Jurassic Park III

Corrected entry: The way that Nash dies in the beginning of the movie is almost identical to the way that Quint died in Jaws. (Nash is Quint, The Dinosaur is The Shark, and Mrs Kirby is Chief Brody.)


Correction: Nash didnt die from sliding into the dinosaur's mouth. He was only pulled out of the airplane. He died several shots later from having his head chomped on. In Jaws, Quint is directly eaten after sliding into the shark's mouth. Either way, many characters have died from similar circumstances in movies, which doesn't really make this trivia.


Corrected entry: Spinosaurus was supposed to have straight teeth, yet in the plane sequence when there is a close up of the Spino grabbing Nash's leg, his teeth are curved back.

Correction: The fossilized teeth of a real Spinosaurus may indeed be straight, but the dinosaurs in the film have been created through research and DNA gene-splicing. Between the supercomputers, Dr. Wu and the research team at International Genetics Technologies they manage to replicate dinosaur DNA. However, they still are not precisely the same as the originals.

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Corrected entry: When Dr. Grant first picks up the bottle of T-Rex urine it is empty, in the next shot of it there is obviously fluid inside. (00:47:55)

Correction: This continuity mistake is not correct. In the first shot the bottle is actually filled. It can be compared to the same type but empty bottle hanging little to the right of Dr. Grant his hand above the looped cable on the shelf, that is clear while the bottle in his hand is hazy.


Corrected entry: In the first movie, the T. Rex always made a big thud sound, but when the spinosaurus walks (it is larger than the rex) up to them at the fence, it doesn't make nearly as much of a sound and surprises them. (00:55:35)

Correction: It's not the size of the animal. It has to do with weight distribution and how the animal walks. An elephant walking sounds like a lot of shuffling. But a child scampering can sound very loud.

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Corrected entry: The guys in the movie start searching giant poo for the satellite phone. Shouldn't it have been digested, even just a bit on the corners? Plus in later scenes, before it rains, the phone is perfectly clean.

Correction: If something is indigestible, it's not going to be digested, even a little bit on the corners. Sharks have been caught with intact licence plates, bottles, even scuba tanks, with no wear on them other than maybe teeth marks.

Corrected entry: When Grant and the others enter the compound of the destroyed facility, you can see the pick-up truck that Ian Malcolm had locked himself into, during The Lost World, to avoid the raptor attack. Notice the window with the hole in it.


Correction: Actually, the facility in the second movie is different to this one, in the second movie they are at a communications/workers compound. In this movie they are at an embryonics facility.

Corrected entry: After the plane crash and Spinosaurus attack, the survivors return to the wreck site to collect belongings/valuables, etc. Amanda starts talking to Paul about him losing weight over swimming. She says 'I hate swimming. I dont even know how to swim.' However, at the end of the film when they are in the 'bird cage,' they all fall in the river and Amanda is swimming without aid.

Correction: What Amanda says to Paul is "You hate swimming. You don't even know how to swim."

Correction: When they're changing clothes (right after revealing the truth about their son to Dr. Grant), she says to Paul, "You don't even know how to swim," and he replies, "I learned."

Corrected entry: When they're are in the stampede of dinosaurs, Udesky falls and Paul picks him up. If you look at the film, Udesky is always coming last. Paul is always about 10-20m in front, but he magically morphs behind Udesky somehow when he falls. You never see Paul Kirby fall down, so that is ruled out.

Correction: In the scene you seem to be describing (which is when the group is running from the raptors), we do see Udesky fall, but no one picks him up, he picks himself up. However, he was never always coming up last, he starts out ahead of other and even passes people. In all the other running from the dinosaur scenes before Udesky dies, he doesn't fall.


Corrected entry: After the crash Tea Leoni and the rest of the crew run and run and do some more running, and during all this they are all hitting mud puddles, creeks, dirt in general. When this is all over Tea's yellow shirt is still yellow and not black or a dark yellow - it looks as clean as it was when she was flying on the plane before the crash. Funny how everyone else looks semi-dirty though.

Correction: They weren't running through mud puddles and creeks, just tall grass and an open clearing. Some characters got dirty because they fell on the ground (some of the mud we kind of see is Dr. Grant crawling around felled trees). But, her shirt certainly is as dirty as other characters who didn't fall down.


Corrected entry: Nothing could be seen through the green liquid in the large glass tubes, so how come the Raptor's head could be seen so easily?

Correction: We can see through the green liquid (the first tube actually has a lot more green tint than the other tubes). But it's based on the angle you're looking at and the way light enters. It was hard to see through when the camera panned across the curves of the tubes or when the characters were far away from the tube, but the raptor was pressed up near the tube wall.


Corrected entry: When Nash is pulled out of the airplane, he is pulled out by one leg. He is swung around for a few seconds by the leg, and then dropped to the ground. He drags himself for a couple seconds, and then gets on his hands and knees and tries crawling away. Both legs are perfectly fine, with no cuts or anything. How can he be on both knees if one of his legs was in the clamping jaws of the Spinosaurus?

Correction: We just see the dinosaur grab him with his mouth to pull him out, there's no indication it was trying to eat him there or that its teeth were "clamped" down. Many animals can carry their young with their teeth without injury to the young and the dinosaur simply may have been figuring out if Nash was dangerous, poisonous, or food, etc before biting into him.


Corrected entry: When the Ceratosaurus walks up close to the people, the subsequent shot turns to Grant & Amanda. At this moment a crew member in a hat is visible behind their backs.

Correction: It's just Eric on the boat.

