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Question: When Yosemite Sam flies out of Toon Town and lands in front of Lt. Santino and Eddie, does he say, "Great Horny Toads" or "Green Horny Toads"?

Answer: He says "great." That's one of his catch phrases from the Looney Tunes cartoons.

Jason Hoffman

Question: Who could they return the money to? The guy who paid Vincent was killed.


Answer: The money would be returned to the police and used as evidence. Even though Beetroot is dead the police still need to do an investigation to close the case. Since the $4 million was used in a felony (conspiracy and theft), the money would be impounded by the city.


Show generally

Question: In the third episode of the first series the family visit the farm for Karen's birthday treat. This means that her birthday must be September, being so the evenings still seem light. But jump to the fifth series when Karen starts comprehensive (year 7), it is often mentioned that she is 11. If her birthday is in September, shouldn't she have turned 12 already?

Answer: Acording to all online sources, her birthday is 30th August 2001. It's also documented that in Season 5 she is in year 7 and 11 years old. If her birthday is 30th August, she will start year 7, 2 days after her 11th Birthday so this is correct.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Does anyone else think it was cheating for Jester to go below the hard deck after he was out-maneuvered by Maverick? He knew that it would be against the rules for Maverick to engage after he dropped below 10,000 ft.

Answer: Jester called "no joy" which ends the engagement. After that he can go below the hard deck, Maverick can't be credited with a kill that's below the hard deck and after the call of no joy.


In reality Jester's "No joy" ("I can't see you!") call would've been followed by Maverick's "Continue" ("I see you (and I'm about to shoot you down!")) and after that if Jester still would've gone under the hard deck the fight would've ended with a maneuver kill for Maverick. (enemy crashed into the ground). Only a "Knock it off" call would've ended the fight there and then.

"Continue" is not in the NATO Brevity Codes, therefore you answer is invalid.


Yes it is:

Well, don't I look silly. Thanks for the correction sir :).


Your answer is basically just explaining what Jester was trying to achieve, but didn't address the question of motive. Jester's claim was that due to an unsafe condition he needed to terminate the engagement, while Maverick believed he was doing it to avoid getting caught in a disadvantageous situation where he could be "hit." The movie makes it appear Maverick was right so Jester doing it was cheating. It would be like an athlete who is behind claiming an injury to end a match without anyone yet winning in order to avoid losing.

Question: In the beginning of the movie, a car passes the school bus. The car had a huge cockroach on it. What kind of person would put a cockroach on their own car? It can't be just an accessory. Is there anyone who knows about that? What exactly is that for?

Bunch Son

Answer: The truck belongs to an exterminator. The big cockroach would just be a way to get noticed while driving around. It's the same truck the 3 kids find later.


Question: Are there canonically any Jedi with lightsabers that are yellow, orange or just plain white? Mace Windu got a distinguishing purple one at Samuel L Jackson's request, and pink ones I suppose aren't viewed to be intimidating enough.


Answer: Ahsoka Tano uses white lightsabers later in life:, reflecting her choice not to affiliate with the Jedi or Sith. While yet to be confirmed, Rosario Dawson is strongly rumoured to be playing the character in season 2 of The Mandalorian, and we may well see her with white lightsabers in live action then.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: In Clone Wars we see Yellow (also in episode IX), Yellow-Green, Light Blue, Black and White. In the canon videogames you even see Orange, Cyan and Magenta.


Question: Why did Splinter make Michelangelo do flips after he jokingly said, "All the good ones end in O" to Keno?

Answer: He's punishing Michelangelo for disrupting the session with Keno, which he used as an opportunity to diss Raph.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: I never saw it from the beginning. Does it actually show the home invasion, or is he just telling us about what happened?

Answer: The theater version shows the wife's rape and murder, but not the daughter's. When the little girl interrupts her mother's rape, Darby smiles and laughs as he tells Clyde and Ames, "I'll take care of her, kids like me." He then picks her up and carries her into another room as Clyde's wife stares at Clyde as she dies and that's when Clyde blacks out.

Answer: We see Clyde answer the door and immediately get assaulted, but we do not see his wife's rape, nor the murders of the wife and daughter.

Phaneron Premium member

Charizard Chills - S2-E24

Question: Why did charizard decide eventually decide to start obeying Ash again during this episode?

Answer: It starts with when Charizard was Charmeleon. Charmeleon did listen to Ash briefly but after Ash made him purposely lose to a weak Pokémon, Chameleon felt betrayed and decided not to listen to Ash because of what he did to him. When Chameleon turned into Charizard he still was mad at Ash for making him lose to a weak Pokémon. But he kind of listened to him but not that much since he was still mad at Ash. In Charizard Chills Charizard is hit by an ice beam which makes him ice. Ash, Misty and Tracy, decide to melt the ice and try to warm him up then Ash decides to do it, Charizard now realises that Ash did everything for him and finally decides to fight for him.

