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Question: How is it possible Comrade Phlemenkoff never suspected Anya might have been Anastasia the whole time she was at the orphanage? She obviously would've known that the Tsar and his family were killed with the exception of Anastasia, and young Anastasia just happened to be brought to the orphanage around the same time she disappeared and that she's wearing a necklace that looks like its made of gold and jewels. These would have all been major clues that she was the missing princess.

Answer: This was during the Russian Revolution. Millions of people were killed in the resulting violent turmoil, resulting in tens of thousands of children who lost or were separated from their parents. There was no reason to suspect that "Anya" was anyone important and this was a rural orphanage where mainstream news could be spotty. The necklace was likely considered costume jewelry.


Question: Benjamin and Gabriel both agree that moving Charlotte and the children to the Gullah encampment would be a safe place to hide. How is living out in the open by the ocean a safe place to hide?

Answer: It's the idea of hiding in plain sight, somewhere your enemy is unlikely to look. Tavington and Cornwallis are both upper class Brits and would not likely think of a village of slaves/ex-slaves as somewhere a gentleman would go. Nor would they likely know of any connection they would have there.


Question: Considering the time period that we see Benjamin grow up in the nursing home, why would there be both black and white people residing together?

Question: According to Captain Panaka and Qui-Gon, if the Hutts discover Queen Amidala on Tattooine, it will be just like landing on a planet controlled by the Federation. Why would they care about her? What would they do?

Answer: They would likely take her hostage and hold her for ransom.


So the Federation was probably offering a bounty/reward for her capture?

Possibly, but given the criminal nature of the Hutts to begin with, it would be in line for them to try to capture her if they became aware of her presence and ransom her off to the highest bidder, be it the Trade Federation, her home planet of Naboo, or the Galactic Senate.


Question: When the girls realize that cellphone signals are available at the base of the tower, why can't they fly the drone down with the cellphone as a load? Is the payload too heavy?

Answer: They don't have the backpack at that time?

Question: When Val says, "Is it all right, Dad?" Did Robin Williams say, "It's all right, Danny?" That's the actor's real name. (When Val told him he was getting married).

Question: What year do you think it is when Andrew returns to the Martin family home and meets Portia, as well as the older Little Miss?

Question: When Gilbert and Becky get ice creams, why does Becky suddenly want to trade cones with him?

Answer: She may have been allowed to have a sample of his ice cream, and decided that she liked it better than hers, so she traded.

Show generally

Question: What's the name and race of the alien with six arms in one episode? They were a bartender on an alien world.

Answer: That sounds like it's from a Farscape episode.

Answer: Supplementing the other answer, in Farscape S3 "Suns and Lovers" there's Moordil, the bartender, who has multiple arms.

Super Grover

Question: Who played the lively old gentleman who sang "Luna Mezzo O Mare" at Connie's wedding?

Question: After faking his death, why would Adrian leave Cecilia with five million dollars?

Answer: Apart from having the money to do so and portraying himself as a loving and caring husband, it was another one of Adrian's mind games and way of "screwing with her" - if she committed a crime or became mentally impaired, she would lose the trust. Adrian already had a plan to make her "lose her mind" and commit violent acts with plenty of witnesses, such as slitting her sister's throat in a crowded restaurant.


Answer: So the police would believe she killed him for his money.

Question: What song were Mitch, Phil and Glen humming before Duke to told them to stop?

Answer: "The Godfather Waltz", the main title theme to the Godfather film. It's a reference from early where Glen is a fan of the film.


Question: Why did Rae initially want nothing to do with her brother, Mal?

Answer: First, he left her and their father, to run the farm on their own. Then McKendrick was hounding and bullying them to sell their land. She had enough and wanted to enjoy life, not suffer for it.

Answer: In addition to lionhead's answer, there are also rumors that Norton wanted more creative control over the character and franchise, as evidenced by the fact he did frequent uncredited rewrites on the set of "The Incredible Hulk" and also even ghost-directed a few scenes while director Louis Letterier was tied up with other obligations. Given the complexity of the MCU, the producers and studio didn't necessarily want cast-members to exercise more creative control over the films early on because it could undermine their long-term plans.


Answer: There were disagreements between him and Marvel about the contract. It's said Norton didn't want to be clung to a single character.


Question: Why does Forbes try to convince Robert to stop the flogging?

Answer: Forbes feels that a flogging was way too drastic of a punishment. At this point in the movie, Forbes doesn't think that the higher-ups are going to allow the 54th into battle, and as such, he feels Robert's methods are a bit excessive.


Answer: A contract dispute. Glover wanted more money, especially for two movies, but producers thought why pay more for what were essentially cameos.

Question: What book does Kyle Gass pick up at the end?

Answer: Michael J. Fox was the first choice to play Marty but due to his filming schedule with Family Ties, he was unable to take the role at first. When production on BTTF started, it was seen that Stoltz just wasn't working out, so they renegotiated with Family Ties to allow Fox's schedule to accommodate both and he was hired.

Answer: Gale (the writer and producer) characterized Stoltz as "a good actor in the wrong role" with Stoltz displaying the character too seriously and heavy, also utilizing method acting that annoyed the crew. He was fired when they found a replacement. Stoltz himself later said he was not a comedian and did not know why he was cast.


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