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Question: Why did Sam not just walk from the library to an apartment building for food and shelter if he was able to walk to the ship? The Public Library is surrounded by apartment buildings.

Answer: How would he know which buildings were apartments and which are businesses? Even if he knew, he and his friends were not properly dressed in Arctic gear. It was below freezing outside, and they knew the ship would have a galley. They also knew the Arctic freeze blast would be coming soon and didn't have the time to wander all over the city searching for food.

Answer: Only for movie purposes. It's really just a movie mistake, where this wouldn't be possible in real life.

Question: Why is the Baroness still being called just that, a Baroness? This would make sense if she were still a widow, but she married Danielle's father. Any property from her first marriage seems to be gone, hence why she "settled" for Danielle's father. She is not the "Baroness" of any place now. Even the king refers to her as "the Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent" when he sends for her and Marguerite, near the end of the movie.

Answer: A woman who was previously married to a peer no longer holds the title after being widowed or divorced, unless she was granted the title in her own right. However, there is also what is known as a "courtesy title", where someone formerly married to a peer, may still be addressed by their former title out of respect, even though it is no longer valid. This seems to be the case here. Also, this is a fictional story and historical accuracy is often ignored. It's also used for persons in other professions, such as a U.S. senator, who would is often still addressed as "Senator."


Question: Why did Regina and Gretchen do a "three-way calling attack" on Cady? Regina says, "See, Gretch, I told you she's not mad at you!" I think Gretchen would worry more about what Regina thinks, not Cady. Otherwise, she never would have told Regina about Cady being interested in Aaron.

Answer: I don't think Gretchen was actually worried about Cady being mad at her. They did the calling attack to find out what Cady would say if she didn't know that Gretchen was listening. It's part of the manipulation and games.

Question: When the humans are "sleeping" and in their avatar form, if they pass away as a human, do they also die in avatar form, or is their soul transferred to the avatar since there's a connection?

Answer: Only the human would die. The Avatar is nothing more than a vehicle they inhabit and drive. Only by going to the Na'vi ritual do you give up your human body and permanently become a Na'vi.

The Heather Mahoney Story - S5-E37

Question: After stopping the runaway carriage, the wagon master gets off his horse. The ladies speak a bit, then Heather Mahoney says, "Mr. Hale, I am determined to express my gratitude for your kindness even if my mother isn't." When did Mr. Hale exchange pleasantries with Mrs. Mahoney prior to stopping the carriage? (00:03:00 - 00:07:00)

Question: Can you please tell me which type of kung fu Cheng used? I really like his style with his footwork (the spins he makes after punching or kicking, I think it's because of changing to the dominating side). If it's a mix of more styles, would you please name them if you recognize any of them?


Answer: Cheng uses a type of Chinese kung fu called "Wushu." This is a modern Chinese martial art with a training program, incorporating mixed martial arts exercises from famous traditional martial arts such as Shaolin, Wudang, Nga Mi, Khong Dong, Wing Chun, and Tai Chi.

Answer: I don't think we can be totally sure, because John Redcorn has never, to my knowledge, said anything else about thinking the Hills are Jewish. This might be related to the stereotype that Jewish people are very careful with money. Hank and Peggy are known to be responsible and diligent. They don't make extravagant purchases, rarely do spontaneous things, and they maintain a comfortable and modest home. It's still a stretch to assume they are Jewish, but it's my best guess.

This also might be a mistake. In the episode "Revenge of the Lutefisk," John Redcorn was at the Hills' church, sitting with Dale and Nancy. He should know they are not Jewish.

Answer: Gleaned from the internet: James Cameron envisioned Lance Henriksen as the Terminator when he was developing the story concept, though Henriksen was never cast. They'd previously worked together in "Piranha 2" and later in "Aliens." A number of actors were considered for the Terminator part, but it ultimately went to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who initially wasn't interested. Cameron found a role for Henriksen as Vukovich, as Henriksen had been essential to finding finances for the film.


Question: Why did Agatha pick the book off the shelf in the bookstore over other books?

Answer: A guess: it matched the colour of the walls that she had chosen (red). It's also shown sitting on the shelf, facing outwards, making it more obvious.

Question: Why don't they use a helicopter to fly back to the Jaguar's Eye?

