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Question: In one of the episodes, C.D. takes Walker, Jimmy and Alex out on a new boat that he had recently purchased. While on the water, a group of people on another boat start shouting to them but they can't hear what's being said. Eventually, C.D. and group realise that they're being told the boat they're on is starting to sink. What caused the boat to sink?

Question: Gaston sings that he ate eggs to help him get large. Why didn't he say meat? Was he vegetarian? Was Disney deliberately supporting vegetarianism/respecting vegetarians? Are there any historical circumstances that I'm not aware of? Or am I just overanalyzing this matter?


Answer: In addition to eating meat, eggs would be a more readily available and cheap protein source in the village.


Answer: Eggs are full of protein. Eating a lot of eggs is an excellent way to bulk up and build muscle mass.


Eggs are not good for you if you eat too many of them.

To quote Stephen Fry: "Well of course too much is bad for you, that's what "too much" means. If you had too much water it would be bad for you, wouldn't it? "Too much" precisely means that quantity which is excessive, that's what it means. Could you ever say "too much water is good for you"? I mean if it's too much it's too much. Too much of anything is too much. Obviously." That aside, while it used to be believed that the cholesterol content of eggs was a health risk, more recent studies have shown that dietary cholesterol doesn't affect blood cholesterol levels for most people. As such there's no real maximum limit on egg consumption beyond the aforementioned "too much of anything is too much".

I don't think Gaston cares much about his cholesterol.


They didn't even know the word.


Answer: While I was waiting for this question to be accepted, I found the answer to one of my questions myself. Gaston is indeed not vegetarian, considering he mentions his hunting trophies during the aforementioned song and earlier in the movie, he tells Belle to imagine him roasting his kill on the fire place.


Question: Why exactly did Magneto lead the Brotherhood and Omegas to San Francisco to destroy the cure facility? Couldn't they have just simply chosen to not take it?

Answer: The cure has been weaponized at this point and they don't want it forced on other mutants or themselves.


Question: Does anyone know the order of the siblings? You know Ned, Liz, Miranda, and Natalie, what are order are they from oldest to youngest?


Question: Why doesn't Black Canary use her sonic scream more than once?


Answer: She collapses after her single usage, so it is something she can use only sparingly - in this movie at least.


Answer: He mentioned in an interview that a lot of characters were going to die. Recently on the Graham Norton Show he revealed that he had his phone on and was live streaming the premiere of the movie towards all his followers, by accident. Only for 10 minutes or something and only audio.


Question: What is the turning point for the reception to Dr. Omalu's research? (02:34:04)

Answer: It's a traditional tweed flat cap.


Answer: When the police were in the house, looking through all of Lenore's things, one had Kim's cardigan which she took off him and said, "That's not even hers." If you observe carefully, just before she says that, you see him planting the bug in the collar.

Answer: It's not specifically shown when, but in the immediate aftermath of Lenore's murder, as the police suspected Bryan, they would be talking to Kim multiple times. While questioning her, they planted the mic, assuming she would be in contact with her father.

Question: The disease that Alfred Pennyworth suffers, McGregor's Syndrome stage 1 - in real-life medical literature could it be a mutated form of pneumonia? As per commenter Raywest's description it causes the lungs to fill with fluid - a condition typical of pneumonia.


Answer: It's actually a fictional four-stage disease that was created for the movie.


Question: How was Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy able to fight Batgirl with martial arts-like skills towards the end of the movie? Pamela was a doctor and I highly doubt given her obsession with her research she had the time to take martial arts lessons in her spare time, if she had any during her stay in South America. Even after she transformed into Poison Ivy, her transformation could not have given her martial arts skills since her powers are based on plant abilities.


Answer: There's no way of knowing whether or not she "had the time" to study martial arts. Regardless of her studies, she could have made time to pursue this as an extra-curricular activity. Universities can have classes, clubs, competitions, and student groups for martial arts on campus that anyone can participate in. She may also have been studying it since childhood. She was also a botanist, so even with a rigorous academic schedule, she would likely have more free time than a medical student.


Answer: That and they had to have the women fight in here. I mean they couldn't have the guys hit her now could they? So it was necessary for her to fight competently at least.


Exactly, and that's a point I make again and again that things happen in movies because it's required to make the plot to work, not because it reflects real life.


Question: When towing the car across the desert, why did Marty keep checking the speedometer? Did he really expect a horse to gallop at 88MPH?

Answer: At that point in the film, Doc and Marty were looking for any possible means to move the DeLorean regardless of how fast it could actually go; while using horses may have been an unlikely option, Doc and Marty were just grasping at straws at that point and were willing to try anything.


