Jurassic Park III

Audio problem: After the aeroplane crashed, a dinosaur stepped over it and the windows shattered making the typical sound of made-of-glass things when broken. They are made of plexiglass (a sort of fibrous plastic).

Factual error: There is no way a 2001 phone's tiny speaker could be heard a hundred meters away in the belly of a dinosaur or later buried in a mound of dino dung.

Plot hole: The spinosaurus manages to smash through a metal reinforced wall designed to stop dinosaurs getting past it without too much effort, yet it can't get through a wooden gate secured by some metal bars. It makes no sense.

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Suggested correction: The Spinosaurus used its full body force to smash the fence. The gate, being a smaller target, was too small for the Spinosaurus to use its full body force.

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Visible crew/equipment: When the group is flying into the island, there's a shot of the plane flying in front of the cloud, and there's the obvious shadow of the helicopter that filmed that shot. (00:15:25)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dr. Grant gets rescued by the kid and they are sitting in the water tank (truck) eating candy bars they show the kid eating a "Crunch" bar with no wrapper, just in the tin foil. In the next shot you see him eating the same candy bar but the "Crunch" wrapper is now on, then in the third shot it cuts back to the kid and the wrapper is gone and you only see tin foil again. (00:46:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Dr. Grant dives in the water after they're attacked, he has his watch on his right hand before he dives in, but in the rest of the shots of Sam Neill he has his watch on his left hand.

Continuity mistake: If you look at the scene where Grant and company are on the boat during the day, and pass by the field of dinosaurs you will notice that when Eric says "Dr. Grant" they both stand up to look at the dinosaurs, but when the camera shows the boat going along the bank and the dinosaurs, Eric and Grant are sitting and then they stand up.

Continuity mistake: In the fight scene between the Spinosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus, the Tyrannosaurus bites into the Spinosaur's neck, leaving it red in blood. Yet when the two dinosaurs are thrashing at each other, the blood and wounds are gone. Then when the Spinosaurus breaks the Tyrannosaurus' neck, the blood and wounds are back again.

Visible crew/equipment: When Paul Kirby is climbing onto the crane in the river sequence you can see a light to the left of the operator's cabin. There was no power on that side of the island to power the light. To the right you can even see a blue tent standing perfectly. Surely the wind would have blown it over by now. (01:15:30)

Continuity mistake: During the parasailing scenes at the start of the film we see the boat sailing through the fog and then the ropes being pulled to simulate the attack on the boat. As the boat comes out of the fog we see that its canopy roof has collapsed. The camera switches back to the parasailers and then back to the boat at a lower angle and the canopy is back up, albeit a bit battered.


Revealing mistake: When the raptor in the InGen compound calls for help, the shots of the raptors responding are shots taken from other scenes in the movie.


Continuity mistake: When the group watches the video on Amanda's camcorder it shows footage at the beach and then it shows Ben and Eric para sailing. In this part the words said over the camcorder are noticeably different from the first scene in the movie where the footage was supposedly filmed. This is even more noticeable if you view it with the subtitles on.

Continuity mistake: When Nash is crawling across the ground after the Spino dropped him, you can obviously hear the Spino taking several steps to get him. Yet, after Nash is eaten, the Spino is right in front of the plane when he roars at the rest of the people, as if he ate Nash as soon as he dropped him.

Continuity mistake: When the Spinosaurus bites the cockpit of the plane it hits the floor and breaks. But later when they go back to the plane it is now in perfect condition, and it is when they roll over inside the plane.

Continuity mistake: When the Kirbys find the video camera, the footage shows the boat they were being pulled by when it came out of the fog after the attack, but the camera was not used during that scene. It was attached to a strap and dangling at Ben's side.


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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dr. Grant and the others walk in on the feeding T-Rex, his mouth is slathered in blood. But when the T-Rex is battling the Spinosaurus, its mouth is clean.

Visible crew/equipment: Once inside the abandoned building on the island they proceed to walk down some steps after the candy machines. The upper body of a lurking crew member can be seen in a lit doorway in the background of the shot as the group descend the metal staircase. (00:39:39)

Other mistake: Just after the crashed plane has been kicked by the Spinosaurus and stopped rolling, we see the Spinosaurus going towards the plane through a window. The Spinosaurus is not bending its head low in the shot, but its head is too high off the ground when it stands for this shot to be physically possible.

Other mistake: When the aeroplane has to pull up as the spinosaurus charges onto the runway, blood is splattered all over the cockpit window. The blood must have been from the sail of the spinosaur because Cooper was in its mouth. However the sail is fine in the fight scene and the window is clean when Amanda screams about the eye in the window.

Other mistake: When Amanda is talking to Paul at the plane crash site she has put a new shirt on. Look at her when she's talking, shes playing with the collar. But when the camera is on her she is now playing with her buttons.

Dr. Alan Grant: Well, you're alive, and that's the important thing. And thanks to you, that's one thing we have in common. Did you read Malcolm's book?
Eric Kirby: Yeah.
Dr. Alan: So?
Eric: I...I don't know. I mean, it was kinda preachy. Too much chaos, everything's chaos. Seemed like the guy was kinda high on himself.
Dr. Alan: Well, that's two things we have in common.


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Trivia: The scenes with the flying dinosaurs were supposed to be in the original movie, as it was part of the book Jurassic Park, but Spielberg decided not to include this in the first movie due to budget restraints.

Mark English

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Question: When the boat is sinking and everyone is in the cage, what does Grant say to Ellie on the satellite phone and how does she know what it means and which island to go to out of the five?

Answer: He says "The River, Site B." Obvisouly there is only one main river on Site B (the island). Ellie was smart enough to figure it out.


But how does she get a US navy battle group to turn up? Previously the US embassy wouldn't send anyone for a missing child, but a fleet for an old man off a very garbled phone call? As far as I remember, she had a fairly ordinary job/life in a suburb of the America.

Ellie's husband is Mark Degler, who works at the State Department, and it's with his connections that the rescue gets underway. Early in the movie Ellie told Grant he's bad about asking for help, and he should ask her anything anytime. Near the end, before their phone line was cut off, Ellie had heard the dinosaur roar and screams, so she knew Grant was in trouble.

Super Grover

I think it has something to do with what her husband does for a living.

Answer: Ellie's husband is in treaties and diplomatic relations and would be able to get a rescue group sent.

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