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Question: In the second Terminator movie, the Terminator says that he can't self-terminate. When the Terminator is trying to defeat T-X, he manages to destroy himself and her in the process. If the Terminator couldn't self-terminate in the second movie, how come the new one could?

Answer: The difference there would be suicide vs sacrifice. In T2, basically what he meant is he could not commit suicide as it was against his programming. They had beat the T-1000 and had won, but it was too dangerous for Terminator to stick around and knew he had to be destroyed. But he could not purposely do it to himself as it was an act of suicide. However in T3, it was a sacrificial move. The goal of his actions was not to destroy himself, it was to take out the TX and prevent her from reaching John. He had to do this by any means necessary and made a sacrifice play by shoving his core into her mouth and blowing them both up. It wasn't suicide this way, it wasn't self termination. He was taking her out but caused himself to be collateral damage.

Quantom X Premium member

Also, after watching that scene again, I'm adding this little tidbit. The Terminator didn't actually die from the thing he did to the TX in that move. If you notice towards the end after the nuclear bombs go off, the fall out ash is falling down around its head and its eyes are still on, slowly fading away. It was badly damaged by its move, but the bombs in the end finished him off.

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: For me, T2 was a lot about machines being able to learn so in T3 when he managed to shut himself down it was because he had learned compassion and not to be just a machine following orders as well as understanding how vital it was that John survived.


Answer: If you listen in the second film, I don't remember if it was cut out of the theatrical film and put back in the extended version or not, John and Terminator are in the desert looking at the guns Terminator says "I have to stay functional until the missions is complete." Once the T1000 is dead Terminator had no other reason to function and thus sacrificed himself. In this film he knows the fuel cell would destroy the TX once that happened his mission was completed and no longer had any real reason to function anyone.

That can't be the case, because by the end of T2 his mission was complete, and he still couldn't self terminate.

Question: During the press conferences, Is there any reason why Drago remained quiet? My best guesses are a) He's shy during Q and A's, b) Just a pride thing, or c) he's simply been ordered by his superiors not to speak. Anyone know for sure?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: Being Russian, English was not his first language and it may have been felt that he could not articulate himself well enough to where he wouldn't be misunderstood or misquoted.

raywest Premium member

Answer: To make him appear more menacing and machine like.


Answer: There are many theories and claims, but there seem to be no definitive answer. My take is that Drago was shy and pretty much a puppet of his wife and nation, both obsessed with creating a "stone cold iron machine" in where a human personality is only in the way This theory is supported by the fact that when Rocky starts winning over Drago's respect, Drago (instead of his seemingly shy and yet cold demeanor) starts shouting something like "I AM NOT FIGHTING FOR ANY OF YOU ANYMORE! THIS FIGHT IS FOR ME! I AM FIGHTING FOR ME!" Ignoring the boos of the crowd and garnering a slight smile from Rocky Drago seemingly regains a bit of himself, his own identity during the fight of his life.

Answer: He's old and going senile, and is also quite sick and experiencing seizures. It would seem all the inane things he's droning on about (including Mrs. Muffet and the Spiders, and reciting a Taco Bell commerical) are just a result of that - he falls into delirious states where he acts completely insane before he gets his medicine, which calms him back down.


My impression, and I may be wrong, was that he was hearing random thoughts from people in the area and repeating them.

Answer: I wouldn't say they were surprised, exactly. They hadn't seen Harry all summer and their reunion was a bit awkward because Ron and Hermione were squabbling with each other. They didn't expect to see Harry at that moment.

raywest Premium member

Question: Between this and Fallen Kingdom, why did the filmmakers suddenly decide to have Blue be a caring character? The Raptors have always been known as blood-thirsty carnivores that'll tear you apart-even when they're not hungry, and yet Blue is almost the opposite. Why her of all Raptors/dinosaurs and why was that decision made? And movie-wise, why were the scientists suddenly keen on doing that for her as well? What's there to gain from it?

Answer: Blue and the other raptors in Jurassic World were trained to respond to human commands, particularly to Owen. The reason the raptors "turn" on Owen is because the I-Rex has raptor DNA in it and became the alpha of the raptors. But then the raptors turn their loyalty back to Owen at the end of the Jurassic World. In Fallen Kingdom, the scientists try to use the fact that Blue follows command to breed a new dinosaur capable of being used as a weapon (by using Blue's DNA/blood).


Answer: Owen raised Blue since birth, and she imprinted on him as her "mother." Blue retained her bond to him though she instinctively responded to the Indominus rex as the new alpha. In Fallen Kingdom, there were videos showing the young Blue's strong attachment and obedience to Owen. That does not mean Blue was tame and wouldn't hurt humans and Owen always maintained the raptors were not safe. Of course, this is a move, and the raptors are written to behave in a way that serves the plot, regardless of logic.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why is it that the aliens, who obviously possess technology and intellect far beyond humans, didn't think to use their pictographs to communicate right out the gate? We had to wait for Amy Adams and her dry erase board?