Corrected entry: When Eric hears the ring tone, he runs and meets his parents at a huge fence for large animals as large as a T. rex. In "The Lost World", Hammond says "site b" was where the animals were kept for a few months. There was no use for a fence that tall because even though it only takes several years for large dinosaurs to be fully grown, at a few months old they could not be large enough to need a fence of that size. (00:54:50)


Correction: The fact that Hammond kept the secret of Site B from everyone, then surely Hammond has other secrets. Like an enclosure with a tall fence to keep a larger dinosaur than the T-Rex in it.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, when the boat crew is killed, why isn't the boat itself destroyed? Yes, the top is a bit damaged but the main body of the boat is fine. A creature that could kill the whole crew in that short space of time would surely damage the rest of the boat as well. Even a modern day crocodile can easily smash a hole in the side of a small boat just using its tail.

Correction: The Pterosaurs only attack the humans for invading their territory (and in the process, they damage the flimsy roof of the boat that was sheltering a human). They were not out to destroy a boat.


Is it ever explicitly stated anywhere what dinosaur attacks the boat?

In the original script it said that there were to also be scenes where Grant sees foot prints and other evidence. The opening shot was done before the final script was done. They used that scene for the opening and did not re-shoot it.

Not to mention that a crocodile is extremely strong and tough, while any flying animal would be considerably less so.


Correction: It was said that they wanted to have it be the pterosaurs who attacked the boat but cut the scene as it conflicted with the script since they were still locked in the cage at the time.

Corrected entry: How was Ben killed? He was stuck in a tree, so the smaller dinosaurs couldn't reach him. You can see that the skeleton's legs are missing, which makes you think of a t-rex or spinosaurus, but surely that would have torn the whole body down from the tree.

Correction: He could easily have died in the tree from exposure, hunger, disease or any reason. He would start to decompose, scavengers would get to him, and this would cause his legs to drop to the ground, where they would be carried away by other animals. For instance.


Correction: Supposedly a scene was removed which involved Eric recording Ben's death. In this scene Ben was attacked by the velociraptor, since they landed next to their nest, but didn't attack Eric since Been was stuck in the tree making him an easier target. In my opinion: I believe after being attacked and losing his legs he pulled himself up into the trees but would have bled out very quickly.

If the velociraptor bit Ben's legs off, there's no way he would have been able to climb into the tree due to massive blood loss and shock.

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Corrected entry: When the pteranodon is in the bridge, it opens its beak to reveal teeth. 'Pteranodon Sternbergi' or 'Pteranodon Ingens' had no teeth.

Correction: Since the researchers added various DNA to the creatures, it is not unreasonable to think that it ended up with teeth.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the boy, Eric and Dr. Grant get reunited at the large fence, over Tea Leoni's shoulder you can see something moving. At first I thought it was the Spinosaurus but the Spinosaurus comes from the opposite direction. After reviewing it a couple of times on VHS it appears to be a truck driving by.

Correction: There is no truck, it is just Billy's body swaying back and forth.

Corrected entry: After the Spinosaurus kills the T-Rex, we see an ascending angle from the T-Rex's lifeless head up to the triumphant Spino. However, that is the ONLY part of the T-Rex there. There is no body connected to it, it's just a head lying on the ground. (00:27:25)

Correction: It only appears to be just a head because the rest of the body is just out of frame.

Corrected entry: The velociraptor resonating chamber that Billy shows Dr. Grant is actually a dog's resonating chamber. (00:12:10)

Correction: The machine used to fabricate the resonating chamber of the Velociraptor is completely fictitious. No-one really knows what the resonating chamber would look like. Therefore, who is to say that the resonating chamber of a dog and Velociraptor are not similar? Seeing how both animals are capable of making loud barking and squawking noises, it makes sense that they could be similar in shape and size.


Corrected entry: When the Spinosaurus is chasing the characters on the boat, it emerges from the river. The Spinosaurus was supposed to be 18 feet high and it was completely underwater. Then when it attacks the boat, the Spino stands up and the river is only about 3-5 feet deep. Don't tell me the river was that much shallower a little bit further away.

Correction: That is possible, believe it or not. In some rivers, there are points where it is really shallow, then there is a vertical drop off and it's really deep. The Spino could be swimming in the deep part, then stood up in the shallow end.

Plot hole: The spinosaurus manages to smash through a metal reinforced wall designed to stop dinosaurs getting past it without too much effort, yet it can't get through a wooden gate secured by some metal bars. It makes no sense.

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Suggested correction: The Spinosaurus used its full body force to smash the fence. The gate, being a smaller target, was too small for the Spinosaurus to use its full body force.

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Dr. Alan Grant: What John Hammond and InGen did at Jurassic Park is create genetically engineered theme park monsters. Nothing more and nothing less.
Woman: Um, are you saying that you wouldn't wanna get onto Isla Sarnoa and study them if you had the chance?
Dr. Grant: No force on Earth or Heaven will get me on that island.


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Trivia: The scenes with the flying dinosaurs were supposed to be in the original movie, as it was part of the book Jurassic Park, but Spielberg decided not to include this in the first movie due to budget restraints.

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Question: How does Ben Hildebrand die? Only his skeleton is shown in while Billie removes the parasail. He would not have been killed and eaten by a dinosaur because his skeletal remains are still there, and he wouldn't have been strangulated as he was talking to Eric as per the video.

Answer: While the movie doesn't explain this, it most certainly wasn't a dinosaur (since a carnivorous dinosaur would eat him). However, in Jurassic Park Adventures: Survivor, he dies from internal injuries due to the rough "landing".


Answer: Raptors.

Answer: Compisigthus or compies would have done the trick.

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