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Question: What happened to Doc's girlfriend from the first film? She risked her life to be with him at the end of Young Guns, so its a little odd that there's no mention of her in this film.

Gavin Jackson

Answer: Doc says in the movie he is married with kids. So you have to assume he married her.

Question: Who's the character who's the driver of both Sanchez's car and (after the second truck explosion and the shooting of Truman Lodge) one of the 2 remaining tankers throughout the truck chase at the end? Can't seem to find any info on him. Don't think he dies, as we see him leap out of the truck just prior to it tipping over (due to the damaged brake pipes) during the final confrontation between Sanchez and Bond.

Question: How come every shopper at Sir Sav a Lot didn't evacuate when Van Pelt had a gun and was shooting up the place while going after Judy, Peter and Sarah?


Answer: They are probably too invested with their own looting to worry about someone else committing a crime.


I especially like that one woman that is hesitating to take the box or not as everyone is running away when he shoots into the ceiling.


Question: When Pee-Wee offers gum to Francis and Mr. Buxton as a peace offering, what was it with the gum that caused Mr. Buxton to scream?

Answer: It was some sort of gag gum (popular in the past) that either had hot pepper/cinnamon or simply tasted terrible.

Brian Katcher

Question: When Harry and Marv capture Kevin from the hotel, what are they going to do to him and where are they taking him?


Answer: They are presumably taking him somewhere secluded so they can exact their revenge.


Answer: According to Harry, he wants to take Kevin to the subway tunnel and kill him.

Question: When Tommy, Jimmy, and Henry stop at Tommy's Mother's house to pick up a shovel after killing Billy Batts, why does Tommy take the kitchen knife even though at this point they all think Billy Batts is dead?

Answer: Any answer would be speculation, but given that Tommy is a violent psychopath, he may have been thinking of further mutilating Batts' body before they dispose of it.


You're completely missing the point of the question. Cutting off the deer's hoof was the excuse he was giving. The question is asking why he wanted the knife.

Question: When the survivors are in the cabin, it shows the smoke die down and a chilling noise can be heard. What is the purpose of this?

Answer: I'm just speculating here, but I think it was to try to show us that the inhabitants didn't plan on being away from their cabin for long. They used "just enough" fuel on their stove, so the smoke dissipating was a way of telling the viewers "This is around the time they were planning to be back". A bit like when using a slow cooker, you set it to go off around the time you'll be home from work.

Question: I'm the scene where X-ray takes the shorter shovel from Stanley, another boy walks up and says "smaller shovel, smaller hole." What is he eating? It looks like a tortilla shell but it's shiny like something is on it?

Answer: It's probably honey.

It is indeed honey, they mention it in the DVD commentary with the younger cast members.

Question: What did Katniss mean by asking if Gale's bread was real? I understand they don't often get bread in the Seam but how could it not be real?


Answer: She is wondering if she might be dreaming.


Question: How did Cain get the McClains from the other car to his. Did he change all the tires? Did he make the guy he robbed do it? Did they go to a shop?

Answer: He would have either made the other guy take his wheels off and put them in his "Cains" car to be changed later or he held the guy at gun point and made him change the wheels from his car to Cains and Cain left his wheels for his victim to use.


Question: The scene where everyone's getting burned and exploding, why didn't the ark burn Marion and Indy too? Is it because they didn't do anything wrong to it?

Answer: They were protected because they did not directly look at the Ark. Indy told Marion to look away. That is what saved them.


Anyone who looks upon what is inside the ark perishes. The ark is used as the wrath of god against anyone who doesn't show respect to it, by not looking at what is inside. Even if what is inside goes outside.


Question: What would happen to the ark ships after they landed in Africa? Would they become like a type of shelter for the inhabitants or scrapmelt to build a new city?

Answer: Most likely they would, but seeing as the governments prepared for everything, they also would have loaded tons of wood, brick and steel to build new cities.

Racquet Espanol - S3-E7

Question: What is the story sub plot or significance of the person planting and smuggling a small plant in the handle of a tennis racquet?

Answer: The woman hid the flower in her tennis racket to smuggle it out of the country, because it is a protected species and it would have been illegal to have it on your person. The reason for smuggling it was simply because she liked the flower.

Charlie X - S1-E3

Question: There is a part after Charlie's examination where he's walking down the hall, and finds a man lowering a pole down into a vent of some sort. What exactly was that guy doing? (00:06:06)

Quantom X

Answer: It's never really specified, but the poles were most likely a way of going from deck to deck for engineering crew.

Show generally

Question: When Richard reminisces about England, he talks about going to the pub and having a pint. Yet the whole time he's in Saint Marie, he is never seen to drink alcohol with the rest of the team; only cups of tea. Why?

Answer: Most likely they had only tropical exotic drinks, he wanted an old fashioned English beer.

Question: When Robert Neville's family is being airlifted at night, the darkseekers are awake and emerge from their hiding spots. If UV light has been known to kill them, why wasn't his family airlifted during the day?

Answer: This was still very early in the spread and outbreak of this virus. They didn't fully understand what they were dealing with yet, or would have figured out that UV had any effect like that. Also the darkseekers weren't fully out yet, as we see the people infected are still mostly human with just early symptoms. They didn't know what they would create or even knew what it was capable of yet. What you saw were panicked people acting stupid in fear trying to board the chopper.

Quantom X

Answer: They didn't have the time. They were trying to contain the spread but failed and the evacuation had to take place at that time or there was no evacuation at all.


First Stop - S4-E14

Question: Why did they go by car to California? I assume it was to get several episodes out of it though wouldn't it have been easier to go by train?


Answer: Well, within the storyline of the show, the answer to your question is given in the prior episode, "Getting Ready," where we see Lucy reading various brochures while Ricky is on the phone trying to book their tickets. The decision went from going by plane, to train, to bus, and finally to the idea of going by car so they could stop where they want for as long as they want, etc. Of course, production wise, this decision allowed for the following episode scripts to have more creative shenanigans.

Super Grover

Answer: There is no explanation, but as you mentioned, it was likely to add some new adventures to the show's overall story line.


Question: When Oliver takes the handkerchief from Fagin's pocket, did he really not notice that Oliver took it or did he realise that he did and pretended not to know? If it was the latter, why?

Answer: If you mean the scene where he is teaching Oliver how to be a pickpocket, then yes, Fagin knew. He is role-playing the part of a "victim," showing Oliver what it is like to steal an item from someone's pocket without it being noticed. He is employing some criminal "positive reinforcement."


Question: 1. Did Luthor kill Miss Tessmacher after going to the North Pole? 2. How do Clark and Lois get back from the North Pole without freezing to death? 3. Why does he go back to that diner since Superman should be above petty revenge? 4. If the villains have Superman's powers then how could Ursa be affected by the snake bite? She shows irritation from being bitten.


Answer: 1. No. 2. It's unclear, but can assume Clark had that part planned. 3. Agreed, this is out of character, but Clark isn't perfect. 4. Exactly, she shows irritation. There's no indication the bite actually hurt her or broke her skin. But as someone who is only now realizing the extent of her powers, she reacted as though she thought it might have.

Question: Did the OC2 gauge really drop to zero after fuel cells 1 and 3 were closed, as shown in the movie?

Answer: Yes it's absolutely true. The crew didn't realise that the REAC valves had already been damaged by the explosion which is why shutting the valves achieves nothing.


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