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Question: How does Ben Hildebrand die? Only his skeleton is shown in while Billie removes the parasail. He would not have been killed and eaten by a dinosaur because his skeletal remains are still there, and he wouldn't have been strangulated as he was talking to Eric as per the video.

Answer: While the movie doesn't explain this, it most certainly wasn't a dinosaur (since a carnivorous dinosaur would eat him). However, in Jurassic Park Adventures: Survivor, he dies from internal injuries due to the rough "landing".


Answer: Raptors.

Answer: Compisigthus or compies would have done the trick.

Question: In the end, the Pterosaurs fly away from Isla Sorna for a new home. Where on Earth would they go and wouldn't they attack and kill any human or animal there?

Answer: The island was located west of Costa Rica in the pacific so its likely they are headed for the Americas or Galapagos islands. They won't likely start hunting on animals and humans as they are thought to be fish eaters and thus would stay near the coast and avoid contact with land animals, especially predators. The reason they attack the humans in the bird cage is because of malnutrition and captivity related stress.


Question: When the boat is sinking and everyone is in the cage, what does Grant say to Ellie on the satellite phone and how does she know what it means and which island to go to out of the five?

Answer: He says "The River, Site B." Obvisouly there is only one main river on Site B (the island). Ellie was smart enough to figure it out.


But how does she get a US navy battle group to turn up? Previously the US embassy wouldn't send anyone for a missing child, but a fleet for an old man off a very garbled phone call? As far as I remember, she had a fairly ordinary job/life in a suburb of the America.

Ellie's husband is Mark Degler, who works at the State Department, and it's with his connections that the rescue gets underway. Early in the movie Ellie told Grant he's bad about asking for help, and he should ask her anything anytime. Near the end, before their phone line was cut off, Ellie had heard the dinosaur roar and screams, so she knew Grant was in trouble.

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I think it has something to do with what her husband does for a living.

Answer: Ellie's husband is in treaties and diplomatic relations and would be able to get a rescue group sent.

Question: Why the heck does Eric keep Tyrannosaur urine in the truck?

Answer: He keeps the T-Rex urine with him, so he can repel off things like velociraptors, and other dangerous carnivores.


Question: I have to question what killed the speedboat's crew at the beginning of the movie. I don't think the Pteradons would be that fast in attacking and they were locked in the cage. I doubt the Spinosaurus would go that far out to sea and kill the people that quickly. What other dino(s) could have done it out at sea and so fast (and were so messy eaters)?

Answer: This passage isn't very satisfying. There certainly were a large number of predatory marine reptiles, but they would have difficulty with a speeding boat, and if they were out in the water, why would they stay just around the island? The Pterosaurs would have been visible, even if they were loose to attack. The Spinosaurus and other terrestrial dinosaurs might paddle across shallow water, but they're not going to grab people off a moving speedboat. Effective scene but hard to correlate to the local lifeforms.


It was pterosaurs. They were already hanging out in the fog. Apparently some were already loose. It even specifically says it's them in either a deleted scene towards the end of the movie, or an alternate ending, when the group gets to the shore and sees the crashed speedboat. It says something like grant recognizes (yes, paleontologists know what pterosaur footprints/tracks look like), or deduces that the prints/scratches/damage appear to be from pterosaurs.

Answer: It was pterosaurs. They were already hanging out in the fog. Apparently some were already loose. It even specifically says it's them in either a deleted scene towards the end of the movie, or an alternate ending, when the group gets to the shore and sees the crashed speedboat. It says something like grant recognizes (yes, paleontologists know what pterosaur footprints/tracks look like), or deduces that the prints/scratches/damage appear to be from pterosaurs.

Question: If there still are dinosaurs on this island, and they are a known threat, why does the government allow them to still live there? With the incident at San Diego, that should have been a harsh wake-up call to the government about the threats of the dinosaurs.

Answer: The dinos have no way of leaving the island, so why would any government go and kill them all? A live tiger or lion would be dangerous if released in a city, but governments do not kill them all just in case.

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Question: How did the principal characters end up on opposite sides of the metal fence after they initially escaped from the raptors?

Answer: Alan Grant became separated from the others after escaping the raptors. He was later rescued by Eric, who then took him to his hideout. When they went looking for the Kirbys and Billy, they took a route that put them on the opposite side of the fence.

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Answer: Most likely because of possible broken fences that have either been taken down from being eroded by the elements for a long time, or just straight up an opening, since we don't necessarily know if they did or did not land in a pen when they crashed, but it's safe to assume that there was most likely an opening around them, and they must have gone through that way.

Question: How did they clone pteranodons? Technically, they aren't dinosaurs. They are prehistoric birds.


Chosen answer: Irrelevant if they were birds or dinosaurs. Just the same as in the first movie, if a mosquito happened to have taken blood from one and been caught in amber, they can clone it.


