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Question: What happened to Dr. Terminus and Hoagy? Did they get arrested?

Answer: Although it's never seen, they were either arrested, left or were chased out of Passamaquoddy.

No Laughing Matter/No Spoilers - S2-E21

Question: Why did it confuse the siblings when they notice Luan not telling any jokes or pulling pranks? Earlier, they all complained about how annoying she is, Lincoln also wanting her to stop.

Question: When Karen is being questioned by her superior in the hospital, he has her written report. But, when did she have time to write it? She met Foley, got thrown in the trunk, got into an accident, then went to the hospital.

Answer: Movies tend to gloss over realistic details and compress events to tell the story. It is possible she dictated it into a recorder and someone transcribed it into a written report.

raywest Premium member

Question: Is there anything to suggest that someone couldn't leave the grail in the cave and come back every 50 years or so to "top off" their immortality?

Answer: It doesn't appear to work that way. The power of the grail heals Henry's gunshot wound instantly and it keeps the knight looking about 80 years old. However, there is nothing in the film to suggest that simply drinking from the grail and leaving the cave actually extends your life. In fact, Henry drank from the grail and died a natural death a relatively short time later in between this film and the next.


Actually it is stated that Henry Jones Sr. died either in 1951 or 1956. So either at the age of 79 or 85 and at least 13 years after the events of the Last Crusade movie. Whilst this is not an extremely old age, there is no reason to think his life wasn't extended by the grail. Indiana himself got to a high age himself, having drunk from the grail.


I don't think the series is implying that either Jones man lived a long life due to the grail. In fact it would seem to go against the irony of the grail as presented: that it does give you eternal life but you are confined to that cave to enjoy the benefits. Maybe if they had said Henry Jones died at the age of 120 or something out of the ordinary, but they specifically state he dies at a perfectly normal, non magical age.


Well it's never stated that it gives eternal life only to the person staying in the cave either. That's what the question is about. If the healing properties of the grail work on someone who leaves the cave, there is no reason to think their life isn't extended (technically it already was in the case of Henry Jones Sr.) as well. It is possible though, since the knight looked pretty old, that the grail only heals, and that healing extends life but one has to drink from the cup frequently (like every day) in order to stay alive, whilst still getting older.


The knight does say that the grail cannot leave the seal, which is the price of immortality. He is implying that in order to reap the benefits of eternal life you must stay in the cave. The way it seems to work is that in order to extend your life in any meaningful way, you must drink from the grail often. Just leaving and coming back whenever you need a jolt would effectively make the rule about not taking the grail out of the cave meaningless. How often you need to drink is of course not specified. In order for the film's ironic message about the grail to make any kind of sense, you would need to drink from the grail so often you would effectively be stuck in the cave. Possibly drinking from it every day. In which case, like the knight you would just live at the cave and never leave. The knight's brothers both left 150 years after finding the grail, but one of them died shortly after leaving, never making it out of the desert. So with regards to the original question: "can you just come back every 50 years or so?"; it would make the most sense based on what we see in the movie, what we know about how long Henry Jones Sr. Lived, what we know about the knights and how long they lived, and the message the movie is saying about the irony of the grail that the answer to that particular question is "No."


I wonder if someone were to bring a large storage vessel to the cave, and fill it using the Grail, if they could then take that water with them and drink it later... Man, the scientist in me really wants to resolve this.

Drinking from the grail is not the same as pouring water out of it into another vessel. Drinking from the grail is symbolic and there is no real power that it bestows upon the water in it. However, if the grail was able to pass the properties to another vessel, one would have to assume the temple would collapse on itself when attempting to take the secondary vessel out.


Answer: It's stated by the ancient knight that the Grail's powers do not extend into the outside world. He himself was immortal only because he remained at the site, drinking the water, for hundreds of years. Henry Senior was instantly healed on-site, but he and Indy continued to age normally once they left the site.

Charles Austin Miller

Then why didn't Henry's wound return when he left? Their healing extended their lives. It got rid of any bad cells, to go scientific.


Because cell deterioration due to aging happens spontaneously, i.e. you've got to keep removing the bad cells. Bullet wounds are not spontaneous...once it's gone, it's gone.

Why would his wound return? He was instantly healed. From that point forward he was in normal health, even after crossing the seal. Indy actually drank from the Grail, which meant he was immortal for a few minutes, but his immortality did not follow him beyond the seal.

Charles Austin Miller

It's the difference between believing the power of immortality comes from the cup or staying in the cave. The knight was immortal because he kept drinking from the cup, not because he stayed in the cave. The cup has healing powers, and simply growing old is not the reason for death, regenerating cells will keep you alive, so if the cup regenerates cells, you are immortal from drinking from it, as long as you do it regularly. That's how the knight has done it and why he looks old and is frail. Going outside doesn't negate the powers of the cup, or Henry's wound would have returned. Therefor, going back often to drink from the cup will extend your life. It will cure you from any ailments that accompany old age like heart disease, cancer and brain degeneration.