But then Doc says that even the fastest horse in the world could only run at 35 mph so why even try it.

Answer: They were using the horses to get the DeLorean from the cave to the town. Why not test the speedo at the same time?

Question: What was the reason behind Quint blowing up the engine? Hooper told him "Don't put that much pressure on it" and he revs it up some more. The shark isn't getting any closer at slower speeds so was there really any need to try and outrun him?

Answer: Quint had become so obsessed with killing the shark that he was completely irrational. He was stubborn, combative, single-minded, and determined that no-one knew more than him about catching sharks and was not going to listen to anything that Hooper or Brody said or did, to the point of sabotaging his own boat.


Question: Why did they release the baby Rex back to the parents? Wouldn't it have made more sense to keep the baby in the trailer with them? The parents won't attack the trailer in case it hurt their kid! They had a phone inside, they could have phoned Eddie who could have come and tranquilized them, then whilst they are asleep they could have left the baby behind and hightailed it out of there.

Answer: There was no reason. It's just to serve the movie's plot. Being as T-rexes are animals, it's a stretch to assume that they would not attack the trailer because their offspring was in it. The movie took extreme liberties about the animals' intelligence and was anthropomorphic, giving them unrealistic human parental feelings and actions.


Answer: Releasing the baby is the quickest way to hopefully get the parents away. But in doing so they gave the parents no reason not to attack them.


Question: Towards the end of the movie when Kyle Reese dies, what will happen to him, considering he's from the future and there is no way he could be identified?


Answer: He would likely be considered as a "John Doe," with some identifying number, then buried in a modern-day equivalent of a "Potter's Field," where unknown persons are buried. Sarah Conner could have supplied Kyle's name, though this could not be verified and he'd still be considered as an unknown.


Answer: Also, in the sequel when the T-1000 looks up John Connor's info on the police car's computer, John's father is listed as "unknown', so any info Sarah had given the police was apparently disregarded.


Answer: He'd be treated like any other John Doe corpse.

Question: I read somewhere that Mike Myers and Neil Mullarkey contributed a lot of stuff to the script for this movie (which ended up in the final movie), but were denied onscreen writing credit. Why?

Answer: The Writers Guild of America (WGA) determines who is credited and how, so they would have arbitrated this. In 1992, the LA Times reported that several writers had been involved in the script including Myers and Mullarkey, but also Howard Zieff, Barbara Benedek, Sally Robinson, Conan O'Brien and Carrie Fisher. In 1993, the LA Times reported that the WGA had awarded Robbie Fox sole story and screenwriting credit on the film.


Marathon - S6-E10

Question: Why do Cisco and everyone else think the multiverse is destroyed? At the end of Crisis we explicitly saw a "tour" of various recreated earths, like Earth-12 with the Green Lantern Corps, Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp thing all getting their own, Brandon Routh's Superman being back on Earth-96 in his old suit, etc. Is it just that people assume all the earths were combined because the new Earth Prime is a bit of a mish-mash?

Jon Sandys

Chosen answer: Earth Prime is a combination of Earth-1, Earth-38, and Black Lighting's Earth. However, the Earths in the new multiverse are separated by something other than vibrational frequencies, so Cisco can't vibe them, nor can they travel to other Earths as before. So the Paragons think it's still destroyed and don't know (at this point) that Queen/Spectre recreated some of the other Earth's (and new ones).


Answer: Exactly, the new series, Stargirl, shows a universe where the JSA existed, but to soon to tell if it's situated on Earth Prime.

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Question: How do the "door transporters" outside Starfleet work? People just seem to walk straight into them and vanish, a) faster than normal transporters, and b) without any indication they're controlling where they're going. There's no sign saying where each door connects to, are people just hoping for the best?

Jon Sandys

Chosen answer: My guess is that they go to 1 place and they can't chose where to go. Like a highway without exits, you just end up where the highway stops.


Answer: I assume they get sent directly from those 'Doors' to a Central Transporter hub, from there they can request to be beamed to their desired destination.

Question: When the gang explore the ruins of the city, you can hear a low pitch humming noise. What was making that noise?

Answer: It's just an added sound effect that foreshadows an ominous event (the giant reptile) that is about to happen. It's not meant to be anything naturally occurring.


Question: When Tuck is inside Jack he can't go through the heart - is this because Jack would have a heart attack or because Tuck would die?

Answer: Probably, but most likely it's because Jack's pod is fragile and wouldn't survive the shock wave heartbeats. The pod is experimental and built for scientific observation, not battle.

Answer: I would say both probably.

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