Answer: Birds did not evolve from pteranodons but from true dinosaurs.

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Question: When the survivors run into the T-Rex, it is eating a dinosaur. Does anyone know what species it was?


Chosen answer: According to the DVD commentary, the Tyrannosaurus is eating a Parasaurolophus.

Question: When Grant finds out that Billy stole the velociraptor eggs, the room they are in has broken windows. Why is this?

Answer: The Pteranadons broke them attacking the Site B crew before evacuation.

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Answer: Site B was devastated by a hurricane that would also have destroyed most glass windows on the compound.

Answer: 1: it's been abandoned for several years 2: lack of maintenance 3: bird cage, they most likely broke through.

Question: Dr. Grant asks Eric how he got T-Rex urine. Eric replies, "You don't want to know". How did Eric get the T-Rex urine anyway?


Answer: A video I watched speculated that Eric was making his way through the jungle and came across the Rex. It is thought that he hid and while he was hiding the Rex peed. While he was hiding he noticed that some Compies close by fled at the smell so he decided to test if they were scared of it. When he knew for sure he bottled it up.

Chosen answer: It's never explained how he got it. Any explanation the filmmakers might give would probably be implausible.

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Question: 2 questions about the T-rex urine. Why would the urine repel other dinosaurs? And what did he mean by "big one with a fin?"

Answer: The T-Rex urine would have the scent of the large predator and this would keep other, smaller dinosaurs away for fear of being eaten. Although this is complete nonsense, that's what the movie is going for. The big one with the fin is the Spinosaurus, the gigantic dinosaur that is hunting the group.


Answer: 1: because it's a form of territorial mark, besides I don't think anything other than a crazy Dino or man, would go into that type of zone 2: that "thing" is called a Spinosaurus, as Allan says to Billy while holding one of its teeth near the plane.

Question: What did Alan Grant pick up and smell when they were in the cage right before he says "This is a bird cage"? And would it be possible for them when they got hunted by the raptors to hide in the mud to not get smelled by them?

Answer: He picked up a chunk of "bird" guano, and was smelling it to see if it was something biological as opposed to chemical. He realised it was left by a pterosaur. There's no way of knowing if hiding in the mud would fool the raptors.

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Answer: It was Pteranodon poop.

Question: If the Spinosaurus was a fish eater, why would it go after the group?


Answer: Basically, this is a fictional version of the Spinosaurus. Simply because scientists didn't know the Spinosaurus was a fish eater when this movie was made so the movie makers made the Spinosaurus a land hunter. It's possible that the Spinosaurus in this movie hunts for mammals because it doesn't have access to the sea to hunt for fish, or doesn't know how to because it was bred that way.


Question: After the first Spinosaurus attack, the survivors run into a feeding T-Rex and he roars at them. Right after the team leaves, Alan says something under his breath. Does anyone know what he says?

Answer: I watched this several times on DVD. After Grant says, "Nobody move a muscle," he turns his head to one side as the others run off. His next comment is inaudible, although it appears he's uttering an expletive. My guess is, "Oh sh**." It's also not on the DVD closed captions.

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Question: Dr Grant makes an SOS call to Ellie via the Sat phone. I think I have the sequence correct: There was such a delay in her getting to the phone that they got disconnected. She then dials 3 digits on the phone and then hears Dr Grants cryptic cry for help. She calls him back. Did she dial *69 to reconnect with him, which I don't think you can do with a Sat phone, or dial a code that immediately connected them? Anybody know about Sat phones or have any clues or answers to this scene?

Answer: I think you are right that *69 does not work on a SAT phone, but I can't offer anything else. You may have pointed out a plot hole.


Question: Was the spinosaurus following the group, if so how? Or were they merely bumping into each other?

Answer: Being a predator, it would probably have a defined territory that it roamed looking for prey. The group is always traveling on foot and in the time frame they have been on the island, they likely were always in close proximity to where the spinosaurus hunted. It could possibly have detected them by sight, sound, or smell, or a combination of those factors.

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Factual error: There is no way a 2001 phone's tiny speaker could be heard a hundred meters away in the belly of a dinosaur or later buried in a mound of dino dung.

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Dr. Alan Grant: Well, you're alive, and that's the important thing. And thanks to you, that's one thing we have in common. Did you read Malcolm's book?
Eric Kirby: Yeah.
Dr. Alan: So?
Eric: I...I don't know. I mean, it was kinda preachy. Too much chaos, everything's chaos. Seemed like the guy was kinda high on himself.
Dr. Alan: Well, that's two things we have in common.


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Trivia: Dr. Grant's brown truck with the Museum of the Rockies and Montana State University logos on it is the actual vehicle that belongs to Dr. Jack Horner, paleontologist consultant on the Jurassic Park films as well as the man that the character of Grant is based on.


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