Question: They didn't make it out of the cave with the grail because they dawdled... I wonder, would someone be able to make it out running at a dead sprint once they crossed the seal? And if so, does that mean that they're home free? Or would disaster follow them outside of the cave?

Answer: The implication is that disaster would follow them outside of the cave as well. It wouldn't make much sense if you could simply outrun the disaster.


Question: What did Crockett say his men should change their seedlings for?

Question: They show how to get on floor 7/12, but how does one get off? It can't possibly be the same way.

Answer: Some sorta offscreen "half-stairwell door," or a special button at the elevators.


Question: How did Lor San Tekka get that map?


Answer: According to the 2017 book Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia, Luke Skywalker gave Lor San Tekka the map fragment to his location before he went into hiding on Ahch-To.

Sierra1 Premium member

Why? Didn't he want to stay hidden?

Question: About the world health organization in Cardiff, what does Gerry want? Why does he think this will work? What does he want to do with it? How does he test his theory? This part of the movie was a little bit confusing to me.

Answer: Gerry gets an idea on the plane: he has noticed the zombies ignore some people, and realises this could be because they somehow sense those people have a life-threatening disease or infection and thus are not ideal carriers of the zombie plague. So, maybe such diseases can be used as camouflage (as long as they're treatable): if you infect someone and then give them the cure, they will live but will still have the disease in their blood, meaning (hopefully) that the zombies won't attack them. This doesn't cure or kill the zombies, but it will "hide" people from them if it works, keeping people safe and giving them time to deal with the zombies some other way. He realises he needs to find a place where deadly diseases are studied (and therefore where there will be live samples of the diseases), so he calls Thierry and has him find the closest such place that the plane can get to. This is the WHO lab in Cardiff. As he explains to the scientists there, he wants to get some of their deadliest disease samples from the vault, infect someone with one of them, and then expose them to a zombie to see if the "camouflage" works. He gets trapped in the vault, though (by the zombie who will kill him as soon as he opens the door), so he has no choice but to infect himself and hope his idea works. He injects himself with some disease (we don't know which), waits a while for it to spread throughout his bloodstream, and then exits the vault. And it works: all the zombies ignore him because they can now sense he has a deadly disease and is no longer a good host for spreading the zombie plague. When he gets back to the others they inject him with the cure...but the disease is still in his bloodstream so he will remain "invisible" to the zombies.


Question: What is Dr. Andrew Fassbach's theory about zombies and mother nature?

Question: Why did Thomas go with Gerry's family? Why didn't he stay with his own family?

Question: What does Gerry find in Korea, and how do they get back to the plane to go to Jerusalem?

Question: What is Jurgen Warmbrunn's theory about zombies?

Question: Who can actually enter the wall in Jerusalem? Is it all the civilians or not?

Question: What is the police's recommendation to the civilians and what is Gerry's?

Question: Why aren't there any other patients/staff?

Answer: One could argue that Haddonfield is a small town, and perhaps there just aren't that many doctors, nor that many patients in the hospital at any given time. It really just depends. Also, I've had to go to the ER a number of times in my life. Most of the time, it's busy, but there has been a few times where it has been pretty much completely dead and empty, not too dissimilar from what you see in this movie. So it could possibly just be a slow night.


Question: Why did Hampton's family go home really early, after riding the monorail when they just got there and didn't even go on any rides?

Answer: They were saving the other rides for their next trip.


Question: Is this a prequel? The end confused me. How can part 5 characters be on flight 180 from part 1?


Answer: Yes, it is a prequel to the original film.


Question: It's supposed to be Devil's Night, so why are there child trick or treaters running around in costumes when Eric is wandering around outside?

Answer: Given that there is going to be likely dozens of buildings burned down by the next day, kids probably want to get their trick or treating done a day early.


Season 5 generally

Question: In season 2 T-Bag says to Suzy, when he kidnaps her and the kids and takes them to his childhood home, that he cannot procreate and that he is the last in the line of Bagwells. How then does he have a son in season 5? Have I missed something?

Answer: Giving an in-universe answer; T-Bag didn't know he had a son at the time he was speaking to Susan. It's unlikely he got a fertility test done and may just be assuming, however, if he got a fertility test done after 1991, it could come back that he's impotent. But as far as he knows, he's the last Bagwell of his family. Then in season 5 he finds out David is his son. It's not unheard of for women to not let the fathers know about their children (or that they're even pregnant) or not give their child the father's last name. Giving an out-of-universe answer; writers simply retconned his past to allow him to have a child, forgot what they had written, or just hoped no-one would notice.


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