Ssiscool Premium member

Hogwash. Right after Charmander evolved into Charmeleon, he blasted fire at Ash's ear, which was supposed to suggest/hint/foreshadow his disobedience. The main reason for Charmeleon's disobedience is the fact that Charmeleon are much more aggressive than Charmander in nature. Charmeleon didn't feel betrayed after Ash ordered him to lose. He never held a grudge against Ash but, even after evolving into Charizard, despised him for quite a long time. After Ash took care of Charizard after he got frozen by ice beam, Charizard understood that Ash never gave up on him. His disobedience was nothing personal. After Charmander evolved into Charmeleon, he instantly grew much more aggressive and prideful, even before his encounter with Paras. After evolving into Charizard he retained this attitude. Only after Ash unfroze him and helped him warm up, he regained his respect towards him and decided not to disobey him anymore.

Show generally

Question: Diana worked with both Steve and his son. What're the odds the son wouldn't find something suspicious about her given that his father may have told him about her when he was a kid?


Answer: Suspicious about what, the fact that she's the same Wonder Woman from the 1940's. She explained, she was over a thousand years old or the fact that same Diana Prince worked for him, as his father. She could explain she's her own daughter.

Question: Why did they change the movie version when it went to VHS/DVD? There was a scene where Sandy was in the office and Kenicky came in and spoke to her... It's lost now?

Answer: It's not uncommon for films to be changed from the theatrical release to the version you can buy for your home collection. Normally the changes are slight and for some older releases were done to secure a more favourable rating - these edits tend to get restored in later releases though. Having said that another version often turns up on the telly one day with scenes that have never been seen before, then there's sometimes a "Director's Cut" on a DVD somewhere which is different still and often significantly longer. TL;DR - there can be multiple versions of a movie.

Neil Jones

Question: What discovery does Miguel make while in the sinkhole with Hector?

Answer: That Hector is his great-great-grandfather, not Ernesto de la Cruz.


Spelling Applebee's - S3-E3

Question: Twice in this episode, a joke is made about Tori Spelling. When asked why they diss on Tori, the response is, "She knows what she did." What exactly is the joke referring to?

Question: What did Nicki yell out at the end to the killer before he killed her?

Answer: She yelled "I'm the one who paid you."

Question: How did Ben manage to fool the fingerprint scanner?

Answer: He took Abigail's fingerprints from a glass that she was holding. When he put his thumb up against the fingerprint scanner, it was actually Abigail's fingerprint that was being scanned, so the scanner was tricked into thinking that Abigail was trying to enter the room and not Ben.

Casual Person

I think Ben would have a hard time fooling the fingerprint scanner since the scanner analyzes not only your fingerprint but your blood pressure, and body temperature.

Would his body temperature and blood pressure be different from Abigail's?

Brian Katcher

Show generally

Question: Why was this show replaced with Club Mario?

Answer: "Club Mario" was reruns of the original show repackaged with new live action segments. It was a cheap way to present the old animated episodes as a new show. Club Mario was incredibly unpopular and eventually reruns of the original show with the Captain Lou Albano segments were aired in its place.


Question: Why does Charles look out of the window in the end of the movie, when he's teaching a class?

Answer: Presumably he is sensing the presence of Jean/Phoenix.


Unruhe - S4-E4

Question: When Gerald is holding Scully hostage, Scully says that she has no unrest but Gerald says she does. What did Gerald think Scully's unrest was?

Answer: Gerry Schnauz thinks all of his victims suffer from "howlers" in their brains, which is why he lobotomizes them. In Scully's case, it should be noted that the spot where he said her howlers were was the same spot she received her cancer diagnosis, so it could be assumed that his other victims might have had other legitimate maladies they didn't know about.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Why was Clyde in prison?

Answer: He's in prison for killing Darby and Ames, though factually, since he hasn't even been charged with either murder, he should be in county lockup. This is a pretty glaring goof for a film that makes commentary on America's justice system.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: What was Shredder's plan? Surely he'd have the Foot go beyond petty thievery eventually. I never saw it addressed in the movie.


Answer: It's not really petty thievery. Shredder essentially has control over a large crime syndicate which is involved in pickpocketing, burglary, and highjacking. And that's just the gang itself. The Foot Clan itself is probably involved with other activities that we haven't seen.

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