Jurassic Park III

Eight years after the Jurassic Park incident on Isla Nublar, Dr. Alan Grant struggles to keep pace with modern times and is in need of research funding. While on a dig, he is approached by Paul and Amanda Kirby, entrepreneurs looking for a guide to fly over Isla Sorna with them on a sightseeing tour. Isla Sorna is another island that the genetic company, InGen, used to clone dinosaurs. The island was evacuated and is now restricted, but the Kirbys insist they have the government’s permission to fly over it. They are willing to pay Grant handsomely for his services, and Grant, along with his assistant, Billy, agree to go along. The four and three other passengers (Udesky, Nash and Cooper) fly to the island. Soon after landing, they are attacked by a spinosaurus, which trashes the airplane. Dr. Grant learns the Kirbys are not wealthy, but actually divorced parents looking for their young son, Eric, who disappeared parasailing over the island while vacationing with Amanda and her new boyfriend, who also is missing. Udesky, Nash, and Cooper are mercenaries hired by Paul and Amanda. The dwindling survivors struggle to find the boy and escape the island.

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