Answer: The Heptapods' "present" encompassed about 6000 years of our human past, present and future. So, they perceived 3000 years of our past and 3000 years of our future simultaneously. It's a confounding idea to humans, but the Heptapods already knew, 3000 years in advance, that Louise was the critical contact for the evolution of communication between our species. For the Heptapods, there was no coincidence or impatience or blind luck; they already knew exactly when and how to start communicating with her.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: The aliens don't see time in a linear fashion but all of time at once, meaning they can see the future, which is why their writing is like it is. They therefore knew Louise (played by Adams) would be the one to figure out their language and had to wait for her, or simply chose to wait for her.


Answer: This question was never answered in the movie. Any response would be speculation. One guess: the aliens waited for humans to make the first attempt to communicate in order to assess how to respond.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why would the company need a biological weapon and how would they use the alien as such?

Answer: The company is huge and diverse. Presumably it has a weapons division. An alien creature might give their researchers something to investigate that was unknown to rival businesses.

Answer: The company is in the business of colonizing planets.Now if a rival company were doing the same thing the company could plant an alien on the planet to wreak havoc and make it inhospitable, therefore making their own planets more desirable and ultimately more profitable.A ruthless tactic but the company is ruthless.

Thanks Lionhead.

Answer: The company might have some use for the creatures for themselves, but more likely saw the aliens as a commodity, a biological weapon to be sold for profit.

raywest Premium member

Answer: The nefarious "militarization" of newly-discovered properties (both earthly and otherworldly) is a common and predictable sci-fi and space-fantasy subplot that is so overused that it has become cliché. Usually, the specific military application is never actually revealed. It's really recycled social commentary, implying that humanity is so materialistic and ruthless that WE are the real "monsters," with no regard for Life (human or otherwise) in the natural world. This creates a dual threat within the movie, with the hero and/or heroine providing the only moral compass between a sensational alien confrontation and an even more terrifying human menace.

Charles Austin Miller

Question: What does Fridge do now if he's still kicked off the football team by the end of the movie? It seems that only Spencer, Bethany, and Martha had some character growth, but not Fridge.

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: Fridge absolutely had character growth. He learned to value others as actual friends instead of using people to make his life easier. He learned to have respect for less popular students. He learned that physical strength can't solve all your problems. He learned the true value of teamwork. He never would have learned any of these lessons had he not played Jumanji.


What about Spencer? What kind of character growth did he have?

Primarily he gains confidence and self-esteem. He learns to be more decisive but also seems to have much more courage than before.


Answer: Spencer learned to be more confident in himself.

Question: After finishing the game, did Spencer, Fridge, Bethany, and Martha still have detention or did changing the timeline prevent them from their punishment?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: They still had detention. The only thing that changed was Alex. But since they had become such close friends, detention would hardly be a punishment for them anymore.


It just seemed like they just simply walked out of detention. I mean did they finish their detention or did they had to continue on a Saturday?

The movie doesn't explain. But regardless, it also really doesn't matter.


They probably didn't go back on Saturday. When they go back to school, Spencer acts like he hasn't spoken to Martha since their adventure, while Bethany says she's been texting Martha 'all weekend'.

Brian Katcher

Question: Do both Meg and Charles Wallace go to the same school? I'm asking because I thought Meg is 13 and in middle school while Charles Wallace is 6 and they both get sent to Principal Jenkins' office.

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: Some schools can go from kindergarten all the way up to grade nine. My school was that way.

Question: I kinda don't understand the ending. Does Anne no longer blame Eddie for losing her job and ending their relationship? Did both Eddie and Anne get their jobs back or do they move on? What has become of The Life Foundation? Has founder Carlton Drake been exposed for the evil person he is for killing homeless people and Dora Skirth?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: Since Eddie is seen talking with Ann, she seems to have forgiven him. Ann decides to become a public defender and Eddie was given his old job back but, he chose not to take it. Instead, he decides to go back to journalism. As for the Life Foundation, it's only speculation but, with the photos that Eddie took, it's possible that it shut down and Drake's plans and the people he murdered were exposed to the public.

Answer: It is never mentioned, but it stands to reason that eventually they did find out. York's crimes most certainly would have been made public, he is solely responsible for several murders including the murder of a police officer at the beach. There would be very little reason for the government to cover up his crimes since he was acting as a rogue agent.


