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Question: Candie tells Shultz the deal is not final until they shake hands, as is tradition in the South, and without the hand shake, the legal documents are void. Was this actually how it was back then, or was Candie just doing that to further get under Shultz's skin?

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Chosen answer: Since it would be rather difficult to prove in a court of law whether a handshake had been performed or not before video cameras had been invented, no, there was no enforceable law about handshakes being required to make a contract legal. However, it was likely a very strong and respected tradition.

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Question: Why did the Howells, Ginger and Mary Ann have so many changes of clothes with them? It was only a three hour tour.

Answer: Bob Denver answered this when he was on a talk show hosted by Pat Sajak. He said they were going to write into an episode where the castaways found all these clothes, but it got too complicated, so he said, they decided, "who cares, it's only a TV show," and forgot about it. So the writers and actors even asked this, they just never bothered to address it.

Answer: It was a running gag about how out of touch with reality they are, because they are so rich, that they think they need to bring an extensive wardrobe with them everywhere they go.

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Question: I know there is a good reason but, if the castaways could build huts, bicycle powered generators and fix the radio, why couldn't they fix the boat?

Answer: There's no absolute answer to this, but: 1) The hole in the boat was big enough that they couldn't patch it sufficiently well to float it. All the rafts, huts and other constructions on the island, were flimsy enough that wind and rain got through most of them reasonably easily. 2) None of them were qualified to build or repair boats, so it would have been risky to even try going out with a patch they made. 3) It's a silly 60's sitcom - making sense was never a big concern of producers at the time!


Chosen answer: It is located in California, as shown in "Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo". Possibly San Francisco as seen in the comics.


Chosen answer: The rings represent what is called the "Emotional Spectrum". Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Where Green is the representation of will, the Star Sapphires are given violet rings, which represent the emotion of love.


Chosen answer: Not really. Ridley Scott wanted to explore a different story line set apart from the original Alien series. There are connections between the two, and they share the same universe but they are in different time periods, and the prequel is following its own mythology. There could be a link by the end of the new series, but that remains to be seen.

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Question: Does the Mask of Truth do anything for the player besides allow them to see secret messages in the stone clocks?

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: There is another thing it does for the player. Deep in the Lost Woods is an area with two creatures that will sell the player items. Look for where you see a bunch of butterflies gathered. Head toward them and you will fall into a hole. When you land put on the Mask of Truth and slowly walk forward. Some Deku creatures will pop out and look at you. After this talk to the big Deku creature to the right and he will increase your ability to hold more Deku nuts. Wearing other masks from the Happy Mask shop will also have different reactions from the Deku Scrubs.

Question: Why does Neo need to be physically disconnected after appearing in the train station and speaking with the Oracle, when he ended up there through his connection with the Source?

Answer: Because his physical body is unconscious and can't do what needs to be done in order to disconnect in the same way it connected.

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Question: Does the doctor know that there are 3 murderers among Rivers' personalities? he tells Rivers that the killer cannot survive, who's to say it's Timmy that committed the real murders? Ray Liota and his "prisoner" were also murderers.

dan coakley..

Chosen answer: Ray Liotta and his prisoner were not real killers. They were only murderers in Rivers' mind. The journal that Rivers kept in the hand of all his personalities would have given the doctor insight into what Liotta and his prisoner were like in his patient's mind.

oddy knocky

Question: In the scene where the doctor shows Rivers his real face in the mirror, why is he so shocked? I mean, if Edward is not real, how could Edward know what his own face looks like? (As in John Cusack's face).

dan coakley..

Chosen answer: Because he believes he looks like the John Cusack character. When he looks into the mirror, he sees a completely different face.


Question: Why does Cyrus not believe Cusack when he tells him that one of the guards faked a heart attack and that's how they were found out?

dan coakley..

Chosen answer: Probably because Cusack interrupted Colm Meaney in the first place. Also he probably knew Cusack would lie about whatever excuse he gave.


Question: How did Frank know where Cooper lives? (01:16:15)

Chosen answer: He's ex CIA and considered R.E.D. (Retired and Extremely Dangerous). This is not just because of his fighting skill, but because of his knowledge and access to resources and how to use them. He just broke into the CIA Headquarters as well and is a skilled agent from another era. It is easy to assume he used his resources and experience to find Cooper's family just by seeing Cooper's face. He would easily known how to find out his identity.

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Question: When Agent Cooper is looking at Frank's file, why is the majority of the writing blanked out? (00:29:15)

Chosen answer: As explained in the DVD commentary, the reason a lot of Frank's missions were called black operations, or Black Ops, is because they were meant to be off the record, "off the books". Yet they would still keep documentation of the mission during the mission to keep track of the progress and details. But once the mission was over, they'd black out any information that they didn't absolutely need as many Black Ops are illegal.

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Answer: It's called redaction.

Question: Sarah stated that she and Frank first knew each other by talking over the phone, but what exactly was it that first got them having conversations over the phone in the first place? (00:00:05)

Chosen answer: The check he got and keeps tearing up. The first time he didn't get it was probably a legitimate error and he did not get the check, so called her company to get a new one, and then fell in love with her voice so continued to destroy the checks to keep talking to her.

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Question: On Frank's nightstand there is a clock. On this clock, the word "NO" is seen above the seconds. What is the "NO" supposed to mean? (00:00:40 - 00:06:55)

Chosen answer: The 'No' is supposed to show that there is no alarm set on the clock.

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Question: Why is Marvin wearing a plastic sheet over his suit in the scene where he, Frank and Joe are interrogating Alexander Dunning? (01:04:15)

Chosen answer: Intimidation. The implication is that he's going to be spilling Dunning's blood during the interrogation and doesn't want to get his suit dirty.

Captain Defenestrator

Chosen answer: He was played by Ian Puleston-Davies. He is best known for his role as Owen Armstrong in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street.


Chosen answer: Joe is his father. They probably planned the crime together.


Yes, but why didn't Mr. Pink respond to that? At that time, Mr. Pink didn't know that his name was going to be Mr. Pink. If someone suddenly and unexpectedly gives you a name like that, wouldn't you be surprised?

He could have already been told that it was going to go like that so that he wouldn't tell Mr. White or Mr. Orange his name, and then once it was brought up at the meeting, he asked why he had to be that color.

Answer: Or, Why was he shocked to find out he is Mr. Pink later on if he was cool with it in the car?

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