Question: Why is Mowgli still only wearing his tiny loincloth when he's now living in a proper village where clothes are made? I understand he may be used to it since he's worn it his whole life, but as I said, it is very old and also looks very small on him. Don't you think his parents would at least make him a new, slightly bigger pair of shorts to wear?

Answer: You probably need to be more specific about which car or episode you're talking about, but if I had to guess, it sounds like you're talking about "curb feelers." Most people have to park on the right side of the road (passenger side), so the wires or springs would make a noise when they hit the curb, letting the driver know they're close enough to the curb without hitting the tire against the curb.


S5 Ep5 "Training Wheels": Adam 12 stops a VW van. Their Matador car has a curb feeler on the left front of the car.

Correction: That's the right-hand side of the car.

Answer: As a child, Jervis Tetch never had any friends. Even in his adult years, he was all alone. When Jervis asked Batman to be his Alice, he was essentially asking Batman to be his friend.

Question: Would smashing the meters with an axe really cause the power to go out and the water to stop, or is it just plot convenience?

Answer: It's been years since I watched this one, but here's an engineer's opinion. Yes on the electrical meters, no on the water. If you strike an electrical meter with sufficient force to dislodge it from the main electrical service contacts, the flow of electricity will stop. Striking a water meter with an axe might destroy the metering mechanism and cause a leak, but water will still flow. Only severing the metal water service pipes would stop the water, but that would also cause a major flood.

Question: Is it true that Saw IV was originally going to take place at the same time as the first Saw instead of Saw III? (04:12:12 - 04:31:23)

Answer: Apparently so, at least in earlier pitches/drafts for Saw IV. It also apparently would have included a scene of Strahm entering the bathroom only to find Adam from the first Saw, who had been left to die in there by Jigsaw minutes earlier, and that Adam would have attempted to shoot Strahm out of fear, prompting Strahm to kill him in self-defense.


Answer: Having searched high and low, there are no apparent online articles surrounding this theory.


Question: I'm pretty sure that some of the "Duel" tanker footage was used in a different film, but I can't find any info on it. What other movies used it?

Answer: Some "Duel" footage was used for the TV series "The Incredible Hulk" in an episode titled "Never Give a Trucker an Even Break." Both the TV movie and the series were produced by Universal Studios.


Question: Why did Daisy tell Georgina she had two tubs in the apartment but we only saw one, and only heard of one? (00:53:00 - 01:24:10)

Answer: She tells Georgiana, "One bedroom, two baths." In the USA, we typically say "bathroom" even if the room only has a toilet (odd, I know). When talking about buying/renting property, people often shorten the word to "bath," as Daisy does. When talking to Georgiana, she referred to both of the bathrooms/toilets in general - regardless of one not actually having a bathtub in it.

In the US, a bathroom without a tub/shower is called a half-bath. I think it's meant to show she gets things mixed up. She was talking to Susanna when she mentioned one bedroom, two baths, and an eat-in chicken. It's more likely her dad got her a two-bedroom, one-bath apartment (or a "one and a half bathroom") and she switched them around.


Good point. I think she badly wanted to feel superior to the other women, thinking she was different than them and could "get better." She was probably so eager to rave about the apartment and her new chapter in life that she did get the details confused.

The Substitute Spanish Prisoner - S6-E2

Question: Why did Dr. Vayzosa tell Peggy to make the check out to cash, instead of his name? She was about to hand it directly to him anyway. (I would understand him not wanting to have a "cash" check go through the mail.) Does it have something to do with his scam?

Answer: It has everything to do with his scam. While I don't think the episode reveals it, it's highly unlikely his real name is Robert Vayzosa, and even less likely he's actually a doctor of any type. By making it out to "cash," he doesn't have to give his real name and could probably cash it at any bank without having an account there or even ID, depending on where he went. Think of the scene in "Black Sheep" where the reporter is blackmailing Tracy and she agrees to write him a check. She says, "you'll have to tell me your name so I know who to make the check out to." And he replies, "My best friends call me Cash," even though she was going to hand him the check.


Question: During the crew's joyride in a stolen Cadillac, Preacher isn't paying attention while driving, so he accidentally bumps into the rear of another car. Everyone falls out of the car, yelling "whiplash, whiplash". The crew runs. Fast forward, detectives appear at Cooley High to question the crew. How did they know to arrive at Cooley High to question the crew? They didn't leave a trail. Did they drop their school IDs or something?

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