Answer: The dog did not die, at least not in the film. After Ben and Alex are released from the hospital, Ben took the dog with him.

raywest Premium member

Answer: They were just bullies making fun of Forrest for being weird and different.


Answer: For protection from the inmates.

raywest Premium member

Question: How did Mark manage to make the hab last longer? He said he was in a hab designed to last 31 days.

Answer: It was designed to last a month with six occupants, but with only one the supplies would last a lot longer. As far as the structure itself, the "design" lifetimes are always conservative, as evidenced by the Mars rovers still running around Mars, such as Opportunity was designed to last at least 90 days, but is still ticking after 5000 days.


I thought that after 31 days the hab would run out of air.

Air for 31 days would assume they were using only canned air, and NASA included no extra for safety (like if they couldn't leave on time). Assuming they were using canned air, then with only one occupant the remaining air would last 6 times as long, so would still go well past the 31 day mark, though they were almost certainly using systems to recycle the air by scrubbing the CO2 so the air would last a lot longer. This is the same way air is handled in current NASA spacecraft. An offset though is we have a flame which is using oxygen at a greater rate than a person would, and plants that are also helping remove CO2 to produce oxygen, though the net of this would almost certainly be to have a higher oxygen use rate.

It's explained in greater detail in the book. There was a plentiful supply of oxygen for him to survive a long time, even using up some of it to produce water for the soil. The real risk was a potential build up of carbon dioxide, which would prevent the diffusion of carbon dioxide out of his blood and into his lungs.

He had an oxygenator in the Hab. That meant there was not a finite amount of oxygen.


Question: The SAM missiles continuously chases the fighter jet for a few minutes. In reality, don't SAM missiles only contain enough fuel to fly for about 5 to 10 seconds?

Answer: Surface-to-air missiles come in 3 ranges (long range, medium, and short). Long range missile have a range of 100-150 km (there are some very long ranged missiles that can go up to 400 km). Short range missiles go about 3 km. SAM's are faster than Air-to-Air missiles and can travel around Mach 3 and up to Mach 8, with some that can go faster (so about 1 - 2.7 km/s) I don't know what kind of SAM was used, but long range SAM's are fired from a fixed or semi-movable position and medium ranged SAM's can be fired from vehicle mounted systems.


A behind enemy lines goof from IMDb, says that no missile is capable of chasing the F/A-18 as it is portrayed in the movie. A missiles rocket motor only holds enough fuel for one pass at a target. I don't know if you agree with it or not.

I would disagree with the statement that it wouldn't have enough fuel. However, even after a missile runs out of fuel it can still glide to its target at supersonic speeds for a time. I do think the portrayal of the chase scene is overly dramatic in Hollywood fashion though, particularly for the first SAM fired.


According to the trivia of the film the missile used was a 9m37m missile.

In that case the scene is completely Hollywood and unrealistic. The 9m37m is a short range missile, even though it's vehicle mounted, and has a max range of 5 km and doesn't even reach Mach 2. When the 2nd missile is fired we hear one of the pilots say "3 miles and closing", meaning the SAM shouldn't have been able to catch up to them or chase them down. The film makers probably wanted something cool looking without considering (or caring) what they had or may not have access to a midrange SAM system and pretended it was one.


But don't long range missiles lack the ability to turn fast enough to follow and chase a jet due to the weight of the amount of fuel they carry?

Answer: More than likely she didn't want them. Besides Barbie the toys never really speak of Molly at all, so it's likely she rarely ever played with them, if at all.


Answer: Then why does Andy have Mrs. Potatohead? From what I remember Molly got Mrs. Potatohead for Christmas at the end of the first movie so shouldn't she belong to Molly?

It is suggested Molly hardly played with Mrs. Potato Head and she was kept alongside Mr. Potato Head in Andy's room since then. The rest of Andy's toys are mostly "boy" toys, so Molly may well not be interested in them anyway.


Either Andy borrowed or even kept it in case Molly didn't need it or want it.


Question: Why does everyone stop and stare at the plane?

Answer: It's a bit complicated and subject to interpretation. They all look as soon as they hear the engines starting. For each one it signifies something different. Ilsa knows she must part with Rick, the man she loves, and stay with her husband, Victor, to support him and help with his work. For Rick, he knows he is losing Ilsa, by his own choice because he has chosen to stay behind to aid the war resistance and may not survive. Victor knows his wife Ilsa really loves Rick and he will be out of their lives, but she is staying with him out of duty.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Because the plane taking off meant that the people on board were on their way to Lisbon, and from there, America. Everyone is envious.

Captain Defenestrator

Chosen answer: Renton is wet to recall the toilet diving scene. See "The Story Behind the Groundbreaking Trainspotting Poster" on the Vice website for details.

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