about Maureen Prescot aka Reynolds. Milton made excuses about how Hollywood isn't the city of innocence and things at a party may have gotten out of hand. Also that she knew the game but wouldn't play by the rules. Kincaid asking Sidney what she knew about her mother. So many secrets. What if Roman and Sidney are not Maureen's only children? Weathers indicated there are two years unaccounted for. 9 months for a typical pregnancy plus the possibility of twins or two pregnancies. There are several possibilities and theories. If there are three killers the entire time in the other Scream films, who is really pulling the strings? Maureen didn't play by the rules and Milton was known for his parties, and then Roman?

Question: When masses of babies are made, where do the letters come from? Don't parents know the storks don't deliver babies anymore?

Answer: The movie implies that even though the storks stopped delivering babies, people still continued to write letters asking for new babies. The storks simply archived all the letters rather than destroy them.


Question: Who plays the crying man (a neighbor we never see) in the divorcee apartment?

Answer: Matthew Labyorteaux.

Question: When Roland was at Millie's apartment, why was he looking at a certain spot in the room? He couldn't have been looking at the jumpscar since it was invisible and he was only able to see it after using the spray.

Answer: It's not entirely invisible. But many people wouldn't see it. However Roland has been doing this for years. Not only is he the leader of the Paladins, but has been highly trained and experienced in his field for a long time. He could see it, as he knew what to look for with his trained eyes, so it was second nature even if most others wouldn't.

Quantom X

Question: Is the SWAT team lead to a different building than Matthews by jigsaw at the end of the film? It looks very similar to the actual crime scene, which is what confuses me so much. If it was the same building they would be able to find Matthews, right?

Answer: It's a different building. It does look extremely similar, but it's not the same building. Given that they are so similar, it's entirely possible that they share a common blueprint design and are part of a development project, which would make sense, as later in the series, John is shown to have had a part in reel estate development.


Detective Mathews is in the real building, the signal the SWAT team finds leads them to a 2nd building which sends the camera feed.

No it was the same building, that's when they found out the tapes were pre recorded because it didn't show them on the cameras.

Answer: It's a different building. It would be very foolish of Jigsaw to set up the equipment in the same building that he led Matthews to and run the risk of the SWAT team running into them.


Answer: When they enter the house, the rugs on the floor are different.

Answer: Yes, he took Matthews to the real building and sent the SWAT team to a duplicate building. But, couldn't they start tracing that building through the feeds in the building he sent the SWAT team through? Oh, and it's kinda BS anyway. There isn't any detective worth his salt, that's been around for as long as he was, that wouldn't have dragged Jigsaw in by his ear and stuck his gun right against his head the whole walk down to that toilet. After all the crap he's done, now all of a sudden the detective is going to trust Jigsaw and trust the key that he handed him? I would've said you hold on to that key. You're going to be the one using it.

Answer: It's an homage to the Harold Pinter play "Betrayal", which uses the same reverse chronology gimmick. As an in-joke, Sue Ellen's fiance is named Pinter as a tribute to the playwright.

Cubs Fan

Answer: Because she's afraid Harry might die. The Triwizard Tournament is extremely dangerous and champions had been killed during it in the past. Only students 17 years old and over were allowed to compete, but due to the unusual circumstances, Harry was forced into the competition, even though he was underage. Hermione also suspects that there is an evil plot going on, further endangering Harry.


Question: At the end, why did Mr Orange confess he was a cop and apologise?


Answer: Mr. White, despite being a criminal, has proven to have a certain degree of honor and integrity. He has also been defending Mr. Organge the entire film - to the point he took a bullet for him. Mr. Orange feels he deserves the truth, as there is a deep mutual respect between the two. I wouldn't necessarily call it a "friendship" as the other answer suggests, as it is based on a lie and therefore would be very one-sided.


Answer: He felt he and Mr. White were friends and that he deserved the truth. He apologised for misleading and lying to him and for causing him to shoot his long time friend Joe.


Answer: Hagrid tended to collect magical animals that were illegal to own. In Philosopher's Stone, he kept a baby dragon, which was illegal. The creature he was hiding was probably a banned animal.


Question: Why was Beethoven arrested? He wasn't doing anything illegal.

Answer: While it's not unusual for musicians to try out new instruments (playing a few rifts and even entire compositions) in a music shop, Beethoven's extended sampling-keyboard performance went wild, drawing an enthusiastic mall crowd into the relatively small music shop. The shop manager no doubt felt overwhelmed and called in mall security to clear out the shop before any damage and/or theft occurred. Keep in mind that the security team was already scrambling to respond to several simultaneous disturbances throughout the mall, all caused by 7 strangely-dressed oddballs (more than half of whom only spoke obsolete dialects and ancient languages). The time-travelers were, thus, probably all perceived as one group of pranksters or escapees from a mental institution.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: This appears to be a reference to Beethoven's real-life arrests. He had a dark side, often drinking excessively and prowling the streets at night, peering into peoples' windows. Police mistook him as a drunken vagrant.


Question: What song is playing when Will dumps Gwen?

Answer: Voices carry.

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